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Jan 23, 2015



Bizimply Slide Deck

  • 1. emu 9.1! - .' .1 1, 'v 1 r ~_// ,1 V 5 - '_ _ f ' I _ E r.. ' ,L ,5 $ _I-IR BUILT FOR THE SERVICE | i*'_DUS'I'R. The platform for managing your people

2. NCRI THE PROBLEMwww. bizimp| BIZIMPLY 3. www. bizimp| y.comTHE SOLUTION b DDASH/ HR MANAGER eSCHEDULINGBOARD MOBILE APP>0 0 CLOCK IN /OUT KPI REPORTINGSH| FT& ISSUE TRACKINGBIZIMPLY 4. HR MANAGERHuman Resources ManagementAll your employee information and documents in one place nan Resources I Employees_ M.Nameum.sumImen,Paullam,AnsonDoyI. AIInsuave:Junvvvvvv. bizimp| y.ComPhone NumhevM3-9000 3912uzsoosouzM3-75590608Sdr$67lr9D0Employee Number3Dale av sunr-11/usrisn0SI07I198Eouo5r2oo9ZIIOGIIOI)08/05/I980muonsRemove u. ..m. . Schedules Seleclschedules Lui o. .~. ..I Position Manager 'l ~, ,,Addressrm:Email al sonblfngina licomMark Baku (V om 84 (1[)8I(Il()% Mavllfralmngfhecltlisl um 5. %SCHEDULING0 DRAFTKRISTY CHUNG JOANNA FORDEKIM CAUFIELDLaborschedungQuickly schedule your staff from any device17:oo woo01:15Uh12:00 21:00 Bur08:00 14230 Chef05:00 15:30 Admi.VAYvIvAVAVL. I'II1fIIi| [ IIj; .v: r mi '7 I. gr w. .. M * nivnau y . . Mn us i: -.,.3 an HR ,W W,.. -s._ W w W;W. .. .mm.W m:7'12 , .,. Modern Time SolutiCLOCK IN /OUT @331lntegrates seamlessly wvitli Bi7im ply to speed up payroll and monitor attendanceMichael Cannon 07.00 [D - Dtnarrrnont Front hrGerard Forde - o9.~ra/ oeoo I-.Deaanment Front BarNorman Hewson -J ._-.LOGGEDIM . - STORE MANAGER T6 I TODAYS EVENTSBen amin So -> - Denim M,,_. ,oSmlrhe" 1330 14:00 I Office Max Staff Party AI-l0(7lIN1vr-M. ntaN burlyIlII*l"v/ Q/cf/ VIIOJIIZZIIIIWTIWUIII. @@IiiTl] E51i? Z.i1ii_M_I. i,1_L? I 7. Q Mobile Application For StaffMOEILEAPP Check schedules,request time off,swap shifts and moreSH REQUESTS I IFI MONDAy, E/Wu ii .6MONDAY-8/I9/I3I l I S 4 HlFTREQ T T www. bizimply. com 8. BUSINESS MODELSoftware as a service Monthly subscription based on number of employees Minimum of 4 per month,per employee. Business Edition 250 EmployeesTypically i iO locations Self Serve ModelWebinar TrainingTypically i0 + locationsCustomDedicated account managers308 IntegrationOn site training IRISH SANDWICH BARC1:fl fuel for lifeE6l7T. . TT; ~T L F ,I a , A rial T E E e 9. TARGET MARKETS.l2,S00cons:si-loi> ounsrs, ,,, __. l6,000coN1xAc1cArniNG ounzts 3 Z7,3,i65 3*FULL SERVICE RESTAURANTS 4/ ,30,000FAST room RESTAURANTS_, . 224,713FULL SERVICE RESTAURANTS0 3,300msr roan OUTLETS.40,000FULL SERVICE RESTAURANTS_ 9,500PUBLIC HOUSES.. _.254,726FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS.58,000PUBLIC HOUSES IRELAND U. K. U. S.A. www. bizimply. com BIZIMPLY 10. SALES TARGETS-- -it : 2% it :3 $1: at 3::it :3: :3: as g---G3333333133 3% : ::: "g%a: n* Egg mid H: ; ;;; ;;; ;s. ... .m%a as g;:: m:: :::%g-"" '" mm:333mg:gggggggagg ttttt. tt. .%mam: i %%a 2014 2016 10 new customers per month 100 new customers per month - 50 new stores per month - 500 new stores per monthwww. bizimply. com BIZIMPLY 11. lMF: lr7ETllllE Direct MarketingOnline Marketing a Reseller Partners Industry PartnersGood thii (Z . i;,77,@ s com . f1 l .* A vmuv. -rm J lE: lIl| i; in . i ":1: mi 12. THE BIZIMPLY TEAMGERARD PAUL MIKEYMamagmg DlleclolSales & Marketing Design & Dev. Jr Developer Lead Developer Managing Directorhas Iieli: :>ecI US to Cut our lal3OLII" i in iraly I) being able totnelidCl Ol l_llI"Igame orNem 13. CQMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEThe only solution to centralise all l-IR operations in one system,Staff Drofiles,Training Cards,Scheduling,Time and Attendance and more. - Say good bye to emails and spreadsheets- Mobile solution built for people who dont work at desktops.- No upfront capital Investment- The first time and attendance solution in the cloud- Built specifically for the service industryinfo~1tibiZimply. com l +353 (O)l 254 2524 l www. bizimply. com 14. TECHNOLOGY = =v= _ _ :MAC /PC /DESKTOP D API (Input daily sales etc. )IPAD/ IPHONE ANDROIDwww. bizimply. com BIZIMPLY 15. Before Bizimply I used to spend at least a day per week pulling together all the different excel reports that our stores would send me every night! PAUL BREEN Owner,Lovely Food Companywww. bizimply. com BIZIMPLY