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BusinessMirror November 12, 2014

Apr 06, 2016




  • A broader look at todays businessBusinessMirrorthree-time rotary club of manila journalism awardee2006, 2010, 2012

    u.n. media award 2008 n Wednesday, November 12, 2014 Vol. 10 No. 34 P25.00 nationwide | 8 sections 36 pages | 7 days a Week

    Peso exchange rates n us 44.879 n jaPan 0.3910 n uK 71.1153 n hK 5.7876 n china 7.3336 n singaPore 34.7710 n australia 38.7623 n eu 55.7711 n saudi arabia 11.9614 Source: BSP (11 November 2014)

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    DECISION TO POSE Life Wednesday, November 12, 2014 D1BusinessMirrorEditor: Gerard S. Ramos [email protected]

    TO be with You forever, Jesus, is the sum of all happiness. And for You to live forever in our hearts is the ultimate goal of each one who

    wants to go to heaven. We are thankful, oh Lord, for Your presence in our lives. But what an amazing day it will be when we meet You face to face! Life with You in heaven will be greater by far if we do Your will and desires while we are on earth. Amen.

    Life with You in heaven

    OUR DAILY BREAD AND LOUIE M. LACSONWord&Life Publications [email protected] Life Life Life Life

    B H GMcClatchy-Tribune News Service

    WELL, that was fast. Only r ecently I was singing the praises of Pinnacle Studio 18, the latest version of one of the premier budget movie-editing programs. Now, like someone who upgrades his car every fall, when the new models debut, Im going to sing the praises of Adobe Premiere Elements, version 13. Praises not because it is appreciably better than version 12, just as Studio isnt significantly better than version 17, but because it offers something Studio doesnt: a choice of three levels of expertise: quick, guided and expert. In quick mode, you basically have to know how to import your video clips into a story board, then drag and drop them onto a timeline. Thats the way most movie-editing software works.

    If youre more adventurous, the guided modewhich I recommendgives step-by-step instructions. The expert mode speaks for itself. A filmmaker has access to multiple story boards, sound tracks, special effects and transitions. Once again, let me say that too many special effects and twirling transitions loudly proclaim amateur.

    Ive used previous versions of Premiere Elements for years. Its more powerful than Apples iMovie and Moviemaker for Windows. But I find Premiere Elements hardly as daunting as, say Final Cut, and the price is right. With Premiere Elements, you can create photo books, scrapbooks and more. Clips can be shared for social media.

    Still, iMovie is my favorite program for creating photo books. Its easy to use, economical and the results are nothing short of brilliant, even for an amateur. (Better yet, iMovie comes free with Apple devices.)

    I shoot both photos and movies on my Nikon 5200, and, even though my lenses

    compensate for a shaky hand, Premiere Elements goes a step farther and finishes the job. Unless you are into cinema verite, youll probably want to reduce shaking as much as possible. New in version 13 is the ability to show movies in Apples retina-display mode. This version is faster and utilizes 64-bit technology. Youll need extra RAM to fully utilize that.

    I also have been using Photoshop Elements, the little brother to Photoshop, since version 6, and find that it still is the easiest, fastest and best photo-editing software on the planet. Like its movie-editing cousin, Photoshop Elements has three modes: quick, guided and expert. The quick mode is probably all that an amateur needs. One feature that I liked was demonstrated by a scrapbook photo expert. She showed how photos can be merged to add objects to the original. In one photo, a husband stands alone; in another the wife stands alone. Using the merge feature, both people appear in the same photo. This is a big, huge, gigantic no-no for professionals. But theres nothing to prevent an amateur, who is not shooting for publication, to try it.

    So, what to do? Do you upgrade Premiere Elements, which can be bundled with Photoshop Elements, for $119? Or, if youre using another movie-and-photo-editing package, do you shell out $150 for Windows and Mac for the two Elements? Depends. If you went out and bought Pinnacle Studio, stick with it. Studio has excellent tutorials, but is a bit more difficult to master. If youre in the market for a program that is a step up from iMovie, go for Premiere Elements, and get Photoshop Elements while youre at it. If you have version 12 of both Elements program, stick with them. There arent enough new features in version 13 to justify the $119 upgrade for both programs.

    That should settle ituntil an even newer, more feature-rich editing program struts its stuff, and thats quite likely.

    A battle between the newest movie-editing programs THE new Adobe Premiere Elements 13 at work in making movies for amateurs and professionals.

    GADGET-SAVVY PLDT Home DSL and existing PLDT Home Telpad subscribers are in for a very merry Christmas as the countrys leading communication and multimedia-services provider has launched a new upgrade deal for subscribers, who level up to a Telpad plan. PLDT Home DSL subscribers, who upgrade to Telpad Plan 1,699 and up can avail themselves of a free

    Telpad unit plus a Quad Core

    Polaroid Platinum Tablet for just an additional P199 per month. Existing PLDT Home Telpad subscribers with Plan 1,699 and up are also qualified to avail themselves of the offer.

    For more details, visit Holideals offer from PLDT Home Telpad

    and PLDT Home DSL combines two powerfulgadgets that will definitely make for awesome gifts for the family, especially this holiday season, Patrick Tang, PLDT vice president and head of home voice

    solutions, said. As the worlds first and only landline, tablet and broadband in one, we want to bring the Telpad experiencethe combined power of communication and entertainmentto more Filipino homes, Tang added. Our Holideals offers are part of PLDT Homes commitment to always give our subscribers great value for their money, and to make Christmas a really festive occasion for them and their families.

    Telpad Plan 1,699 and up can avail themselves of a free Telpad unit plus

    a Quad Core

    and PLDT Home DSL combines two powerfulgadgets that will definitely make for awesome gifts for the family, especially this holiday season, Patrick Tang, PLDT vice president and head of home voice

    and to make Christmas a really festive


    SEATTLEMicrosoft says it will offer its Office franchise free to some mobile customers, its latest effort to keep customers using its products in a less PC-dependent world. Microsoft broke with longstanding tradition in March, announcing it would make the Office suite of word processing and productivity software available for the first time on Apples iPad.

    Starting on Thursday, users of iPhones and iPads can create and edit Office documents without a subscription to Microsofts paid Office 365 service, the company said. Similar service for Googles Android tablets is in the works. For decades, Microsofts strategy

    prioritized developing software for its Windows platform, which powered most of the worlds PCs.

    But, with PC sales stagnant, and more customers using mobile devices powered with Google or Apple operating systems rather than Windows, Microsoft is moving to keep users on its Office products, rather than ask for a few bucks a month.

    Its incredibly important to us that customers have a consistent experience and the ability to do moreanywhere and everywhere, the company said in a blog post. Microsoft isnt giving away the farm, though. Users who want to create and edit Word, Excel

    and PowerPoint documents on laptops will still have to pay for access. As will business clients who make up the bulk of Microsoft Offices revenue.

    And, the company says, not all Office features will make the jump to its free mobile apps. For the full package, users will have to buy Office 365. Office 365, which charges users subscription fees for versions of Office theyve downloaded from the Internet, had about 7 million subscribers at the end of September. Customers can pick from a range of other productivity software, including Apples Pages and Googles free-to-use Docs. MCT

    Microsoft offers Office freefor Apple, Android mobile devices

    PLDT Homes Holideals upgrade deal features two exciting gadgets: the PLDT Home Telpad and the Quad Core Polaroid Platinum Tablet.

    Modis Make in India push to take on China faces red tape

    The [email protected] Wednesday, November 12, 2014 B3-3

    China factory-gate prices decline for record 32nd month

    B A S R K S | Bloomberg

    PRIME Minister Narendra Modi is seeking to turn India into a global manufacturing hub by curbing red tape. Tell that to Tata Steel Ltd., which closed one of its largest iron-ore mines in September over permit delays.

    Indias largest maker of the al-loy isnt alone. Steel Authority of India Ltd. shut one of its top-yielding quarries the same month pending renewal of its lease. JSW Steel Ltd.s plan to start mining in eastern Jharkhand state has been hampered by a probe begun last month into mine allocations.

    Modi is set to trumpet his Make in India initiative at the Group of 20 summit in Australia this week as he vies with China to woo manufacturers.

    e mine closures show lingering bureaucratic obstacles to