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Buddhism Part Two. The Buddha lived like an ascetic for 6 years. There are people who still live like an ascetic

Mar 28, 2015



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Buddhism Part Two Slide 2 The Buddha lived like an ascetic for 6 years. There are people who still live like an ascetic. Slide 3 An Ascetic is someone who denies his body any pleasure. little sleep to remain focused. little food. No pleasure. No bed,no nice clothes etc. Slide 4 This was a very austere time not eating and fasting & meditating The purpose was discipline of the mind & body. Why was he doing this ? Slide 5 He wanted to escape suffering. So he said all suffering was caused by craving. He gave up all physical pleasures in this life this included sex. Slide 6 One day the Prince realised this was doing him no good. So he stopped and had a meal offered to him by a passing maiden. His followers were shocked. Slide 7 He accepted some food. This was not him giving up but changing direction. He went for a moderate way. Slide 8 The Buddha did not give up on his quest. He still was searching for something to give meaning to his life. He went and found a quiet spot to continue to meditate. Slide 9 The prince was tempted by visions of the flesh. Dancing maidens suggested that he enjoy himself. He resisted their advances. Slide 10 Temptation of the flesh Desire for Pleasure. he refused all of this Slide 11 Avoiding all temptation. Slide 12 Enlightenment The prince sat under a tree and finally achieved enlightenment or Nirvana. He had reached his ultimate goal. Slide 13 The Prince used Meditation He was serene By contemplation he achieved Nirvana. Slide 14 Nirvana & Enlightenment. Now the Prince is called the Buddha. This means the enlightened one. Slide 15 The Buddha had achieved Peace of mind He was reflective He was spiritual he could be a mystic. He was calm Slide 16 Here we see the Buddha explaining his teaching to his followers. The teaching is called the Dharma. Slide 17 The Buddha Teaching the Dharma Enlightenment This is the most important goal for all Buddhists Slide 18 Teaching the dharma to the community the sangha. Slide 19 The Buddhas teaching was for everyone. Slide 20 Here we see the Buddha founding the Sanga or community. This is the community of monks. Most Buddhist men will live at some time as a monk. Slide 21 Eventually the Buddha died, surrounded by his many followers. They took his message on to others. Some thousands of years later this is what we know as Buddhism. Slide 22 END OF THE STORY OF THE BUDDHA. Slide 23 Here we see the Buddha surrounded by those who have also become Buddhas. We call them Bodisattvas. Slide 24 A Buddhist painting Slide 25 BASIC TEACHING IN BUDDHISM Slide 26 THE 5 PRECEPTS Basically respect for all life forms. Slide 27 The Teachings of the Buddha 1. The First Teaching is not to harm living beings. This means that it is wrong to kill any animals or people. Violence of any kind is not acceptable. Most Buddhists would never be allowed to fight in a war. Slide 28 2.The Second Teaching is Not to take what is not given. Stealing money will have a bad effect on a Buddhist. Buddhists are encouraged to give to one another. This they believe will have a good effect on their lives. Slide 29 3. The Third Teaching is to avoid improper sexual behaviour. Buddhists should treat people with respect. The person who does not understand this can harm themselves and others. Buddhists marry and have families. Having sex with someone you are not married to is wrong. To hurt someones feelings or harm them sexually is wrong. Slide 30 How to be a Buddhist continued The Buddha tried fasting. Then he sat and meditated and eventually achieved enlightenment. The goal of the Buddha was Nirvana. This meant to escape the idea of re- birth. All Buddhists try to follow this teaching Slide 31 4. The Fourth teaching is to avoid false speech. For Buddhists lying has a bad effect on us. A person is not able to be happier and friendlier if we lie and have secrets. Telling the truth doesnt always mean saying just what you think. Slide 32 5. The Fifth Teaching is to avoid drugs that cloud the mind Buddhists meditate every day to keep calm. If they take alcohol and drugs this will confuse them. Buddhists decide for themselves how they should behave. When you think about these Buddhist teachings think about what is being said for each one. There is behaviour to avoid There is behaviour to develop Slide 33 Slide 34 KARMA Slide 35 Teachings of The Buddha Karma. The Buddha taught that what ever you do it had Consequences. He called this karma. Our life is shaped by our mind, we become what we think. Suffering follows an evil thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draw it. Our life is shaped by our mind. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves. ( Slide 36 THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS Slide 37 The aim of the lesson is to understand what the Four Noble truths are. Slide 38 The First Noble Truth 1. That suffering is everywhere. All existence is unsatisfactory Slide 39 What do you think of this teaching. Look at the picture and try to see the connection between the teaching and the photograph. Slide 40 The Second Noble truth All suffering is caused by wanting too much. Slide 41 REVIEW The First Noble Truth Suffering happens everywhere all the time. The Second Noble Truth That suffering is caused by wanting/craving too much. Slide 42 End of part two