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By: Gaylen Tasker Alex Warren Melody Plumb Amber Morrow Meagan Rose

Apr 01, 2015



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By: Gaylen Tasker Alex Warren Melody Plumb Amber Morrow Meagan Rose Slide 2 Your Ultimate Pre-Party Zone! Slide 3 Product: At Mirror Mirror, we offer the consumer a complete pre-party experience. We present products for sale in the front of the store, but an area towards the back specifically where customers can enjoy a glass of champagne, talk, laugh, and enjoy the experience together. In this same area, women can receive one-on-one advice from stylists, hairdressers, and makeup artists. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we provide a personal and hands-on relationship with our customers, so that feedback can be received more quickly. Slide 4 Services: Mirror Mirror is a clothing and accessories boutique located in Uptown Dallas. Our store carries all of the latest fashion forward trends and accessories for college women all the way to middle age women. This is a great place to come prior to heading out on the town or before a big party. Not only can you buy the latest clothes and accessories at our store, but we can also help in the creation of a stunning new makeover. Our companys primary goal is to bring the fashion to the customer, as well as, offer an experience by getting all dolled up Slide 5 Target Customer: Our target market ranges from women in their 20s to early 40s. Our store is a fun experience and allows women to relax, unwind, and have a good time while shopping for the perfect outfit. The women that shop at our store are single, married or divorced and come from different racial backgrounds. Slide 6 Customer Service Strategies: At our store, women can get professional assistance in choosing an outfit. They can have their make up and hair professionally done so they are ready for the night the moment they walk out our doors. Free champagne is offered to those that participate in our styling and or hair and makeup services. Slide 7 Image Analysis: The retail space occupies an assortment of clothing, jewelry, accessories and handbags- all fashion forward, thus we build our image as such. We strive to obtain an image that is associated with prestige, and simple luxury for ladies. Slide 8 Location: Uptown Dallas. The trendy nightlife of Dallas is the perfect location for our boutique. It will be in walking/taxi distance from the hottest restaurants and clubs in town. Slide 9 At Mirror Mirror, the experience that customers receive is purely hedonic thanks to the services and products we offer. The Mirror Mirror experience however, strives to add the kind of meaning in its customer's lives that keep them coming back by adding all the elements that transform the experience from that of a mere shopping venture to that of a multi- faceted sensory experience. Slide 10 Competitor Analysis: Our main competitors would include some boutiques around the area, but we have created a niche retail location that caters to the whole process that ladies look forward to when getting ready for a night out.