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May 26, 2015



  • 1. We provide professionals to the energy & marine industry

2. At the end of the day you want onlythe best personnel, working safelySince 1982 we have played a major role in the recruitment and selection ofprofessionals for our clients in the energy and marine industry.There are two vital parts to our role: The first is understanding our customers andemployees. Secondly, we pride ourselves on our in depth knowledge of the labourmarket, laws and regulations in force in the countries in which we are active. Ourmany years of experience and wide-ranging expertise allow our dedicated staff tomake the correct match in supply and demand.This is a rapidly changing market. The recruitment and selection process is becomingincreasingly shorter because of the need for companies to operate in a faster andmore flexible manner. Due to technological developments, such as internet, we nowhave more transparency as to supply and demand.As well as recruitment and selection, you can also look to us for administrativesupport. We can assist with international laws and regulations, international taxagreements and all necessary documentation and payroll administration.Our offices are located worldwide, which enable us to offer you our serviceswherever you need them. This brochure contains a summary of our most importantspecialisms. Should you have other specialist needs, let us know, we will more thanlikely be able to accommodate these. We willingly share our knowledge with ourclients and employees in order to provide the best solutions for your company.Our ISO certification is your guarantee that quality and safety is embedded in ourorganization.On behalf of the management team and staff,Marcel Burghouwt & Ren NeelissenManaging Directors Atlas Services Group 3. When you have a particular strategyand a vision, you need to be able torely on the right people who havethe same ideas that you have as acompany.Keesjan Cordia,Managing Director at Seafox ContractorsOil & gas, engineering and renewable energyWe supply specialist engineers and technicians for the onshore and offshore industry - at operational aswell as executive level. We also supply senior engineering professionals for the various phases of projects inthe international oil and gas industry, upstream and downstream, as well as for the energy sector and thepetrochemical industry. 4. We possess the largest online database ofprofessionals for the energy and marineindustryOur extensive customer and candidate network and our onlinedatabase enables us to offer the correct professionals, worldwide andquickly, for any phase of a project.PROFESSIONALS FOR EACH PHASE OF A PROJECTLARGEST ONLINE COMMUNITYWe offer total HRM solutions. This means that we can We are unique because we make use of the largestsupply professionals for any phase of a project, fromonline community of professionals for the energy andenvironmental survey to construction and production, marine industry: This databaseas well as maintenance services. We also supplyof professionals enables us to offer fast, efficient andproject leaders in the form of project management, suitable solutions.project control and QHSE.TAILOR MADE CUSTOMER SERVICESWe take care of all your personnel requirements,whether you require a specialized ecologist or acomplete crew. Our international network enables us toprovide you with professionals of various nationalities,on a project or consultancy basis. 5. Merchant shipping, offshore construction and dredgingWe supply crew members for any type of vessel used in the offshore industry: From a tug master to acomplete crew for platform supply vessels, container vessels or heavy freighters. We also have a longhistory in supplying crew members for production and support vessels in the dredging industry. Atlas takes care of part of our personnelmanagement, including mobilization,work permits and planning.Peter Wander,Recruitment and Development Offices Crew atVan Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors 6. Thanks to our specialist knowledge of variousdisciplines we can rapidly supply you with theright professionalsOutsourcing of your HRM matters allows you to concentrate onyour core business. We are more than happy to take care of allarrangements for your professionals, leaving you with nothing toworry about.CONSULTANCY, ADVISORY SERVICESAND MANAGEMENT SUPPORT LOGISTICS SUPPORTWe have the knowledge and ability to provide you, on a It is important that both the professionals andproject basis, with advisory and/or consultancy services yourselves are kept informed of international mattersand management support in a number of specializedon a daily basis. We can offer you assistance withdisciplines. The majority of our professionals haveinsurance, visas, work permits, transport to jobpractical experience and can therefore provide you locations and temporary housing, all according to thewith suitable solutions. required standards.RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONSECONDING OUT AND TEMPORARY EMPLOYEESWe make use of our worldwide knowledge and Our professionals can be seconded out for short orexperience to find the right candidate for every longer periods. Furthermore we recruit and selectvacancy. If you allow us to take care of recruitment professionals for temporary vacancies. You can beand selection, we ensure that you will employ suitable sure of optimal flexibility.personnel immediately. 7. Seismic, hydrographic and consultancyWe supply first-rate professionals for the seismic and hydrographic sector, at operational as well asconsultancy level. Over the years we have built up an enormous network of specialists from all over theworld. In order to sustain top-level services we train our professionals ourselves. I appreciate Atlas for their flexibility.We call on Atlas to supply us withsurvey personnel systematically,since they are one of our favoritesagencies.Philippe Jacquier,Survey Operations Manager at Acergy 8. We willingly take the work off your hands.We will deal with your salary payments andtax mattersWe have extensive knowledge of international laws and regulationsand are able to take care of all salary and administration needs.As such we are able to offer you a complete service based on yourpersonal demands.EDUCATION AND TRAINING PAYROLLING AND SALARY ADMINISTRATIONIt is important to us that our professionals are inWe are happy to take care of salary payments, labourpossession of first-rate knowledge. We like to investcontracts and the implementation of all manner ofin our professionals by offering them education andlegal regulations for you. We pay the employees, sotraining, which we offer on a regular basis. We can also that your organization is free from worries.create tailor made training courses, in consultationwith our clients.EMPLOYABILITY We can offer you competent advice with regard toPERSONNEL MANAGEMENT reintegration, absence coordination and outplacement.With the help of our national and international offices, More than a hundred people a year find a new job withwe take care of the complete personnel managementthe help of Atlas Employability.for a number of our clients. SHIP DELIVERYINTERNATIONAL TAX AND SOCIAL SECURITYAtlas Ship Delivery is specialized in the delivery ofWe have the skill and knowledge to handle allships, marine consultancy and ship management allinternational tax and social security matters for you. over the world. 9. Having various offices in several countriesallows us to offer tailor made services toour clientsWe started as a Dutch company and have built up a worldwide network ofclients and professionals. We offer tailor made services from our variousoffices in several countries. Our Shared Services Centre, supplying back-up toour worldwide network of offices, is located in our main office in Hoofddorp. Algeria Algiers Norway Oslo Australia Melbourne, PerthUkraine - Odessa Brazil MacaeRussia Moscow Cyprus Limassol Singapore Singapore Kazachstan AktauUnited Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Latvia Riga United Kingdom Newquay, Exeter Netherlands Den Helder, Hoofddorp, Rotterdam, Urk United States HoustonFor more information: 10. Oil & gasPower generationEngineeringRenewable energySeismic & hydrographicOffshore constructionDredgingMerchant shipping

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