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Amina Adan Preliminary Task

Amina adan

Jan 16, 2017



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Amina Adan

Amina AdanPreliminary Task

Why I did a Preliminary TaskCompleting a preliminary task individually before working in a group, helped me find my personal strengths and weaknesses, therefore, when I create my group, I can give an input on what my strength is and what my weakness is, so I can hopefully use my strengths and develop my weaknesses.It gives me an insight on how to edit a quick task, as well as direct and shot it.Once I join my group, if people our absent, I could then shoot or edit if needs be.

Here I am editing the opening part of my task. I cut parts out as well as meshing various scenes together. I also had to ensure I had muted all the sound, as I planned to have a soundtrack over everything.

Here I selected the soundtrack, and then legally downloaded it, so I could place it into my video.


Here I rendered my preliminary task, therefore itll be able to be in a video form to upload.