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Standard 3

Application with Percents

Jan 01, 2016



Application with Percents. Standard 3. Percent of the Total. Sixty-eight percent of Valley Creek School students attend this year’s homecoming dance. There are 675 students. How many attend the dance? 459 students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Page 1: Application with Percents

Standard 3

Page 2: Application with Percents

1. Sixty-eight percent of Valley Creek School students attend this year’s homecoming dance. There are 675 students. How many attend the dance?

459 students2. Out of the 4,500 people who attend the

rock concert, forty-six percent purchase a T-shirt. How many people buy T-shirts?

2070 people

Page 3: Application with Percents

3. Nina sells ninety-five percent of her 500 cookies at the bake sale. How many cookies does she sell?

475 cookies4. Twelve percent of yesterday’s customers

purchased premium-grade gasoline from GasCo. If GasCo had 200 customers, how many purchased premium-grade gasoline?

24 customers

Page 4: Application with Percents

5. The Candy Shack sells 138 pounds of candy on Tuesday. Fifty-two percent of the candy is jelly beans. How many pounds of jelly beans are sold Tuesday?

71.76 pounds6. A fund-raiser at the school raises $617.50.

Ninety-four percent goes to local charities. How much money goes to charities?


Page 5: Application with Percents

A tip is money given to someone doing a service for you such as a server, hair stylist, cab driver, grocery bagger, ect.

Page 6: Application with Percents

1. The total bill at Jake’s Catfish Place comes to $35.80. Palo wants to leave a 15% tip. How much money will he have to leave for the tip?

PRICE OF MEAL 35.80 x RATE OF TIP x 0.15 TIP 17900 35800


Page 7: Application with Percents

2. Christina makes $2,550 per month. Her boss promises her a 7% raise. How much more will she make per month?

$178.503. Ronnie makes $2,400 per month and puts

6% in a savings account. How much does he save per month?


Page 8: Application with Percents

In many businesses, sales people are paid on commission – a percent of the total sales they make.



Page 9: Application with Percents

1. Ramon makes a 4% commission on an $8,000 pickup truck he sold. How much is his commission?

$8,000 x 4 % Change % to decimal

$8,000 x 0.04 Multiply $ 320 Commission


Page 10: Application with Percents

2. Mia makes a 12% commission on all her sales. This month she sells $9,000 worth of merchandise. What is her commission?

$1080 3. Marta sells Sue Anne Cosmetics and gets a

20% commission on all her sales. Last month, she sold $560.00 worth of cosmetics. How much was her commission?


Page 11: Application with Percents

Sale prices are sometimes marked 30% off, or better yet 50% off. A 30% discount means you will pay 30% less than the original price. How much money you will save is also known as the amount of the discount.



Page 12: Application with Percents

1. Tubby Telephones is offering a 25% discount on phones purchased on Tuesday. How much can you save if you buy a phone on Tuesday regularly priced at $225.00 any other day of the week?

$225 x 25% Change % to decimal

$225 x 0.25$ 56.25 Money saved

Page 13: Application with Percents

2. The regular price for a garden rake is $10.97 at Sly’s Super Store. This week, Sly is offering a 30% discount. How much is the discount on the rake?

$10.97 x 30%$10.97 x 0.3

3.291This means that you will save $3.29.

Page 14: Application with Percents

3. Christine buys a sweater regularly priced at $26.80 with a coupon for 20% off any sweater. How much does she save?

$26.80 x 20%$26.80 x 0.2