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Applying for NEH grants using Grants

Feb 01, 2016




National Endowment for the Humanities. Applying for NEH grants using NEH and From 2006, all institutions applying for an NEH grant must apply via, the government-wide grants portal.  To help our applicants, NEH has created this presentation to: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Applying for NEH grants using

    National Endowment for the Humanities

  • NEH and From 2006, all institutions applying for an NEH grant must apply via, the government-wide grants portal. To help our applicants,NEH has created thispresentation to: provide an overview of Grants.govwalk you through the application process

    Please consult the grant program guidelines located on NEHs website ( to learn how to prepare the substantive materials, such as your narrative and budget, that you will submit to NEH using

  • is . . .a cross-agency e-government initiative, spanning 1000 grant programs and over $400 billion in annual awards

    a unified storefront for all customers of federal grants to electronically find grant opportunitiesapply for grantsmanage grants

    an e-government initiative, covering over 30 federal grant making agencies and is managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • provides robust functionalityIt allows the grant community to:search for available grant opportunities and related application packagesreceive automatic e-mail notices about new grant opportunities from the NEH or other agenciesdownload application packagessubmit completed application packagestrack the status of submitted applicationssubmit all their applications to one place no need to learn one system for NEH, another for NSF, another for NIH, etc. All agencies use Grants.Gov.

  • provides significant support to its users:Online user supportonline tutorial, training demonstration, context-sensitive help, FAQs, user guideavailable at:

    Personalized supporte-mail: [email protected] phone number: 1-800-518-4726

  • Home PageUse this page to find out about grant opportunities or to get help with using

  • You can tell to send you automatic e-mail notifications about grants in certain funding categories. In this example, you will be notified about all humanities grants from any agency.

  • You can also have send you notices about all grant opportunities from particular agencies.In this example, you will be notified about any new grant opportunities for both NEH and IMLS.

  • To learn about NEH grant opportunities, visit NEHs Apply for a Grant page. You will be able to access the guidelines for all our programs.

  • NEH guidelines include step-by-step instructions for applying via

  • We remind you to register your institution with if you havent done so already.As part of this process, you will designate one or more AORs (Authorized Organization Representatives) who are authorized to submit applications on behalf of your institution.We also include a link to our helpful registration checklist.

  • We then ask you to download the free PureEdge viewer software needed to fill out the application package.PureEdge is a form-filling program similar to Adobe Acrobat.

  • Now you are ready to click the button to download the application.Note the large button that appears in every NEH guideline.

  • After you click the button, you are taken directly to the download page on can now download the application package and save it on your hard drive.

  • After downloading the application package, you open it using PureEdge. You do not have to be on the Internet to work on your application. Note there are three forms or documents you must complete.

  • You then fill out each of the three forms, using the step-by-step instructions provided in NEHs grant guidelines.

  • Using the attachments form, youll attach the files that make up the heart of your application, including your narrative.NEH requires that you convert your files to PDF (Acrobat) format before attaching them.

  • At any time, you can click SAVE to save a copy of your application on your hard drive.You can return to work on your application later or even e-mail it to your colleagues so that they can work on it as well.

  • When you are done with your application, you should send it to your AOR (Authorized Organizational Representative). The AOR will open it in PureEdge, click the SUBMIT button, and use his/her username and password to send it to

  • In summary Register early!! Even if youre not planning on applying right away, you should go ahead and register with so you are ready to go.Consult the NEH guidelines. They contain all the information you need to register and apply, including our handy Registration Checklist. See:

    Presentation by Brett Bobley, NEH CIO ([email protected])