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Mar 26, 2015



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By Loral Langemeier Slide 2 An INVESTMENT OR A BUSINESS? Slide 3 Vision Strategy Revenue Modeling Protection Marketing Sales Leadership Slide 4 Buying Real Estate Property It All Begins With The End In Mind Slide 5 There are 3 main choices of Exit Strategy 1.Sell quickly for cash Wholesaling/Retailing to Cash Out 2.Hold and rent Property Management 3.Owner finance Wraps, L/O, Notes Slide 6 Your Entity Structure Your Real Estate Markets Your Agreements and Contracts Your Wealth Team Your Revenue Model Slide 7 Our Vision Is: To provide housing to people who have no other mechanism to acquire the American Dream of a home Slide 8 to provide our investors sustainable growth through a fixed product, preferred return, real estate investment vehicle. AND Slide 9 Win/Win/Win Slide 10 Get REAL VISION Investor Property Acquisition Buyer System Slide 11 Acquisition System Identifying Markets Identifying Neighborhoods Buying Criteria Buying Right Building Your Wealth Team to Support Your Strategy Slide 12 MLS HUD VA FSBO Foreclosures Slide 13 1.60-80 on the dollar 2.Minimum $300 spreads 3.Average of $2,000 down payments Buy Right! Slide 14 Purchase Price$70,000 Appraised Value$100,000 Sales Price$110,000 Down Payment$2,200 Lease Payment$1,200 Slide 15 Your Investor Real Estate Agent(s) Appraiser Inspector Lender Attorney Title Company Insurance Broker Slide 16 Make Money Out Of Thin Air! Slide 17 1. Find a Person With a Problem 2. Solve Their Problem! Slide 18 Buyer System 1.Assemble Buyer/Remarket Team 2.Marketing! 3.Marketing! 4.Marketing! Slide 19 1.Team re-marketer (performance-based compensation) 2.Mortgage Brokers 3.Realtors 4.Tenants (referrals) Slide 20 Newspaper Flyers Radio Signage Word of Mouth Mortgage Brokers Realtors Check Cashing Stores Divorce and Bankruptcy Attorneys Credit Repair Class Slide 21 Investor System Marketing/Educational Packet Joint Venture (JV) Agreements Fixed Return Strategy 50/50 Strategy Entity Structuring Investor Communications/Reporting Slide 22 1.Entity Structure (LLC or LP) 2.Exit Strategies Long Term Investment Short Term Liquidation 3.Operating Agreements 13% JV Agreements 50/50 JV Agreements Slide 23 18k Minimum Investment Investor Holds Note on Property (90/10 Loan) Investor & Get REAL Hold Title 50/50 in an LLC Depreciation is Shared 50/50 Exit Strategy: When Option is Exercised, Investor Gets the 18k Back and Profits are Shared 50/50 Slide 24 Slide 25 1.Invest in Yourself 2.Get a Mentor(s) 3.Build Your Wealth Team 4.Conditioning Program Home Study Course 5.Be in ActionIn the streets! 6.Repetition, Repetition, Repetition 7.Live with Vision, Focus and COMMITMENT. Slide 26 ? The ONE action I will do as a result of these learnings is: By When? How will someone know? Slide 27 Special #1 3 Products: 1. Building Your Wealth Cycles 2. Building, Leading, Protecting Your Business 3. Expression of Your Power 4. 5 FREE WEALTH REPORTS Total Value $1092 Today Special:$399 Slide 28 Special #2 Your Mind, Your Marketing & Your Money! NOV 5-7, 04 Jay Levinson Guerrilla Marketing Bob Proctor The POWER of your Mind Sandy Botkin IRS/ Tax Specialist Loral Langemeier Guerrilla Wealth AND, MORE. Retail Price$1495 Today Special:$1195 Slide 29 1135 Terminal Way, Suite 209 Reno, NV 89502 888-262-2402 [email protected]