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Autism Awareness Day - Achieve Together World Autism Day. World Autism Day. How to make a Autism day

Jul 08, 2020




  • Autism Awareness Day

  • Autism Awareness Month

  • World Autism Day

  • World Autism Day

  • How to make a Autism day wreath

  • Equipment you need:




    Paper plate/Card

  • Draw around the centre of your

    paper plate.

  • If you do not have a paper plate draw

    around a plate onto card

  • Now use a smaller plate to do another circle inside the

    first circle.

  • Cut out the inner circle of the paper


  • If you are using the card cut around the outer circle.

  • Using the scissors make a small cut in the middle of

    the card.

  • Use the opening and cut out the centre circle.

  • They should now look like this.

  • Cut out the puzzle pieces.

  • When you have cut out all your puzzle pieces you can

    glue them to the cardboard wreath.

  • When your wreath is done tie a piece of ribbon to the

    plate so you can hang your work.

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