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Biodiversity and ecosystems By Vumboni Harry Msimango BIODIVERSITY IN ECOSYSTEMS

Biodiversity in ecosystems

Apr 12, 2017



Biodiversity in ecosystems

Biodiversity and ecosystemsBy Vumboni Harry MsimangoBiodiversity in ecosystems

Biodiversity is the term that is used to describe all the living things in an ecosystem.Biodiversity's importance in ecosystems is that it (Biodiversity) allows ecosystems to support life and to recover from changes to the environment.Biodiversity

ecosystemAn ecosystem is made up of a particular area and its living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) components. It is specifically a system whereby both living and non-living components depend on one another and constantly interact with each other.

Biodiversity and EcosystemsBoth our Biodiversity and Ecosystem is being threatened by the biggest threat us, humansWe destroy their habitats we throw stones at even the smallest or cutest animal because of our insecurities.

Threats to biodiversity.Alien SpeciesPoachingPollutionThere are many factors that threaten biodiversity are natural disasters like floods and fires. But most of the threats are from humans, this is a direct result of the massive growth of the human population.

Threats 2Oil pollutionWhen there are oil spills from oil tankers thousands of birds become covered in in oil.Luckily there are organizations like SANCCOB that volunteer to provide food and to clean the birds.

Habitat destruction.The biggest human threat to biodiversity is habitat destruction. Most living things need stable undisturbed habitats.We disturb and change habitats by doing things such as cutting down indigenous forests , filling in wetlands, damming up rivers and clearing land for new settlements, golf courses and roads.

Threat 3 alien SpeciesAlien species are plants and animals that originally comes from other countriesPeople often bring alien species into new areas either on purpose or by accident.But the problem is that of alien plants grow faster than indigenous plants

alien speciesAdding to the problem is that there are often few or no natural predators or diseases to keep the plants and animals in checkThere also alien animals I'm familiar with the alien bass (type of fish) according to my research in rivers and dams they prey heavily on indigenous fish

pollutionThroughout the whole world rivers, dams and lakes are polluted with wastes produced by humans Plastic pollution in rivers is the worst because plastic does not breakdown naturally or biodegrade.Our biodiversity is in danger because of us human beings.

CatsCats are also considered to be threats to our ecosystems because facts state that cats have killed over 1 billion small animals such as birds and rodentsTheir lack of predators means that most will live long lives and continue to kill.

Cats 2So next time you see a cute cat, look again and don't be fooled. It is an expert hunter and poses major problems to the ecosystem.

The importance of biodiversity in ecosystems.Biodiversity allows ecosystems to support life and to recover from changes to the environment Biodiversity in ecosystems is important in the following ways

habitatsForests and wetlands provide habitats for many types of animals.

FoodPlants form the base of all food chains. Herbivores feed on plants and Carnivores feed on herbivores.

Clean airThrough photosynthesis plants provide oxygen for respiration and regulate the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Soil nutrientsDecomposers such as worms play in important role in the nutrition process of enriching the soil.

WetlandsWetlands act as water filters that can trap pollution and contribute in a much amazing way of being a habitat and a feeding area of life stock.

Pollination Most different plants are pollinated by animals such as bees and butterflies.This also helps for plants to advance their growth but it is also a disadvantage if the pollination is taking place in alien species.

Water cycleTrees play an important role in forming rain clouds through evaporation of water from their leaves.

Preventing Soil erosionPlants are vital for preventing soil from washing away and causing soil erosion which is good for helping animals not to get washed of or getting hurt.

Threats to global biodiversityThis is a pie chart showing the known causes of animal extinction but all this causes have one thing in common all this extinctions are caused by humans.

Biodiversity in Ecosystems Al the 8 slides that I have shown are just a way of showing a way in which biodiversity is important in ecosystems.But we to as the biggest threat can also contribute in the safety of our biodiversity and ecosystems.

How we can protect our ecosystems.By :RecyclingUsing eco-friendly productsReducing our carbon footprint Choosing foods that are locally grown and grown sustainably.Poaching can be used at a certain extent like for instance on the cat case they are quite many so there is a need for them to be hunted.

ConclusionPeople we are biodiversity's biggest threat but we can also be biodiversity's biggest helper we can contribute to the revival of both our ecosystems and biodiversity instead of causing destruction lets help maintain our nature and natural resources.

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