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Friday • August 23, 2013 3

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BDT BLITZ 2013 a product of the Bluefield DailyTelegraph, a CNHI newspaper

The Daily Telegraph Sports StaffBrian Wooodson bwoodson@bdtonline.comTom Bob Publisher: Randy MooneyEditor: Samantha PerrySports Editor: Brian WoodsonCover Design: Lisa McDanielPhotographers: Eric DiNovo, Jon Bolt Contributing reporters:Lloyd Combs, Larry Hypes, AnthonyStevens, The Register-Herald, Beckley Contributed photos:Mike Davis, Anthony Stevens, LanceRatliff, Debbie Glover, The Register-Herald, Beckley, The VirginiaMountaineer, Grundy, Va.

By BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — Another footballseason is less than a week away.

Inside here — and — is a thorough lookat the upcoming season and whatit might hold for 20 area highschools and six regional collegefootball teams.

The small, but dedicated DailyTelegraph sports staff — andplenty of other folks — have spentmuch of August working on thisinformation, traveling fromHurley to Blacksburg and fromBradshaw to Lindside in an effortto educate all of us on what theseason ahead may hold.

Is there a state championship ontap in 2013?

Let’s hope so. The last FourSeasons Country team to claim atitle was Bluefield in 2009. In fact,area clubs won five state titles in asix-year span from 2004-09, butthere has been a short drought,with Honaker losing in theVirginia Group A, Division I statefinals last December.

Each of 20 area high schoolteams are featured in this publi-cation. In addition to a short pre-view on each clubs, there are pho-tos, rosters, schedules, predic-tions and more.

There is also a prep Top 20,which each of the teams rankedfor expectations ahead, alongwith a stats page with a brief his-tory of all the schools.

Six college teams will also beseeking championships of theirown this season, with Concordbeginning its first season in thefledging Mountain EastConference. Bluefield is in hissecond straight year on the grid-iron, finishing 0-11 last season inits first action in 71 years.

Both West Virginia and VirginiaTech are looking to bounce backfrom disappointing 7-6 cam-paigns, while Marshall andVirginia are hoping for a return to

postseason play.Inside this publication is a pre-

view article of each of the six col-lege programs, along with an arti-cle and predictions on the leaguesthat are represented, includingthe ACC, Big 12, Conference USA,Mountain East and the Mid-South.

While we hope you will use thispublication for your enjoymentthroughout the season, pleaseremember that things change,especially the numbers for theplayers on the various rosters list-ed here. All we can do is list whatwe are given.

Also, check out the bdtblitz.comsite as well. Nineteen of the high

schools listed here are included,with team and individual photos,rosters, features, previews, stand-ings, statistics, schedules, playerof the week honorees, and a gameof the week featured every Fridaynight during the season.

Normally, this publicationcomes out on opening night, but itis a week early in 2013. Thatshould give readers plenty of timeto read over what is here and pre-pare for the upcoming season.

We do ask for assistance in help-ing us cover all the teams in thispublication. While we will try tohave a representative at as manygames as possible each Fridaynight, we have lost a few of ourfaithful ‘stringers’ to other jobs oreven unfortunate death so it isn’tpossible to be at all of them.

Coaches are busy folks, butplease appoint someone withinyour staff to call in results eachFriday night as soon as possibleafter a game comes to an end.Also, we will accept recommenda-tions for player of the week hon-ors, and would love to get weeklyupdated statistics to run eachweek prior to another slate ofgames. All information can beemailed to the Daily Telegraph or call(304) 327-2813 daily after 4 p.m.

Let the games begin.

2013 BDT Blitz looks to enhance enjoyment of football season

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph sports staff, left to right, includessports editor Brian Woodson, Tom Bone and Bob Redd

Player of Week award to enter another seasonBy BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — Who will be theMann in 2013?

Ian Mann of Giles claimed thePocahontas CoalAssociation/Bluefield DailyTelegraph Player of the YearAward in 2012 with an amazingseason that included 2,328 yards

and 37 touchdowns, while leadingthe Spartans to a 10-2 record, theThree Rivers District title, and aberth into the second round of theVHSL playoffs.

Turns out, Mann did all that,according to Giles head coach JeffWilliams, with a torn ACL thathad to be repaired after the sea-son.

Who will turn in such a heroic

effort in 2013?We will find out in the weeks

ahead. Eleven different winners— one per week — will be chosenthroughout the season, with abanquet held in December spon-sored by the Pocahontas CoalAssociation.

A player of the year and coach ofthe year — which last year wasHonaker’s Doug Hubbard — will

also be honored on that specialevening in Princeton.

Of the 11 winners from last sea-son, only four return, includingthe Richlands duo of ColtonStaten and Gray Baker, RiverView’s Jordan Wilson and JasonGrose of Montcalm.

All coaches are urged to make

Award, 35

Page 4: BDT Blitz 2013

4 Thursday, August 22, 2013

How have teams fared over the last decade-plus in Four Seasons Country?By BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — Our records onlygo back so far, but here is a brieflook at a few facts for each of the20 high school football teams inthe Daily Telegraph coveragearea.

Schools are listed by state, andare listed in terms of winning per-centage since 2001.

Richlands has the best record ofany school in the area since 2001,followed by Giles, Bluefield andJames Monroe. Only nine of the20 teams have records over .500over the last 12 years, and onlythree of nine West Virginiaschools have broken even duringthat span.

Six of the 20 schools have wonstate championships, includingBluefield with 10. Graham andGiles have three apiece, whileRichlands has two, with Tazewelland Wyoming East winning it allonce apiece.

Check it out, there are morethan a few interesting tidbitsbelow.

———West Virginia

(In order of percentage since 2001)1. Bluefield (2012 record, 9-3).

Class AA. Head coach: FredSimon. Last playoff appearance,2012, 2nd round, lost to Robert C.Byrd 34-20. Record since 2001:107-41 .723. State championships: 10(last in 2009).

2. James Monroe (2-8). ClassAA. Head coach: John Mustain.Last playoff appearance, 2009, 1stround, lost to Ravenswood 24-14.Record since 2001: 97-43, .693.State championships: 0.

3. River View (2012, 6-5) ClassAA. Head coach: Gehrig Justice(1st season). Last playoff appear-ance, 2012, 1st round, lost toBridgeport 54-6. Record since2010: 23-11 .676. State champi-onships: 0.

4. Princeton (2-8). Class AAA,Mountain State AthleticConference. Head coach: RandyPeek. Last playoff appearance,2009, 1st round, lost to Brooke 33-17. Record since 2001: 53-71, .411.State championships: 0

5. Mount View (3-7). Class AA.Head coach: Todd McCoy. Lastplayoff appearance, 2006, 1stround, lost to Grafton 33-14.Record since 2001: 51-75, .405.State championships: 0.

6. Wyoming East (7-4). ClassAA. Head coach: Gary Poindexter.Last playoff appearance: 2012, 1stround, lost to Scott, 46-16. Recordsince 2001: 46-69, 400. State cham-pionships: 1 (1999).

7. Summers County (7-4). ClassAA. Head coach: Nathan Tanner.

Last playoff appearance: 2012, 1stround, lost to Frankfort 38-7.Record since 2001: 41-88, .318State championships: 0.

8. Montcalm (5-4): Class A.Head coach: Jimmy Redmond.Last playoff appearance: nonesince 2001. Record since 2001: 29-87 .250. State championships: 0.

9. PikeView (0-10). Class AA.Head coach: Bobby Wyatt. Lastplayoff appearance, 2010, 1stround, lost to Chapmanville 30-14.Record since 2001: 24-99.195.State championships: 0


(In order of percentage since 2001)1. Richlands (9-2). Group A,

West Section, Division 2. Headcoach: Greg Mance. Last playoffappearance, 2012, l1st round, lostto Cave Spring 31-6. Record since2001: 126-27, .824. State champi-onships: 2 (last in 2006),

2. Giles (10-2). Group A, WestSection, Division 2. Head coach:Jeff Williams. Last playoff appear-ance, 2012, l2nd round, lost toJohn Battle 37-14. Record since2001: 106-37, .741. State champi-onships: 3 (last in 2005).

3. Haysi (8-4). Group A, WestSection, Division 1. Head coach:James Colley. Last playoffappearance, 2012, 2nd round, lostto Clintwood 45-0. Record since2001: 90-40, .692. State champi-onships: 0.

4. Honaker (13-2). Group A,West Section, Division 1. Headcoach: Doug Hubbard. Last play-off appearance, 2012, Division 1state championship game, lost toGeorge Wythe 20-13. Record since2001: 89-47, .654. State champi-onships: 0.

5. Graham (7-4). Group A, WestSection, Division 2. Head coach:Mike Williams. Last playoffappearance, 2012, 1st round, lostto Union 34-26. Record since 2001:80-60, .571. State championships: 3(last in 1995).

6. Grundy (4-7). Group A, WestSection, Division 2. Head coach:Jeremy Ward. Last playoffappearance, 2012, 1st round, lostto Fort Chiswell 44-3. Recordsince 2001: 67-66, .504. State cham-pionships: 0.

7. Hurley (6-5). Group A, WestSection, Division 1. Head coach:Greg Tester. Last playoff appear-

ance, 2012, 1st round, lost to RuralRetreat 32-6. Record since 2001:54-71, .432. State championships:0.

8. Narrows (1-9). Group A, WestSection, Division 1. Head coach:Kelly Lowe. Last playoff appear-ance, 2009, 1st round, lost to BathCounty 48-7. Record since 2001:51-76, .402. State championships:0.

9. Tazewell (2-9). Group A, WestSection, Division 2. Head coach:Shane Allen. Last playoff appear-ance, 2012, 1st round, lost toMarion 42-6. Record since 2001:47-82, 364. State championships: 1(1986).

10. Bland County (0-10). GroupA, West Section, Division 1. Headcoach: Harris Hart. Last playoffappearance, 2008, 1st round, lostto Bath County 17-13. Recordsince 2001: 44-77, .364. State cham-pionships: 0

11. Twin Valley (1-9). Group A,West Section, Division 1. Headcoach: Tommy Crigger. Last play-off appearance, 2004, 1st round,lost to Northwood 42-22. Recordsince 2001: 23-98 .190. State cham-pionships: 0.

File photo

78 years and still going...Mitchell Stadium in Bluefield has been the scene of high school football games since Princeton andBluefield first meet in 1935.

2012 Final StandingsVirginia

Southwest DistrictDistrict Overall

Richlands 4-0 9-2Marion 3-1 7-4Tazewell 2-2 2-9Abingdon 1-3 4-7Carroll County 0-4 2-8

Mountain Empire DistrictFort Chiswell 5-0 10-2Grayson County 4-1 9-2Graham 3-2 7-4Galax 2-3 7-4Narrows 1-4 1-9Bland County 0-5 0-10

Black Diamond DistrictHonaker 4-0 13-2Haysi 3-1 8-4Grundy 2-2 4-7Hurley 1-3 6-5Twin Valley 0-4 1-9

Three Rivers DistrictGiles 5-0 10-2Floyd County 4-1 7-4Glenvar 3-2 5-6Radford 2-3 3-8Eastern Montgomery 1-4 4-7Auburn 0-5 0-10

West VirginiaClass AAA

Princeton 2-8Class AA

Bluefield 9-3Summers County 7-4Wyoming East 7-4River View 6-5Mount View 3-7James Monroe 2-8PikeView 0-10

Class AMontcalm 5-4

———Records since 2001

by winning percentageTeam Pct. 2012 rank1.Richlands .824 12. Giles .741 43. Bluefield .723 54. James Monroe .693 35. Haysi .692 76. River View .676 27. Honaker .654 68. Graham .571 89. Grundy .504 910. Hurley .432 1211. Princeton .411 10

12. Narrows .402 1113. Mount View .405 1314. Wyoming East .400 16T15 Bland County .364 14T15 Tazewell .364 1517. Summers County .318 1718. Montcalm .250 1819. PikeView .195 1920. Twin Valley .190 20

State ChampionshipsBluefield (10) ‘09, ‘07, ‘04, ‘97, ‘84, ‘75, ‘67, ‘65, ‘62,‘60.Graham (3) ‘95, ‘89, ‘62Giles (3) ‘05, ‘93, ‘80Richlands (2) ‘06, ‘92Tazewell (1) ‘86Wyoming East (1) ‘99

Daily MailPrep Poll

CLASS AAA1. Martinsburg (9)2. Morgantown3. Capital (1) 4. Cabell Midland 5. Huntington6. University7. South Charleston 8.George Washington(tie) Spring Valley (tie) Wheeling ParkOthers: Hurricane 14,Oak Hill 10,Washington 4,Parkersburg 3,Woodrow Wilson 2,Lewis County 1,Musselman 1,Princeton 1.

CLASS AA1. Wayne (10)2. Keyser 3. Bridgeport 4. Bluefield 5. Robert C. Byrd

6. Chapmanville7. Frankfort8. Fairmont Senior9. Wyoming East10. ScottOthers: SummersCounty 14, RiverView 8, NicholasCounty 7, Sissonville7, Philip Barbour 6,Ritchie County 6,Lincoln 4, BraxtonCounty 2, HerbertHoover 2,Independence 1,Mingo Central 1,Webster County 1.

CLASS A1. Wahama (5) 2. Wheel Central (5)3. Madonna4. Magnolia5. Greenbrier West 6. St. Marys 7. Clay-Battelle8. Williamstown9. Tucker County 10. MoorefieldOthers:Montcalm 3,

Page 5: BDT Blitz 2013

Friday • August 23, 2013

Richlands the pick for top team, but others are closing in By BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — It has becometradition in recent seasons forRichlands to be the consideredthe top football team in FourSeasons Country, at least prior tothe season.

Why not again?Richlands finished 11-1 in 2011,

and 9-2 last season, and no one ishappy about it.

That’s because the BlueTornado is just 1-2 in the postsea-son during that span, including afirst round exit from the playoffsin 2012.

Don’t look for that to happenagain, as Richlands — andTazewell — begin play in Group A,Division 2 for the first time thisseason.

Here is a guess on how the 20teams represented in the regionwill finish up in 2013.

1. Richlands (9-2, in 2012, direc-tion; up): Better win big this sea-son. The senior-dominated Blueswill hit hard by graduation afterthis season. Despite the loss toTodd McGlothlin, A.J. Johnsonand Michael Horton to gradua-tion, Richlands can still boastGray Baker and Colton Staten onoffense, Frank Taylor andAnthony Cordle on defense, alarge and experienced offensiveline, and Ben Brown, who cancontribute on both sides of theball, and will kick and punt. Theschedule will be more difficult,including the much-anticipatedtrip to Bluefield, but these Bluesshould go far into the Division 2playoffs.

2. Bluefield (9-3, up): Bluefieldwill have its usual speedy back-field, led by D.J. Stewart and con-verted quarterback D.J. Edwards,while Corey Coppola will provideanother dimension, by simplyover and through the opposition.R.J. Bourne will serve as quarter-back, while the Beavers look tosurround Cody Gore with capablehelp on the line. The defense waspoor last season, but looked goodin a scrimmage withChristiansburg, showing a willing-ness to play physical football. TheBeavers will host Richlands in amuch-anticipated contest on Oct.4.

3. Graham (7-4, up): Two sea-sons in Division 2 have yielded apair of playing appearances, butno wins. The G-Men hope tochange that in 2013 against aschedule that will includeBluefield, Richlands and Giles,along with the competitiveMountain Empire District slate.Graham will have to develop its

backfield, with Colby Hill replac-ing Spencer Sheets at quarter-back, and Cody Hatfield’s 1,000yards will also have to bereplaced. Chase Asbury will leavea veteran offense line, whileHunter Cook will pace a physicaldefense that has taken on thedemeanor of head coach MikeWilliams.

4. Honaker (13-2, down): Thedirection isn’t anything againstthe Tigers, but 13 wins and anappearance in the Group A,Division 1 state championshipgame can be hard to top. Honakerreturns a pair of two-way startersfrom last season, but lost 14 sen-iors, including quarterback TyHall, who will be replaced byCasey Dye. Honaker is thefavorite to win a fourth straightBlack Diamond District title.

5. Giles (10-2, even): JeffWilliams’ first goal is a winningseason, but these Spartans coulddo more than that. Giles will beled by Brett Whitlow and DustyBoggess on offense, along with asolid offensive line spearheadedby Cody Rhodes. Finding a centerto run the single wing will be key,while the defense will try toimprove its play down the stretchas the Spartans look for a thirdstraight Three Rivers Districtcrown.

6. Princeton (2-8, up): The

schedule is difficult, but theseTigers appear transformed aftera year in the weight room withRandy Peek, and could be poisedfor its first playoff run since 2009.The backfield is speedy with TahjSho-Johnson and Jay Palmer,while Devin Allen will run overanyone who happens to get pastAll-Class AA preseason guardCorey Harsanyi. If Princeton canstay healthy, improve its tacklingand survive a grueling four-weekMSAC stretch in midseason, thenthe Tigers could be back.

7. Mount View (3-7, up): If expe-rience counts, the Golden Knightscould be on the way back. MountView snapped a 31-game losingstreak last season under first-year coach Todd McCoy, and haveplenty back, including talentedrunning back LaQuell Martin andquarterback Chris Muncy. In all,10 starters return on offense andall 11 starters are back ondefense. Mount View could belooking for its first playoff appear-ance in 2006.

8. River View (6-5, even). GehrigJustice takes over from MitchEstep in Bradshaw, and has asquad that could make a fourthstraight playoff run. JordanWilson returns as one of the topskill players in the area, whileTyler Blankenship has potentialas an all-state performer. Estep

installed the Winged-T for years,but Justice has switched to thespread, with Ryan Blankenshiplining up behind center.

9. Wyoming East (7-4, even):Wyoming East rolled to the play-offs last season for the first timein several years, and the goal thisyear is to win a game or two in thepostseason. Jacob Summe andChristian Hedinger are both all-state caliber talents for theWarriors. Coty Bishop leads thedefense, that played well last sea-son.

10. Summers County (7-4,even): The Bobcats made a rareplayoff run last season, and coulddo the same with Isaiah Brownand T.J. Smith on their side.Those are two explosive playerson both sides of the ball. NathanTanner, a standout at Giles andConcord, has taken over as headcoach. He can also call upon ErikLindsey, Matt Ryan and the offen-sive line is paced by 315-poundJacob King.

11. Haysi (8-4, even): Haysimight be a small school, but theTigers can churn out skill players,such as this year’s senior duo ofJeffrey Bowen and TaylorO’Quinn. Bowen ran for 1,300yards and scored 24 touchdownslast season for Haysi, whichadvanced to the second round ofthe playoffs. James Colley hasalways been able to develop quar-terbacks, and the 32-year coach-ing veteran has another good onein Jalen Sykes.

12. Tazewell (2-8, up): Finally, acoach who has remained inTazewell for more than one sea-son. Shane Allen’s Bulldogssnapped a long losing streak last

season and even made a playoffappearance. Malik Davis willserve as quarterback, and thereare weapons to go with him inJacob McReynolds, CarterRasnick and Juwan Jordan. If theBulldogs can survive four straightroad games to start the season,Tazewell could make a significantimprovement from recent years.

13. James Monroe (2-8, up):John Mustain is working torebuild the Mavericks, who haveendured consecutive two-win sea-sons. Reed McNeer will lead theattack from quarterback, as theMavericks take to the air moreoften in 2013.

14. Grundy (4-7, up): Elevenstarters and 15 seniors return forthe Golden Wave, who will playformer Southwest District foesGraham, Tazewell and Richlandsthis season.

15. Hurley (6-5, up): Greg Testerhas build a solid program atHurley, which will be seeking itssixth straight winning season.The next task to win a playoffgame.

16. Montcalm (5-4, up): TheGenerals have a solid opportunityto grab two winning seasons in arow, which hasn’t happened sincethe Generals brought footballback more than two decades ago.They even received votes in theAssociated Press preseason poll.

17. Narrows (1-9, direction, up):Stay healthy and the Green Wavecould be have its best season inrecent memory. Six wins in fouryears hasn’t been fun, but withJoe Hall at quarterback andRodney Perdue at tailback and aveteran offensive line and theGreen Wave should be up to therevamped schedule that includessmall schools Auburn andMontcalm.

18. Twin Valley (1-9, up): It’sbeen a long grind for thePanthers, who haven’t been to thepostseason since . The Panthersdo have talent, including ShannonAdams at quarterback and 1,000yard rusher Carmeron Barbetto.

19. PikeView (0-10, up):PikeView will enter the seasonwith a long losing skid. BobbyWyatt has some weapons, includ-ing Hunter Moses and a strongoffensive line so perhaps thePanthers can climb back up,much like seemingly every otherprogram in Gardner has done inrecent seasons.

20. Bland County (0-10, up): Thesmall school Bears do have someexperience back, and that couldmean a win or two — or more —as Bland County seeks to improveits fortunes on the gridiron.

File photo b y Jon Bolt

Looking for more wins...Montcalm’s Jason Grose, Dakota Lanter and Ryan Absher lookto lead the Generals to their second straight winning season.

File photo

Hat trick... Graham’s Cody Hatfield ledthe G-Men to a 7-4 record as asenior last season.

Page 6: BDT Blitz 2013

6 Friday • August 23, 2013

Good Luck for 2013CALL 1-888-310-2709 or 304-431-3633

Rick AllenDennis Thompson

Go Beavers



BLAND STREET AUTO CENTERMonday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm • Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm

1810 Bland Street • Bluefield, WV 24701Phone: (304) 327-5025 • Fax: (304) 327-5028

www.blandstreetauto.comANY NAME BRAND TIRES

• Shocks/Struts• Tires• Alignments• Oil Changes

• Exhaust• AC Repair• Transmissions• Modified Inspections

• Brakes• Engine Repair• WV Inspections• Computer Diagnostics

John Quick, Owner • April Summerlin, Service Advisor • Wes Rumley, Manager

Bluefield Beavers 2013 BluefieldFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 Graham 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 at Princeton 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 Gate City 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 at Greenbrier East 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 Richlands 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 at River View 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 Westside 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 at Oak Hill 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 James Monroe 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 Wayne 7:30 p.m.

The BeaversNo.Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1 D.J. Stewart RB/DB 5’7 160 Jr.2 Dakoda Smalls WR/DB 5’9 173 Sr.3 Justin Carter WR/DB 6’1 183 Sr.5 D.J. Edwards QB/RB/DB 6’1 200 Sr.7 Matthew WoodrumTE/WR/DL 6’5 215 Jr.8 Jack Burress TE/LB 6’1 168 Sr.9 Brandon Lilly TE/WR/DL 6’3 203 Sr.10 Jordan Smith QB/DB 5’8 168 Fr.11 Charles Ross RB/LB 5’11 191 Sr.12 R.J. Bourne QB/LB 6’2 193 Jr.14 Marcus Santoro RB/DB 5’8 160 Jr.15 Brennan Wheeler RB/LB 6’1 197 Sr.16 Shadeed FitzgeraldRB/LB 5’7 165 Sr.19 Remington Dyson WR/DB 5’7 107 Fr.20 Marcus Mitchell RB/LB 5’9 178 So.21 Jordan Masterson TE/DL 5’11 189 Jr.22 John Neece RB/DB 5’7 130 Fr.23 Christian Oster RB/DB 6’0 151 Sr.25 Carlos Reed RB/DB 5’9 160 Fr.28 Bryan Morris WR/DB 5’11 177 Sr.30 Robert Castillo WR/DB 5’8 128 Fr.31 Brandon Epperson WR/DB 5’5 146 So.33 Anthony Mooney TE/DL 6’3 178 So.34 Brandon Hurt TE/DL 5’9 184 Jr.35 Gage Pennington WR/DB 5’11 143 So.40 Jachai Thomas WR/DB 5’8 136 Fr.42 Francesco Desiderio K 5’11 155 Jr.44 Daniel Barker WR/DB 5’10 165 Sr.45 Corey Coppola RB/TE/DL 6’4 233 Jr.50 Justin Lightfoot OL/DL 6’1 213 Sr.52 D.J. Sims OL/DL 6’0 230 Sr.53 Seth Silcox OL/DL 6’0 213 So.54 Cole Honaker OL/DL 5’10 223 So.55 Christian Russo OL/DL 5’11 247 Sr.56 Tim Herndon OL/DL 5’9 198 Jr.57 Jake Smith OL/DL 5’6 176 So.58 Isaac Carter OL/DL 6’1 185 Jr.59 Ashton Shaw OL/DL 6’1 181 So.60 Andrew King OL/DL 5’9 179 So.61 Hunter Miller OL/DL 6’2 225 Sr.62 Malik Craighead OL/DL 6’3 239 Jr.63 Edward Cox OL/DL 5’9 201 So.64 Cody Gore OL/DL 5’11 245 Sr.65 Seth Siers OL/DL 5’11 168 Fr.66 Skylar Lafon OL/DL 5’3 200 Fr.67 Tyler Copley OL/DL 5’8 177 Fr.68 Devin Blankenship OL/DL 6’3 260 Fr.70 Chris Taylor OL/DL 6’3 325 So.71 Caleb Maitland OL/DL 6’4 189 So.72 David Underwood OL/DL 5’8 246 So.73 Matthew Belcher OL/DL 6’0 270 So.74 Jordan George OL/DL 6’3 303 So.75 Randall Maxey OL/DL 6’1 190 So.76 Skyler Dillow OL/DL 6’3 260 Jr.78 Will Brooks OL/DL 6’0 360 Sr.79 Wayne Walker OL/DL 6’2 240 Jr.

By TOM BONEBluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD — The BluefieldBeavers have made the playoffsin nine of the past 10 years. Don’tbe surprised if Fred Simon’ssquad adds another playoff runthis year, courtesy of a vigorousweight program and the excel-lence that the coaching staffdemands.

The offense, engineered by thehead coach’s son “Fritz” Simon,can beat a team in multiple ways.

The multitude of running backson hand include probable starting

halfbacks D.J. Stewart and D.J.Edwards, since Montel Leggett isnot on the team this fall. Simonsaid, “Other guys that might seeaction back there would beBrennan Wheeler, Charles Ross ...and Shadeed Fitzgerald.”

Many backs saw time late ingames last season. Simon cau-tioned, “Experience is reallygood, but there’s nothing likeactually getting that game-typeexperience when it really counts,right when the game starts, beingcompetitive.”

“We’re probably looking at R.J.Bourne at quarterback,” Simon

said.And look for plenty of action

from Corey Coppola, a 6-foot-4junior who will start at tight endor “the tailback-slash-wing, what-ever we’ve got to do to move himaround,” Simon said. “He’s amulti-talented guy.”

Also in the mix at tight end are6-foot-5 Matthew Woodrum and 6-foot-3 Brandon Lilly, who will alsosplit wide. Justin Carter is theother wideout.

Senior guard Cody Gore is theonly true returning starter on theline. The other guard is probablyD.J. Sims, with Matthew Belcher

or Skyler Dillow at center.FIghting for the tackle slots areChristian Russo, Justin Lightfootand Jordan George.

“Defensively, we’ve got somequestion marks,” Simon said aweek into preseason evaluations.“I think we’re going to have a real-ly good defense; we’ve just got tomake sure we put all the pieces ofthe puzzle (together).”

Coppola, Sims, Gore and Lillyhave the upper hand to start asthe front four.

At inside linebacker, sophomore

Potent offense, improved defense drives Beavers

Beavers, 38

Page 7: BDT Blitz 2013

By BOB REDDBluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD, Va. — The GrahamG-Men got the 2012 season off to agood start by beating Bluefield forthe first time in three seasons.The G-Men went on to compile a7-3 record before losing in the firstround of the Virginia state play-offs. This season the G-Men andthird year head coach Mike

Williams look to get deeper intopost-season play.

“The kids have made a consci-entious effort to work in the off-season and overall our strength isup immensely, our body weightsare up,” Williams said. “We’ve gotbigger kids, leaner kids, so by farof my three seasons here, this isthe strongest and most physicallyfit group we’ve put out.”

Leading Graham onto the grid-

iron will be junior quarterbackColby Hill (6’1 152 Jr.). A receiverand backup signal-caller last sea-son, Hill is taking snaps as astarter for the first time sincemiddle school. Williams has confi-dence in his signal caller.

“He’s a really good football play-er and he’s a lot tougher than peo-ple might think he is, looking athim. He works hard, he liftsweights every day, never misses a

workout and he’s physicallytough,” Williams said.

While Hill will replace Sheets atquarterback, the jury is still out asto who will replace the team’sleading rusher and receiver from2012, Cody Hatfield.

“We’re having competition forthat now,” Williams said. “The twoprimary guys are Charlie Benfield(6’2 178 Sr.) and Kyshon Lee (5’7178 Jr.). Both are physical, strong

kids, both have good speed andthey’re both going to play for usand both are going to get somecarries. It’s just a matter of howwe’re going to distribute those.”

Friday • August 23, 2013

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GrahamG-Men 2013 GrahamFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Bluefield 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Tazewell 7 p.m.Sept 13 at Richlands 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at Grundy 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 Giles 7 p.m.Oct. 11 Grayson County 7 p.m.Oct. 19 Galax 1:30 p.m.Oct. 25 Bland County 7 p.m.Nov. 1 at Fort Chiswell 7 p.m.Nov. 8 at Narrows 7 p.m.

The G-MenNo. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1 Bryce Farris WR/DB 6’1 144 So.3 Dequan Booker WR/DB 5’9 159 Fr.4 Paris Ballard RB/DB 5’7 122 Fr.5 Charlie Benfield WR/DB 6’2 178 Sr.6 Colby Hill QB/WB 6’1 152 Jr.7 Kyshon Lee RB/DL 5’7 178 Jr.8 Samuel Stowers K 5’8 177 Sr.9 Roman Workman QB/LB 5’11 177 So.10 Chase Sheets RB/LB 5’6 162 Fr.11 Hunter Cook WR/LB 5’11 153 Sr.12 Adam Carbaugh WR/LB 6’1 190 Sr.13 Tristan Evans WR/DB 5’7 143 So.14 Jake Tibbs OL/DL 5’10 200 Sr.15 Ben Meade QB/DB 5’6 128 Fr.16 Austin Holbrook WR/DB 5’8 131 Fr.17 D.J. Hagerman WR/LB 5’11 147 Fr.19 Adam Cole WR/DB 5’11 111 Fr.20 Mark Large TE/DL 6’1 184 Sr.22 Chris Tietz OL/DL 5’11 218 So.25 Dylan Cook RB/LB 5’11 204 Sr.30 John Dudeck RB/DB 5’7 132 So.34 Levi Stroupe RB/LB 5’11 186 Sr.35 Jacob Lester RB/DL 5’10 254 So.51 Adrian Gray OL/DL 5’6 203 So.52 John Jennings RB/DL 5’7 212 Sr.53 Canaan Looney OL/DL 6’0 244 So.54 Jaron Brown OL/DL 5’11 214 So.55 Alex Hicks OL/LB 5’10 157 Fr.56 Ethan Scott OL/DL 5’10 178 Sr.58 David Kelley OL/DL 6’0 244 So.60 Chase Asbury OL/LB 5’11 229 Sr.62 Cole Carter OL/DL 5’8 210 Fr.63 Channing MooneyOL/DL 5’8 203 Sr.64 Taylor Tibbs OL/DL 5’10 243 Jr.65 Tyler Malamisura OL/DL 5’9 242 So.66 Matt Fulp OL/DL 5’7 190 Fr.68 Colin Beavers OL/DL 5’9 237 Sr.70 Ethan Stirewalt OL/DL 5’8 182 Sr.71 Ben Kastner OL/DL 5’8 179 Fr.75 Chris Mounzer OL/DL 5’7 235 Fr.78 Daelan Caffee OL/DL 5’11 242 Sr.81 Jarrod Richmond TE/DL 6’2 200 Jr.82 Jake Matney TE/DL 5’10 195 Fr.88 Greg Rasnake TE/DL 6’1 222 Sr.

G-Men are bigger, stronger, looking for playoff success

Graham, 38

Page 8: BDT Blitz 2013

By LARRY HYPESBluefield Daily Telegraph

TAZEWELL, Va. — One for alland all for one, say the Bulldogs.

Shane Allen’s 2013 Tazewellgridders will give an increasedmeaning for teamwork on bothsides of the ball. The 47 Bulldogswho finished two-a-days haveoften worked shoulder to shoul-der for the past eight months,spent four days weekly in theweight room, and become familiarwith the playbook as well as eachother.

“Our kids have worked andsweated together,” says Allen.“The players out there now knowthat the teammate beside them

has worked equally hard and thatmakes it much easier to block andtackle to help the other guy getthe job done.”

Eight Bulldogs will be playingboth ways. Allen and his staff arefilling gaps with experience —Tazewell has just three seniorsincluding Carter Rasnick, JacobMcReynolds, and Austin Allison— as the Dogs welcome backtheir coach for the second year ina row, ending the revolving coach-es merry-go-round that had goneon for the previous four seasonsbefore Allen left Carroll County totake the reins last summer.

“I was happy to get this(Tazewell) job and glad I’m herenow,” said Allen, who led theBulldogs to a 2-8 record and a

playoff appearance. Allen, who inherited a club that

was 1-19 in the previous twoyears, has his staff focused on thefundmentals.

“Blocking and tackling hasbecome our No. 1 goal. In thepast, it seemed like the playerswere always looking for some-thing bad to happen and if it did,that just snowballed,” Allen said.“We got a couple of wins last yearand that has turned around. Youhave to learn to win, to learn whatit means to win, and we are onthat track...

“Whatever happened last year ispast. We were glad to build somemomentum and get a better feel-ing about our efforts but now wehave new challenges.”

Tazewell, which plays its firstfour games on the road, will be ledon offense by versatile quarter-back Malik Davis, who missedmuch of last season with aninjury. He will be joined in thebackfield by Jacob McReynoldsand Carter Rasnick.

The receivers are talented, ledby Jesse Mountain, Juwan Jordanand Nick Blankenship, along withtight end Daniel Smith.

“Athletically, I think we matchup well with any team on ourschedule,” Allen said. “We havesome speed, the ability to get tothe perimeter. To defend us, theopposing team is not going to beable to man up all the time. Wecan give some folks problems onoffense if we do our jobs.”

The offensive line will include

center Alex Hayes, guards

8 Friday • August 23, 2013


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Tazewell BulldogsT T 2013 TazewellFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Virginia High 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 at Graham 7 p.m.Sept. 13 at Sullivan Central 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at Chilhowie 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 George Wythe 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 Marion 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 Richlands 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 Grundy 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 at Abingdon 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 Lebanon 7:30 p.m.

The BulldogsNo. Name Ht. Wt. Yr.2 Dakota Griffith 5’11 139 Fr.3 Malik Davis 6’0 211 Jr.4 Juwan Jordan 5’11 144 Jr.5 Diante Cecil 6’0 238 Jr.7 Givonte Tucker 5’6 173 Jr.8 Jesse Mountain 6’0 175 Jr.10 Brandon Coxton 5’5 140 Jr.11 Carter Rasnick 5’9 185 Sr.12 Dakota Crouse 6’1 178 So.13 Bubba Asbury 5’8 142 So.14 Nick Blankenship 5’9 155 So.15 T.J. Kitts 5’9 158 Fr.16 Jacob McReynolds 5’10 183 Sr.18 Dakota Kidd 5’9 170 Fr.20 Adam Allison 5’3 105 Fr.21 Josh Hayes 5’11 196 So.22 Derek Wallace 5’11 175 So.23 Jesse Absher 5’7 122 Jr.25 Jason Watson 5’11 178 Fr.26 J.P. Marnius 5’8 156 So.27 Chris Hall 5’8 143 Jr.31 Zach Hurley 5’9 160 Fr.42 Travis Gee 5’11 176 Fr.47 Tyler Wright 5’9 203 Fr.50 Alex Hayes 5’10 230 Jr.51 Corey Honaker 5’10 202 So.52 Andrew Collier 5’6 205 So.53 Trey Boothe 5’8 204 So.54 Andrew Comer 6’0 270 So.56 Eathan Parks 5’9 200 So.58 Jarrett Hager 5’11 292 Jr.59 Matthew Allison 5’8 193 So.60 Marty Wright 5’6 156 Jr.64 Austin Allison 6’0 229 Sr.65 Jacob Blackwell 6’1 247 Fr.66 Ben Buchanan 5’10 227 Jr.67 Jake Harrison 6’1 270 So.68 Kyle Lester 5’9 235 Fr.69 Larry Brown 6’2 241 Jr.70 Michael Puckett 5’9 218 Fr.72 Dallas Perry 5’10 216 Jr.73 Garrett Jessee 5’9 238 Jr.76 Robert Beavers 5’7 238 So.78 Jacob Cunningham 6’2 248 So.81 Daniel Smith 6’0 202 Jr.83 Hunter Mash 5’10 180 So.85 Cody Asbury 5’10 151 Fr.86 Josh Blackwell 5’10 210 So.

Improved Bulldogs stronger and determined

Tazewell, 38

Page 9: BDT Blitz 2013

Friday • August 23, 2013

Richlands Blue Tornado 2013 RichlandsFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 Gate City 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 at Union 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 Graham 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at Lord Botetourt 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 Virginia High 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 at Bluefield 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 at Tazewell 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 Abingdon 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 at Lebanon 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 Grundy 7:30 p.m.

The Blue TornadoNo.Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1Cade Mullins WR/DB 6’3 180 Jr.2Ben Brown WR/DB/K 6’1 190 Sr.3Taylor Ratliff RB/DB 5’10 195 Sr.4Patrick Jackson WR/DB 5’11 165 Sr.5Jay Harrison RB/NG 5’9 175 Sr.6Chace Collins WR/DB 5’7 130 Fr.7John Luke Asbury QB 6’0 160 Fr.8Landon Lowe TE/DE 6’2 220 Fr.9Alex Bandy RB/DB 5’8 140 Jr.11Gray Baker QB 6’2 190 Sr.12River Michaels TE/DE 6’2 205 Jr.13J.T. Anderson TE/DE 6’3 175 Sr.15Zach Northern WR/DB 5’9 155 Sr.16Dakota Johnson WR/DB 5’9 155 So.17Matthew Harris WR/DB 5’9 140 Fr.21Cory Alicie WR/DB 5’9 150 Jr.24Dillan Elswick RB/LB 5’8 150 Fr.25Frank Taylor RB/LB 6’1 200 Sr.27Bryce Wade FB/LB 5’10 190 So.30Colton Staten RB/LB 5’9 200 Sr.31Zeke Vance WR/DB 5’10 175 Jr.32Austin Carter WR/DB 5’10 160 Sr.33Austin Keen RB/LB 5’10 160 Jr.34Griffin McCauley RB/DB 6’1 170 Jr.37Cameron Hedrick WR/LB 5’9 170 Fr.40Donny Zheng WR/NG 5’9 175 Sr.42Benjamin Culpeper RB/LB 6’0 200 Sr.44Kevin Alley TE/DE 6’1 220 So.45Caleb Lankford WR/DB 6’1 160 Jr.50Paul Shortridge OL/DE 6’0 180 Jr.51Anthony Austin OL/DL 6’2 260 Sr.52Canaan Addison OL/LB 5’10 185 So.54Joey Robinette OL/DL 5’11 225 Jr.55Richard Compton OL/DL 6’0 155 So.56Justin Cruey OL/DL 5’8 195 Sr.58Hunter Hess OL/DL 6’0 195 Jr.59Austin Holmes OL/DL 5’10 185 So.60Jared Sanders OL/DL 6’2 260 Sr.61Kaleb Begley OL/DL 5’8 160 Fr.63Brett Compton OL/DL 6’1 270 Sr.64Cody Helton OL/DL 5’9 195 So.66Brady Hess OL/DL 6’2 260 Sr.67Luke Herndon OL/DE 6’1 200 Jr.68Isaac Gilbert OL/DL 5’11 200 Jr.70Devin Lawson OL/DL 6’2 275 Sr.71Matthew Ball OL/DL 6’0 300 Sr.72Danny Anderson OL/DL 6’0 240 So.74Chris Johnson OL/DL 5’9 220 Sr.75Landon Mance OL/DL 6’2 260 So.78Anthony Cordle OL/DE 6’5 270 Jr.80Tyler Cordle WR/LB 6’1 180 So.81Chandler Hylton RB/DB 5’8 150 Jr.88Dustin Carty TE/DE 6’3 220 Sr.

First round playoff loss motivating Blue TornadoBy BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

RICHLANDS,Va. — It wasn’t theway the Richlands football teamwanted to spend Thanksgiving.

“We got beat in the first round ofthe playoffs last year and went 9-2and you just have that sour tastein your mouth,” Richlands headcoach Greg Mance said. “That isthe first time in 10 years wehaven’t played on Thanksgivingday or been practicing so we werevery upset about that.

“This bunch has worked reallyhard in the weight room and weare just really excited to be backout here.”

Richlands is 20-3 over the lasttwo seasons, but the Blues are

just 1-2 in playoff games duringthat span.

“It really adds fuel to the fire,these guys are very upset...”Mance said. “They were very dev-astated, they were in there cryingafterwards and they went to workthat next Monday in the weightroom. We have had a great winter,great spring, great summer, about60 kids, and I think they are readyto have a great season this year.”

Mance has the backfield to runmore of an “I” formation ratherthan the spread, led by a trio ofdynamic athletes, including quar-terback Gray Baker — who threwfor 1,498 yards in seven gamesbefore a season-ending kneeinjury, Colton Staten — whodashed for 1,563 yards and 12

scores— and All-Region IV selec-tion Frank Taylor.

They will be protected by a hugeoffensive line that will includecenter Brett Compton, tacklesAnthony Cordle and Brady Hessand the guard duo of JoeyRobinette and Matthew Ball.

“We have got two dynamic play-ers in those two and then youhave Frank Taylor at fullback,”Mance said. “He is going to be anoutstanding football player for usand then the offensive line isgoing to be one of the biggestgroups we have had and one ofthe strongest groups we havehad...

“Offensively I think we should beable to put some points on theboard.”

With Todd McGlothlin and A.J.Johnson having graduated,Mance is looking at a different setof receivers, but does like ZekeVance, Griffin McCauley and BenBrown, who could be poised for abig season ahead.

“(Benny) has got size, he attacksthe football, he knows how to getopen, and he is going to be a spe-cial player for us at wide receiv-er,” Mance said. “I think he can bean all-state receiver for us.”

Mance is also excited about hisdefense, which will be led byTaylor and Benji Culpeper at line-backer, Cordle and Jared Sanderson the interior, and the secondarywill include Brown and Vance.

Richlands, 38

Page 10: BDT Blitz 2013

10 Friday • August 23, 2013

Have a Safe Season!

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Serving Mercer County Since 1961.

Free Initial Consultation

Courthouse Plaza 1450 Main Princeton 304-425-6292

William J. Akers, Attorney Harold (Butch) Wolfe, Jr., Legal Assistant


Go Tigers!



Princeton Tigers 2013 PrincetonFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 Shady Spring 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Bluefield 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 at Capital 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at Hurricane 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 Spring Valley 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 George Washington 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 at St. Albans 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 Riverside 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 Woodrow Wilson 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 at James Monroe 7:30 p.m.

The TigersNo. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1 Devin Allen RB/DB 5’11 180 Sr.2 Tahj-Sho Johnson RB/DB 5’7 165 Sr.3 Billy Jack Varney RB/DE 6’0 200 Sr.4 Aaron Saunders RB/DB 5’11 185 Sr.5 Jay Palmer QB/DB 6’0 185 Jr.6 Kevin Phillips RB/DB 5’10 160 So.7 Tyler Burchette WR/DB 5’10 130 So.8 Jared Hamm QB/DB 5’8 120 Fr.9 Khalil Douglas WR/DE 6’4 190 Sr.10 Tommy Law WR/DB 5’120 170 Sr.12 Kirkland Perdue QB/S 6’0 175 Sr.15 Christian Shafer QB/LB 6’2 85 Fr.19 Tyler Whitt WR/DB 5’8 130 So.20 Nathan Sink QB/DB 5’11 160 Fr.21 Grant Rotenberry WR/DB 6’3 175 Jr.22 Jordan Jones RB/DB 5’10 170 So.23 Turner Nelson RB.LB 5’9 170 So.26 Colton Fix K 5’11 170 So.27 Ryan Lankford WR/DB 5’11 135 So.28 Logan Baker RB/DB 5’7 160 Sr.29 Austin Fulp RB/DB 5’10 170 Jr.30 Hunter Keaton WR/LB 6’0 180 Jr.32 Hunter Price WR/LB 6’3 165 So.34 Josh Barton RB/LB 5’8 170 So.35 Josh Siemiaczko RB/LB 5’7 135 Fr.36 Chris Griffey WR/DB 5’10 140 So.38 Je’nye Hearn RB/DB 5’4 130 Fr.39 Kendall Harris WR/DB 6’0 150 Fr.40 Shane Harris WR/DB 5’7 140 Fr.42 Nick Mason RB/LB 5’9 160 Fr.44 Zack Standifur RB/DB 5’10 165 Fr.4 5Christian Workman G/DT 6’0 215 Fr.48 Josh Craighead RB/LB 5’9 150 So.50 Isaiah Edwards G/DE 6’0 230 So.51 Tyler Mullins G/LB 5’10 215 Jr.52 Heath Robinette T/LB 5’10 190 So.54 Hunter Christian T/LB 5’10 200 Sr.55 Nick Wood T/LB 5’9 185 Sr.56 Christian Marshall C/DT 5’11 265 Jr.58 Stanley Smith T/DT 5’8 260 Jr.62 Michael RotenberryG/DT 6’1 220 So.63 Corey Harsanyi G/DT 6’2 315 Sr.64 Tyler Clark T/DE 6’1 225 Sr.65 Clayton Rickman C/DT 5’9 230 So.66 Garrison Hartwell T/DE 6’5 240 Fr.67 Marty Midkiff G/DT 6’0 225 Jr.70 Dustin Miles C/DT 6’1 300 Sr.71 Mohamed Abdelwahed T/LB 5’10170 Fr.73 Bryson Shrader C/DT 5’10 210 Fr.74 Kwane Payne T/DT 6’6 295 Sr.75 Aaron Taylor G/DT 6’6 335 Sr.76 Aaron Cameresi T/DT 6’0 340 Jr.77 Houston Coburn G/DT 5’11 285 So.78 Mark Shaffer G/DT 5’10 250 Fr.80 Zen Clements WR/DE 6’5 210 Sr.81 Eric Paskowski K 6’2 180 Sr.82 Jaden Thorn WR/DB 5’9 145 So.84 Matt Burress WR/DB 5’6 140 Fr.85 Kegan Elkins WR/DB 5’7 130 Fr.88 Cole Cochran WR/DB 6’0 155 Fr.

Princeton seeks Peek performance for return to postseasonBy BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

PRINCETON — The PrincetonTigers have received Peek per-formance in preparing for anoth-er season on the gridiron.

“The offseason was great,”Princeton head football coachRandy Peek said. “We startedDec. 4 and it was mandatory thisyear, we talked about accountabil-ity and the kids worked hard and

they responded.”Peek was tabbed to replace Ted

Spadaro as Princeton head coachjust days before practice beganfor the 2012 season. The Tigersnever did catch up, finishing witha 2-8 record.

“It was tough, it was really toughon the seniors,” Peek said. “Theydidn’t want that their senior yearand I wouldn’t have wanted iteither. I was dealt the same situa-tion, but these kids that I have

right now, they have reallyresponded and they have boughtinto what we are doing.”

The result of that work has beena much larger collection of Tigers,not only in numbers, but in sheersize of individual players, such asquarterback Jay Palmer hasgained 25 pounds since last sea-son.

“People who haven’t seen themin a while, they talk about thetransformation,” said Peek, who

had 85 players begin offseasonworkouts, with 60 on the currentsquad. “We looked at the old pic-tures from last year and it is unbe-lievable how some of these kidslook now.”

Palmer is back, having com-bined for more than 1,700 yardslast season. He will be joined inthe backfield by speedy Tahj Sho-Johnson, and the hard running

Princeton, 38

Page 11: BDT Blitz 2013

By TOM BONEBluefield Daily Telegraph

GARDNER — The PikeViewHigh football team has gone fromthe peak of playoff appearances tothe valley of 19 losses in their last20 games. The climb back up isnear, but will require a shot ofconfidence, believes head coachBobby Wyatt.

The offense is being revampedafter “seeing the speed and ath-letic ability that we have,” he said.“We’re looking at a lot of spreadlooks, trying to open the field upand allow them to let their athlet-ic ability take over.”

“Hunter (Moses) rushed foralmost 1,000 yards last year,” thecoach said. “We’ll put JoeJennings back there with him ...then we’ve got Daniel Brown, whowill be able to relieve both of

them. They’re not far from whatHunter can give us. We won’t belosing a lot with any of the three inthere.”

Senior quarterback ChrisMcBride is a “very smart, intelli-gent kid (who) knows what every-one’s supposed to do,” Wyatt said.Another senior QB, JonathanJennings, who sat out the pasttwo years, “could definitely be inthere.”

There are promising targets forthe passers. Six-foot-4 BradleyFlinchum has “not the greatest ofspeed, but deceiving speed, andgood hands,” Wyatt said. “He runsreal sharp routes, and under-stands how to read the routes.”

Tanner Farley is back frominjury for his senior year. StevenJohnston is in contention, andsophomore Chris Shrader “hasgot great hands,” Wyatt said.

Ryan Roberts has been convertedfrom running back to slot.

“The big thing where I seeimprovement is going to be upfront,” he said. Seniors GregButler and Richard Edwards havedone serious off-season weightlift-ing and “are going to be theanchors that hold that line togeth-er, because they do have a coupleof young ones in there with them.”

Center Josh Hurley and guardEthan Donley return with consid-erable experience. Other startingassignments could go to TrentonCecil, freshman Ty Radford, orsophomore Ethan Smith. “He hashit the weight room and gottenstronger,” Wyatt said.

Turning to defense, the coachsaid, “Even though our numbersare a little better this year thanthey were last, we’re still going tobe looking at kids going both

ways.”“Last year, we were pretty bad

defensively. This is somethingwe’ve stressed so far (in) the pre-season. We’ve got to find 11 peoplewho want to go out there andattack the ball, attack the ballcar-rier, and make some plays insteadof sitting on their heels waiting tosee what’s going to happen.”

“Last year, we moved the balloffensively. We didn’t score a lot,but we moved the ball,” he said. “Idon’t know that we stopped any-one last year.”

The 4-3 defense will start withEdwards and Butler at insidetackles. Flinchum, Donley andCecil will see time at defensiveend.

Middle linebacker Ethan Smithwill “stick his nose in there,”Wyatt said. He’ll be flanked byMoses on one side, along with

Jonathan Jennings or McBride onthe other. Farley, McBride andShrader are in the running at thecorners. Ryan Roberts and JustinDickinson are contending to bestrong safety; free safety could beTakota Bailey or Farley.

To begin the turnaround, Wyattsaid, “The big thing I’ve found outthrough the years is that you’vegot to have senior leadership.Last year I had three seniors onthis team. ... This year, we have 10,so I look for a different personali-ty and a different attitude.”

Friday • August 23, 2013

PikeView Panthers 2013 PikeViewFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Summers County 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Independence 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 at Liberty 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 James Monroe 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 Shady Spring 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 Greenbrier West 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 at Wyoming East 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 at River View 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 at Meadow Bridge 7:30 p.m.Nov. 7 Midland Trail 7:30 p.m.

The PanthersNo. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Pos.2 Justin Dickinson QB 5’10 155 Jr.5 Tyler Masters SE 5’9 140 So.7 Jonathan Jennings QB 5’8 170 Sr.10 Steven Johnston WR 5’9 140 So.12 Chris McBride QB 6’0 170 Sr.20 Justin Hopper SE 5’10 145 Jr.22 Nick Shrewsbury RB 5’8 150 Fr.23 Joe Jennings RB 5’7 165 So.25 Bradley Flinchum WR 6’4 220 Sr.30 Takota Bailey SE 6’1 180 Jr.32 Hunter Moses RB 5’10 160 Sr.33 Matt Looney SE 6’1 155 Jr.36 Jason Worley WR 6’0 160 Jr.39 Josh Ormandy SE 5’10 140 Fr.40 Ty Hoston RB 5’11 160 Fr.42 Ryan Roberts WR 6’3 170 Sr.44 Daniel Brown RB 5’8 160 So.45 Mick Chapel RB 5’5 130 Fr.47 Tanner Farley WR 6’3 160 Sr.50 Ethan Donley OL 6’0 200 So.52 Ethan Smith OL 5’11 170 So.55 Greg Butler OL 6’2 225 Sr.58 Ethan Kestner OL 5’9 165 Fr.63 Ty Radford OL 6’0 260 Fr.65 Richard Edwards OL 6’1 240 Sr.69 Trenton Cecil OL 5’11 220 Sr.70 Matthais Gaida OL 6’0 160 Jr.75 Josh Hurley OL 6’0 200 So.76 Hudson Shrewsbury OL 5’10 170 Fr.77 Tony Mills OL 5’9 320 Sr.80 Dustin Whitaker WR 5’10 160 Fr.81 Chris Shrader SE 5’9 140 So.82 Tony Chartarand RB 5’9 145 Fr.88 Zack Ruble WR 5’11 165 Fr.

Panthers developing confidence in hopes of turnaround

Page 12: BDT Blitz 2013

By BOB REDDBluefield Daily Telegraph

WELCH — The times, they arechanging at Mount View HighSchool.

Last year the Golden Knightssnapped a 33-game losing streakand second year head coach ToddMcCoy believes this year could bea year in which the Knightsreturn to prominence as 10 offen-sive starters and the entiredefense returns.

“Our whole defense is basicallyback and our whole offense minusone kid, so we’re looking forwardto it,” McCoy said. “The excite-ment is at the highest level I’veseen since I’ve been here. We’vechanged a couple of positionsaround and moved a couple ofkids around, but for the most partit’s just reloading the same kidsand getting started.”

Chris Muncy (6’1 200 So.) willbegin his second year at quarter-back. Joining him in the backfield

will be LaQuell Martin (5’10 170Sr.) who rushed for 986 yards in2012. The fullback spot will beshared by Jamari Perry (5’10 170Sr.) and Monte Bailey (5’10 250So.) both strong, speedy runners.

Channing Vineyard (6’2 185 Sr.)will be the split receiver while thewingback will be either AndrewHazzard (5’9 140 Jr.), TimmyNowlin (5’10 130 Jr.) or AustinDash ( 5’10 150 Jr.), all of whomhave played the position. Thetight end spot will be shared by

Marquis Bonds (6’2 210 So.) andMarlin Marrs (6’1 225 Jr.).

The Mount View line is big andexperienced, anchored by four-year starter C.J. Lester (6’4 285Sr.) at center. Bryan Groves (6’1210 Sr.), Joe Hunnell (6’ 245 Sr.)and Jahmel Scott (5’11 285 Fr.)will all get time at guard, withJacob Ferrell (5’11 255 Sr.),Howard Bailey (6’2 215 Sr.) andChris Burkes (5’11 310 Jr.) all attackle positions. Look for AustinShumate (5’10 195 So.) to also get

time along the front.“We’re pretty deep on the offen-

sive line, something we haven’thad here,” McCoy said. “I thinkwe’ve got like 13 linemen. We’repretty happy.”

Defensively linebackers are thestrength for the Golden Knightsas they play a five-linebackerscheme. Look for Vineyard, Dash,Hazzard, Marquis Bonds andDonnell “Paco” Bonds (6’4 245 Sr.)

12 Friday • August 23, 2013

Citizens Pharmacy Citizens Pharmacy

Good Luck Mount View Golden Knights

70 Wyoming St. • Welch, WV • 304-436-4932

Shawn Jenkins, Pharmacist/Owner

Black Diamond Pharmacy Good Luck To All Area Football Teams!

Northfork, WV

304-862-2105 David H. Dunson, RPh


Mount View Golden Knights 2013 Mount ViewFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 River View 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Man 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 Tug Valley 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at Liberty 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 at Wyoming East 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 at Meadow Bridge 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 at James Monroe 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 Summers County 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 Westside 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 at Mingo Central 7:30 p.m.

The Golden KnightsNo.Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1 Chase Burks WR/DB 5’9 130 Jr.2 LaQuell Martin TB/DB 5-10 170 Sr.3 Andrew Hazzard WR/LB 5-9 140 Jr.4 Jamari Perry TB/S 5’10 170 Sr.5 Marquis Bonds TE/LB 6’2 210 So.6 Austin Dash WR/LB 5’10 150 Jr.7 Channing Vineyard WR/LB 6’2 185 Sr.10 Chris Muncy QB 6’1 200 So.11 Timothy Nowlin WR/LB 5’10 130 Jr.12 Steven Brown QB 6’1 155 Fr.20 Treyvon RichardsonTB/DB 5’8 140 Fr.23 Joseph Hayes WR/LB 5’11 165 Fr.30 Terry Horn NG 5’9 195 Sr.32 Anthony Banks FB/DL 5’8 175 So.33 DaQuan Edwards WR/DB 6’3 185 Sr.35 Torrence Ward WR/DB 6’3 185 Jr.40 Monte Bailey FB/DL 5’10 250 So.44 Donnell Bonds FB/LB 6’4 245 Sr.50 Marlin Marrs OL/DL 6’1 225 Jr.54 Austin Shumate OL/LB 5’10 195 So.55 Austin Pannell OL/DL 6’3 200 Fr.56 Joseph Hunnell DT 6’0 245 Sr.57 Jacob Ferrell OL/DL 5’11 255 Sr.58 Cecil Lester OL/DL 6’4 285 Sr.60 Bryan Groves OL/DL 6’1 210 Sr.63 Tariq Carr OL/DL 5’9 180 Fr.67 Jaquaan Buie OL/DL 5’9 165 Fr.73 Howard Bailey OL/DL 6’2 215 Sr.74 Jhamel Scott OL/DL 5’11 285 Fr.75 Chris Burkes OL/DL 5’11 310 Jr.80 Mark Anderson WR/DB 5’9 135 So.81 Jaquane Imes TE/LB 6’1 180 Fr.83 Quavon Valentine WR/LB 5’8 170 Fr.88 Cody Morgan WR/DB 5’7 130 Fr.99 Antonio Padgett OL/DL 5’10 295 Fr.

Golden Knights striving for return to past prominence

Mount View, 37

Page 13: BDT Blitz 2013

By BOB REDDBluefield Daily Telegraph

BRADSHAW — A new era isunderway at River View HighSchool. Mitch Estep, who guidedthe Raiders the first three yearsof the school’s existence hasretired, replaced by assistantGehrig Justice.

River View has made the WestVirginia Class AA playoffs eachyear they have stepped onto thegridiron. Justice hopes the runcontinues, but fans watching theRaiders play will see a differentstyle of football.

“I love the wing-T, but I don’tthink our personnel fits the wing-T,” Justice said. “Next year if itdoes and the year after that it

does, again I will go to it. DonShula, the great coach for theMiami Dolphins in the ‘70s had(Larry) Czonka and they were aower run team. Then Marinocomes along and they throw it allover the place. That’s what myphilosophy is.”

Justice said his offense will be alot like the one of Rich Rodriguezwhen he was at West VirginiaUniversity, a run-spread optionand the featured backs will beJordan Wilson (5’4 152 Jr.) andGreg Marshall (5’8 215 Sr.)

“If you want to make a compari-son to West Virginia, Wilson is aNoel Devine/Steve Slaton type ofguy and Marshall is that OwenSchmitt type of kid,” Justicepointed out.

Joseph McClanahan (6’ 197 Sr.)and Tyree Baker (5’9 160 So.) arethe wide receivers and the tightend is Demetrius Duff (6’1 204Sr.).

The O-line is big and experi-enced. Chris Mullins (6’3 219 Sr.)is the center, flanked by guardsTyler Blankenship (5’7 279 Sr.)and Tyler Walker (5’11 292 Jr.).The tackles are Roger Bolen (5’9235 Jr.) and Steven Bowman (5’11245 Jr.).

“Defensively we’ll be in a 4-4base but we’re going to switch itup as much as possible,” Justicesaid. “On defense we want toattack. We like to blitz and bringpeople. We will change it up asmuch as we can to try to causesome havoc but it’s basically a 4-4

with different adjustments.”Along the defensive line Walker

and Blankenship will be the tack-les with Bowman getting into themix. L.T. Horne (5’11 200 Sr.) is thenose tackle with Marshall,McClanahan and Chris Mullins(6’3 219 Sr.) rotating in the defen-sive end positions.

Josh Click (6’2 184 Sr.) and Duffare middle linebackers, withJeremy Crigger 5’8 173 So.) andJustin Ward (5’6 164 Jr.) on theoutside.

The defensive backfield willinclude Wilson, Baker, AustinKeen (5’11 142 Jr.), MatthewThornsbury (5’6 132 Jr.) and CodyHowie (6’1 174 Fr.).

There is one new team on theRaiders’ schedule for 2013 as

Buffalo Putnam replaces MingoCentral. River View opens theseason against rMount View.

Friday • August 23, 2013

War, WV • 304-875-2291

Good Luck and Have a Safe and Successful


L et’s Tackle A nother

Winning Season!H ave a good season R iverV iew !


N orthforkW elchW arB radshawIaeger,W VSophia,W V


River View Raiders 2013 River ViewFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Mount View 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Buffalo 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at Man 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 at James Monroe 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 Wyoming East 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 Bluefield 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 PikeView 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 at Nicholas County 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 at Lincoln County 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 at Westside 7:30 p.m.

The RaidersNo.Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.3 Michael Price QB/DB 5’5 125 Fr.4 Garrett Hunt RB/LB 5’8 152 Jr.6 Joseph McClanahan WR/DE 6’0 197 Sr.7 Jordan Wilson RB/DB 5’4 152 Jr.8 Justin Ward RB/LB 5’6 164 Jr.9 Demetrius Duff TE/LB 6’1 204 Sr.10 Tyree Baker WR/DB 5’9 160 So.11 Cody Howie WR/LB 6’1 174 Fr.12 Ryan Blankenship QB/DB 5’9 172 Sr.13 Preston Mullins RB/DB 5’10 176 Jr.14 Matthew Thornsbury QB/DB 5’6 132 Jr.15 Nick Bailey WR/DB 5’3 156 So.21 Isom Bailey RB/LB 5’9 140 Fr.24 Austin Keen RB/DB 5’11 142 Jr.25 Cody Reynolds QB/LB 5’5 154 Jr.28 Zachary VanThyne WR/DB 6’0 134 Sr.30 Brian Mitchell WR/DB 5’7 134 So.31 Danny Gelsinger RB/DB 5’6 137 Fr.32 Jeremy Crigger RB/LB 5’8 173 So.33 Rodney Waldron WR/LB 5’4 113 Fr.34 Austin Coleman WR/DB 5’7 167 Sr.35 Andrew Marshall RB/LB 6’0 167 Fr.40 Josh Click TE/LB 6’2 184 Sr.42 J.T. Waddell TE/LB 6’0 137 Fr.43 Brandon Meadows RB/LB 5’10 127 Sr.44 L.T. Horne RB/LB 5’11 200 Sr.45 Greg Marshall RB/DB 5’8 215 Sr.50 Gage Nunley OL/DE 5’10 200 So.51 Ryan Johnson OL/LB 5’9 182 So.52 Austin Wade OL/LB 5’8 210 So.53 Justin Riggs OL/DL 6’0 251 Fr.55 Brian Blevins OL/LB 6’0 241 So.56 Tyler Cooper OL/DE 5’11 213 Fr.57 Jonathan McCoy OL/DL 5’11 241 So.58 Cody Vanover T/NG 5’11 258 Jr.63 Tyler Blankenship OL/DL 5’7 279 Sr.64 Christian Nealen OL/DL 5’11 276 So.65 Chris Mullins OL/DE 6’3 219 Sr.66 Roger Bolen OL/LB 5’9 235 Jr.70 James Sparks OL/DL 5’9 235 So.72 Nathan Justice OL/DL 5’9 259 Jr.73 Daniel Blankenship OL/LB 5’11 192 Sr.74 Steven Bowman OL/DL 5’11 245 Jr.76 Tyler Walker OL/DL 5’11 292 Jr.81 Lane Mutter WR/DB 5’6 132 Fr.82 Michael Duncan WR/DB 5’9 136 Jr.83 Brandon Ball WR/LB 5’8 156 Fr.84 Dustin Jackson TE/DE 6’1 172 Sr.85 Matthew Robinette WR/DB 5’5 118 So.86 Hunter Chance Stone TE/LB 5’11 185 So.

Raiders working for continued success under Justice

Page 14: BDT Blitz 2013

By BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

NARROWS, Va. — Narrows isalready 1-0 on the season.

Confused? Actually, it was analumni game in July, with theGreen Wave defeating BlandCounty 26-6, but Kelly Lowe felt abuzz from his team even if it does-n’t count in the standings.

“I think it was a great thing forNarrows High School. It was areally good deal, our fans are likeour fans always are,” Lowe said.“They showed up and filled theplace and got excited and it wasjust a great night and a great wayto kick off high school football.”

Narrows hopes to build off thatexperience in an attempt toimprove on last year’s 1-9 cam-paign, which did snap an 18-gamelosing streak.

“It is a thing where these kids

are coming in hungry this year,they have been working hard inthe offseason,” said Lowe, whoseWave averaged 35 kids a day inthe weight room this summer. “Itis something that they are takingpride in and they are workinghard in practice and they want tosee good things happen.”

Lowe was able to tweak theschedule, eliminating JamesMonroe and Craig County andadding small schools likeMontcalm and Auburn.

“It is giving us a chance to com-pete on our level,” Lowe said.

Narrows will benefit from thereturn of senior quarterback JoeHall, who played in just one gamelast season because of a brokencollar bone, but did lead theGreen Wave to a streak-snappingwin over Bland County.

“Joe is doing well, he is throwingthe ball well,” Lowe said. “He is

playing with a lot of confidenceright now in practice and he isreally coming on for us.”

With Hall back, Rodney Perduecan now return to running back inan offense that will be led this sea-son by coordinator Joe Fraley.

“That enables Rodney to goback to his natural position whichis running back,” Lowe said.“Rodney got to play that againstBland and had a pretty goodnight.”

Lowe is looking for plays fromreceiver Gavin Givens, tight endTerrance Martin and fullbackZach Skeens.

“(Gavin) is very solid, he had areally good year for us last yearand we are looking for some bigthings from him.” said Lowe,whose ‘Wave won’t have ChandlerBurton, who has decided to focuson basketball this season.“(Martin) has got real good hands

for such a big guy so he is going tobe a weapon for us.”

The offensive line — which willalso be the defensive line — willbe led by experienced seniors inAustin Lively, Jesse Perdue, GageMunsey, Zach Fleeman andJamie Scott.

Hall and Jackson Blankenshipwill serve as linebackers, whilePerdue and Givens work in thesecondary. Dallas McKinney,Brandon Stowers, Drew Stowers,James Payne and Hall’s brother,Kyle, will also see the field.

“The way these kids are work-ing, they are working extremelyhard and we have had really goodturnouts in our weightlifting pro-gram,” Lowe said. “These kidshave carried it over into practiceand just getting a lot donebecause of the attitude and thework ethic of the kids and it hasreally been good so far.”

Ragsdale Field awaits the sea-son opener on Aug. 30 againstAuburn, which has lost 39 straightgames, last winning on the open-ing week in 2009.

“We are ready, we are ready toget it going, we still have a lot ofwork to do, but the kids are excit-ed,” Lowe said. “We are just real-ly excited and these kids have agreat attitude, they have beenworking so we are looking for-ward to getting it going.”

14 Friday • August 23, 2013

Narrows Green Wave 2013 NarrowsFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 Auburn 7 p.m.Sept. 6 Eastern Montgomery 7 p.m.Sept. 13 at Montcalm 7 p.m.Sept. 20 at Giles 7 p.m.Sept. 27 at Rural Retreat 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 Bland County 7 p.m.Oct. 18 Fort Chiswell 7 p.m.Oct. 25 at Galax 7 p.m.Nov. 1 at Grayson County 7 p.m.Nov. 8 Graham 7 p.m.

The Green WaveNo.Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.3 Jackson BlankenshipQB/DB 6’1 175 Jr.4 Ethan Lowe TE/LB 5’6 150 So.5 Rodney Perdue RB/DB 6’1 175 Sr.6 Cody Collins WR/DB 5’11 150 Jr.8 Joe Hall QB/LB 6’2 160 Sr.9 Levi Meadows WR/DB 6’1 152 Jr.10 Gavin Givens WR/DB 6’2 185 Sr.11 Morgan Welch TE/LB 5’9 160 So.12 Chase Lawson QB/LB 6’2 180 So.14 Michael Kennett TE/DL 5’9 165 Sr.15 Kyle Hall WR/DB 6’4 140 Jr.17 Austin Wall WR/DB 5’11 155 Sr.20 Nolan Ferguson RB/LB 5’8 171 So.22 Bailey Snidow RB/LB 6’2 200 So.23 Brandon Stowers RB/LB 5’9 175 Jr.24 Zach Skeens RB/LB 5’9 155 Sr.30 Drew Stowers RB/LB 5’9 165 Jr.33 Devon Turner WR/LB 6’0 155 Sr.44 Blaize Hopkins WR/DB 5’7 130 So.50 James Payne OL/LB 6’0 179 Jr.51 Austin Turner OL/DL 6’2 195 So.52 Jake Skeens OL/DL 5’11 180 So.54 Austin Lively OL/DL 6’2 212 Sr.56 Gage Munsey OL/DL 6’2 249 Sr.57 Jamie Scott OL/DL 5’7 185 Sr.61 Kasey Page OL/DL 5’3 190 So.63 Andrew Bragg OL/DL 6’3 175 So.64 Jake Perdue OL/DL 5’6 190 So.65 Zach Fleeman OL/DL 6’4 265 Sr.71 Jake Russ OT/DL 5’6 210 So.72 Jesse Perdue OL/DL 6’4 276 Sr.74 Tyler Hartman OL/DL 6’1 223 Jr.75 Dallas McKinney OL/LB 5’11 165 Sr.76 Zach Parsell OL/DL 6’1 243 So.99 Terrance Martin TE/DL 6’0 250 Sr.

Enthuasiasm high at Narrows after summer alumni game

File photos

From local area to Herd...Richlands’ Devon Johnson, left, and Joe Woodrum from Bluefield are currentlyplaying for the Marshall football team.

Page 15: BDT Blitz 2013

By BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

PEARISBURG, Va. — Districtchampionships don’t counttoward the VHSL playoffs anylonger, but the New River Districttitle is still up for grabs.

Giles wants a winning season,and hopefully a third NRD title ina row.

“We want to have a winning sea-son, that is our number one goal,”Giles head coach Jeff Williamssaid. “We are looking for a win-ning season...anything that comesbetter than that we are going totake and keep working hard to geta little more.”

Giles finished 10-2 last season,losing in the second round of theDivision 2 playoffs to John Battle.The Spartans lost a quartet of All-Region C first team performers inIan Mann, Garrett Lee, KearsleyDillon and Jared Farmer, butreinforcements always seem to beavailable in Pearisburg.

“We are just like a lot of teams,”Williams said. “We are just a workin progress and we just hope weprogress every day forward, tak-ing a step up in the right direction

each week is what we hope.” Junior Brett Whitlow returns for

Giles, having run for 1,200 yardsto go with Mann’s 1,800 last sea-son out of the single wing attack.

Brett had a spectacular seasonas a sophomore and he is back,”Williams said. “(He has) speed,quickness, toughness, he has gotall the tools...Any time you havegot a 1,000-yard rusher comingback, that is great.”

There’s more. Tyler Perduespelled Mann at times last sea-son, and did just fine, and DustyBoggess shared wingback dutieswith Lee. Brian Mann and JohnTeats could also carry the ball forthe Spartans. Tanner Martin,Hunter Smith and Dillion Grahamwill serve as blocking backs.

“Them guys that played lastyear, we are looking for big thingsout of them,” Williams said. “Weare looking for them to be a lotbetter than they were last year.”

The single wing goes as theoffensive line goes, and theSpartans have returning guardsHunter Epperly and BrandonHarless, and 6-foot-4, 250-poundtight end Cory Rhodes. ZachSimmons and Dakota Shrader willalso block and catch the occasion-

al pass. Jared Cook, Chantry

Pennington and JonathanJennelle are competing at tack-les, while Brett Suroski, ZaneMartin and Jennelle are workingat the all-important center posi-tion. Andrew Searles will providedepth when healthy.

“We just have got to get better atblocking,” Williams said. “Rightnow that is our point of emphasisis getting better at blocking andthat is the key to any offense isblocking, that is what we areworking on right now.”

Williams is looking to develop adefense that will get stronger asthe season approaches the end. Itstruggled down the stretch in2012.

“Hopefully weare athleticenough that ourdefense can real-ly improve,” “Williams said.“Last year I feltlike down thestretch ourdefense wasn’tas good as wewanted it to beand to make a

good run in the playoffs you havegot to have a tough defense.”

Giles does return seven defen-sive starters, led by leading tack-ler Jenson Doffin at linebacker,linemen Rhodes, Simmons, BradLipes and Brody Dunford, andBoggess and Perdue in the sec-ondary.

“They are all back so we arelooking for big things out of allseven of those guys,” saidWilliams, who has kicking possi-bilities in Whitlow, Boggess andCameron Perkins. “We are hopingour defense will be better than itwas last year.”

Giles opens its season withDivision 3 Blacksburg and D-4Christiansburg, and have added

Graham and Galax for a competi-tive slate.

“We just hope to get better eachweek and just progressively workharder in practice each week, gettougher in practice and get morephysical in practice each week,”Williams said. “Right now themain thing is we have got to getmore physical and we have to getbetter at blocking and that is inpractice so it will carry over intothe games.”

Friday • August 23, 2013

Giles Spartans

The SpartansNo.Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.3 Brett Whitlow RB/DB 5’9 159 Jr.4 Hunter Smith BB/LB 5’9 192 Jr.5 Jenson Doffin End/LB 5’11 200 Jr.6 Tyler Perdue RB/DB 5’10 177 Sr.9 John Teats RB/DB 5’8 158 Jr.10 Dusty Boggess RB/DB 6’0 177 Sr.22 Zach Simmons End/LB 5’10 180 Sr.23 Dillon Graham RB/DB 5’10 141 Jr.24 Tanner Martin BB/DE 5’10 175 Sr.25 Brian Mann RB/DB 5’8 151 So.28 Tyler Marshall End/DB 5’8 145 Jr.32 Dakota Shrader End/DE 6’0 160 Jr.51 Brody Dunford G/DL 5’8 160 Sr.52 David Eads G/DE 6’4 228 Jr.53 Brandon Harless G/LB 5’9 175 Sr.54 Jonathon Jennelle C/DL 6’0 260 Sr.56 Thomas Robbins G/DL 5’9 255 Sr.57 Brett Suroski C/DL 5’9 282 Jr.58 Anthony Jones T/DL 6’1 245 Jr.60 Cameron Perkins G/DL 5’8 198 So.61 Shane Clark T/DL 6’2 280 Jr.62 Jared Cook T/DL 5’11 240 Jr.63 Hunter Epperly G/DL 5’11 250 Jr.64 Austin Cunningham G/DL 5’10 228 So.67 Chantry Pennington T/DL 5’10 274 Jr.68 Logan Maxey G/DE 6’0 180 Jr.70 Brad Lipes G/DL 5’9 255 Sr.71 Christian Kemp T/DL 5’9 233 Sr.72 Andrew Searles T/DL 6’2 225 Sr.74 Zane Martin C/DL 5’10 209 Sr.75 Gobind Chawla G/DE 6’0 190 Sr.78 Matthew Gillespie G/DL 6’1 237 Jr.79 Josh Scott T/DL 6’0 290 Jr.88 Cody Rhodes End/DE 6’4 265 Sr.

2013 GilesFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 Blacksburg 7 p.m.Sept. 6 at Christiansburg 7 p.m.Sept. 2 Narrows 7 p.m.Sept. 27 at Graham 7 p.m.Oct. 4 Galax 7 p.m.Oct. 11 Auburn 7 p.m.Oct. 18 at Eastern Montgomery 7 p.m.Oct. 25 at Radford 7 p.m.Nov. 1 Floyd County 7 p.m.Nov. 8 at Glenvar 7 p.m.

Spartans expect to ride single wing to winning season

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16 Friday • August 23, 2013

Highland Funeral ChapelMain StreetBland, VA


Director: Tom Reese, Jr. Pre-need Planning Services Available

Bland County Bears 2013 Bland CountyFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 Craig County 7 p.m.Sept. 6 Rural Retreat 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 Northwood 7 p.m.Sept. 20 at Holston 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 at Eastern Montgomery 7 p.m.Oct. 11 at Narrows 7 p.m.Oct. 18 Grayson County 7 p.m.Oct. 25 at Graham 7 p.m.Nov. 1 Galax 7 p.m.Nov. 8 at Fort Chiswell 7 p.m.

The BearsNo. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.2 James Miller NA 5’8 128 Jr.4 Mason Christian QB/DB 5’11 144 Jr.5 Jonathan Goins NA 6’1 185 Sr.7 Tyler Faulkner RB/DB 6’0 160 Jr.10 Isaiah Boyd RB/DB 5’9 136 So.11 Aaron Rose FB/DB 6’0 184 Jr.14 Andrew Pauley RB/DB 5’10 181 Jr.15 Alec Taylor NA 5’8 170 Fr.20 Brian Arnold NA 5’0 128 Fr.21 Colton Slaughter NA 6’0 174 Fr.22 Jacob Parker FB/LB 5’10 182 Jr.30 Dylan Walker QB/DE 6’0 219 Sr.35 Christopher Jackson N/A 5’6 205 Fr.40 Zane Cunningham DE 6’0 200 So.52 Alexander Treadway NA 5’6 205 So.53 Jared Dillow OL/DL 5’9 181 So.54 Dalton Groseclose OL/DL 5’9 176 So.60 Dakota Wright OL/LB 5’10 188 Jr.61 Chase Sink NA 5’10 277 Fr.64 Austin Emerson E/DE 5’10 186 Jr.65 Benjamin Steffey NA 5’9 201 Fr.72 Tyler Bridges OL/DL 5’9 251 Sr.75 Dustin Pennington OL/DL 6’1 260 So.77 Cody Morgan OL/DL 6’4 271 Sr.80 Travis Reed E/DE 6’2 175 Sr.81 T.J. Hicks E/DE 6’0 136 Jr.82 Nathan Shelton NA 5’9 154 Fr.88 Sean Valerga NA 6’0 185 Sr.

Bears hope experienced returnees will help Bland County progressBy TOM BONE

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BASTIAN, Va. — The BlandCounty football team has nowhereto go but up.

An inexperienced squad went 0-10 last fall, but coach Harris Hartbelieves they learned from theirgame experience and that theywant to work to improve.

Hart said, “The group we had

last year, even though we had cer-tainly some trying times andsome trying games — the greatthing about them, we would comeback on Monday (with) a smile ontheir face. They would go out andthey would work hard, week afterweek.

“It shows a lot of character and alot of discipline, and I hope thisgroup will do the same. ... Don’tlive in the past, but reflect back

and learn from it and try to getbetter.”

The offensive line starts withsenior tackles Cody Morgan andTyler Bridges, who have plenty ofexperience. Dustin Penningtonstarted 10 games last year as afreshman, and Dakota Wrightplayed a lot. Jared Dillow andDalton Groseclose are “qualityyoung men” looking for playingtime in the line, Hart said.

Quarterback Dylan Walker isback for his senior year, andMason Christian is the other can-didate for QB. Hart calledChristian “a fine athlete. Both ofthem, regardless of who wins thestarting job, both will be on thefield.”

Running backs Tyler Faulknerand Keith Miller “got their feetwet” as sophomore starters lastyear, though Faulkner’s campaign

was cut short by a broken ankle. Andrew Pauley, who did not play

last year, is “a hard-runningyoung man,” Hart said. “IsaiahBoyd is very quick (and) has got-ten a lot bigger. Hopefully, we’llget some quality reps out of allfour of those.”

Multi-talented Aaron Rose start-ed 10 games last year at fullback;Jacob Parker is looking for work

Bland, 37

Page 17: BDT Blitz 2013

\By BOB REDDBluefield Daily Telegraph

MONTCALM — In 2012 theMontcalm Generals played to a 5-4 season, the second winningcampaign the school has hadsince football was revived at theschool in the 1990s. This seasonhead coach Jimmy Redmond saidthe team is not focused on more

wins or the playoffs, but just get-ting better.

“We always talk about improve-ment as far as practices. We’renot looking past a lot of games,just one game at a time, justfocusing on improving in practiceand getting ready for the nextopponent,” Redmond said.

“They’re excited and you cansee it in the drills that we do and

they’re working harder becausethey’ve tasted success. You canreally see it in how they practice.They’re encouraging each otherand they’re driven a little bit, evenmore than we were last year andthat’s good.”

There are 24 players out for theMontcalm, a good number for theClass A school which in years pasthas had fewer than 20 players.

While the Generals lost play-making quarterback AaronPresley and leading rusherMarcus Bailey to graduation, thecupboard is not bare.

Jason Grose (6’1 193 Sr.) returnsin the backfield. A 1,000-yardrusher the past two seasons, hewill join with fellow seniors RyanAbsher (5’7 150 Sr.) at slot backand Dakota Lanter (5’9 175 Sr.) at

quarterback for what is expectedto be another strong groundattack for Montcalm. BradyBrown (6’0 150 Jr.) will also be inthe mix at quarterback.

Looking at the line, DustinWilliams (6’2 180 Jr.) is a three-year starter returning at tightend. The interior line has Jared

Friday • August 23, 2013

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Go Generals! Go Generals!

Montcalm Generals 2013 MontcalmFootball Schedule

Aug. 31 Hundred 1 p.m.Sept. 6 Twin Valley 7 p.m.Sept. 13 Narrows 7 p.m.Sept. 20 Craig County 7 p.m.Sept. 27 Auburn 7 p.m.Oct. 4 at Northwood 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 at Tri-Cities Christian 7 p.m.Oct. 18 Midland Trail 7 p.m.Oct. 25 at Tygarts Valley 7 p.m.Nov. 1 at Hannan 7 p.m.

The Generals No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr.7 Nate Breeden 5’10 130 So.12 Dakota Lanter 5’9 175 Sr.14 Brady Brown 6’0 150 Jr.20 Colton Egnor 5’8 145 So.21 Travis Duncan 5’9 195 Sr.23 Jason Grose 6’1 193 Sr.30 Jacob Watson 5’8 140 Jr.31 Ryan Absher 5’7 150 Sr.40 Shane Bresley 5’6 130 Fr.48 Dakota Conley 6’0 150 Jr.52 Jared Belcher 5’9 235 Jr.54 Hunter Rose 5’11 170 Jr.55 Travis Poynter 5’8 170 Sr.60 Renee Shrader 5’6 125 So.62 Kris Kiser 5’1 182 Fr.64 Jacob Krabbe 5’11 183 Fr.72 Austin Lavake 6’0 200 Sr.74 Cury Akers 6’2 220 So.75 Justin Carper 6’0 282 So.76 Matt Brown 5’9 207 Fr.77 Kent Taylor 6’1 270 Sr.80 Dustin Williams 6’2 180 Jr.82 Jon Casto 6’0 160 Sr.84 Tyler Poe 5’8 135 Jr.

Generals seek to build on improvement after rare winning season

Montcalm, 37

Page 18: BDT Blitz 2013

By TOM BONEBluefield Daily Telegraph

LINDSIDE — The 20th year offootball at James Monroe HighSchool will take place with a newcoach — who’s not at all new.John Mustain, a 29-year coachingveteran and football assistantcoach, was hired in June to takeover for Don Jackson, who retiredafter consecutive 2-8 seasons.

The Mavericks will tweak thepassing attack in their pro-styleoffense, without major changes,Mustain said. Reed McNeer willpass and run from the quarter-back position. His backfield mateswill include Jeffery Lewis,Brandon Carter and Brian Young.

Senior Jarred Boone, whose jun-

ior seson was wiped out by injury,will be deployed in an H-back look.

Nathan Wilson “is probably themain returning receiver that sawsignificant time last year,”Mustain said. Josh Dransfield andTyler Moore have potential.

Austin Page returns for his sen-ior season at center. He andTrevor Neel will be counted on toanchor the offensive line. Othercandidates for starts there pos-sess size but need refinement.

On defense, Page, Neel and TyWickline are the nucleus of thefront line. Boone has a lock on ajob at outside linebacker, andsophomore Sam Boggess is prob-ably the other OLB. The insidelinebackers are likely to be seniorBrandon Carter and sophomore

Parker King.The secondary competition has

been “pretty wide open,” Mustainsaid. Dransfield could be sta-tioned at safety in the middle.Vying for the other safety are SethHavens, Isaiah Clarkson, Young,Moore and Conner Boothe.

“There’s a few other kids thatmay get a little time,” Mustainsaid. “And Reed (McNeer) willprobably be back there. You wantto try to keep Reed out of thatdefense as much as you can, butat the same time, he’s got a nosefor the ball, and he’s a good ath-lete. It’s going to be hard not toget him back there, some.”

“Now, if everyone else does theirjob well, we may not have to worryabout that.”

Overall, the coach said, the teamis young. “There’s going to be a lotof guys that are probably going tohave to go both ways. But when Isay that, I feel like in a lot of waysthat we’ve got a little more depththan we’ve had,” he said.

“With only seven or eight sen-iors, there’s going to be a lot ofsophomores that are going to getsome time in. And we’ve even gota couple of freshmen that we maystick in there a few times to seewhat they can do.”

“Those underclassmen had bet-ter be ready to roll.”

“We’ve got to, somehow, get thatwinning attitude back that we hadhere for so long. ... I certainlydon’t have the answer, but I thinkif you can get that positive way of

18 Friday • August 23, 2013



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James Monroe Mavericks 2013 James MonroeFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Greenbrier East 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Summers County 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at PikeView 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 River View 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 at Chapmanville 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 at Westside 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 Mount View 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 Liberty 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 at Bluefield 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 Princeton 7:30 p.m.

The MavericksNo. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.8 Ashton Carr B/DB 5’7 125 Fr.10 Josh Dransfield B/DB 6’0 158 Jr.11 Clay Havens B/DB 5’7 118 Fr.12 Seth Havens B/DB 5’11 154 Jr.13 Seth Walker B/DB 5’6 136 Fr.14 Kris Hoke B/DB 5’6 143 Fr.15 Colton Bradley B/DB 5’2 102 Fr.16 Tyler Sams B/DB 5’8 152 Fr.17 Tyler Moore B/DB 5’10 170 So.18 Reed McNeer QB/DB 6’0 166 Jr.19 Evan Beasley B/DB 5’9 148 Fr.20 Isiah Clarkson RB/LB 5’8 155 Jr.21 Nick Horney B/DB 5’10 162 Fr.22 Brian Young B/E/DB 5’6 138 Sr.23 Austin Owens B/DB 5’10 141 So.24 Conner Boothe B/LB 5’10 144 So.25 Brandon Carter B/LB 5’9 162 Jr.26 Isaac Southerland B/DB 5’8 132 Jr.27 Joseph HazelwoodB/DB 5’6 124 Fr.28 Seth Burks B/LB 5’10 156 Fr.29 Jeffery Lewis RB/LB 5’11 173 Jr.31 Samuel Boggess RB/LB 5’11 174 So.32 Bradley McConnel B/DB 5’5 128 Fr.33 Shawn Jacobs E/DB 5’5 106 So.34 Isaac Deskins RB/LB 5’9 162 Jr.35Brent Wagner B/LB 5’10 159 Fr.36Tyler Hyatt B/LB 6’0 169 Fr.40Nathan Wilson B/DE 5’11 175 Jr.41Jarred Boone HB/DE 6’2 191 Sr.43Dalton Comer B/LB 5’8 162 Fr.44Steven Pack B/DE 5’11 209 Jr.54Logan Dillon OL/DL 5’10 204 Fr.55Parker King OL/DL 5’11 228 So.56Logan Sharp OL/DE 5’9 198 Fr.57Adam Dixon OL/DL 6’0 220 Sr.58Trip Shiflet OL/DL 6’0 196 Fr.60Donald Jewell OL/DL 5’8 217 Fr.61Matt Brooks OL/DL 6’1 220 Jr.62Tyler Hawkey OL/DL 6’0 222 Fr.63Trevor Neel OL/DL 6’1 226 Sr.64Jacob Hinkle OL/DL 6’0 222 Jr.65Gage Mullins OL/DL 6’0 277 Fr.67Hunter Lankford OL/DL 6’4 259 Sr.70Nicholas Ward OL/DL 5’11 266 Jr.73Matt Meadows OL/DL 5’11 269 Fr.76Hunter Crislip OL/DL 5’10 154 Fr.77Austin Page OT/DL 5’11 204 Sr.78Ty Wickline OT/DL 5’11 305 So.83Hunter Yates E/DL 5’11 192 So.84Tristan Highlander E/LB 5’4 142 Jr.85James Reed E/DE 6’1 152 Sr.

Mustain leads Mavericks back on the gridiron

Mavericks, 37

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By LLOYD COMBSfor the Daily Telegraph

GRUNDY, Va. — It’s an unusualmix of the old and new for Grundyfootball but it is, potentially, a verygood mix.

The Golden Wave returns 11starters, six on defense and fiveon offense. In addition Grundyhas 15 seniors, but several ofthem are first-year players.

Most of them, however, are goodathletes and combined with sev-eral talented underclassmen, thiscould be a fun team to watch andcoach, says third-year Wavecoach Jeremy Ward.

“This year we have a lot of sen-

iors on the roster,” Ward said.“Some of them are new playersand that can be interesting attimes. At the same time, we haveother first-year players in the mix.

“This combination of so manyseniors, both experienced andinexperienced, and younger play-ers presents a unique type ofteam. We expect to be team verycompetitive because of it. We alsoexpect to be a disciplined team onand off the field because of thisarrangement.”

The returnees include versatileand athletic senior Trey Smith,who has earned all-district honorsin the past as a wide out and did agood job at quarterback last sea-

son. They also include offensivelinemen Daniel Honaker andAdam Hibbitts, both of them sen-iors and sophomore Ethan Dillow.

Also back is junior tight end-turned-fullback Baylen Dillow andanother key player who epito-mizes this group’s versatility.Junior Charles “Bub” McCoybegan his varsity career at center,moved to fullback midwaythrough last season and is nowadding his strong right arm to thequarterback position.

“Our strengths are the experi-ence of the offensive line and theversatility of our skill players,”Ward added. “Trey Smith is a skillplayer that can adapt to different

positions he is asked to play andit’s the same thing with BubMcCoy.”

A new backfield includes seniorBrady McClanahan and first-yearsenior Dylan Raines. SophomoreDylan Wolford and first-year sen-ior Austin Hurley are among thecandidates at wide receiver.

“Brady McClanahan has beenwaiting for his chance to carry theload in the backfield,” addedWard. “Baylen Dillow steps in forus as a fullback type and thereceiving corps has a couplepushing each other for the posi-tion.”

Competing for jobs in the offen-sive line are Kade Honaker Elliott

Newberry, Phillip Boyd and ReedBoyd.

McClanahan is a key returnee atlinebacker. Other defensivereturnees include McCoy,Hibbitts, Baylen Dillow andDaniel Honaker up front.

Senior Jordan McCowan hassome experience at linebacker,where Raines, Zach Belcher andEthan Cooper are also available.Smith is the only returningstarter in the secondary, where

Friday • August 23, 2013

(276) 935-4571 (276) 935-2764

Riverside Drive • Grundy, Virginia 24614


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Havee AA Greatt Seasonn Have A Great Season Grundyy Goldenn WaveGrundy Golden Wave

Grundy Golden Wave 2013 GrundyFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Twin Valley 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Lebanon 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 Hurley 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 Graham 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 Haysi 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 Shelby Valley, Ky. 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 at East Ridge, Ky. 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 at Tazewell 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 at Honaker 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 at Richlands 7:30 p.m.

The Golden WaveNo. Name Pos. Yr.2 Jimmy Raines WR/DB Fr.5 Lucas Harr WR/DB Sr.9 Baylen Dillow RB/DE Jr.11 Trey Smith QB/DB Sr.14 Andy Webb WR/DB Fr.15 Charles McCoy QB/DE Jr.17 Dylan Wolford QB/DB So.19 Ethan Cooper TE/LB Sr.20 Maverick Coleman WR/DB So.22 Austin Hurley WR/DB Sr.24 Daleton Anglin RB/DB Fr.25 Brady McClanahan RB/LB Sr.33 Dylan Raines RB/LB Sr.43 Jordan McCowan RB/LB Sr.44 Justin Perry RB/LB Jr.50 Tyler Scarberry OL/DL Fr.51 Zack Belcher OL/DL Sr.52 Daniel Honaker OL/DL Sr.54 Reed Boyd OL/DL Jr.55 Elliott Newberry OL/DL Sr.60 Sheldon Hay OL/DL Sr.62 Phillip Boyd OL/DL Sr.63 Nick Raines OL/DL So.64 Caleb Hawks OL/DL Fr.65 Braxton Shrader OL/DL Fr.71 Ethan Dillow OL/DL So.72Corey McClanahan OL/DL Fr.73 Matthew Matney OL/DL Fr.74 Dustin Stiltner OL/DL Sr.75 Kade Honaker OL/DL Jr.78 Adam Hibbitts OL/DL Sr.80 Harley Fletcher TE/LB Fr.83 Dustin Looney WR/DB Sr.85 Ray Hardin WR/DB Sr.

Potential exists for good mix for Golden Wave

Grundy, 37

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By LLOYD COMBSfor the Daily Telegraph

HURLEY, Va. — Slowly, but sure-ly Hurley has developed into oneof the most consistently good foot-ball programs in the area.

After posting a winning recordjust once in an 11-year span theRebels are poised to be a winnerfor the sixth consecutive seasonand reach the playoffs for thefourth year in a row.

Hurley, which threw a scare intoHonaker in the first round of theplayoffs two years ago and nearlystunned J.I. Burton at Norton theyear before, returns sevenstarters on both offense anddefense this season.

More importantly Hurley has

size, speed and skill and this sea-son it has depth.

There’s plenty of experience inthe backfield with senior NickGibson back at quarterback, sen-ior Dillion Bailey returning at full-back and junior Tray Oliver backas well.

Also available are senior ChadEstep, sophomore Ethan Dutyand two freshmen, Devin Testerand Brady Justice in a deep andtalented group of skill positionplayers.

“Offensively we have some skillsguys who can play,” said Hurleycoach Greg Tester, who is in hiseighth season at the Rebel helm.“Our strong point will be our run-ning game. Nick Gibson is anexcellent leader. He can hurt you

with his feet or his arm. “I have a lot of depth at running

back. All of these guys can play.We just have to improve our pass-ing game and be able to keep peo-ple from loading the box and wehave to do a better job with ouroffensive line. We don't have a lotof depth there.”

Both guards, seniors Billy Stacyand Craig Stacy, are back up front,where senior tackle Steven Stacyalso has plenty of experience.Zach Deel will start at center.

Other competing for jobs in theoffensive line are ZachBlankenship, Ethan Hurley, TylerColeman and Rocky Justus.

Senior Chris Hardin returns atwide receiver. Also at wide out willbe two promising youngsters:

freshman Zach Lester and sopho-more Chris Spencer. SophomoreJosh Mullins will see action attight end and wide receiver.

No Hurley team has won with-out a hard-hitting defense andTester says this year is no excep-tion.

“I think defense will be ourstrong point,” Tester added.“We’re led in the middle by StevenStacy at tackle. He’s really beenimpressive in camp.

“We have plenty of experienceand we have several guys who canbe leaders for us, especially upfront and at linebacker.”

Zach Deel returns at the othertackle spot. Dillion Bailey andChad Estep returns at the defen-sive end spots.

Ethan Duty returns at outsidelinebacker and Craig Stacy andBilly Stacy are back as inside line-backers. Josh Mullins is the lead-ing candidate at the other outsideslot. Brady Justice and DevinTester are also vying for time.

Gibson is back at corner wherehe’ll work opposite of Oliver. ChrisHardin will take over at safety.

Tester is as confident in thisgroup as he was in his last fiveclubs.

“There is nobody on our sched-ule that we can’t compete with,”he added. “I’m really excitedabout this season.”

20 Friday • August 23, 2013

Havee AA Greatt Seasonn Have A Great Season Hurleyy RebelsHurley Rebels

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Good LuckFor 2013



Hurley Rebels 2013 HurleyFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at East Ridge, Ky 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Eastside 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 at Grundy 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 Shelby Valley, Ky. 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 at Craig County 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 at Thomas Walker 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 at Honaker 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 Haysi 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 Phelps, Ky. 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 at Twin Valley 7:30 p.m.

The RebelsNo.Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1 Timmy Matney WR/DB 5-6 130 So.2 Nick Gibson QB/DB 5’10 180 Sr.5 Zach Lester WR/DB 5’7 50 Fr.6 Tray Oliver RB/DB 5’8 165 Jr.7 Chris Spencer WR/DB 5’8 150 So.10 Nelson Mullins WR/DB 5’7 150 So.11 Ethan Duty RB/LB 5’9 170 So.12 Chad Estep RB/DE 5’10 190 Sr.21 Brady Justice RB/LB 5’8 170 Fr.22 Devin Tester RB/LB 5’9 170 Fr.25 Scottie Henderson WR/DB 5’9 140 Jr.30 Rachel McCoy WR/DB 5’6 120 Jr.31 Josh Mullins TE/LB 5’9 185 So.32 Dillion Bailey RB/DE 6’1 195 Sr.50 Billy Stacy G/LB 5’9 190 Sr.51 Craig Stacy G/LB 5’9 205 Jr.52 Justin Stevens C/LB 5’10 185 So.55 Shane Hardin G/LB 5’9 200 So.56 Tyler Coleman G/DE 5;9 180 So.60 Thomas McCoy T/DT 5’10 190 Fr.61 Steven Stacy T/DT 6’3 320 Sr.63 Dylan Sullivan G/DT 5’10 205 Jr.64 Seth Prater G/DT 5’8 175 So.65 Dustin Whitt T/DT 6’1 220 Fr.70 Rocky Justus C/DT 5’7 201 Fr.72 Zach Blankenship T/DE 5’11 180 Jr.74 Dylan Justus T/DT 5’11 240 Sr.75 Zach Deel C/DT 6’3 300 Jr.77 Ethan Hurley T/DT 6’4 310 Jr.84 Chris Hardin WR/DB 6’2 190 Sr.

Sixth straight winning season could await Rebels

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Friday • August 23, 2013

Twin Valley Panthers 2013 Twin ValleyFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 Grundy 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 at Montcalm 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 at East Ridge, Ky. 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at Northwood 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 Honaker 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 Phelps, Ky. 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 at Hannan 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 at Haysi 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 at Rye Cove 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 Hurley 7:30 p.m.

The PanthersNo. Name Pos. Yr.1 Cameron Barbetto RB/DB Sr.2 Drake Presley K Jr.4 Seth Webb RB/DB Fr.11 Thomas Burniston WR/DB Sr.12 Jake Kowalski RB/LB Jr.14 Ethan Atkins WR/DB So.15 Carlos Sanchez WR/DL Sr.21 J.D. Lowe WR/LB Jr.22 Micky Stacy RB/LB Fr.32 Shannon Adams QB/LB Sr.34 Brandon McGlothlinWR/DB Jr.40 Caleb Keen RB/LB Fr.44 Austin Shortridge RB/LB Fr.50 Pete Gagich OL/DL Sr.52 Chase Moore OL/DL Jr.55 Corey Nickels OL/DL Jr.57 Corey Lineberry OL/DL Sr.65 Chase Presley OL/DL Fr.68 Casey Cooper OL/DL Fr.69 Zach Gross OL/DL Sr.76 Thomas Mullins OL/DL Jr.81 Ryan Daniels TE/DL Sr.87 Stephen Mullins TE/DL Fr.

Building blocks bring positive vibe to small school PanthersBy LLOYD COMBSfor the Daily Telegraph

PILGRIM’S KNOB, Va. — Bigschool football programs oftenhave the luxury of reloading or, ifneed be rebuilding.

At small school like Twin Valleyit’s usually about building the pro-gram, year in and year out.

This year, after a few years ofstruggling, the Panthers havesome good pretty good buildingblocks on hand.

Eight starters return on offense,including two of the best backs inthe area at Twin Valley, which is

coming off a 1-9 season.Back is fourth-year starter

Shannon Adams at quarterback.The hard-nosed senior has over3,000 yards rushing for his careerand is a natural born leader onboth sides of the ball.

Adams is joined in the backfieldby speedy senior CameronBarbetto and a promising supportcrew that hopes to make up forthe loss of 1,000-yard runnerAdam Quinley, who graduated lastyear.

“With his experience and size itshould be really fun and excitingto see how well Shannon will per-

form in his senior year,” Criggersaid. “Cameron really stepped itup last year.

“He rushed for around 400 yardslast year and expects to counterthat with a breakout year. AustinShortridge an d Caleb Keen willbe trying to fill the shoes of AdamQuinley at the fullback position.”

Shortridge and Keen, both fresh-men, are key cogs in the buildingprocess. They’re joined by offen-sive returnees Jacob Kowalskiand Brandon McGlothlin, bothjuniors.

McGlothlin and first-year seniorThomas Burniston are available

at wide receiver.The offensive line returns Pete

Gagich, Corey Lineberry, ChaseMoore and Thomas Mullins.Crigger hopes their experiencewill pay off and the defenseimproves as well.

“The offensive line is doing awhole lot better,” Crigger said.“We have a lot of returning line-men so that should help with theirexperience.”

The Panther defense, whichshould benefit from improvednumbers this season, is gettingback to basics.

“Our defense has improved each

day of practice,” added Crigger.“We have really been emphasiz-ing form tackling and open fieldtackling.”

Adams, Lineberry, Moore,McGlothlin and Barbetto,aalongwith freshman Casey Cooper areamong the key players ondefense, where there are plenty ofcandidates for the other positions.

Junior Drake Presley gives thePanthers a potent weapon as aplace-kicker.

Twin Valley opens the season athome Aug. 30 against BuchananCounty rival Grundy, followed by avisit to Montcalm.

Page 22: BDT Blitz 2013

BY ANTHONY STEVENSfor the Daily Telegraph

HONAKER, Va. — Honaker fellseven points short, falling toGeorge Wythe 17-10 in the statetitle game.

The Tigers lost 14 seniors off the2012 team, including sevenstarters on both sides of the ball.The biggest question will berebuild or reload for the Honaker.After playing for the state champi-onship, what do they do for anencore?

“Hopefully get back there andwin it,” Honaker head coach DougHubbard said. “But there is a lotof work to be done between nowand then. Last year was great andhopefully we learned a lot of goodlessons.

“The kids have come in hungryand we’ll see how well we do thisyear. Each team is different, theirpersonalities are different, and sotime will tell.”

Honaker finished with a 13-2record last season. They returntwo players who started on both

sides of the ball. Chandler Millerwill be at offensive and defensivetackle. Randy Horton will be backat wide receiver and cornerback.Horton was a valuable target with23 receptions for 510 yards andeight touchdowns.

“We really have to put last sea-son behind us and worry aboutthis season,” stated Miller. “Inpractice, there has been a lot ofintensity on defense and offense.Even though we lost some goodplayers, I feel we will have a greatyear.”

The other starters back onoffense will be Peyton Stevens atthe other tackle and CaseyHarmon at tight end. The rest ofthe offensive line will consist ofBranson Horton at center, JacobDye and Jordan Phillips at guard.Brett Newberry and Alex Smithwill likely be in the rotation.

In the backfield, Shey Bunn willbe at halfback. Alex Smith will bethe tailback. rushing for 464 yardsand averaging over seven yards acarry last year. He also finishedwith nine touchdowns. The full-

backs will be Landon Miller andMakenzie Phillips.

“We have worked real hard inthe off-season in the weight room,we want to get back to where wewere at last season,” Phillips said.“I feel we can build on what wedid last year. Every senior dreamsof leading their team to a greatseason. So far we’re doing well.”

Phillips is also the placekickerfor the Tigers. He kicked threefield goals and 36 extra points forHonaker, so he will also be a keyoffensive weapon this season.

Stepping in at quarterback willbe Casey Dye. He has some bigshoes to fill, with the graduationof Ty Hall who threw for over 2,000yards with 27 touchdown passesfor an offense that averaged 32points a game.

“I really try not to think aboutreplacing Ty too much,” Dye said.“I will just try to do my own thing.Hopefully we can get it done.”

The defense surrendered lessthan two touchdowns a game lastseason. In addition to Miller andHorton, also returning on defense

are Dye at free safety and Bunn atoutside linebacker.

The ends will be some combina-tion of Harmon, Smith and JoshuaMiller. Tackles will come fromStevens, Jerome Williams andKraig McGlothlin.

The other outside linebackerwill be Chase Johnson or HaydenHorn. Inside linebacker will beMiller, Phillips and Ben Ratliff.Along with Dye in the defensivebackfield will be Avin Parrott andBrent Coleman.

Expectations are again high atHonaker. They are the three-timedefending Black DiamondDistrict champions and will havebigger goals than a district title.

“Over the last 15 years, we’vetraditionally won although therehave been some down years,”commented Hubbard. “We’vebeen pretty consistent and we’vebeen very fortunate.

“Building a tradition where peo-ple expect you to win is huge.When you go into a big game thecommunity expect us to win, itdoesn’t matter the circumstance.

It’s great for the kids becausethey come into the program andexpect to be successful.”

22 Friday • August 23, 2013


Good Luck for 2013!

Good Luck for 2013!

Havee AA Greatt Seasonn Have A Great Season Honakerr TigersHonaker Tigers

111 Locationss too Servee You!11 Locations to Serve You!

Honaker Tigers

The TigersNo.Player Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1 Austin Looney RB/LB 5’11 167 So.2 Matthew Lynthlin WR/DB 5’8 131 Fr.3 Avin Parrott RB/DB 5’11 169 So.5 Dakota Hart RB/DB 5’6 119 Fr.6 Devin Helton RB/DB 5’4 134 Fr.7 Bryson Bostic RB/DB 5’9 146 So.8 Randy Horton WR/DB 6’2 190 Sr.10 Jacob Brown WR/DB 5’9 133 Sr.12 Corey Ray WR/DB 6’5 168 Sr.13 Jordan Smith QB/S 6’2 142 Jr.16 Shey Bunn RB/LB 5’9 165 Sr.18 Mason Phillips WR/DB 5’4 106 Fr.19 Layton Parrott QB/LB 5’8 169 Fr.20 Brent Coleman WR/DB 5’10 137 So.21 Jarred Corns WR/DB 5’7 159 Sr.23 Christian Davis WR/DB 5’6 123 Fr.25 Hayden Horn RB/LB 6’0 165 Jr.27 Austin Smith RB/LB 5’9 187 Jr.31 Colby Howard RB/LB 5’6 170 So.32 Landon Miller RB/LB 6’0 209 Jr.33 Makenzie Phillips RB/LB/K 5’11 220 Sr.34 Casey Dye QB/S 6’0 157 Jr.37 Chase Johnson RB/LB 5’9 164 So.39 Marshall McGlothlinRB/LB 5’9 185 So.44 Shadow Hale WR/DB 5’7 138 Sr.45 Brandon Peck TE.DE 6’0 187 Sr.50 Jordan Hardy OL/DL 5’11 224 Jr.51 Derek Stevens OL/DL 5’11 208 Jr.52 Chandler Miller OL/DL 6’1 242 Sr.53 Ibrahim Tawfeek OL/LB 5’9 194 Jr.55 Ben Ratliff OL/LB 6’0 240 Jr.56 Peyton Stevens OL/DL 6’2 256 Jr.57 Brett Newberry OL/DL 6’0 206 Jr.58 Dylan Coxton OL/DL 6’1 207 Fr.59 Braydon Plaster OL/DL 5’10 181 Jr.60 Jon Ray OL/DL 5’9 167 Jr.61 Jacob Dye OL/DL 5’11 191 Jr.62 Kraig McGlothlin OL/DL 5’10 237 Jr.63 Joshua Miller OL/DE 6’0 188 So.64 Branson Horton OL/DL 6’0 288 Jr.65 Jordan Phillips OL/DL 6’0 229 Jr.68 Johnny Burton OL/DL 5’8 322 Fr.72 Alex Smith OL/DE 6’2 238 Jr.74 Jerome Williams OL/DL 6’6 341 Sr.75 Gabe Lester OL/DL 5’11 222 Jr.76 Hunter Hess OL/DL 6’2 220 Fr.78 Brian Sims OL/DL 5’11 212 Jr.81 Casey Harmon TE/DE 6’4 186 Jr.86 Evan Harmon TE/S 5’9 146 Fr.89 Austin Anderson TE/LB 5’9 149 Fr.

2013 HonakerFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Lebanon 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 at Eastside 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 Central-Wise 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 at Twin Valley 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 at John Battle 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 Clintwood 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 Hurley 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 Castlewood 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 Grundy 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 at Haysi 7:30 p.m.

Tigers hungry after falling just short of state championship

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Friday • August 23, 2013 23

Good Luck for 2013!


Havee AA Greatt Seasonn Have A Great Season Haysii TigersHaysi Tigers

111 Locationss too Servee You!11 Locations to Serve You!


2013 HaysiFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Castlewood 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 Clintwood 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 Tug Valley 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 at Grundy 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 Twin Springs 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 Thomas Walker 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 Twin Valley 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 at Hurley 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 at Harlan, Ky. 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 Honaker 7:30 p.m.

The TigersNo. Name Pos. Yr.3 Tanner O’quinn WR/DB Sr.7 Tanner Artrip WR/LB So.8 Travis Conaway WR/DB Jr16 Gauge Hill TE/DB So.18 Jalen Sykes QB/DB Jr.20 Chris O’quinn RB/DB So.24 Jeffrey Bowen RB/LB Sr.30 Tyler Mullins WR/LB Jr.34 Tristan Yates RB/LB Jr.35 Kyle Deel RB/DB Sr.42 Blake Fuller RB/DB So.44 Dakota Mills WR/DB Fr.48 Chris Hackney OL/DL Sr.54 Dillen Lawson OL/DL Fr.57 Rick Fleming OL/DL Fr.61 Andrew Stiltner OL/DL Jr.65 James Adkins OL/DL Jr.66 John Boyd OL/DL Sr.71 Chase Hall OL/DL Fr.72 Bryan Duncan OL/DL Jr.73 Wade Turner OL/DL So..78 Blake Branham OL/DL Sr.84 Robbie Yates FB/LB Jr.85 Nate Turner WR/DB So.89 Andrew Honaker TE/DL So.

By LLOYD COMBSfor the Daily Telegraph

HAYSI, Va. — Another season,another talented group of skillposition stars for Haysi.

Senior running back JeffreyBowen and senior wide outTanner O’Quinn head up anotherfine group for the Tigers, who pos-sess everything but depth in whatfigures to be the next-to-last yearfor Haysi High School, which isscheduled to consolidate withClintwood by the fall of 2015.

Only five fulltime starters returnon defense and just four are backon offense for the Tigers, whohave just 25 players in all on the

2013 pre-season roster.The returnees from last year’s

8-4 squad, however, are good onesincluding Bowen, a four-yearstandout that ran for some 1,300yards and scored 24 touchdownslast season. It also includesO’Quinn and two senior offensivelinemen in guard John Boyd andcenter Blake Branham.

The defense returns Bowen andjunior Tristan Yates at linebackerand O’Quinn, junior Jalen Sykesand sophomore Gauge Hill in thesecondary.

First and foremost, says the 32-year head coach, it’s a hard-work-ing group which also happens tohave some talent.

“You’re always looking for posi-tive things to build on,” Colleysaid. “We’ve got some good kidsand they’ve been working hardand that’s one of the big pluses forus. That’s always a positive.”

The offense starts with Bowen, astrong runner who possesses anexcellent mix of speed, power,focus and experience.

“Jeffrey’s a good one,” Colleyadded. “Any time you’ve got sen-iors in the backfield that’s a bigplus. With our line and the guyswe have back there we should beable to run the ball this year aswell as throw the ball.”

Among those joining Bowen inthe backfield are juniors Robbie

Yates and Tristan Yates and sen-iors Kyle Deel and Chris Hackney.

Good quarterbacks have been ahallmark of Colley’s teams overthe years and he has anotherpotentially good one this seasonin Sykes.

“This is Jalen’s first year start-ing, but he’s had a lot of reps inpractice,” Colley said. “He wasour second-team quarterback lastyear and he did a good job for us.

“He knows our system well, so,hopefully he steps right in and wedon’t lose a beat. I think he’ll do agood job for us.”

Sykes has O’Quinn and someother capable receiving targets tothrow to, including Hill, sopho-

more Tanner Artrip and juniorTravis Conaway. Robbie Yatescould also work at tight end.

Working their way into the offen-sive line are sophomore WadeTurner and junior Bryan Duncanat tackle and juniors JamesAdkins and Andrew Stiltner atguard. Linebackers Bowen andTristan Yates head up the Tigersdefense. As with the offensethere’s limited experience here,but several candidates with theability to fill various roles. Artrip,Conaway, Chris O’Quinn and jun-ior Tyler Mullins are also vying forplaying time on defense.

Haysi opens the season Aug. 30at Castlewood.

Skill players plentiful, but Tigers pursue BDD title with lack of depth

Page 24: BDT Blitz 2013

By DAN STILLWELLfor The Daily Telegraph

BECKLEY — Years of frustra-tion ended last season whenSummers County made the ClassAA high school football playoffsfor the first time since 1995.

Hopes are high again to matchor better the Bobcats' 7-4 cam-paign, and this time get a playoffwin.

"We had a pretty good core ofseniors, and also exceptional ath-letes for underclassmen whohelped pick up the slack," newcoach Nate Tanner said. "We defi-nitely achieved our potential. Itwas a successful season and it's

carrying on to this year."Tanner, an assistant coach the

last two seasons, replaces JoshHouchins, who decided to concen-trate on his principal duties thisseason.

Many starters return for theBobcats, and they possibly havetwo of the finest players in ClassAA in quarterback T.J. Smith andversatile Isaiah Brown.

Smith is a four-year starter atquarterback, and is adept at bothpassing and running. He's also afine strong safety.

"T.J. came into his own this sum-mer. He's more of a student of thegame now," Tanner said. "He'salways had the ability to throw the

ball, but lacked confidence. Thatcomes with maturity.

"He's making good decisions atquarterback, and on defense he'ssettled down and playing smarter.His tackling is better. He's a goodleader on the field, and I expecthim to have a good season."

If Smith is the playmaker, Brownis the certified touchdown threat.Tanner said, "Isaiah is an athlete.He's an explosive player, bothrunning and catching the ball, andhe will have a lot of big plays.

"What people don't see is he's anextremely hard worker in theweight room. He takes pride in hiswork ethic, and he tries to perfecthis craft. Sometimes he's too hard

on himself."Brown is Summers' other free

safety, and will start there for thefourth consecutive season.

Two other key returnees aresenior wide receiver, runningback and outside linebacker ErikLindsey, and promising sopho-more Matt Ryan.

Tackle and defensive end AllenBrown has good size and he canmove. Jaquan Ayers didn't playfootball last year, but is rapidlybecoming another weapon as amiddle linebacker.

Tackle Jacob King is back aftersitting out last season. At 6-2, 315,he's a big kid who moves well forhis size. He needs experience, but

good things are expected of him,particularly on defense.

The offensive line is young.Junior Zach Grady has movedfrom center to guard, where he'llbe joined by sophomore Josh

24 Friday • August 23, 2013

900 Stafford Drive • Princeton, WV1-304-487-0821 • 888-692-0821

A Free Hearing Exam? Now,, That’ss Musicc too Myy Ears!


Have A Great 2013 Football Season Bobcats!

Summers County Bobcats 2013 Summers CountyFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 PikeView 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 at James Monroe 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 at Grafton 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 Wyoming East 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 Greenbrier West 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 at Covington 7 p.m.Oct. 11 Independence 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 Meadow Bridge 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 at Mount View 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 at Richwood 7:30 p.m.

Tanner, Bobcats look to build on playoff appearance

The Bobcats No.Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1 .Isaiah Brown RB-DB 5-9 175 Sr.2 Matt Ryan WR-DB 5-11 165 So.5 Charles Gilliand WR-DB 5-7 145 So.6 Skyler Santiago WR-DB 5-8 155 Jr.7 T.J. Smith QB-DB 5-10 180 Sr.8 Erik Lindsey WR-LB 5-9 180 Sr.10 Robert Dalton WR-DB 5-8 145 Fr.11 Sean Willey WR-DB 5-8 155 Sr.12 Nathan Grimmett QB-LB 5-7 145 Fr.14 Austin Holland WR-DB 5-8 145 Jr.18 Caleb HarraH WR-DL 6-1 175 So.21 Greg Shrewsbury RB-LB 5-7 135 So.22 Dillon Smith RB-LB 5-11 180 Fr.24 Dante Ellis WR-DB 5-7 125 So.25 Jacob Ratliff WR-DB 5-10 165 Jr.33 Joanthan Kessler WR-DB 5-8 135 Fr.35 Jay Hess RB-DB 5-7 145 Fr.40 Jaquan Ayers RB-LB 5-9 210 Sr.44 C.J. Shrewsbury WR-RB 5-3 120 Fr.45 Dakota New OL-LB 5-6 170 Fr.50 Zach Grady OL-DL 5-8 210 Jr.51 Nick Adkins OL-LB 5-9 205 So.52 Jeremiah Collins OL-LB 5-10 185 Sr.55 Tyler Turner OL-DL 5-7 200 So.62 Jacob Persiani OL-DL 5-7 150 Fr.64 Trevor Anderson OL-DL 6-0 215 Jr.66 Casey Forren OL-DL 5-9 180 Jr.67 Josh Smith OL-LB 5-10 185 So.68 Nicholas Wickline OL-DL 5-9 175 So.69 Jimmy Adkins OL-DL 5-7 165 Fr.70 Jacob Lefler OL-DL 5-10 270 So.71 Kevin Reynolds OL-DL 5-10 195 So.73 Nathaniel Harrah OL-DL 6-0 200 So.74 Allen Brown OL-DL 6-3 250 Sr.75 Brian Shaffer OL-DL 5-10 265 Jr.78 Jacob King OL-DL 6-0 290 Sr.80 Brett Miller OL-DL 6-2 160 Fr.82 Dacota Thomas WR-LB 6-1 175 Fr.83 Tristan Sears K-P 6-0 145 Sr.86 Matthew Short WR-DB 5-9 145 So.88 Logan Hardy OL-DL 5-8 210 Fr.89 Dakota Knott WR-DB 5-6 140 Jr.

Summers, 25

Page 25: BDT Blitz 2013

By J. DANIEL ROLLINSfor the Daily Telegraph

NEW RICHMOND—WyomingEast coach Gary Poindexter has aclear message for his team in2013: Improve on who they werein 2012.

“We just want to take it a step ortwo more than we did last year.That’s been our goal all along,”Poindexter said.

The Warriors finished the regu-lar season last year with at 7-3record, bowing out in the openinground of the playoffs to Scott 46-16.

“They were a little stronger thanus,” Poindexter admitted. “Theywere better offensively and defen-sively on the line. We still playedhard. We’re just hoping to build onwhat happened at the end of theregular season.”

That won’t come easy as the

Warriors will be without two oftheir most valued weapons inChris Cecil and Brandon Peck.They do, however, return second-team All-Class AA back JacobSumme, who ran for more than1,200 yards, and honorable men-tion Christian Hedinger.

“I expect big things from Jacobthis year,” Poindexter said. “He’sa great athlete with a tremendousskill set....Christian is an all-around great athlete

Also returning for the Warriorsis quarterback Aaron Griffith.

Coty Bishop, who led WyomingEast in tackles last season, willcontinue that role and alsoreplace Cecil in the backfield.

“We’re looking for special thingsout of him on both sides of theball,” Poindexter said.

Leading the offensive line is jun-ior Stevie Cook and sophomoreMatt Perry, both of whom will play

guard positions. .“Steve is a three-year starter for

us. He’s a very strong individualwith a lot of hard work and a lot ofgood football instincts,”Poindexter said. “Matt Perry is asophomore that we’re looking toplay for us. He’s coming alongpretty good.”

Captaining the line will be DerekLaxton, a three-year starter atcenter. Also on the line will be 300-pounders Ryan Cantrell andJordan Jedra, along with EricTaylor, Levi Summe and StephenShrewsbury.

John Morgan provides goodhands at tight end.

Defensively, the Warriors areexperienced, led by Bishop andfellow linebackers Jon Culicertoand Jeremy Myers on the inside,with Griffith, Brian Whitt and AlecLuck outside.“It’s a very expe-

rienced bunch,” he said. “There’sa great deal of leadership.”

Jedra, Cook, Brian Cantrell, andMichael Bland will also see actionon the line, as will Shrewsbury,Taylor and freshman AustinKivley. The corners will bemanned by Casey Saunders andJacob Dulce, while Hedinger andBrad Shirley will play safety.Jacob Boyce and Nik

Playoffs are goal for theWarriors, but not the only goal.They want to play a while.

“We just want to take it a step ortwo more than we did last year,”he said. “That’s been our goal allalong — get better every practiceand every game. That’s alwaysbeen our goal since we started,and that’s what we’re going todo.”

Poindexter’s goal for the season

is simple. “Make a run in the playoffs,” he


Friday • August 23, 2013




N orthforkW elchW arB radshawIaeger,W VSophia,W V


Wyoming East Warriors 2013 Wyoming EastFootball Schedule

Aug. 30 at Mingo Central 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Westside 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 Sherman 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 at Summers County 7:30 p.m.Sept. 27 Mount View 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 at River View 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 PikeView 7:30 p.m.Oct. 18 at Shady Spring 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 at Independence 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 Liberty 7:30 p.m.

Warriors hoping to build on momentum from 2012

The Warriors No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.1 Drew Cook QB 5-6 139 Fr.2 Coty Bishop FB 5-11 230 Sr.3 Casey Saunders WR 5-11 148 Jr.4 Christian Hedinger WR 6-1 155 Sr.7 James Woodson WR 6-0 171 Fr.10 Hunter Hall QB 5-9 135 Fr.11 Jacob Dulcie RB 5-11 147 Jr.12 John Morgan E 6-4 176 Jr.13 Aaron Griffith QB 6-1 179 Jr.15 Brian Whitt WB 5-8 162 Sr.20 Uriah Adkins RB 5-6 160 Fr.21 Jacob Summe RB 6-0 191 Sr.22 Jeremy Myers E 5-9 167 Sr.24 Brad Shirley WR 5-11 160 Sr.25 Colten Coomes RB 5-7 136 Jr.30 Tristan Jones K 6-1 151 Jr.31 Marcus Jenkins K 5-9 185 Fr.32 Alec Lusk RB 5-9 175 So.33 Caleb Jennings K 5-9 127 Sr.34 Zachary Raye FB 5-9 173 Fr.35 Dillon Woody WR 5-10 134 Jr.40 David Powers FB 5-9 213 Jr.42 Benjamin Ferguson OL 5-11 183 Sr.44 Jonathon Culicerto RB 5-11 171 Jr.45 Hunter Simmons FB 5-10 170 Jr.50 Stephen ShrewsburyOL 5-11 210 So.51 Sheldon England OL 5-10 216 So.52 Matt Perry OL 6-0 216 So.53 Kyle Clay OL 6-1 226 Fr.54 Levi Summe OL 5-11 225 So.55 Adam Compton OL 5-11 239 Fr.56 Ryan Cantrell OL 5-9 300 Sr.60 Lucas Repass OL 5-9 203 So.61 Dakota White OL 6-0 191 Fr.62 Jamie Brown OL 5-10 196 Jr.66 Steven Cook OL 5-11 274 Jr.67 Austin Tilley OL 6-3 215 Fr.68 Taylor Smith OL 5-7 166 Jr.70 Derek Laxton OL 5-11 224 Sr.71 Joseph O'Neal OL 5-11 292 Jr.72 Dakota Lesher OL 5-11 302 Fr.75 Jordan Jedra OL 6-3 318 Sr.76 Adam Tilley OL 6-0 322 So.77 Logan Porter OL 5-9 261 Fr.78 Eric Taylor OL 6'5 266 So.8 0 Josh Poindexter OL 5-3 167 Sr.81 Dylan Massie WR 5-10 135 So.82 Michael Bland E 6-2 177 Sr.83 James Cook WR 5-4 135 So.84 Nik Walker WR 6-1 185 Jr.

Smith. Casey Forren, a jun-ior, takes over at center, andBrown and either TrevorAnderson or PikeViewtransfer Kevin Reynolds arethe tackles.

The Bobcats' 4-3 defensefeatures Brown and Harrahat the ends and Forren andKing at the tackles. Ayersand Lindsey will be backedat linebacker by freshmenDylan Smith and DakotaThomas, and sophomore

Nick Adkins. Willey andRyan are the corners, whileSmith and Brown areproven veterans at safety.

Summers has a competi-tive schedule that includesa long bus ride to Grafton, atough opening game withrival PikeView and anexpected barnburner withWyoming East.

Tanner is both optimisticand realistic about histeam's chances.

"Something I've beentaught is you can only go asfar as your seniors takeyou," he said. "This summer

and preseason they've pro-vided extremely good lead-ership, like another coach-ing staff.

"Expectations are for us tohave a successful season,but I won't make drasticexpectations. Our goal is tobuild on what we did lastyear, and hopefully getthrough the first round ofthe playoffs.

"In order for that to hap-pen, the kids and coachingstaff have to remain focusedon what we do every day,and never get satisfied."

Summers...Continued from 24

Page 26: BDT Blitz 2013

By JOHN RABYAP Sports Writer

MORGANTOWN (AP) —Chasing a Big 12 championshipwill be a tall order for WestVirginia unless Dana Holgorsencan do some patchwork on bothsides of the ball.

The Mountaineers' third-yearcoach hopes a group of transferscan help shore up big holes onoffense and improve a defensethat was one of the nation's worstlast year.

West Virginia is coming off a dis-appointing 7-6 season that includ-ed a five-game losing streak. TheyMountaineers aren't consideredto be a contender for a Big 12championship in their second sea-son in the conference.

West Virginia fans got spoiled byan offense that averaged 40 pointsper game a year ago. But withonly three returning starters onoffense, the Mountaineers will bepressed to continue a streak of 11consecutive seasons of playing ina bowl game.

Holgorsen must choose fromthree candidates to replacedeparted quarterback GenoSmith and has a group of mostlyinexperienced wide receiverslooking to fill the void left byTavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.

"We're talking to our guys aboutthis all the time: How are wegoing to score a point withoutthree of the best players to everplay the game here?" Holgorsensaid Monday. "That doesn't meanthat we don't have guys on ourroster that can't score touch-

downs. There are some guysprobably waiting in the wings ormaturing or developing that wejust don't know who they are yet."

For now, the challenges not onlyare to get the players to under-stand the system but to replicateits dizzying pace of play.

"In the Big 12 we're going tohave to not only be able to playfast, which is what we like to dooffensively, but we have to be ableto defend that as well," Holgorsensaid. "We have a long ways to befunctional offensively and defen-sively when it comes to tempo."

West Virginia opens the seasonat home Aug. 31 against William &Mary.

Here are five things to watch asWest Virginia tries to keep up withthe rest of the Big 12:

1. QB SCRAMBLE: WestVirginia opens Big 12 play onSept. 7 at Oklahoma, making iturgent to get Smith's replacementin tune with the offense. Longtimebackup Paul Millard has played 11games in Holgorsen's system buthas never thrown more than ninepasses in a contest. Florida Statetransfer Clint Trickett, who grad-uated in the spring and is avail-able to play immediately, playedeight games last season as EJManuel's backup with theSeminoles and in games in 2011against Wake Forest andClemson. The third QB in the mixis redshirt freshman FordChildress. Holgorsen said Millardso far has made both the best andthe worst decisions in practice."The guy that probably reducesthe poor decisions will be the guy

that wins the job," Holgorsen said."I think they're all capable ofbeing pretty good."

2. FORGET 2012: It won't takemuch to see improvements onWest Virginia's defense, whichallowed 38 points per game andwas near the bottom nationally inseveral passing categories lastyear. Keith Patterson took over atdefensive coordinator for the 2012

Pinstripe Bowl. The defense hasmost of its starters back butneeds to improve its coverage andtackling and not give up big gains.The unit returns its top two tack-lers, sophomores Karl Joseph atsafety and Isaiah Bruce at line-backer. The pair also combinedfor four of the team's 10 intercep-tions.


Virginia loaded up on nearly adozen junior-college and immedi-ate-play transfers for 2013.Trickett and former Houston run-ning back Charles Sims could endup having the most impact.Among the juco transfers whocould help out include widereceivers Ronald Carswell, MarioAlford and Kevin White, line-backer Brandon Golson, defen-sive lineman Dontrill Hyman andrunning back Dreamius Smith.

4. RUNNING STRONG: Simsadds to a running back unit that,for a change, is loaded with talent.Injuries have thinned the positionin recent years and West Virginiahasn't had a 1,000-yard rushersince Noel Devine in 2009. Sims isbattling for a starting role with

26 Friday • August 23, 2013

West Virginia Mountaineers 2013 West VirginiaFootball Schedule

Aug. 31 William & Mary NoonSept. 7 at Oklahoma* 7 p.m.Sept. 14 Georgia State NoonSept. 21 Maryland# TBASept. 28 Oklahoma State* TBAOct. 5 at Baylor* TBAOct. 19 Texas Tech* TBA Oct. 26 at Kansas State* TBANov. 2 at Texas Christian* TBANov. 19 Texas* TBANov. 16 at Kansas* TBANov. 30 Iowa State* TBA* Big 12 Conference game# at M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, Md.

Contributed photo

West Virginia RB Andrew Buie

Dana Holgorsen

West Virginia has tall task to compete in Big 12

WVU, 32

Page 27: BDT Blitz 2013

By HANK KURZ Jr.AP Sports Writer

BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) — Asthe losses piled up and preseasongoals became unreachable forVirginia Tech last season, thefrustration mounted.

The Hokies, after all, had won atleast 10 games eight straight sea-sons, the longest streak in thecountry, and eventually foundthemselves needing to win theirlast three games just to qualify fora bowl and possible winning sea-son.

"That was unacceptable by anymeans," center turned right guardAndrew Miller said.

The Hokies closed with a bowlvictory against Rutgers, and thencoach Frank Beamer madechanges. Three offensive coachesleft, long-time offensive coordina-tor Bryan Stinespring was reas-signed and offensive coordinatorScot Loeffler, line coach JeffGrimes and receivers coachAaron Moorehead were broughtin to infuse the staff with somefresh ideas.

"Sometimes you need change forchange's sake," Beamer said.

Beamer, entering his 27th sea-son, sees plenty of reasons toexpect big things, starting withthe return of quarterback LoganThomas, who decided a yearunder Loeffler's tutelage would beto his benefit.

"I think he understands, hey, thisis his team," Beamer said ofThomas, who has been moreassertive than ever this summer

and preseason. "I think he's moretake charge. I think Logan han-dles things real well, and how hehandles taking charge, I think hehandles it in a good way, a verynatural way."

Thomas needs to rebound froma season in which he barely com-pleted 50 percent of his passesand had 18 touchdowns and 16interceptions, and do it whilebringing along an inexperiencedset of skill players.

Beamer hopes it's a recipe forgetting the Hokies back to thosedouble-digit victory totals.

"I think what happened last yearis we understand there's a realthin line between being OK andnot being OK, that you've got toplay every play, prepare for everyteam," he said, adding he wasproud that his team fought to theend.

"We gave effort at BostonCollege and the last two ball-games, so I think there are somethings on both sides of it, positiveand negative, that we can learnfrom it," he said. "I think we have.I think if you ask any kid, wehave."

Here are five things to watch askeys to Virginia Tech's season:

1. LOGAN THOMAS:Expectations have always beenhigh for the 6-foot-6, 254-poundThomas, and this is his finalchance to put it all together,Loeffler tweaked his mechanicswith an eye on better accuracy,and also schooled him on leader-ship. The result was a moreassertive — Beamer said "aggres-

sive" — Thomas over the summer,one not afraid to call a teammateout for running the wrong route inplayers-only practices. TheHokies can only hope thatThomas is ready to finish hiscareer with a flourish.

2. OFFENSIVE LINE AND RUN-NING GAME: Grimes has movedplayers around on the line, andthe result could find a true fresh-man playing left tackle, and there-by guarding Thomas' blind side. Ameager running game last seasonlimited Thomas' ability to be effec-

tive in the running game, too, andit had a paralyzing effect on theHokies' ability to move the ball. Inredhsirt freshman Trey Edmundsand bulked up sophomore speed-ster J.C. Coleman, the Hokieshope they have a solution to thatstagnant ground game.

3. THE EMERGENCE OF A GO-TO RECEIVER: Loeffler lovesusing the tight end, and theHokies have a good one in RyanMalleck, but the receiver spot isstill uncertain. Fifth-year seniorD.J. Coles can't seem to shake the

injury bug, and speedy DemetriKnowles is unproven as a go-toguy. Freshman Carlis Parkercould have an impact here, ascould redshirt freshmen JoshuaStanford and Charley Meyer.

4. KENDALL FULLER'SIMPACT ON DEFENSE:Defensive coordinator Bud Fostersays he's not sure he's ever had afreshman arrive on campus asready to play as the fourth andfinal Fuller brother, who is alreadypenciled in as a starter at corner-back. He'll surely get tested in theopener against No. 1 Alabama.

5. THE KICKING GAME:Beamer loves his kickers, and hasgood ones in placekicker CodyJournell, who won three gameswith field goals last season,punter A.J. Hughes and kickoffspecialist Mitchell Ludwig.

Friday • August 23, 2013

Virginia Tech Hokies 2013 Virginia TechFootball Schedule

Aug. 31 Alabama# 5:30 p.m.Sept, 7 Western Carolina 1:30 p.m.Sept. 14 at East Carolina NoonSept. 21 Marshall TBASept. 26 at Georgia Tech* 7:30 p.m.Oct. 5 North Carolina* TBAOct. 12 Pittsburgh* TBAOct. 26 Duke* TBANov. 2 at Boston College* TBANov. 9 at Miami* TBANov. 16 Maryland* TBANov. 30 at Virginia* TBA*ACC game#at Georgia Dome, Georgia

Frank Beamer

Beamer, Hokies look to rebound after last season

Contributed photo

Hokies’ and Giles product Cody Journell

Page 28: BDT Blitz 2013

By HANK KURZ Jr.AP Sports Writer

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP)— Mike London isn't willing to sayVirginia hit the reset button afterhis third season as coach, but withnew offensive, defensive and spe-cial teams coordinators, theCavaliers are in makeover mode.

London hopes, however, that theimprovement will be immediate.

He overhauled his staff after lastseason's 4-8 finish, bringing inthree former head coaches and adefensive coordinator whosecharge is to turn that side of theball into a big-play, aggressiveunit that can dictate what offens-es do.

The offense under new coordi-nator Steve Fairchild will remaina pro-style attack, but it's also thearea of the biggest change withredshirt sophomore DavidWatford assuming the quarter-backing duties.

Watford played two years ago asa true freshman, completing just30 of 74 passes in relief of MichaelRocco, and redshirted last seasonwhen Rocco and Phillip Simsshared the job in a rotation thatnever really worked.

Rocco transferred after the sea-son, and Sims was dismissed fromthe program this summer.

Priority one for the young sig-nal-caller: ball protection.

"We'll give ourselves a chance towin if we don't beat ourselves,"Fairchild, twice an NFL offensivecoordinator, said. "We've got tostart from day one in fall camp not

turning the ball over and notdoing unforced errors.

“If we can line up right, attemptto do the right assignment, do it ina play-hard, play-fast way andprotect the football, you'll beamazed at how many games youare in."

His linemen also know they canbe more a part of the solution thanthey were a year ago.

"I think at times last year we did-n't do enough to make them com-fortable back there," guard LukeBowanko said of the QBs. "It's justunfortunate because it's tough tosit back there and go throughyour progressions and throw agood ball when who knows who iscoming through and knocking youout."

Virginia hopes to be doing someknocking out of its own on defenseunder Jon Tenuta. The Virginiaalum and 32-year coaching veter-an favors aggressive pressure,lots of blitzing and constant ball-hawking.

Tenuta's philosophy is prettystraight-forward: "The ball isours. Go get it."

Here are five things to watch askeys to Virginia's season:

1. DAVID WATFORD: He hassaid his confidence grew as hisunderstanding of the game fromthe sidelines did last season, andwill have to show it in games.Teammates rave about his athleti-cism and speed, and he will needto use both in an offense withplays designed to let him show offthose skills. His running meansredshirt freshman Greyson

Lambert needs to be ready, too.2. OFFENSIVE LINE AND RUN-

NING GAME: The line's lack oftoughness showed as the teamstruggled to run the ball. Gettingtailbacks Kevin Parks and five-star freshman Taquan Mizzellinto open spaces would makeWatford's job much easier.

3. JAKE McGEE & TIM SMITH:By far the most talented receiveron the team, the 6-foot-6 McGeewas under-utilized at tight end

last spring, even though he hasshown the ability to make tough,athletic catches in traffic. Smith isan oft-hobbled deep threat hopinghis final college season is also hishealthiest and most productive,and both can be explosive play-makers who afford Watford quickstrike opportunities.

4. CLOCK MANAGEMENT: Thismay be one of the most challeng-ing aspects for a young coach, andLondon, heading into his sixth

season as a head man, struggled

with it in a few key spots last sea-son. Mentoring London seems tobe among the jobs new associatehead coach for offense TomO'Brien has been asked to do, andguidance at crunch time will bebeneficial.

5. SACKS, PRESSURE & TAKE-AWAYS: Apart from a 594-yarddebacle against Georgia Tech lastseason, Virginia's defense wassolid, but not spectacular. Itranked eighth nationally in stop-ping opponents on third down, butwas near the bottom in turnoverscaused with just 12, and ranked103rd with just 17 sacks. It needsto make more plays that shiftmomentum.

28 Friday • August 23, 2013

Virginia Cavaliers 2013 VirginiaFootball Schedule

Aug. 31 Brigham Young 3:30 p.m.Sept. 7 Oregon 3:30 p.m.Sept. 21 VMI TBASept. 28 at Pittsburgh* TBAOct. 5 Ball State TBAOct. 12 at Maryland* TBAOct. 19 Duke* TBAOct. 26 Georgia Tech* TBANov. 2 Clemson* TBANov. 9 at North Carolina* TBANov. 23 at Miami* TBANov. 30 Virginia Tech* TBA*ACC game

AP photo

Wahoo on the prowl..Virginia coach Mike London talks with wide receiver Tim Smithduring a recent practice in Charlottesville.

Mike London

Revamped staff doesn't mean reset for Cavaliers

Page 29: BDT Blitz 2013

By JOHN RABYAP Sports Writer

HUNTINGTON (AP) — Marshallcoach Doc Holliday doesn't wantto see a repeat of last year's floun-dering defense.

While Marshall thrived behindquarterback Rakeem Cato, oppos-ing offenses ran up 43 points pergame on the Thundering Herd,which allowed at least 50 pointsfive times.

Chris Rippon resigned as defen-sive coordinator a day afterMarshall finished the season 5-7.The widely traveled ChuckHeater, who was on UrbanMeyer's staff at Florida along withHolliday last decade, was hired byHolliday from Temple to try tostraighten out a unit that returnsseven starters.

"Offensively we took somestrides. We got better a year ago,"said Holliday, Marshall's fourth-year coach. "Defensively, we did-n't. We've got to make sure thathappens this year."

He'll try to turn things aroundwith Heater, who's at his 12thschool in a college coachingcareer that began in 1976. Heaterearned two national champi-onship rings while on UrbanMeyer's staff at Florida andanother in 1988 at Notre Dame.

"Seeing from last year to thisyear, you can tell the attitude ofthe defense changed," saidMarshall defensive end JeremiahTaylor. "When somebody makes aplay, you see the whole sideline upand cheering, rooting them on."

Marshall has yet to earn a berthin the Conference USA champi-onship game since joining theleague in 2005. The key to gettingthere this season could loom inthe regular-season finale Nov. 29at home against East Divisionfavorite East Carolina.

Marshall opens the season athome Aug. 31 against Miami(Ohio).

Here are five things to know asMarshall looks for its third win-ning season in five years:

1. CAN CATO CLICK?: Cato's4,201 passing yards last seasonwere nearly 1,100 yards morethan any other Conference USAquarterback and were the thirdmost in school history. Cato's 37touchdown passes last year weretwo shy of Chad Pennington'sschool record 39 set in 1997. Witha veteran offensive line protectinghim, Cato looks to have anothergreat season. "He has a totallyunderstanding of what we're try-ing to get done offensively,"Holliday said.

2. TOP TARGETS: Despite theloss of Aaron Dobson to the NFL,Cato has several solid returneesin wideout Tommy Shuler andtight end Gator Hoskins. Shuler,who's returning from offseasonfoot surgery, amassed a school-record 110 catches for 1,138 yardsand six touchdowns last year,while Hoskins had 35 catches for374 yards and a team-high 10scores. Penn State transferDevon Smith is eligible after sit-ting out last season. He caught 25passes for 402 yards in 2011 for

the Nittany Lions.3. WHERE'S THE D?: Marshall

lost four games a year ago byseven points or less, and one ofthe reasons may have been sever-al injuries in the secondary.Cornerback Darryl Robertsmissed all of last season recover-ing from a broken ankle, and safe-ty A.J. Leggett sat out with ashoulder injury. Third-leadingtackler D.J. Hunter at safety joins

them in a depth-filled secondary.The line is led by Taylor, who ledMarshall with 5.5 sacks and wasranked fifth in tackles with 54.Fourth-leading tackler JermaineHolmes is a key at linebacker.

4. NOT SO FRIENDLY HOME:Marshall is 11-6 at home underHolliday but went just 3-3 last sea-son. There was a time when JoanC. Edwards Stadium was a virtuallock for a home win. The

Thundering Herd went 91-7 therefrom 1990 to 2004.

5. COACHES IN FLUX: In addi-tion to Heater, Marshall addedfive other assistant coaches forthis season: Adam Fuller at line-backer, Sean Cronin at defensiveend, Mike Furrey at wide receiver,Thomas Brown at running back,and Alex Mirabal on the offensiveline. Several veteran assistantsalso took on new responsibilities,and Scott Sinclair was hired asMarshall's fifth football strengthand conditioning coach in the pasttwo years.

Predicted order of finish inConference USA: Second in EastDivision.

Friday • August 23, 2013



Donald W. Asbury, M.D. Board Certified Allergy Asthma

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Allergy & Asthma

Center of Bluefield, PC

Princeton Health Care Center, Princeton, West Virginia



Marshall Thundering Herd 2013 MarshallFootball Schedule

Aug. 31 Miami (Ohio) 7 p.m.Sept. 7 Gardner-Webb 6:30 p.m.Sept. 14 at Ohio 8 p.m.Sept. 21 at Virginia Tech TBAOct. 5 Texas-San Antonio* 2 p.m.Oct. 12 at Florida Atlantic* 5 p.m.Oct. 24 at Middle Tennessee State*7:30 p.m.Nov. 2 Southern Missisissippi* NoonNov. 9 Alabama-Birmingham* NoonNov. 14 at Tulsa* 7:30 p.m.Nov. 23 at Florida International* TBANov. 29 East Carolina* Noon*Conference USA game

File photo

Rakeem Cato

Doc Holliday

Cato's return has Marshall confident for success in 2013

Page 30: BDT Blitz 2013

By TOM BONEBluefield Daily Telegraph

ATHENS — There are manychoices to be made for startingspots on the Concord Universityfootball team. That can be a goodthing.

Team depth is a hallmark of theMountain Lions this season, andthey are out to disprove a presea-son coaches’ poll ranking themthird in the new Mountain EastConference.

Defensive player of the yearJake Lilly, who’s led the league intackles for two straight years,along with all-conference corner-back Riyahd Richardson, suit upfor their senior year in Athens aspreseason all-America nominees.Safety Davon Marion adds moredefensive explosiveness andexperience.

“Those guys have played a lot offootball, a ton of football,” saidConcord head coach GarinJustice. “They provide leader-ship, they provide great expecta-tions. Those guys expect to begreat on defense.”

“The great athletes they are, itdefinitely helps having those guysback.”

Five Mountain Lions shouldshare significant time at corner-back and in nickel packages —Richardson, Mike Carey, JocoreyRobins, and transfers ShawnBillips and Jeremy Simpson.

There are another five at safety“that we feel very good about,”Justice said, consisting of Marion,Josh Clark, Brandon Rogers, for-mer three-star recruit Shawn

Marmon, and special teamsstandout Russell Bailey.

The interior of the defensive linewill be occupied again by WillGreathouse and Bluefield Highgrad Keith Ferguson, who com-bined for 27 tackles and threesacks last year.

Defensive end Anthony Pyle, atransfer from the Air ForceAcademy, “should make a greatimpact for us,” Justice said. Thestart at “rush end” remains a bat-tle between Trey Preston andErvin Moore.

Lilly returns at weak-side line-backer. Austin Dotson, whoJustice describes as “a big, physi-cal kid from Clintwood, Va.,” istabbed at middle linebacker, atleast for now. At outside line-backer the competition is onamong Gary Saylor, NickSpradlin, Logan Jenkins and NickOrtiz.

Justice said, “Those four aredoing a nice job in this camp andit’s nice to have options.”

The offense will operate behindan experienced line.

“I feel that I have eight guys whoare very good football players inthe offensive line,” said Justice,who doubles as the CU line coach.“They got tested last year. I hadeight different guys who startedgames. So in my mind, I need atleast eight that can play.”

Center Kevin Saylor will proba-bly be joined by Tyler Billings andCody Parker on the left side andJosh Cottle at right guard.Coleman Osborne and Tyler Kerrare battling to start at right tack-le.

The quarterback competition isstill a two-way battle betweenBrian Novak and Albert Rose,who started some games last yearas a freshman. Justice said, “Bothof those guys are very capable ofwinning ballgames.”

Calvinaugh Jones, a freshmanfind at halfback last year, willshare carries with Sam Wright.“Those guys will both get a ton ofcarries for us,” Justice said.

Ben Nester is the short-yardageback and Ethan Richardson will

get some carries as well. The full-backs are Shaun Workinger andJosh Williams. The tight ends willbe freshmen Dalton Brindo andTony Miller.

A talented receiving corpsincludes Derrick Williams, RyanStewart, D.J. Holmes, TikoHenderson and a returnee toAthens, Jake Rollo.

Justice said, “I definitely want toset up a lot of passes with the rungame, and I feel I finally have theoffensive line that physically can

do that. We probably average 6-3,280 across the board now, and I’venever had that, since I’ve beenhere.”

Andrew Huska earned all-con-ference recognition as a kickoffspecialist, and may double as thepunter if Giles High grad GarrettLee doesn’t claim the job. AndyEllington looks to continue asplacekicker. The task of returningkicks and punts is still a wide-open audition.

“We’ll probably have a lot of dif-ferent guys do it early, to see whotakes it and runs with it,” Justicesaid.

The depth of talent has thesquad and its coach optimistic.

“Hopefully, this is the best yearwe’ve ever had,” Justice said.

30 Friday • August 23, 2013

Concord Mountain Lions 2013 ConcordFootball Schedule

Sept. 7 at Lenoir-Rhyne 7 p.m.Sept. 14 W.Va. State* 1 p.m.Sept. 21 at Bowie State 1 p.m.Sept. 28 at West Liberty* 1 p.m.Oct. 5 Fairmont State* 2 p.m.Oct. 12 at Urbana* NoonOct. 19 W.Va. Wesleyan* 1 p.m.Oct. 26 at Charleston* 1 p.m.Nov. 2 UVa-Wise* 2 p.m.Nov. 9 at Notre Dame (Ohio)* 1 p.m.Nov. 16 Shepherd* 1 p.m.* Mountain East Conference game

File photo

Bluefield’s own...Concord linebacker and Bluefield product Jake Lilly looks tomake a tackle for the Mountain Lions last season.

Garin Justice

Concord seeks to disprove initial Mountain East preseason poll

Page 31: BDT Blitz 2013

By BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD, Va. — One yearlater and it’s almost like BluefieldCollege is starting over again.

The entire coaching staff andmost of the players have changedsince last year’s 0-11 campaign,the school’s first football seasonsince 1941.

Ordell Walker, who replacedMike Gravier as head coach inMay, has the Rams workingtoward their season opener onAug. 31 at Point University inValley, Ala.

“I am really excited about what Ihave seen so far,” Walker said.“Probably the biggest thing iswhen you taking over a programin the summer and you are soyoung is creating a culture andthat has really been our focus.”

“Getting our guys on the samepage as far as who we want to be,how we want to play with greatintensity, loud, energetic and fly-ing around to the ball, a fanaticaleffort, that is just a big word I useall the time.”

Not only has the coaching staffchanged, but only 25 players onthe current roster were on the 77-man opening game roster lastseason for the Rams.

That means plenty of competi-tion for jobs.

“We have been very competitivegoing back and forth offense anddefense, our guys are doing agood job of learning the newschemes, techniques and assign-ments and learning the offense,”

Offensive coordinator AaronMingo said. “We have a lot of posi-tion battles going on right now atpretty much every position.”

That includes quarterback,where Mingo is working with fiveprospects, including holdoversCory Mabry and Austin Van Es,along with newcomers AshtenDixon, Josh Erby and ArmaniFord.

“The guy that can manage theoffense the best is the guy who isgoing to win the job,” said Mingo,who expects to name a starterafter Friday’s scrimmage withEmory & Henry. “The guy whocan ultimately give us the bestchance to win, a guy, that when heis in there, the offense moves thebest, that is going to be the decid-ing factor.”

Marion Harris returns at run-ning back, and is competing withAdrian Pope and freshman TorrieBattle. Rodrell Smith, who wasprobably the Rams’ best offensiveperformer last season, will bejoined at receiver by PikeViewproduct Joel Calfee, along withRichard Johnson and DavidGianesin, both of whom are JUCOtransfers from California.

Concord transfer and formerGraham standout Darrius Carper(6’5, 330) leads the offensive line,along with returnees HayneDarby and Cameron Carter (6’3,350).

Matt Hollandsworth returns attight end. He recorded Bluefield’sfirst touchdown since 1941 in theseason opening loss to Pikeville.

Mike Scott, who is Bluefield’s

third defensive coordinator in thelast eight months, has severalreturnees, including defensivebacks Frank Brooks, AnthonyRivers and Stewart Copening,linemen Tanner Gilleland andJonathan Toe, along with line-backers Harry Casseus and R.J.Buford, from Bluefield HighSchool.

“I am really excited, we aregoing to be a young, aggressivedefense,” Scott said. “We aregoing to pursue the ball fanatical-ly and make sure we all get

around the ball and that will beour strength.

“Right now we are so young andit is so early in the camp, there isstill lot of things to learn, still a lotmore defenses we need to install,but I think our plan is to be asstructured, disciplined and slideto the ball type of defense.”

Bluefield, which will have justfour of its 11 games at MitchellStadium, also returns kickerCaleb Frye and busy punterDaniel Griffin,

The ‘process’ of building a pro-

gram is what Walker is focusedon, which means rep-to-repprogress in search of success onand off the field.

“We are just going to play all outso that is the learned skill andthat is really what we are trying toget our guys to learn, and also tobe mentally tough,” Walker said.“The program came from a diffi-cult year and there are so manynew guys in one of the best foot-ball conferences in the country...

“I really love the way our guyshave responded to what we havebeen trying to do. We have reallyhad a lot of buy in and we havehad a lot of fun out there, but it isvery, very early.

“We have a long ways to go andthat is what I love about coaching,our game day is practice ascoaches to see how our team pro-gresses.”

Friday • August 23, 2013

Bluefield College Rams 2013 Bluefield CollegeFootball Schedule

Aug. 31 at Point NoonSept. 7 at Pikeville* 7 p.m.Sept. 21 Kentucky Christian* 6 p.m.Sept. 28 at Cumberland (Tenn.) 2:30 p.m.Oct. 5 at Bethel 3 p.m.Oct. 12 Belhaven 1:30 p.m.Oct. 19 Union* 6:30 p.m.Oct. 26 at Southern Virginia 1 p.m.Nov. 2 at Georgetown* 1:30 p.m.Nov. 9 at Lindsey Wilson* 2:30 p.m.Nov. 16 Cumberlands (Ky).* 1:30 p.m.* Mid-South Conference Game

File photo

Running for a win...Bluefield receiver Rodrell Smith, middle, returns to the Ramsthis season.

Ordell Walker

Almost like starting over for Walker and Rams

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By STEPHEN HAWKINS Associated PressDALLAS — For the first time in

three years, the Big 12Conference has the same teamscoming back from the previousseason.

While the seven-time defendingnational champion SEC and thePac-12, among other leagues,have expanded during all theshuffling of conference affiliationsthe past few summers, the Big 12has settled into a 10-team league.

There is no league champi-onship game in early Decemberto determine the Big 12 champi-on. Instead, every team plays theother nine league schools in around-robin schedule thatstretches over three full months— from West Virginia going toOklahoma on Sept. 7, until twofinal regular-season games Dec.7.

The title is seemingly up forgrabs in the league that has lostfour teams and added two since2010.

Consider the curious case ofTexas, whose coach Mack Brownresponded “Who knows?” whenasked about being picked fourthin the Big 12 preseason poll bymedia who cover the league andas high as fourth nationally by atleast one national magazine.

“I do think that we have themost balanced league in the coun-try right now, top to bottom,”Brown said. “Everybody else canbeat anybody else in the league ona given day, and that’s not hap-pening across the country. ...People are confused on who theythink may win this conferencechampionship, and that’s a com-pliment to our league.”

Oklahoma State is the media’schoice to win the league this timearound. Kansas State andOklahoma shared the title lastyear, with the Wildcats getting theleague’s automatic BCS berthbecause of their head-to-head vic-tory over the Sooners.

With Heisman Trophy finalistquarterback Collin Klein gone, K-State is a preseason pick to finishin the bottom half of the league —just like the last two years, whenthe Wildcats instead finished inthe top two.

“I said last year that, if I were

given the opportunity, I wouldhave picked us 99th” K-Statecoach Bill Snyder said. “As I lookat it this year where we stand, I’dprobably echo the same thought.It’s precarious trying to makethose kinds of decisions as theseason gets started.”

———5 THINGS TO WATCH1. QB QUANDARY: Seven of the

10 teams had senior quarterbackslast season, so change is in the air.One of the most experienced QBsin the league hasn’t even taken aBig 12 snap: Before transferringto Kansas and sitting out last sea-son, junior Jake Heaps started 16of his 22 games at BYU. Texasjunior David Ash has started aleague-high 18 games while goingthrough plenty of ups and downs.TCU senior Casey Pachall has 17

starts, but played only the firstfour games last season beforeleaving school for a substance-abuse program. Even OklahomaState had two freshman quarter-backs who started multiple gameslast season, and a third who hassince left the team. Iowa Stateprovided Sam Richardson a headstart, letting him start a couple ofgames late in his freshman sea-son.

2. SOPHOMORE SEASONS:West Virginia and TCU both hadtheir Big 12 debuts last season,when each were the reigningchamps of their previous leagues.Both started the season in the Top25 and got through Septemberundefeated. But both finished 4-5in league play, part of a four-teamtie for fifth place. “It’s as competi-tive a conference as there is in

college football,” saidMountaineers coach DanaHolgorsen, whose team lost QBGeno Smith and nine other offen-sive starters. TCU returns ninestarters from a defense that ledthe Big 12 in total defense — a sta-ple for coach Gary Patterson’steams through all the conference-hopping the Frogs did after beingleft out of the original Big 12 line-up in 1996. “I don’t think there’sany magic formula, but you can’tallow offenses to dictate,” he said.

3. SPEED FREAKS: Baylor,Oklahoma State and Oklahomaeach ran more than 1,000 offen-sive plays last season, while WestVirginia and Texas Tech werewithin 10 of reaching that plateau.All averaged more than 37 pointsa game. Expect more of the sameup-tempo offense this season.

Oklahoma State coach MikeGundy is talking about going evenfaster and Oklahoma, even with-out 50-game quarterback starterLandry Jones, doesn’t anticipatemuch difference. Texas, whichhad only 891 offensive snaps,plans for co-offensive coordinatorMajor Applewhite, the formerLonghorns quarterback, to helpturn up the tempo there.

4. BACK HOME: Kliff Kingsburyexcited Texas Tech fans with hisbig-passing ways as a quarter-back from 1999-2002. Now he’sback in Lubbock as head coachafter spending last season asoffensive coordinator at TexasA&M , helping tutor HeismanTrophy-winning quarterbackJohnny Manziel. Kingsbury willbe 34 when the season begins, theyoungest head coach in any BCS-automatic qualifying conference.Kingsbury joins Oklahoma State’sMike Gundy as a former standoutquarterback now coach at his Big12 alma mater. Gundy took over asthe Cowboys’ head coach 16 yearsafter his last game; Kingsbury isback 11 years later.

5. WHEN DOES BASKETBALLSTART?: The Kansas footballteam has lost 21 consecutive Big12 games since 2010. For his sec-ond season, Charlie Weis hasmore than 20 junior college trans-fers on the roster. That’s not along-term fix, but more a short-term necessity for a coach whohas dismissed 29 scholarshipplayers for a variety of off-the-fieldissues. “Not one of those playersdid I get rid of because theyweren’t any good. You can’t do itfor that reason,” said Weis, whowas 1-11 his first season. “So nowI took a team that already wasn’tvery good, and I made themworse talent-wise. So that led towe need to fill the holes rightnow.” The Jayhawks basketballteam shared its ninth consecutiveBig 12 title earlier this spring.

32 Friday • August 23, 2013

Big 12 Preseason PollOklahoma State (15) 365Oklahoma (8) 355Texas Christian (9) 347Texas (8) 337Baylor (2) 282Kansas State (1) 240Texas Tech 161West Virginia 126Iowa State 96Kansas 56

Big 12, with round-robin schedule, to test balance of the conference

Staff photo by Bob Redd

Country Roads...Milan-Puskar Stadium wiill seat 60,000 for the Mountaineers’ second season in the Big 12.

Andrew Buie, Dustin Garrisonand Smith. Sims, Buie andGarrison all have 200-yard games

on their college resumes. BothSims and Buie ran for 851 yardslast year. Garrison played spar-ingly while recovering from kneesurgery. Smith was with the teamduring spring practice but has

been slowed in preseason campby a thigh bruise.

5. PASS CATCHERS: Holgorsensaid he didn't lose any sleep overthe exits of Austin and Bailey, butit did leave gaping holes at wide

receiver. Ivan McCartney is thetop returnee with nine catches for112 yards as a junior. McCartneyleft the team for personal reasonslast November after strugglingfor playing time and returned to

the roster in May. Holgorsen saidhis best player might be sopho-more Cody Clay, who could line upat tight end, slot receiver or in thebackfield.

Predicted finish: Eighth.

WVU...Continued from 20

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) —The Atlantic Coast Conferencegot bigger. Now it's time to findout if it got better.

Syracuse and Pittsburgh arefinally in after nearly two years ofBig East purgatory, bringing theACC up to 14 teams and helping tosolidify its status as a power con-ference.

The league has plenty of thingsgoing for it. It's wedded to theOrange Bowl for at least 13 moreyears with an attractive lineup ofother bowls behind it. The newgrant-of-rights agreement makesit highly unlikely that anybody fol-lows Maryland out the door.

But there's still work to do as theACC once again tries to makeitself nationally relevant on thefield — and the league's presea-son favorite, Clemson, has thebest chance to raise the profile ofthe conference.

The Tigers have the league'smost likely Heisman Trophy con-tender in quarterback Tajh Boydand a schedule bookended bySoutheastern Conference heavy-weights Georgia and SouthCarolina.

They made people take themseriously by beating LSU in theChick-fil-A Bowl last December,and how they deal with theincreased attention that camealong with that victory coulddetermine whether they're in con-tention for their second ACC titlein three years — if not a biggerprize.

"I told them last year (that) wedidn't handle success very good"in 2011, coach Dabo Swinney said."We're going to have successagain, and how we handle that isgoing to determine our season.And they did a much better joblast year.

"We have to focus on Clemsonand our formula for success, ourpreparation," he added. "That'swhat matters."


1. PUT UP OR SHUT UP. TheACC has plenty of early seasonchances to raise its profile. Inaddition to that Clemson-Georgiagame, Virginia Tech-Alabama andMiami-Florida are among thehigh-profile matchups that couldeither make people take notice ofthe basketball-first league — orsimply shrug their shoulders atanother missed opportunity. Itwent just 4-11 in 2012 against thefour other heavyweight leagues,

and was winless in four final-weekmatchups with the mightySoutheastern Conference.

2. CLEMSON'S CHANCE. TheTigers shape up as the ACC's bestshot at a serious national titlecontender, with Boyd, the league'sreigning player of the year throw-ing to 2011 breakout star SammyWatkins. But the last timeClemson was picked to win theACC (2008) the Tigers stumbledto a 3-4 start that led to a midsea-son coaching change. In theACC's neverending fight againstits public perception, the leaguecan ill afford a faceplant from itspreseason favorite. They hostFlorida State on Oct. 19 in a gamethat likely will decide the AtlanticDivision race.

3. DARK HORSES. Theleague's parity — or is it medioc-rity? — usually means a team ortwo can come out of nowhere tochallenge for a division title. Dukewas in the mix in the CoastalDivision last year, Virginia did it

the year before, and it's hard for-get Wake Forest's surprise run tothe title in 2006. This year it couldbe North Carolina, which lost 10players but has enough talentback — led by QB Bryn Renner,TE Eric Ebron and DE KareemMartin — to make coach LarryFedora's second season an inter-esting one. Or maybe there's asurprise coming at Maryland,where all those injuries in 2012mean plenty of players got at leastsome game experience and WRStefon Diggs could be one of theleague's top playmakers. Anddon't look past coach PaulJohnson's triple-option at GeorgiaTech, which returns virtually itsentire offensive line. Formerbackup QB Vad Lee showedpromise last season, rushing fornine TDs.

4. THE NEW GUYS. Unlike theACC's 2003 expansion, nobody'sexpecting much of a footballupgrade from Syracuse and Pitt.Those schools have combined for

two 10-win seasons since 1992 andone outright Big East title in thepast 15 years (Syracuse, 1998).Other new faces to keep an eyeon: Boston College coach SteveAddazio will try to turn around aprogram coming off its first con-secutive losing seasons since1997-98, N.C. State coach DaveDoeren arrives after leadingNorthern Illinois to back-to-backMid-American Conference titlesand takes over for the fired TomO'Brien — who's now on Virginia'sstaff — and Duke safety JeremyCash, an Ohio State transfer whowill look to improve a defense thatallowed at least 41 points to six ofits final seven opponents.

5. COACHING RANKS: Noneof the ACC's coaches appear to bein serious danger of being fired —at least, not yet. Twelve of the 14schools have changed coachessince 2007, and the other two —Virginia Tech's Frank Beamerand Wake Forest's Jim Grobe —are institutions on their campus-

es. But that's not to say they aren'tfeeling any pressure. A fifthstraight losing season for Grobewould make that 2006 OrangeBowl run feel like a lifetime ago,and all eyes in Blacksburg are onBeamer's overhauled offensivestaff after last year's out-of-char-acter 7-6 finish.

Friday • August 23, 2013

ACC Preseason Atlantic Division

1, Clemson (102) 8152, Florida State (18) 7313, North Carolina State 4904, Wake Forest 3925, Maryland 3736, Syracuse 3207, Boston College 211

Coastal Division 1, Miami (65) 7362, Virginia Tech (27) 6543, North Carolina (22) 6494, Georgia Tech (6) 5225, Pittsburgh 3136, Virginia 2307, Duke 228

ACC ChampionClemson 95, Florida State 15, Georgia Tech 3, Miami 3. North Carolina, 3. Virginia Tech, 1

Loaded Clemson could give ACC's reputation a boost

Contributed photo

Enter Sandman...Virginia Tech will host ACC football this season at Lane Stadium.

NAIA PreseasonFootball PollBy The Associated Press

2012 RecordPts Pvs1. Morningside (Iowa) (4) 13-1 280 22. Marian (Ind.) (8) 12-1 267 12. Missouri Valley (1) 12-1 267 34. Saint Xavier (Ill.) 11-2 260 45. Saint Francis (Ind.) 9-3 239 66. Georgetown (Ky.) 10-1 231 87. Montana Tech 8-3 230 118. Cumberlands (Ky.) 10-2 216 79. Bethel (Tenn.) 9-4 181 9

10. MAmerica Nazarene (Kn.) 8-3 176 1211. St. Ambrose (Iowa) 9-2 170 1012. Carroll (Mont.) 7-4 169 1813. Northwestern (Iowa) 9-3 161 1314. Southern Oregon 9-3 151 515. Baker (Kan.) 8-3 138 1416. William Penn (Iowa) 9-3 129 1517. Tabor (Kan.) 8-2 115 1918. Ottawa (Kan.) 8-3 92 1619. Grand View (Iowa) 8-3 88 1720. Doane (Neb.) 7-3 61 2121. Belhaven (Miss.) 6-5 56 --22. Evangel (Mo.) 7-4 46 2323. Langston (Okla.) 6-4 34 --24. Benedictine (Kan.) 7-4 26 2225. Cumberland (Tenn.) 8-3 24 20Mid-South Conference teams in bold

BCS ChampionshipBowl Winners

By The Associated PressJan. 9, 2012 — Alabama 21, LSU 0Jan. 10, 2011 — Auburn 22, Oregon 19Jan. 7, 2010 — Alabama 37, Texas 21Jan. 8, 2009 — Florida 24, Oklahoma 14Jan. 7, 2008 — LSU 38, Ohio State 24Jan. 8, 2007 — Florida 41, Ohio State 14BCS Championship GamesJan. 4, 2006 Rose Bowl — Texas 41, SouthernCal-x 38Jan. 1, 2005 Orange Bowl — Southern Cal-x 55,Oklahoma 19Jan. 4, 2004 Sugar Bowl — LSU 21, Oklahoma14Jan. 3, 2003 Fiesta Bowl — Ohio St. 31, Miami24, 2OTJan. 3, 2002 Rose Bowl — Miami 37, Nebraska14Jan. 3, 2001 Orange Bowl — Oklahoma 13,Florida State 2Jan. 4, 2000 Sugar Bowl — Florida St. 46,Virginia Tech 29Jan. 4, 1999 Fiesta Bowl — Tennessee 23,Florida State 16

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34 Friday • August 23, 2013

WVIAC power Shepherd pick to claim first Mountain East titleStaff reports

BRIDGEPORT — The ShepherdRams have been picked to win thefirst-ever Mountain EastConference football title after avote conducted by the league'scoaches. Shepherd collected eightof 11 possible first-place votes inearning 117 points.

Charleston was picked to finishrunner-up with 101 points and alsoreceived two first-place votes.Concord was picked to finish third(94) in the 11-team league, fol-lowed by Glenville State (83) andWest Liberty (79).

Shepherd (8-3 in 2012) returnseight starters on both sides of theball from a team that went 8-3 andearned a berth in the Division IIplayoffs. The Rams returns itsentire offensive line that will pavethe way for Jihad Rasheed andAllen Cross. The Rams also led thenation in rushing defense in the

last two seasons, led by linemanHoward Jones and cornerback andKeon Robinson.

Charleston (9-2) lost two gameslast season by a combined 10points. Charleston lost all-every-thing Jordan Roberts, but returnthe quarterback duo of MauriceLeak and John Knox. Eight startersare back on defense, along withstandout kicker Puma Nuredini.

Concord (7-4) won five of its lastsix games, and must replace sixstarters on each side of the ball.The Mountain Lions do return All-America candidates in cornerbackRiyahd Richardson and Bluefieldlinebacker product Jake Lilly.Calvinaugh Jones ran for 749yards last season.

Glenville State (6-5) lost fivegames, all on the road last season.The Pioneers return one of the toprunning backs in the country inRahman Lee who rushed for 1,357

yards and 13 touchdowns a yearago.

West Liberty (6-5) won four of sixto end the season, including a one-point win over Shepherd. DylanLagarde made five starts throwingfor 1,150 yards with six touch-downs, but also had 14 intercep-tions. Isaiah Moody ran for 618yards and six scores last year.

Urbana (7-4) finished third in theGreat Lakes Valley Conference.The Blue Knights will be led by All-America candidate quarterbackD.J. Mendenhall, who has thrownfor 6,702 yards and ran for another1,605 yards over the last three sea-son. Joe Webb caught 63 balls for1,074 yards last year.

Fairmont State (4-6) will be led byfirst-year head coach JasonWoodman. Daniel Monroe is onpace to be one of the top backs inschool history, while Garrett Davisled the nation last year in solo tack-

les per game.Notre Dame College (3-8) is in

just its fourth year of existenceunder head coach Adam Howard,having played in the Great LakesIntercollegiate Athletic Conference.Pedro Powell rushed for a schoolrecord 1,460 yards and found theend zone 11 times last year.

Virginia-Wise (3-8) is making thejump from NAIA to Division II.Fifteen starters return, includingZach Cochran (301 yards, fivetouchdowns), Terrance Younger(24 receptions, 516 yards) andsafety Marcus Jones (65 tackles,six tackles for a loss).

West Virginia State (2-9) will lookto rebound under first year headcoach Jon Anderson. The YellowJackets are led on defense byWenly Beliard (67 tackles, 13 tack-les for a loss) and DominqueMatthews (53 tackles, four tacklesfor a loss).

George Shehl (3-8) is anotherfirst year head coach for WestVirginia Wesleyan. The Bobcatsfeature Lavaughn Hughes, who ledNAIA Division II last year with 453punt return yards and also addedthree punt return touchdowns.

The inaugural Mountain East seasonbegins on Sept. 5, with several teams inaction, including Concord at Lenoir-Rhyne waiting to play on Sept. 7.

Mountain EastConference Poll

1. Shepherd (8) 1172. Charleston (2) 1013. Concord 944. Glenville State 835. West Liberty 796. Urbana (1) 757. Fairmont State 518. Notre Dame College 409. UVa-Wise 3110. West Virginia State 2811. West Virginia Wesleyan 27

Bluefield faces difficult climb through rugged Mid-South ConferenceBy BRIAN WOODSONBluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD, Va. —Bluefield College’s first sea-son on the grdiron in theMid-South Conferencewent about as expected.

The Rams finished 0-11 onthe season, and 0-6 in theleague.

It won’t be any easier in2013, not in a league wherefive of the league’s 13schools are ranked amongthe top 25 in the NAIAnational preseason poll.

That includes defendingMSC championGeorgetown, which isranked sixth, followed byNo. 8 Cumberlands, Ky., No.9 Bethel, No. 21 Belhavenand No. 25 Cumberland,Tenn.

Bluefield, which played inthe West Division of theMid-South, has moved tothe East, along withLindsey Wilson for the 2013season.

Georgetown, in what is itsfinal season in the Mid-South, is the preseasonfavorite to win the East,while Bethel is the pick inthe West. Georgetown isanticipating a move to theNCAA Division II and theGreat Midwest Conference.

The Mid-South alsoincludes non-football play-ing schools St. Catharine’s,Rio Grande and Shawnee

State. The University ofVirginia’s College at Wisehas joined the NCAADivision II’s Mountain EastConference.

Below is a look at eachschool, with a few notesabout each, listed in orderof predicted finish inleague.


Location: Georgetown, Ky.Nickname: Tigers.Enrollment: 1,400. Headcoach: Bill Cronin (17th,155-36). 2012: 10-1, 5-0(NAIA Playoffs, lost firstround to Bethel 45-44).Notes: Final season in Mid-South Conference, currentlya provisional member ofGreat MidwestConference…Preseasonpick to win EastDivision..Ranked 6th inNAIA preseasonpoll…Finished 1st in finalNAIA regular season poll in2012…Georgetown has 27-game regular season winstreak, and has won 18 divi-sional games in a row datingback to 2009…Have won 18MSC regular season titles,including 2012…The Tigershave played in four NAIAnational championshipgames, winning two of them.

Cumberlands, KyLocation: Williamsburg, Ky.Nickname: Patriots.Enrollment: 1,743. Headcoach: John Bland (8th, 57-

20). 2012: 10-2, 4-1, NAIAPlayoffs, lost second roundto St. Xavier 35-21. Notes:Patriots ranked 8th in NAIApreseason poll…PreseasonAll-American RB TerranceCobb ran for 1,991 yardsand DB Adrian Hightowerpicked off 10 passes lastseason.

Kentucky ChristianLocation: Grayson, Ky.Nickname: Knights.Enrollment: 550. Headcoach: Gene Peterson (1stseason). 2012: 7-4, 3-1.Notes: Former head coachMike Furry, is now a widereceivers coach atMarshall...Opens seasonwith NAIA defending nation-al champion Marian.

Lindsey WilsonLocation: Columbia, Ky.Nickname: Blue Raiders.Enrollment: 2,600. Headcoach: Chris Oliver (4th, 15-17). 2012: 3-8, 1-4,. Notes:Lindsey Wilson reinstatedfootball in 2009, having beenwithout the sport for 75years, four more thanBluefield…Oliver served asa student-assistant at OhioState in 2001-02.

UnionLocation: Union, Ky.Nickname: Bulldogs.Enrollment: 1,350. Headcoach: Tommy Reid (11th,44-69). 2012: 4-7, 1-4.Notes: Reid was a three-year starter at GlenvilleState, leading the Pioneers

to the NAIA Division I nation-al title game in 1993.

PikevilleLocation: Pikeville, Ky.Nickname: Bears.Enrollment: 1,156. Headcoach: Dudley Hilton (3rd,7-14). 2012: 3-8, 1-4. Note:Hilton won 345 games in 36seasons on prep gridirons inKentucky before taking overat Pikeville. He won threestate titles, and had 34 win-ning seasons in row

BluefieldLocation: Bluefield, Va.Nickname: Rams.Enrollment: 850. Headcoach: Ordell Walker (firstseason). 2012: 0-6, 0-11.Notes: Second season offootball since 1941. Bluefieldlast won a game on Nov. 20,1941, a 30-7 decision overRio Grande (Ohio).


Location: McKenzie, Tenn.Nickname: Wildcats.Enrollment: 1,300. Headcoach: Chris Elliott (2nd, 9-4). 2012: 6-0, 9-4 (NAIAPlayoffs, lost second roundto Missouri Valley 10-7).Notes: Ranked 9th in NAIApreseason footballpoll…Shocked top-rankedGeorgetown in the openinground of the NAIA playoffslast season.

BelhavenLocation: Jackson, Miss.Nickname: Blazers.Enrollment: 2,951. Head

coach: Joseph Thrasher(5th, 21-23). 2012: 6-5, 4-2.Notes: The preseasonfavorite in the WestDivision…Ranked 21st inthe NAIA preseason nationalpoll…Belhaven must travel692 miles to Bluefield onOct. 12.

Cumberland, Tenn.Location: Lebanon, Tenn.Nickname: Bulldogs.Enrollment: 1,345. Headcoach: Donnie Suber (firstseason). 2012: 8-3, 4-2.Notes: Ranked 25th in theNAIA preseason nationalpoll. ..Suber replacedDewayne Alexander as headcoach of theBulldogs...Cumberland ismost known for its 222-0loss to Georgia Tech in1916.

FaulknerLocation: Montgomery, Ala.Nickname: Eagles.Enrollment: 2,700. Headcoach: Brent Barber (2nd,6-5). 2012: 6-5, 4-2. Notes:Last season was the firstwinning mark in programhistory, which has an overallrecord of just 10-41.Quarterback JoshHollingsworth, who trans-ferred from Furman, was anNAIA All-American in 2011,throwing for 3,937 yards and43 touchdowns..

CampbellsvilleLocation: Campbellsville,Ky. Nickname: Tigers.Enrollment: 3.000. Head

coach: Perry Thomas (5th,27-30). 2012: 3-8, 2-4.Notes: Won the 2011NCCAA VictoryBowl…Finished second toGeorgetown three straightyears prior to last season..

ReinhardtLocation: Waleska, Ga.Nickname: Eagles.Enrollment: 1,253. Headcoach: Danny Cronic (1stseason). Season opener:Aug. 31, at Mercer. 2012:DNP. Note: First season ofcollege football…Will notplay Bluefield, which is in itssecond season of foot-ball…Has played the Ramsin other sports as membersof the Appalachian AthleticConference…Reserved sea-son tickets for Reinhardtfootball sold out in amonth...Cronic has 36 yearsof coaching experience, andis a member of two countysports hall of fames in

Mid-SouthConference Poll

East Division1. Georgetown (Ky.) (5) 35 2. Cumberlands (Ky.) (2) 32 3. Kentucky Christian 24 4. Lindsey Wilson* 22 5. Union 15 6. Pikeville 13 7. Bluefield (Va.)* 6

West DivisionT1. Belhaven (Miss.) (2) 20 T1. Bethel (Tenn.) (3) 20T3. Cumberland (Tenn.) (1) 17 T3.Faulkner (Ala.) 17 5. Campbellsville (Ky.) 11 6. Reinhardt (Ga.) 5

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Tulsa and East Carolina get onemore chance to win anotherConference USA title before mov-ing to a new league.

Or maybe a newcomer likeLouisiana Tech or MiddleTennessee can get started with achampionship in C-USA, whichstill has plenty of teams comingand going.

The Bulldogs and Blue Raidersare among six new teams thisseason in Conference USA, thoseadditions more than offsetting thefour that left. Tulane joins Tulsaand East Carolina as schools intheir final season in the league —and that trio will be fully replacedover the next two years.

"Honestly, it's exciting to me. Ithink that having the fact that it'salready out there that there'sgoing to be transition when theyear's over, it takes away the con-cern," said Tulsa coach BillBlankenship. "What I'm moreexcited about is getting to playTexas-San Antonio and LarryCoker, and North Texas and DanMcCarney, and Skip Holtz andLouisiana Tech."

Defending C-USA championTulsa lost eight starters from theleague's top defense but is still theWest Division favorite.

The Golden Hurricane also wonthe league's first championshipgame in 2005.

East Carolina, which has alsowon two titles in that span,returns eight starters on bothoffense and defense and isfavored in the East on its way out.

"It's not that awkward and beingpicked always just makes it a realchallenge, but it shows greatrespect for your program,"Pirates coach Ruffin McNeill said.

McNeill is in his fourth season atEast Carolina, where he replacedSkip Holtz, who is back in C-USA

in his first season at LouisianaTech. The Bulldogs didn't play in abowl last season even after going9-3 while averaging 51 points and578 yards per game. Sonny Dykes,another son of a well-known headcoach, left for California and thereare also 32 seniors gone from thatsquad.

The only way Holtz faces EastCarolina is if both teams make itto the league championshipgame.

When Tulsa, East Carolina andTulane head to the AmericanAthletic Conference, there will beseven former C-USA teams nextseason in the league that used tobe the Big East.


1) WELCOME — AND STAYAWHILE: There are four first-yearcoaches in C-USA, and all are atschools set to still be in the leaguenext season. Sean Kugler is aUTEP alum and former assistant(1993-2000) who then coached for

three NFL teams before gettinghis first head coaching job asMike Price's replacement.Former Oklahoma State offensivecoordinator Todd Monken takesover at Southern Miss, which wasthe only winless FBS team lastseason at 0-12, coming a yearafter the Golden Eagles were 12-2and C-USA champs. SouthernMiss next season will be the onlyteam remaining from the original1996 C-USA lineup. Holtz spentthe last three seasons in the BigEast with South Florida. RonTurner is in his first season at FIUafter working for three differentNFL teams since his stint atIllinois' head coach from 1997-2004.

2) LOT OF LONE STAR: Four ofthe league's 14 teams are in Texas— North Texas, Rice, UTEP andUTSA. That should help buildsome regional rivalries, especiallywith all of them in the WestDivision. "You look back at theSouthwest Conference days, all

the great rivalries existedbecause of the locations of theuniversities," Rice coach DavidBailiff said. And Louisiana Tech,which had been in the WAC, isn'ttoo far away. "All of a suddenyou've got car-ride trips for yourfan base, where people get in thecar and put the flag in the win-dow," Holtz said. "Their fans canalso come to our place, which Ithink is going to be a completelydifferent atmosphere forLouisiana Tech. Because being inthe WAC, every trip's been a planeride."

3) PASSING HERD: WithRakeem Cato throwing the ball atMarshall, expect more videogame-like numbers the offense.Cato led the FBS last year with350 yards passing and 34 comple-tions a game, along with a league-best 37 touchdowns. His career 66percent completion rate is cur-rent the best in school history,ahead of Byron Leftwich or ChadPennington. And Cato has his top

receiver back in junior TommyShuler, who had a school-record110 catches last season for 1,138yards and six touchdowns.

4) SUNNY OUTLOOK?: MiddleTennessee, going into its 99thfootball season, was part of athree-way tie for second in theSun Belt Conference last season.Florida Atlantic and FIU wereboth 2-6 in the Sun Belt, and theonly team to finish below them inthat league was South Alabama, atransitioning FBS team that was-n't even eligible for the leaguetitle. FIU lost eight starters onboth sides of the ball, but FloridaAtlantic has 15 starters back(seven on offense, eight ondefense).

5) NOW FOR THE KICKER(S):Tulane kicker Cairo Santos madeall 21 of his field goal attempts lastseason, including a 57-yarder thatmatched Rice's Chris Boswell forthe longest in the conference.Boswell made an FBS-high sixkicks of at least 50 yards last sea-son and has 11 in his career.UAB's Ty Long was 14 of 17 with a54-yarder. Half of the league'steams have returning kickers whomade kicks of at least 51 yards.The others are UTSA's SeanIanno, Southern Miss' CoreyAcosta, Florida Atlantic's MitchAnderson and East Carolina'sWarren Harvey.

Friday • August 23, 2013

recommendations for this award.Local fans can also make sugges-tions, but please contact thecoaching staff and have them pro-vide statistics to help in a decisionthat only gets more difficult as theseason progress.

Past winners for player of theyear have included two-time win-ners Ahmad Bradshaw (Graham)and Devon Johnson (Richlands).Other top honorees have includeJake Lilly, Will Cole and RustyCoeburn of Bluefield, Graham’sRobert Henry and H.T. Mathews,

Justin McCracken (Richlands),Taylor Robertson (JamesMonroe) and Mann (Giles).

Coach of the year has been pre-sented for six seasons, with hon-orees including Greg Mance(Richlands), Jeff Damewood(PikeView), Bobby Wyatt(Tazewell), Mitch Estep (RiverView) and Hubbard (Honaker).

College football has watch lists,and lots of them.

Here is our own watch list forthe 2013 season. There could beplenty more. Two of the 11 thatearned player of the year honorslast year were not on the watchlist, similar to Cam Newton, whowon the Heisman Trophy for

Auburn in 2010, without any pre-season hype.

Here are just a few players towatch for this particular award in2013.

There are many more.Ryan Absher, Montcalm Shannon Adams, Twin Valley Gray Baker, Richlands Cameron Barbetto, Twin Valley Charles Benfield, GrahamDusty Boggess, Giles R.J. Bourne, Bluefield Jeffrey Bowen, Haysi Ben Brown, RichlandsIsaiah Brown, Summers County Malik Davis, Tazewell Casey Dye, HonakerD.J. Edwards, Bluefield

Tyler Faulkner, Bland County Jason Grose, Montcalm Joe Hall, Narrows Christian Hedinger, Wyoming

East Colby Hill, Graham Randy Horton, Honaker Gregg Marshall River View LaQuell Martin, Mount View Terrance Martin, NarrowsChris McBride, PikeView Brady McClanahan, Grundy Charles McCoy, Grundy Reed McNeer, James Monroe Jacob McReynolds, Tazewell Hunter Moses, PikeView Jay Palmer, Princeton Rodney Perdue, Narrows Jamari Perry, Mount View

Carter Rasnick, Tazewell

Cody Rhodes, Giles

Tahj Sho-Johnson, Princeton

T.J. Smith, Summers County

Colton Staten, Richlands

D.J. Stewart, Bluefield

Jacob Summe, Wyoming East

Jalen Sykes, Haysi

Brian Young, James Monroe

Dylan Walker, Bland County

Brett Whitlow, Giles

Jordan Wilson, River View

Award...Continued from 3

Tulsa, ECU chance to exit Conference USA with another titleConference USA Poll

East DivisionEast Carolina (11) 95Marshall (2) 82Middle Tennessee (1) 70Alabama-Birmingham 54Southern Mississippi 40Florida Atlantic 28Florida International 23

West Division Tulsa (14) 98Rice 76Louisiana Tech 72Texas-EL Paso 46North Texas 39Tulane 31Texas-San Antonio 30

Contributed photo

Herd Nation...Joan C. Edwards Stadium at Marshall seats around 40,000 for college football games.

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36 Friday • August 23, 2013

2013 WEEK-BY-WEEK SCHEDULESWeek 1 Friday, Aug. 30 High Schools

Graham at Bluefield, 7:30 p.m.James Monroe at Greenbrier East, 7:30 p.m.River View at Mount View, 7:30 p.m.PikeView at Summers County, 7:30 p.m.Shady Spring at Princeton, 7:30 p.m.Wyoming East at Mingo Central, 7:30 p.m.Craig County at Bland County, 7 p.m.Blacksburg at Giles, 7 p.m.Grundy at Twin Valley, 7:30 p.m.Haysi at Castlewood, 7:30 p.m.Honaker at Lebanon, 7:30 p.m.Hurley at East Ridge, Ky, 7:30 p.m.Auburn at Narrows, 7 p.m.Gate City at Richlands, 7:30 p.m.Tazewell at Virginia High, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, Aug. 31 High Schools

Hundred at Montcalm, 1 p.m.Colleges

William & Mary at West Virginia, noon Bluefield at Point, noonBrigham Young at Virginia, 3:30 p.m.Virginia Tech vs. Alabama (at Atlanta), 5:30 p.m.Miami (Ohio) at Marshall, 7 p.m.

Week 2 Friday, Sept. 6 High Schools

Bluefield at Princeton, 7:30 p.m.Summers County at James Monroe, 7:30 p.m.Twin Valley at Montcalm, 7 p.m.Man at Mount View, 7:30 p.m.Independence at PikeView, 7:30 p.m.Buffalo at River View, 7:30 p.m.Westside at Wyoming East, 7:30 p.m.Rural Retreat at Bland County, 7:30 p.m.Giles at Christiansburg, 7 p.m.Tazewell at Graham, 7 p.m.Lebanon at Grundy, 7:30 p.m.Eastside at Hurley, 7:30 p.m.Eastern Montgomery at Narrows, 7 p.m.Richlands at Union. 7:30 p.m.Bye: Haysi, Honaker

Saturday, Sept. 7Colleges

Western Carolina at Virginia Tech, 1:30 p.m.Oregon at Virginia, 3:30 p.m.Gardner-Webb at Marshall, 6:30 p.m.West Virginia at Oklahoma, 7 p.m.Bluefield at Pikeville, 7 p.m.Concord at Lenoir-Rhyne, 7 p.m.

Week 3 Friday, Sept. 13High Schools

Narrows at Montcalm, 7 p.m.Tug Valley at Mount View, 7:30 p.m.PikeView at Liberty, 7:30 p.m.Princeton at Capital, 7:30 p.m.Summers County at Grafton, 7:30 p.m.Sherman at Wyoming East, 7:30 p.m.Northwood at Bland County, 7 p.m.Graham at Richlands, 7:30 p.m.Hurley at Grundy, 7:30 p.m.Clintwood at Haysi, 7:30 p.m.Honaker at Eastside, 7:30 p.m.Tazewell at Sullivan Central, 7:30 p.m.Twin Valley at East Ridge, Ky., 7:30 p.m.

Bye: Bluefield, Giles, James Monroe, River View Saturday, Sept. 14

CollegesVirginia Tech at East Carolina, noon Georgia State at West Virginia, noon West Virginia State at Concord, 1 p.m.Marshall at Ohio, 8 p.m.Open: Bluefield, Virginia

Week 4 Friday, Sept. 20 High Schools

Gate City at Bluefield, 7:30 p.m.James Monroe at PikeView, 7:30 p.m.Craig County at Montcalm, 7 p.m.Mount View at Liberty, 7:30 p.m.Princeton at Hurricane, 7:30 p.m.River View at Man, 7:30 p.m.Wyoming East at Summers County, 7:30 p.m.Bland County at Holston, 7:30 p.m.Narrows at Giles, 7 p.m.Graham at Grundy, 7:30 p.m.Tug Valley at Haysi, 7:30 p.m.Central-Wise at Honaker, 7:30 p.m.Shelby Valley, Ky. at Hurley, 7:30 p.m.Richlands at Lord Botetourt, 7:30 p.m.Tazewell at Chilhowie, 7:30 p.m.Twin Valley at Northwood, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 21Colleges

Concord at Bowie State, 1 p.m.Kentucky Christian at Bluefield, 6 p.m.Marshall at Virginia Tech, TBA Maryland at West Virginia, TBA VMI at Virginia, TBA

Week 5 Thursday, Sept. 26

Colleges Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech, 7:30 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 27 High Schools

Bluefield at Greenbrier East, 7:30 p.m.River View at James Monroe, 7:30 p.m.Auburn at Montcalm, 7 p.m.Mount View at Wyoming East, 7:30 p.m.Shady Spring at PikeView, 7:30 p.m.Spring Valley at Princeton, 7:30 p.m.Greenbrier West at Summers County, 7:30 p.m.Bland County at Eastern Montgomery, 7 p.m.Giles at Graham, 7 p.m.Haysi at Grundy, 7:30 p.m.Honaker at Twin Valley, 7:30 p.m.Hurley at Craig County, 7:30 p.m.Narrows at Rural Retreat, 7:30 p.m.Virginia High at Richlands, 7:30 p.m.George Wythe at Tazewell, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 28Colleges

Concord at West Liberty, 1 p.m.Bluefield at Cumberland, Tenn, 2 p.m.Oklahoma State at West Virginia, TBA Virginia at Pittsburgh, TBA Open: Marshall

Week 6Friday, Oct. 4High Schools

Richlands at Bluefield, 7:30 p.m.James Monroe at Chapmanville, 7:30 p.m.Montcalm at Northwood, 7:30 p.m.Greenbrier West at PikeView, 7:30 p.m.

George Washington at Princeton, 7:30 p.m.Wyoming East at River View, 7:30 p.m.Summers County at Covington, 7 p.m.Galax at Giles, 7 p.m.Shelby Valley, Ky. at Grundy, 7:30 p.m.Twin Springs at Haysi, 7:30 p.m.Honaker at John Battle, 7:30 p.m.Hurley at Thomas Walker. 7:30 p.m.Marion at Tazewell, 7:30 p.m.Phelps, Ky. at Twin Valley, 7:30 p.m.Bye: Bland County, Graham, Mount View, Narrows

Saturday, Oct. 5Colleges

Fairmont State at Concord, 2 p.m.Texas -San Antonio at Marshall, 2 p.m.Bluefield at Bethel, 3 p.m.North Carolina at Virginia Tech, TBA West Virginia at Baylor, TBA Ball State at Virginia, TBA

Week 7 Friday, Oct. 11High Schools

Bluefield at River View, 7:30 p.m.James Monroe at Westside, 7:30 p.m.Montcalm at Tri-Cities Christian, 7 p.m.Mount View at Meadow Bridge, 7:30 p.m.PikeView at Wyoming East, 7:30 p.m.Princeton at St. Albans, 7:30 p.m.Independence at Summers County, 7:30 p.m.Bland County at Narrows, 7 p.m.Auburn at Giles, 7 p.m.Grayson County at Graham, 7 p.m.Thomas Walker at Haysi, 7:30 p.m.Clintwood at Honaker, 7:30 p.m.Richlands at Tazewell, 7:30 p.m.Twin Valley at Hannan, 7:30 p.m.Bye: Grundy, Hurley

Saturday, Oct. 12Colleges

Concord at Urbana, noon Belhaven at Bluefield, 1:30 p.m.Marshall at Florida Atlantic, 5 p.m.Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech, TBA Virginia at Maryland, TBAOpen: West Virginia

Week 8 Friday, Oct. 18 High Schools

Westside at Bluefield, 7:30 p.m.Mount View at James Monroe, 7:30 p.m.Midland Trail at Montcalm, 7 p.m.PikeView at River View, 7:30 p.m.Riverside at Princeton, 7:30 p.m.Meadow Bridge at Summers County, 7:30 p.m.Wyoming East at Shady Spring, 7:30 p.m.Grayson County at Bland County, 7 p.m.Giles at Eastern Montgomery, 7 p.m.Grundy at East Ridge, Ky., 7:30 p.m.Twin Valley at Haysi, 7:30 p.m.Hurley at Honaker, 7:30 p.m.Fort Chiswell at Narrows, 7 p.m.Bye: Richlands, Tazewell

Saturday, Oct. 19 High Schools

Galax at Graham, 1:30 p.m.Colleges

West Virginia Wesleyan at Concord, 1 p.m.Union at Bluefield, 6:30 p.m.Texas Tech at West Virginia, TBA Duke at Virginia, TBA Open: Virginia Tech, Marshall

Week 9 Thursday, Oct. 24

Marshall at Middle Tennessee State, 7:30 p.m.Friday, Oct. 25 High Schools

Bluefield at Oak Hill, 7:30 p.m.Liberty at James Monroe, 7:30 p.m.Montcalm at Tygarts Valley, 7 p.m.Summers County at Mount View, 7:30 p.m.PikeView at Meadow Bridge, 7:30 p.m.Woodrow Wilson at Princeton, 7:30 p.m.River View at Nicholas County, 7:30 p.m.Bland County at Graham, 7 p.m.Giles at Radford, 7 p.m.Grundy at Tazewell, 7:30 p.m.Haysi at Hurley, 7:30 p.m.Castlewood at Honaker, 7:30 p.m.Narrows at Galax, 7 p.m.Abingdon at Richands, 7:30 p.m.Twin Valley at Rye Cove, 7:30 p.m.Bye: Wyoming East

Saturday, Oct. 26Colleges

Concord at Charleston, 1 p.m.Bluefield at Southern Virginia, 1 p.m.West Virginia at Kansas State, TBA Duke at Virginia Tech, TBA Georgia Tech at Virginia, TBA

Week 10Friday, Nov. 1

High Schools James Monroe at Bluefield, 7:30 p.m.Montcalm at Hannan, 7 p.m.Westside at Mount View, 7:30 p.m.River View at Lincoln County, 7:30 p.m.Summers County at Richwood, 7:30 p.m.Wyoming East at Independence, 7:30 p.m.Galax at Bland County, 7 p.m.Floyd County at Giles, 7 p.m.Graham at Fort Chiswell, 7 p.m.Grundy at Honaker, 7:30 p.m.Haysi at Harlan, Ky., 7:30 p.m.Phelps, Ky. at Hurley, 7:30 p.m.Narrows at Grayson County, 7 p.m.Richlands at Lebanon, 7:30 p.m.Tazewell at Abingdon, 7:30 p.m.Bye: PikeView, Princeton, Twin Valley

Saturday, Nov. 2 Colleges

Southern Mississippi at Marshall, NoonBluefield at Georgetown, 1:30 p.m.Virginia-Wise at Concord, 2 p.m.West Virginia at Texas Christian, TBA Virginia Tech at Boston College, TBA Clemson at Virginia, TBA

Week 11 Thursday, Nov. 7

High Schools Midland Trail at PikeView, 7:30 p.m.

Friday, Nov. 8 High Schools

Wayne at Bluefield, 7:30 p.m.Princeton at James Monroe, 7:30 p.m.Mount View at Mingo Central, 7:30 p.m.River View at Westside, 7:30 p.m.Liberty at Wyoming East, 7:30 p.m.Bland County at Fort Chiswell, 7 p.m.Giles at Glenvar, 7 p.m.Graham at Narrows, 7 p.m.

Grundy at Richlands, 7:30 p.m.Honaker at Haysi, 7:30 p.m.Hurley at Twin Valley, 7:30 p.m.Lebanon at Tazewell, 7:30 p.m.Bye: Montcalm, Summers County

Saturday, Nov. 9Colleges

Alabama-Birmingham at Marshall, noon Concord at Notre Dame, 1 p.m.Bluefield at Lindsey Wilson, 3:30 p.m.Texas at West Virginia, TBA Virginia Tech at Miami, TBA Virginia at North Carolina, TBA

Week 12 Thursday, Nov. 14

Colleges Marshall at Tulsa, 7:30 p.m.

Nov. 15-16 High Schools

West Virginia Playoffs, Round one Virginia Playoffs, Round one

Saturday, Nov. 16Colleges

Shepherd at Concord, 1 p.m.Cumberlands, Ky. at Bluefield, 1:30 p.m.West Virginia at Kansas, TBAMaryland at Virginia Tech, TBA Open: Virginia

Week 13 Nov. 22-23

High SchoolsWest Virginia Playoffs, Round twoVirginia Playoffs, Round two

Saturday, Nov. 23Colleges

Marshall at Florida International, TBA Virginia at Miami, TBA Open: West Virginia, Virginia Tech

Week 14 Nov. 29-30

High Schools West Virginia Playoffs, Round three Virginia Playoffs, Round three

CollegesEast Carolina at Marshall, Noon

Saturday, Nov. 30 Colleges

Iowa State at West Virginia, TBA (could be Nov. 29) Virginia Tech at Virginia, TBA

Week 15 Dec. 6-7

High Schools West Virginia State Championship GamesVirginia Playoffs, Round four

Saturday, Dec. 7 ACC Championship Game, at Charlotte, N.C.Conference USA Championship Game, TBD

Week 16 Saturday, Dec. 14

High Schools Virginia State Championship Games

2013 Top AreaPrep Games

1. Graham at Bluefield: Should be asgood as ever. Enough said.2. Richlands at Bluefield: Area’s top 2teams back by popular demand.3. Clintwood at Honaker: Tigers second instate in 2012, ‘Wave on state in ‘11.4. Wayne at Bluefield: Pioneers seekthree-peat, Beavers lost big last two years.5. Richlands at Union: Former rivalsPowell Valley, Appalachia will challengeBlues.6. Giles at Graham: The Spartans bringthe single wing to 7. Bluefield at Princeton: Combined for96 points last season, won by Beavers.8. Graham at Richlands: Graham has lostfive straight to Blue Tornado.

9. River View at Mount View: Seasonstarts with McDowell County showdown.10. Honaker at Haysi: Black DiamondDistrict at stake again.11. Richlands at Tazewell: Rivals still getafter each other, Blues have won since ‘03.12. Princeton at James Monroe: Twolocal teams meet in season’s final week.13. Tazewell at Graham: G-Men has wonfive in a row over rebuilding Bulldogs.14. Bluefield at Oak Hill: Bluefield speedvs. Devils’ Jalen Jones. Check it out.15. Bland County at Narrows: Always acompetitive game between small schools.16. Mount View at James Monroe: Twoteams searching for past glory.17. Woodrow Wilson at Princeton: Tigerswill try to ground the hard-Flying Eagles.18. Narrows at Giles: Big game in GilesCounty, dominated by the Spartans.19. Honaker at Lebanon: Bragging rightsat stake in Russell County.

20. James Monroe at PikeView: Healthyrivalry has developed between schools.21. Wyoming East at Summers County:Both teams ended playoff droughts in ‘12.22. Graham at Grundy: Former SouthwestDistrict rivals back on the field.23. River View at Westside: Last twomeetings have been decided by 8 points.24. Grundy at Tazewell: Another old SWDrivalry renewed at Bulldog Stadium.25. Giles at Christiansburg: Spartans areDivison 2, Blue Demons are Division 4.26. Narrows at Montcalm: An interestingsmall school tilt between local teams.27. Man at River View: Is there a betternickname out than Hillbillies? 28. Hurley at Grundy: Hurley nearly cor-raled the Wave in ‘12, losing by 2 points.29. Mount View at Wyoming East: MVbeat Warriors in ‘12 to snap 31-game skid.30. Twin Valley at Montcalm: Two of thesmaller area schools meet in Week 2.

2013 Top AreaCollege Games

1. Virginia Tech vs. Alabama:Hokies face top-ranked Tide.2. Oregon at Virginia: The QuackAttack ranked in top 5. .3. Texas at West Virginia: Texashas lost both meetings with WVU.4. East Carolina at Marshall:Could decide C-USA East Divisiontitle in Pirates final year in league.5. Virginia Tech at Miami: Coulddecide ACC Coastal Division crown.6. West Virginia State at Concord:First Mountain East game for Lions.7. Bluefield at Point: Rams playfirst under coach Ordell Walker 8. Oklahoma State at West

Virginia: Dana Holgorsen helpedbuild Cowboys’ offense.9. Virginia Tech at Virginia: Hokieslook for 10th straight win in series 10. West Virginia at Oklahoma:Early Week 2 test for Mountaineers.11. Marshall at Virginia Tech:Herds plays role of giant killer.12. Virginia-Wise at Concord:Rivalry in the making? 13. Virginia at Maryland: Could befinal game between long-time rivals.14. North Carolina at VirginiaTech: ‘Heels nailed Hokies in 2012.15. Brigham Young at Virginia:Cougars now focus on defense.16. Kentucky Christian atBluefield: Home opener for Rams.17. Clemson at Virginia: Top 10,possibly Top 5 team.18. Shepherd at Concord: Lions

upset Rams in last visit to Athens.19. West Virginia at TexasChristian: TCU sexy pick in Big 12.20. Marshall at Ohio: Top rival forThundering Herd football team.

Other games to watch:West Virginia—at Baylor, at KansasStateVirginia Tech—at Georgia Tech, vs.PittsburghMarshall—at Tulsa, at MiddleTennesseeVirginia—at North Carolina, atMiamiConcord—at Notre Ohio,at CharlestonBluefield—at Pikeville, at SouthernVirginia.

*Top games compiled by Brian Woodson

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Friday • August 23, 2013 37


Community Minded just like you.

Princeton Banking Center322 South Walker StreetPrinceton, WV 24740


Bluefield Banking Center3152 East Cumberland Rd.

Bluefield, WV 24701304-325-6500

Richlands Loan Center1053 Claypool Hill Mall Rd.

Cedar Bluff, VA 24609276-596-9290

Welch Banking Center75 Wyoming StreetWelch, WV 24801


to be the backers, with PacoBonds in the middle.

Up front there will be a rotationwith Burkes, Bailey and Marrs attackles, with Terry Horn (5’9 195Sr.) returning at nose guard.

Chase Burks (5’9 130 Jr.) willhold down one corner with a pairof freshmen, Treyvon Richardson(5’8 140 Fr.) and Joe Hayes (5’11165 Fr.) competing for the othercorner spot. Perry will be thestarting safety.

Fayetteville, Grundy and Van, allSingle-A schools, are gone from

last year’s schedule, replaced byDouble-A opponents SummersCounty, James Monroe andMingo Central.

“We’re looking forward to theschedule changes,” McCoy said.“I like to throw new people inthere every couple of years.

“The kids like to play new peopleand I like to play new people andyou always want to keep thatschedule as competitive as possi-ble.”

The Golden Knights open theseason Aug. 30, hosting McDowellCounty rival River View in the“Battle of the Views”.

Mount View is 0-3 against RiverView.

Mount View...Continued from 12

Wolford and Hurley will join him.Predictions are never easy, but

this Grundy team is tougher thanmost to predict. The Golden Wavelost several key players, including

1,000-yard rusher Nick Travis andall-state punter and kicker WayneMutter from a 4-7 playoff team.

Ward just wants his teams tocompete, whether they’re rebuild-ing or contending.

“You never want to come outand say you're going to win a cer-tain number of games,” heexplained. “We expect to have a

competitive season however. “We expect to compete all sea-

son long. Each game, we expectto play to the best level we arecapable of playing.”

The competition to replaceMutter is still going on forGrundy, which opens the seasonAugust 30 at Twin Valley.

Grundy...Continued from 19

thinking going, sometimes hope-fully it’ll snowball.

“We may not necessarily see itthis year, but if we can start get-ting it instilled in them this year,then hopefully down the road it’llturn back around.”

The coaches are emphasizingintensity, starting with practice.“You play the way you practice,”Mustain said.

The Mavericks have addedPrinceton, Westside and MountView to their slate of games thatalready included Bluefield,Greenbrier East, Chapmanvilleand Summers County.

“It’s definitely a very challeng-

ing schedule,” Mustain said.“Personally, I wouldn’t have it anyother way, but it’ll be hard to getthrough that. I’m not saying it’simpossible.”

“It’s going to be a tough season,a really challenging season forthese kids. I think the opportunityis there, it’s just going to take a lotof hard work.”

Mavericks...Continued from 18

Belcher (5’9 235 Jr.) at center.Justin Carper (6’0 282 So.) will beone of the guards and Kent Taylor(5’1 270 Sr.) and Austin Lavake (6’200 Sr.) will be the tackles.

Moving to the defensive side of

the ball, look for Carper andTaylor to lead the charge up frontwhile Grose, Lanter, Williams,Colton Egnor (5’8 145 So.) andDakota Conley (6’ 150 Jr.) will holddown linebacker positions.

Absher and Travis Duncan (5’9165 Sr.) will be on the corners withJohn Casto (6’ 160 Sr.) the safety.

Travis Poynter (5’8 170 Jr.) willhandle the kicking and puntingduties.

Redmond is assisted by BrianKrabbe, Adam Havens and a spe-cial coach, his father, JimRedmond, Sr., former head bas-ketball coach at Mount View.

Asked the key to this season,

Redmond said, “Play hard andkeep focused, not to worry aboutwins and losses, just do the bestwe can from day-to-day and that’swhat we do. Some people maymention playoffs, but we’re justtrying to improve from day-to-dayand that’s not only football but inschool and everything that we do”

Montcalm has a full slate of 10games this season. Last year theGenerals had only nine becauseErvinton, Va., closed its doors andan opponent could not be found atthe late date. New to the scheduleare Narrows, Auburn, Northwood,all Virginia schools and Tri-CitiesChristian from Tennessee.

Montcalm...Continued from 17

there as well.T.J. Hicks is the only returning

starter at end. “Beyond that we’rejust experimenting and looking,”Hart said after one week of pre-season practice. The receivingcorps could include Travis Reed,Austin Emerson and SawyerLambert.

Hart said about his offensiveplans, “So much hinges on howyour offensive line plays, but I’mhoping we’ll be able to spreadthings out a little bit more, open itup, pass some.”

He termed the defense “certain-ly a work in progress. ... Thoseguys took their lumps last year.”

All starting spots are open on

the five-man defensive line. Theoffensive linemen, joined bySawyer Lambert, will likely fillthat role.

The rest of the unit has moreexperience. Parker and Wrightboth started at linebacker, andWalker returns at end. The otherend will likely come from compe-tition among Reed, Hicks,Emerson and Zane Cunningham.

Christian, Faulkner, Miller andRose — return to the defensivebackfield. Hart said, “They’re ayear older. Those four are all jun-iors now, they all started as soph-omores. Hopefully, they’ve gottena little bit quicker. More than any-thing, they need to be smart.”

Most importantly, he said of hisplayers, “They love the game. ... Ithink that’s going to pay off forthem.”

Bland...Continued from 16

USA TodayTop 25 Poll

The USA Today Top 25 football coachespreseason poll, with first-place votes inparentheses, 2012 records, total pointsbased on 25 points for first placethrough one point for 25th, and rankingin final 2012 poll:

Record Pts Pvs1. Alabama (58) 13-1 1,545 12. Ohio State (3) 12-0 1,427 NR3. Oregon 12-1 1,397 24. Stanford 12-2 1,262 65. Georgia 12-2 1,250 46. Texas A&M (1) 11-2 1,215 57. South Carolina 11-2 1,136 78. Clemson 11-2 1,047 99. Louisville 11-2 1,010 13

10. Florida 11-2 930 1011. Notre Dame 12-1 872 312. Florida State 12-2 844 8

13. LSU 10-3 797 1214. Oklahoma State 8-5 726 NR15. Texas 9-4 622 1816. Oklahoma 10-3 620 1517. Michigan 8-5 589 NR18. Nebraska 10-4 426 2319. Boise State 11-2 420 1420. TCU 7-6 400 NR21. UCLA 9-5 202 NR22. Northwestern 10-3 186 1623. Wisconsin 8-6 172 NR24. Southern Cal 7-6 165 NR25. Oregon State 9-4 135 19Others receiving votes: Kansas State113; Miami (Fla.) 101; Michigan State89; Baylor 80; Virginia Tech 65; FresnoState 62; Arizona State 51; Mississippi32; Vanderbilt 29; Utah State 23;Brigham Young 20; North Carolina 19;Northern Illinois 19; Tulsa 9; Ohio 8; SanJose State 8; Arizona 5; Cincinnati 3;East Carolina 3; Kent State 3;Mississippi State 3; Washington 3;Central Florida 2; Arkansas 1; ArkansasState 1; Rutgers 1; Tennessee 1; Toledo1.

The AP Top25

By The Associated PressThe Top 25 teams in TheAssociated Press preseason col-lege football poll, with first-placevotes in parentheses, 2012records, total points based on 25points for a first-place vote throughone point for a 25th-place vote,and final ranking:

RecordPtsPv1. Alabama (58) 13-11,498 12. Ohio St. (1) 12-01,365 33. Oregon 12-11,335 24. Stanford 12-21,294 75. Georgia (1) 12-21,249 t56. South Carolina11-21,154 87. Texas A&M 11-21,104 t58. Clemson 11-21,083 119. Louisville 11-21,042 13

10. Florida 11-2 894 911. Florida St. 12-2 845 1012. LSU 10-3 802 1413. Oklahoma St. 8-5 755 NR14. Notre Dame 12-1 748 415. Texas 9-4 677 1916. Oklahoma 10-3 579 1517. Michigan 8-5 531 2418. Nebraska 10-4 382 2519. Boise St. 11-2 328 1820. TCU 7-6 323 NR21. UCLA 9-5 286 NR22. Northwestern10-3 199 NR23. Wisconsin 8-6 185 NR24. Southern Cal 7-6 134 NR25. Oregon St. 9-4 129 20Others receiving votes: MichiganSt. 95, Baylor 92, Virginia Tech 86,Miami 85, Arizona St. 53, KansasSt. 43, Fresno St. 36, Vanderbilt 19,Washington 17, N. Illinois 16,Mississippi 11, Utah St. 8, GeorgiaTech 6, Arizona 3, Cincinnati 3,North Carolina 3, Penn St. 2, BYU1.

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