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Anne Frank and Jewish People Alvaro, Tae-Young and Gaby 8-3
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Page 2: Anne  Frank

Anne Frank… growing up

Anne frank was born June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She lived with her parents, Otto Heinrich Frank and Edith Hollander, and her older sister, Margot.

Page 3: Anne  Frank

Anne Frank… growing up

She grew up in a community of Jewish and Non-Jewish people with friends of many religions. This family wasn’t that devoted to their religion; they instead where devoted to being a close family.

Page 4: Anne  Frank

Anne Frank… Growing up

Anne showed aptitude for reading and writing and her sister margot demonstrated ability with arithmetic. Margot was really studios but anne was outsopken.

Page 5: Anne  Frank

Anne Frank … When she turned 13,

her family gave her a diary where she wrote all her feelings of the horrible situation. It was one way she could express her self during those hard times, plus it was a way of entertainment.

Page 6: Anne  Frank

The hiding begins… On Monday, July 6 Anne

and her family moved to the secret annex because they received a call up for margot. That meant that if margot didn’t assist to the work camp they would arrest all the family. They left their home making people belive they had move to Switerland.

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Page 8: Anne  Frank

Anne Frank… The hiding•The secret annex was a small “house” that Jews used in the holocoust for hiding from the Germans. Where Anne stayed it was located behind her dad’s office. The Annex door was covered with a book shelf for making sure the place was safe and undiscovered.

Page 9: Anne  Frank


Miep was the onethat helped bringingsupplis and food to thefrank’s. Plus she saved the diary.

He was one of the 8 who stayed with the Franks in the annex.

This is a small map where they took track of the war.

Page 10: Anne  Frank

Anne Frank…

Every time Anne got older and smarter she wrote about more mature subjects such as:– God– Human nature

Her last entry was August 1, 1944. Four days before her arrest.

Page 11: Anne  Frank

The Arrest…

In August 4, 1944 the German security found the Anne Frank hiding place and they took them to a concentration camp. This took them a 3 day journey.

Page 12: Anne  Frank

The Westerbork…

It was the first concentration camp they where in. In this concentration camp they worked though it wasn’t that hard. They still had some rights.

Page 13: Anne  Frank


The second concentration camp was HARDER. The men and women where separated and they where forced to do heavy labor.

Page 14: Anne  Frank


Anne wasn’t killed immediately in the gas champers. The Nazis shaved Anne’s head and also they putted a tattoo on her arm with an identified number. They where treated as slaves and animals. They did harsh work.

Page 15: Anne  Frank


Then Anne and Margot were moved to the third and last concentration camp. Edith (Anne’s mother) stayed in the second camp and die of starvation. In this camp Anne and Margot died of Typhus some weeks before the camp was free from the Nazis.

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Page 17: Anne  Frank

Anne Frank’s Diary…

The only that survivor from the family was Otto (Anne’s Dad) who then was able to publish anne’s diary. Anne heard once in a radio station about people sending similar diaries and letters, so she decided she wanted to send her diary. That’s one of the reasons the diary is so good written.

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Page 18: Anne  Frank

Anne Frank

Page 19: Anne  Frank

Anne’s Diaries…

Many people around the world read this book, for knowing more about World War 2, the Holocaust and also about what exactly jewish people felt in those horrible times.

Page 20: Anne  Frank

Anne’s Diary… Now in day her diary

have become one of the most famous books of the holocaust in the world. Is known world wide…

This novel have been translated to more than 50 languages with thousands of editions.

Page 21: Anne  Frank

Jewish people…

The jewish people suffered a lot in those times, they where treated harshly and discriminated with no reason. Germans stared separating jews slowly. At first they stared to take some rights, such as the place they lived, the school where they studied and the places they walk…

Page 22: Anne  Frank

Jewish people…

After some time they stared to killed Jews in concentration camps.

Page 23: Anne  Frank

Engaging websites…

Page 24: Anne  Frank

Where we took information… Some parts of the movie Anne Frank, a diary of a young girl