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Clinton Kalis Human Resources Manager Yas Waterworld AbuDhabi Tel: 971 2 414 2102 Email: [email protected]
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Clinton Kalis Human Resources Manager Yas Waterworld AbuDhabi

Tel: 971 2 414 2102Email: [email protected]

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Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Recognition &

Rewards Program

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Recognition & Rewards

FAR OUT AWARDSOur Recognition & Rewards Program

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi desires to recognize and reward its Colleagues both formally and informally in a fair and consistent manner at all times.

Informally Colleagues are to be acknowledged for a job well done immediately with words of encouragement or praise in public. Colleagues are formally recognized for “out of this world” performance through various recognition methods such as our Far Out Awards recognition program.

Our Far Out Awards consist of 6 categories (Entertain, Integrity, Ownership, Innovation, “Out Of This World” and Leadership), which are linked to our Company’s Mission, Vision & Brand Promise:

Deliver Exciting Adventures, Delivering out of this World Experiences; Live the Ultimate Water Adventure, and directly connect to the core values & core service standards of Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi.

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Award Categories

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Recognition & Rewards – Award Categories

Entertain Award Nominees are chosen because they know how to create laughter and smiles! They also create “Out Of This World” first impressions, treat people how they want to be treated and have fun in all they do!

Integrity Award Nominees are chosen because they create trust through actions! They also say what they mean and mean what they say, deliver what they promise and act in an ethical manner!

Ownership Award Nominees are chosen because they own it! They also take pride in what they do, ensure a clean and safe environment and embrace empowerment!

Innovation AwardNominees are chosen because they continuously improve! They also are open minded, implement products and services that exceed people’s expectations and raise the bar!

Out Of This World Award Nominees are chosen because they are delivering “Out Of This World” experiences! They also go above and beyond the call of duty while providing genuine service to our Guests, either internally or externally, while embodying our culture to drive excellence!

Leadership Award Nominees are chosen because they lead, inspire and motivate their team while deliveringExcellence. They also empower with a clear sense of direction and lead by example!

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Recognition & Rewards- Communication

Recruitment Induction


• Notice Board• Electronic Notice Board• Farah Leisure Internal

Communication• Wall of Fame• Recognition & Rewards


• Voting – Committee Members

• Invitation to Attend Rewards Ceremony

• Monthly Recognition & Rewards Ceremony

• Letter of Appreciation

• Certificate• Crystal Trophy• Dinner with GM

• Recruitment Presentation

• Characterized Pull-Up Banners

• Yas Waterworld Induction

• Farah Foundation Colleague Handbook

• Recognition &Rewards Policy

• Departmental Induction• Characterized Pull-Up


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Recognition & Rewards – Unique Theming

When developing the creative communication tools we wanted to link into our unique theming of the Legend of The Lost Pearl which contains bright and colourful characters, many of whom have personalities and traits which mirror our values and therefore the characteristics we look for when assessing the Far Out Awards winners:

Dana - Hero of the Legend. Determined and strong character, but sweet, kind and generous. Thoughtful and caring of others.

Dana’s father, the Chief Pearl-Diver and Leader of the village. Nasser is a hard-working family man, who is constantly striving to overcome the hardships brought about by the Bandits.

Dhabi is playful but very agile and graceful. She is quite fast and eager to embark on each new adventure.

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Communication Of Program – Pull-Up Banners

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Communication Of Program – Pull-Up Banners

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Communication Of Winners

Communication Methods of Far Out Award Winners:• Notice Board• Electronic Notice Board• Farah Leisure Internal Communication (FLIC)• Innovative Wall of Fame• Far Out Awards Dinner with Corporate Director of HR

and GM

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Communication Of Winners – Wall Of Fame

Our innovative and themed wall of fame; recognising our Far Out Award Winners! The wall of fame is located at the staff entrance and Colleagues photos will be displayed for 1 year.

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Recognition & Rewards Process

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Recognition & Rewards Process

RecruitmentOur Recognition & Rewards program is communicated to candidates attending our Recruitment Presentation during the hiring process. As part of the Recruitment Presentation we include information on our Recognition & Rewards program which include the 6 award categories and characterized pull-up banners as visuals.

Company InductionNew Arrivals will attend a 4 day Company Induction program where Human Resources will present to Colleagues on HR Policies & Procedures; including the Rewards and Recognition Policy. This session also includes the Recognition & Rewards program, award categories, eligibility, nomination process and the rewards for each category. Colleagues are introduced to the characters of the Lost Pearl and how their characteristics are directly connected with our program.

New Colleagues are also issued with a Farah Foundations Colleague Handbook which includes the Recognition & Rewards Policy and Rewards:

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Recognition & Rewards Process

Departmental InductionAll Colleagues will go through a Departmental Induction as soon as they have completed the 4 day Company Induction. During the Departmental Induction Colleagues are reminded of the Recognition & Rewards program and the eligibility to be nominated:

Eligibility:• Completed at least 1 month of service• No active first written warning and above

Characterized Pull-Up BannersPull-Up Banners have been created for Back of House areas to promote the incentive program as well as educate Colleagues on our award categories, criteria and rewards.

The pull-up banners have a colorful design, linking it back to our Company’s Core Values: Entertain, Integrity, Ownership and Innovation. All the award categories are also linked to our Company’s performance appraisals where Colleagues are rated on during Probationary Appraisals, Mid-Year Reviews and Annual Appraisals.

Our Award Categories are also directly linked to our Company’s Core Service Standards:M: Make everyone feel welcomeE: Ensure a clean and safe environmentB: Be efficient and hassle freeA: Accommodate all reasonable requestsD: Deliver what we promise

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Recognition & Rewards Process

Monthly Rewards & RecognitionChoosing Colleagues every month for special recognition is probably the most popular form of formal recognition. Below are the methods used in running our monthly Recognition and Rewards program:

Communication: • The Human Resources Manager will send out an e-mail to all Head of Departments on the

20th of every month with details and criteria of each award category to be completed and returned by the 27th of each month.

Nomination: • All departments collect information of Colleagues throughout the month through our Guest

Satisfaction survey together with department good-mentions. This can include: positive Guest feedback; Colleagues submitting lost property; the use of our empowerment program to wow our Guests and resolve complaints and delivering “Out Of This World Experiences”.

• Every department is allowed to nominate Colleagues for all 6 award categories based on the number of Colleagues per Department. Each department is allowed 1 nomination per award category for every 50 Colleagues.

• Nominations are linked to the company’s core values and service standards. Nominations should be specific with given dates and examples of what Colleagues have done to deserve to win an award category.

Review & Selection:• All nominations are checked first for eligibility and then handed over to the Recognition &

Rewards Committee for review and voting.• All nominations will be presented and the Committee will vote based on information and

facts given. For each category, 1 winner and 1 runner-up will be selected.

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Recognition & Rewards - Nomination Form

Voting will take place during the Recognition & Rewards Committee meeting every 1st week of the month; this is where the nominees will be presented and Committee Members vote for the winners and runners up. Far Out Awards Ceremony is held on 2nd week of each month








(Front Line & Admin Support Colleagues Only)


(Front Line & Admin Support Colleagues Only)


(Front Line & Admin Support Colleagues Only)

Delivers “Out Of This World” Experiences!

Lives our Core Values & Service Standards Goes above and beyond the call of duty Takes initiative and is a positive role model

Creates laughter and smiles!

Creates an “Out Of This World” first impression

Treats people how we want to be treated Has fun in all we do

Creates trust through actions!

Says what we mean and means what we say

Delivers what we promise Acts in an ethical manner


(Management up to Head of Section Only)


(Front Line & Admin Support Colleagues Only)


(Front Line & Admin Support Colleagues Only)

Leads, inspires and motivates a team while delivering excellence!

Lives our Core Values & Service Standards Empowers with a clear sense of direction Leads by example as a positive role model

Owns it!

Takes pride in what we do Ensures a clean and safe environment Embraces empowerment

Continuously improves!

Is open minded Implements products and services that

exceed people’s expectations Raises the bar








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Recognition & Rewards - Invitation

InvitationHuman Resources will prepare an invitation for all nominated Colleagues (Winners, Runner-Up and Nominees) and send it out to their departments to schedule Colleagues to attend the awards ceremony. Human Resources will also send out an e-mail to all relevant Departments and Head of Departments to invite them to the Recognition & Rewards ceremony. Kindly refer to the below e-mail communication and invitation card extended to Colleagues:

Dear Team, Please extend our Congratulations to the below listed Colleagues nominated in our May Recognition Program! In line with this, we cordially invite them to attend our Far Out Awards Recognition Ceremony on Tuesday, 11th June 2013; 08:45am at Nasser’s Training Room. Please ensure Colleagues wear full uniform, name badges etc. for picture taking.

ID# Colleague Department

30131 Mary January Garcia Executive Office

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Recognition & Rewards - Presentation

PresentationHuman Resources will prepare a presentation for the “Far Out Awards” Ceremony, our Recognition & Rewards Program. The presentation slides will feature all 6 award categories; our 4 Core Values (Entertain, Integrity, Ownership, Innovation), Out Of This World award (Colleague of the Month), and Leadership award (Middle and Senior Management).

Before each nomination slide, by award category, Colleagues are asked either how they live our Core Values on a daily basis; how they deliver “Out Of This World Experiences”; how they empower and how they lead by example.

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Recognition & Rewards - Presentation

ENTERTAIN – Kelemogile Anette Xulu, Merchandise

This Colleague is a friendly and bubbly person, always ready to have fun with both Colleagues & Guests, maintains a unique approach which makes Guests feel at ease and at home

Is the most popular on Thursday evenings during Ladies Night This Colleague is using Hariat Yas entertainment area at full capacity, playing Guest’s

favorite songs and making them dance. While doing this the Colleague is promoting the air tattoo and glow sticks which has become a must have on the dance floor for the Ladies Nights

Hats off to the young talented MC

RecognitionDuring the Recognition & Rewards Presentation, before announcing the winner, details of why the Colleague won the award is read to all during the ceremony; by doing this Colleagues are reminded of our core values and feel proud of what they have achieved and been recognised for.

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Monthly & Yearly Rewards

Page 22: Brass ring awards

Recognition & Rewards – Monthly Rewards

RewardsColleagues are not only publicly recognised for delivering “Out Of This World” experiences, but also receive the following awards:

Nominees will receive:• Letter of Appreciation (Template Below)

Date Colleague Name # Position, Department Dear, Congratulations on being nominated for the “Out Of This World” Award for January 2013! Farah Leisure is excited to recognise you through our “Far Out Awards” program. The “Out Of This World” Award recognises you for delivering “Out Of This World” Experiences; living our Core Values & Service Standards; going above and beyond the call of duty; taking initiative and being a positive role model at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi. This award was created in order to support one of our Core Values, Entertain, as well as to ensure that Leadership is committed to recognising Colleague’s achievements with praise and support. Your Department is extremely proud of you and the entire Executive Team supports this nomination. Congratulations and keep delivering “Out Of This World” experiences! Human Resources Director

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Recognition & Rewards – Monthly Rewards

Runners Up will receive:• Letter of Appreciation• Certificate• 200 AED

Winners will receive:• Letter of Appreciation• Certificate• 300 AED• Crystal Trophy• Dinner with GM

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Recognition & Rewards – Annual Rewards

Winners of the Monthly Far Out Awards are automatically nominated for the Annual Rewards Ceremony. Annual Award Winners will receive the following:

Core Value Award Winners will receive:• Letter of Appreciation• Certificate• 1000 AED• Flower Bouquet• Dinner Voucher for 2

Out Of This World Award Winner and Voted Leaders of the Year will receive:• All of the above, plus• Additional Home Leave/Vacation Flight• Additional 2 Weeks Vacation

We recognize all our Colleagues throughout the year for being committed to our Company’s Mission, Vision, Brand Promise, Core Values and Core Service Standards.

In return we reward our Colleagues with “Out of this World Rewards” as a token of our appreciation!

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Results & Testimonials

Page 26: Brass ring awards

Colleague Satisfaction Survey Results71. I have the opportunity for recognition in my Leisure Facility’s reward and recognition programColleague Satisfaction SurveyOur recognition and rewards program was launched the same period that we had our first Colleague Satisfaction Survey. We are proud to have achieved 73% in such a short period of time. This shows that the majority of our Colleagues either agree or strongly agree that they have the opportunity for recognition through the program.

Nominees SurveyWe sampled 58.3% of our nominees (some of whom became winners and runners-up) to give us feedback on the program. Using a scale of 1-10, we scored 9.5 on our overall approval rating of the program.

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“The Recognition & Rewards Program is one of the best things the company gave to it’s people. It keeps the people to work hard and to strive more. The Recognition & Rewards Program boost the spirit of the staff and make them feel important.” ~ Jan Samuel Santos, Merchandise

“Having a program such as this in a company gives motivation to Colleagues to work hard and achieve the Company’s Goal, Mission and Vision. This boosts the morale of the Colleague, continue what they have been doing or do better and that will influence others to do the same. Inspires and motivates a team while delivering excellence!” ~ Mary January Garcia, Executive Office

“The Recognition & Rewards Program is a way where other Colleagues will be challenged to follow our Core Values. It’s a way of appreciating the things that the Colleagues have accomplished.” ~ Edrian Aromin, Maintenance

“The program is very effective and encourages the Colleagues to work harder and achieve the targets of high Guest Satisfaction.” ~ Zahid Habib, Human Resources

“ The program is really great, it encourages & motivates Colleagues to do the job good and be recognised.” ~ Olga Leydirmanova, Operations

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“It’s good to have this kind of program, because it motivates Colleagues to excel in their field of work. It’s like an add-on to their resume as well. It’s a nice gesture towards making a Colleague recognised for their work.” ~ Halima Bi Alias Shaikh, Merchandise

“It’s highly motivating for us; it gives us the opportunity to be consistent in what we do. I have been in different companies but none of this I have ever encountered.” ~ Steve Barlaan, Park Services

“An intuitive and fair system that recognise and promotes Colleagues for their hard work.” ~ Wesley Oakes, Operations

“It’s motivating and creates a self-image as well as a positive image in front of other Colleagues. I Believe that best efforts are valued which helps me to continue those efforts.” ~ Vinod Kolani, Guest Services

“Recognition & Rewards Program is one of the best programs that Yas Waterworld gave to their Colleagues because it helps the Colleagues to be more motivated to their assigned job and it helps the Colleagues to (be) feel that they were truly appreciated, specially when they do their job; and were happy that the company appreciated our hard work.” ~ Hyancinth Magbojos, Entertainment

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“The Recognition and Rewards program is indeed an honor or a pleasure to the one who receives it. It is such a nice idea to recognise Colleagues who are putting effort. Two thumbs up for it.” ~ Daisy Francisco, Food & Beverage

“It is very nice that the management is actually thinking to recognise the Colleagues for their good job. I love the program . It helps Colleagues to get motivated and to be honest with their jobs” ~ Atif Mahmood, Park Services

“This program is very good and to improve for all Colleagues. Our Recognition program is out of this world” ~ Mathew Abraham, Park Services

“It think it helps Colleagues to aspire and work harder. It feels good also if the company recognised your efforts” ~ Edsel Sernande, Maintenance

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Thank you.

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