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Brighton Beach Memoirs 11 March 2013 Miss Rice

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Feb 24, 2016




Brighton Beach Memoirs. 11 March 2013 Miss Rice. Warm-Up. Summarize what happened in Brighton Beach Memoirs when you read on Friday. *Have your lit. terms out to be checked. Agenda. Suffixes Vocab. Unit 4 Descriptive writing BBM reading Journal #1. ENG. 10 Objectives 3/11. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Transcendentalism Museum

Brighton Beach Memoirs11 March 2013Miss RiceWarm-UpSummarize what happened in Brighton Beach Memoirs when you read on Friday.

*Have your lit. terms out to be checked

AgendaSuffixesVocab. Unit 4Descriptive writingBBM readingJournal #1ENG. 10 Objectives 3/11To use suffixes to understand word meanings.To make personal connections to new vocabulary words.To write descriptively about an object of personal significance.To analyze drama for plot, historical context, and humor.

SuffixesWhat is a suffix?able/ible: able to be doneal/ial: having characteristics ofed: past-tense verbsVocab. Unit 4HomeworkDue Thursday, 3/14

Write a one paragraph creative story using at least 5 vocabulary words correctly. The paragraph should relate to either the Great Depression, losing a loved one, or family.











Descriptive Writing PieceDue Friday, 3/15300 wordsNora: When I was six or seven he always brought me home a little surprise. Like a Hershey or a top. Hed tell me to go get it in his coat pocket. So Id run to the closet and put my hand in and it felt as big as a tent. I wanted to crawl in there and go to sleep. And there were all these terrific things in there, like Juicy Fruit gum or Spearmint Life Savers and bits of cellophane and crumbled pieces of tobacco and movie stubs and nickels and pennies and rubber bands and paper clips and his gray suede gloves that he wore in the wintertime (20-21).

Whats Important to You?Must be an objectMy rocksMy grandfathers hat

Bring yours in on Wednesday or bring in a picture (or e-mail us a picture of it)Be school appropriate!

BBMWhat happened on Friday?Catch me up

Lets read!Reading Comp. QuestionsWhat has happened so far?JournalsYou will be keeping a journal while readingEntry #1 is for HW to be checked on Wed.Describe your most interesting relative. What makes him/her unique? Are these qualities something you admire or dislike or both? Do you enjoy spending time with this relative? Why or why not? HomeworkFor Wednesday

Journal #1

Bring in your object

For Thursday

Vocab. paragraph