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Bsad 104 Network and Computer Security Online Communication cloud computing

Nov 30, 2014





  • 1. Computer SecurityOnline Communication Cloud Computing

2. Types of NetworkTypes of Networks Peer-to-peer network (P2P) Connects two or more computers without going through a central servercomputer Used in home network or small business Client-Server Network Client (user) connects to server (central computer) Server manages disk drives, printers, and network traffic Server holds copy of application program9/25/2012 1:13 PM 2 3. Compare Client-Server/P2Pfrom 1:13 PM 3 4. Network terms Hub is used in local area network (LAN) network. LAN are not an opened network. Can connect LANs. Data packet goes to one port on hub and hub copies to all other ports Hub can be overwhelmed by network traffic as can not direct data packet to hub instead copies everything to all ports, which can slow network traffic9/25/2012 1:13 PM 4 5. Network terms Switch sorts and distributes data packets between devices in wired setting such as a LAN Switch costs more than hub Router routes data packets for both wireless and wired data and determines most efficient route to take data Router can also serve as a gateway that connects LANs, WANs and internet Router can be wireless (antennae) vs. wired (noantennae)9/25/2012 1:13 PM 5 6. Images Hub, Switch( from HubSwitch9/25/2012 1:13 PM 6 7. Images Wired Router, Wireless Router from and 697.html&docid=86n9QyPTWJZ0rM&imgurl= px=872&vpy=551&dur=337&hovh=181&hovw=209&tx=56&ty=142&sig=106451797350112111161&page=1&tbnh=168&tbnw=197&start=0&ndsp=45&ved= 1t:429,r:30,s:0,i:171 Wired RouterWireless Router9/25/2012 1:13 PM 7 8. Tips for Using Wi-Fi Do not log into financial institutions or credit card accounts Do not automatically save and store passwords Disable Wi-Fi when done When setting up wireless network, use a encryption method Have firewall on computer (Start/Control Panel/System and Security/Windows Firewall) and router9/25/2012 1:13 PM8 9. Definitions of Viruses Malware stands for malicious software and can include the following programs Virusprogram that causes harm to computer Needs human interaction to pass along such as USB drive or email attachment Wormcopies itself to other computers without yourawareness or involvement Attacks networks by slowing them down by using massive amounts of bandwidth Attacks vulnerabilities in O/S9/25/2012 1:13 PM 9 10. Definitions of Viruses Malware stands for malicious software and can include the following programs Trojan Horseform of malware that acts as useful program when not Cant replicate itself on own but can be very destructive Copies keystrokes to get into computer system without knowledge Phishing E-mail scam that acts from legitimate source (e.g. bank) to gain access to your user account information (e.g. e-mail from bank) Can use e-mail, social media, online chats, or text messages to gain access to your accounts9/25/2012 1:13 PM 10 11. Protect Against Viruses Use Anti-virus software like AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials Use Anti-virus software that has spyware protection Have firewall on your computer and router on Have virus do deep scan once a week in off hours as takes long time Download files and scan with virus protection software Do not opened attachments from individuals do not know Stay away for suspicious e-mails or e-mails from bank9/25/2012 1:13 PM 11 12. Other terms Cookiessmall file saved on your computer that remembers your login information or shopping preferences for websites Spamunwanted email Usually email software has way to filter into folder that isjunk folder Cloud computingusing Internet to host applications or file storage9/25/2012 1:13 PM 12 13. Companies offering Cloud Computing Companies offering storage space or file applications Google (e.g. Google Docs for application and store fileson Internet) Dropboxstore files Microsoft Skydrive AmazonCloud Player for music9/25/2012 1:13 PM13 14. E-mail Etiquette Use Signature Line Use Subject Line so not think a virus Use Proper Greeting at start of message like Dear Mrs Jones Be concise Do not use All Caps Use spell checker Proofread Use humor sparingly9/25/2012 1:13 PM14