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BioKube Malaysia All Systems 2010

Dec 07, 2015




  • BioKube Malaysia 2009

    BioKube wastewater treatment systems


    Fixed Aerated Submerged BioMembrane

    Technology ( FAST ) wastewater systems.

    BioKube develops, manufactures and sells systems

    for biological cleaning of sewage water using fixed

    aerated submerged blocks technology.

    Extensive research have been carried out where all

    blowers, circulation, volume, optimum thickness of

    biological growth / membrane etc in the system are

    optimized towards giving the bacteria optimum

    living condition, thus maximizing the cleaning

    efficiency yet saving the usage of space.

    All BioKube system is 100% biological cleaning of

    wastewater using only natures existing bacteria

    within the wastewater; no foreign or additional

    bacteria or enzymes or chemicals are added to the

    treatment system.

    Many sizes of wastewater systems.

    The systems range in size from single household

    units (2m3/day) up to systems cleaning 2,000

    m3/day. BioKube systems can be delivered fully

    configured, to meet the customers requirement and

    ready to install at customer site.

    Protect the environment recycle and reuse

    Treated sewage water can be recycled and reused

    either for irrigation or secondary usage like flushing

    of toilets, watering plants, landscaping and cleaning

    of general areas etc. This will eliminate the need for

    potable water for these activities, which in turn will

    give reduction of around 40-45% of water

    consumption. End user will lower their water bill,

    conserve resources whilst reducing pollution and

    play our part in protecting the mother earth.

    How do we do it?

    1. Inlet of sewage water from manhole or septic


    2. Gray and black water is pumped from buffer

    tank into the 1st chamber. Biological degradation of

    organic matter by bacteria, then gravitates to the



    3. Further removal of organic matter by bacterial

    activities. Thinned down water now gravitates into

    the third cleaning chamber for ammonia removal.

    4. Nitrification of ammonia by bacteria under

    aerobic condition. By now water will be having

    BOD < 10mg/L COD

  • Single House systems.

    BioKube Pluto, Venus and Mars systems

    Single house systems.

    BioKube small standard systems clean sewage

    water for from 5 to 30 persons. We offer small

    systems for single houses or bungalows ranging

    from 5 PE, 10 PE, 15 PE, 20 PE and 30 PE


    BioKube Pluto ( 110cm, H 1400cm 5PE) built

    for cleaning requirements of COD < 125 mg/l

    and BOD < 25 mg/l is about half the size of a

    BioKube Venus ( 120cm, H 1900cm 5PE) built

    for cleaning requirements of COD < 50 mg/l and

    BOD < 10 mg/l.

    BioKube systems can fulfill any requirements.

    With our modular design all BioKube systems

    can be delivered to fulfill any requirements.

    These possibilities include only reduction of

    organic material, reduction of NH4, reduction of

    phosphate, removal of total nitrogen, removal

    and elimination of E-coli including use of UV

    lighting or Ozone.

    We are specialists and we can do it!

    Figure 1 : Mars 30 at Design Centre, Jln Kia Peng

    Figure 2: Product line-up for single house system

    Figure 3: 3D illustration of Venus 10

  • BioKube Jupiter and BioReactor systems

    ( 50 10,000 PE ) Plug and Play wastewater systems.

    BioKube systems for are delivered completely

    ready to install. Connect the pipes and power and

    the system is in operation. System can be install

    above ground or underground.

    50% reduction of land requirement compared to

    conventional STP

    Compared to similar-sized conventional STP, less

    land is needed to built the Jupiter system. For

    example, a 600PE system requiring less than

    400sq meter (including setback).

    Low on maintenance and operation cost.

    One of the big advantages of a BioKube system is

    that it is very maintenance-friendly. There are

    few mechanical parts that can fail and they are all

    delivered from first class manufacturer

    guaranteeing long service life.

    Remote surveillance via GSM.

    BioKube systems can be

    equipped with remote

    surveillance over the GSM

    network. And the systems

    can be delivered with

    double water pumps and

    air blowers that run

    alternatively. They can be

    reset over the GSM

    network if one pump or

    blower fails so the system

    runs on only one. This

    gives a very high rate of


    Modular design

    Being modular, it can be arranged and organized

    to fit the odd land area, thus maximizing space

    for other prime and valuable development.

    Clean treated water

    System Consumption (Kw/h)

    Jupiter 15 1.5

    Jupiter 25 2.0

    Jupiter 50 2.0

    Jupiter 75 2.8

    Table 1: Power consumption of each system (Kwh-1)

    Figure 1: Above ground installation

    Figure 2: Underground Installation

    Figure 3: GSM remote surveillance through phone

    Figure 4: Treated Water collected in tank

    Figure 5: Discharged Effluent

  • BioKube systems - BioReactor. Large systems as Plug and Play.

    BioKube also offers our largest systems as plug

    and play waste water plant solutions.

    These systems are delivered with only the

    active cleaning units whilst other components

    are built on-site.

    Keeping the total cost down.

    Since the cleaning of sewage water with the

    BioKube-system is performed by natural

    bacteria living on submerged aerated filters (the

    BioBlocks) it is much more cost-effective to

    deliver only the active cleaning unit (the

    BioReactors) and install these in RC tank.

    With BioKube BioReactor systems, you also

    to the maximum extent use labor. This keeps

    the total cost down.

    How big a system can you buy?

    The necessary size of the tanks is roughly

    twice the size of the daily amount of sewage

    water to be cleaned. This volume allows 36

    hours retention time for the sewage water in

    the cleaning unit plus room for the pre-cleaning

    unit and the necessary sludge handling system.

    The biggest BioReactor BioKube deliver is the

    BioReactor 150. Each of these units will clean

    150 m3 / day. How many BioReactors you need

    depends on the amount of wastewater and the

    cleaning requirements. We are happy to discuss

    your exact requirement.

    Figure 1: 3D View of Bioreactor 100 in series of 3

    Figure 2 & 3: Installation in Europe

    Figure 4: One unit of BioReactor

    Figure 5: 3D View Close up Figure 6: BR15, BR25, BR50 & BR75