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Ambush! Rules

Feb 28, 2018



  • 7/25/2019 Ambush! Rules


  • 7/25/2019 Ambush! Rules



    1. Introduction 3

    2. Game Parts and Terms 32/1 German Soldier Cards 32/2 View Sleeve and Mission Cards 42/3 The Mission Maps 4

    2/4 The Playin g Pieces 42/5 The Squad Record 6

    2/6 US Soldier Cards 62/7 Paragraph Book 62/8 Chart Reference Screen 62/9 Two Ten-Sided Dice 62/10 Soldier Characteristics 62/11 Terms Used During Play 8

    3. Course of Play 83/1 General Course of Play 8

    3/2 Play Outline 8

    4. Squad Generation 9

    5. Operations 105/1 Paragraph Checks ..10

    5/2 Soldier Stances 105/3 Actions During Operations 105/4 Sight ings 105/5 Conditions ...115/6 Eve nt Checks ..115/7 Perception Checks .115/8 Activation Checks .115/9 Random Determination .12

    6. Action Rounds 126/1 Action Sequence ..126/2 Activati ng German Soldiers ..136/3 Command and Commanders ..13

    6/4 Panic ..146/5 US Soldier Awareness ..146/6 German Activation During Rounds. . . . .... .... ...1 4

    6/7 Performing Actions During Ro un ds .. .. ...........146/8 German Actions ..156/9 German Action Paragraph Ex am pl es .. . ....... ..166/10 German Activation When US

    Soldiers Have Yet to Enter .16

    6/11 Condition Changes During Rounds .16

    7. Movement 177/1 General Rules for Movement .177/2 Movement During Operations .177/3 Movement During Rounds .177/4 German Evasive Movemen t.. .17

    8. Line of Sight 188/1 Tracing a Line of Sight .188/2 Blocking Terrain .18

    8/3 LOS Problems. .209. Fire Combat 21

    9/1 Fire Combat Procedure .21

    9/2 Multiple Fire Targets .219/3 Fire Shifts .219/4 Weapon Jamming and Clearing 219/5 Ammo Expenditure 22

    9/6 German Fire Combat Terms 229/7 Crew Weapons 229/8 Bazookas 22

    10. Grenade/Satchel Charge Combat 2310/1 Grenade/Satchel Charge

    Combat Procedure 2310/2 Grenade Strike PC Check 2310/3 Grenade Scatter 2310/4 Satchel Charges 23

    11. Assault Combat 2411/1 Assault Combat Procedure 2411/2 Capture 2411/3 Charge Assa ult 2511/4 Assau lt Modifiers 25

    12. Minefields and Boobytraps 2512/1 Boobytrap Procedure 2512/2 Minefield Procedure 25

    13. Damage 2513/1 Panic Resul ts 2513/2 Wound Resul ts 2613/3 Incapacitation Result s 2613/4 Kill Resul ts 26

    13/5 Penetration Resul ts 2613/6 Aimed Automat ic Weapon Fire 26

    14. Captured Equipment 27

    15. Victory 27

    Mission 1: Bloody St. Mick 27

    16. Campaign 2816/1 Campaign Procedure 2816/2 Combat Point Awardss 2816/3 Improving Soldier Characteristics 2916/4 Replacements 29

    17. Vehicles 2917/1 Vehicle Attri butes 2917/2 Vehicle Facing 29

    17/3 Vehicle Movement During Operations. . .......3017/4 Vehicle Moveme nt During Rounds 3017/5 Drivers, Passen gers, and Crew 3017/6 Fire Combat Aga inst Vehicles 3017/7 Vehicle Fire Combat 3117/8 German Vehicle Paragraphs 3117/9 Acciden t Checks 3117/10 Vehicles, Minefields, and Boob ytra ps. . . .......3217/11 Grenades and Satchel Charges 3217/12 Running Over Soldiers 3217/13 Tanks 32

    Mission 2: Advance on Chasoul 33

    Mission 3: A Cold Morningin Belgium 33

    Mission 4: D-Day, Drop into Destiny 34

    Mission 5: Operation Pickpocket 35

    Mission 6: Pleasure Boating

    to the West Wall 36

    Mission 7: Bait for the Trap 37

    Mission 8: Dash for the Sambre 38

    1983, Victory Games, Inc., New York, New York 10001.

  • 7/25/2019 Ambush! Rules



    1. IntroductionAmbush!is a tactical level solitaire game of man-to-man

    combat on the western front in World War II. It depictssmall unit actions in great detail and, for the most part, accurately. However, it should be understood that more happens in a singleAmbush! mission than an average soldierencountered in an entire battle historically. Thus, you andyour squad are an elite group that gets into an extraordinary amount of combat and adventure during your mis

    sions.SinceAmbush! is a solitaire game, the presence of the

    Germans is hidden from you until you discover them. Furthermore, you never know what the Germans will do untiltheir intentions are revealed during play. We have attempted to encrypt the German moves and strategies asbest we could. However, the German actions and hidden intelligence procedures we use are simple and can be easily uncovered. We highly recommend that you not break them,because one of the main pleasures of this game is being surprised during play by the things the Germans do. Thereason for the game's ti tle will become obvious in very shortorder.

    It is possible to playAmbush!with two players. In fact,the game can be particularly fun when played this way. Thebest two-player game is to divide your squad into twogroups of four soldiers each. Each player should receive atleast one commander. Equipment should be split evenly between the two half-squads as best as you can. The game isthen played as usual with the two of you playingcooperatively, rather than competitively. It is especially funit you limit conversation between yourselves. For instance,

    2. Game Parts and TermsSome of the terms and ideas mentioned in the following

    rules will not make much sense until you have read the restof the rules. Simply refer back to this section later, once you

    have finished reading the rules.

    2/1 German Soldier CardsEvery German soldier or vehicle that might appear in

    any of the missions has its own card listing its characteristics and possible actions. When a German soldier is activated, pull his card from the deck and place it in front ofyou for easy reference. Keep the card there unti l the Germanbecomes inactive due to being killed or incapacitated orbecause he has exited the map.

    Number.The number identifies each character and vehiclecard individually.

    Identity Letter.A letter from L through Z (omitting O) thatmatches a soldier or vehicle counter to show the German on

    you can talk about strategy and possible moves only whenyou each have a soldier preferably the commander within earshot (two hexes) of each other. You can play semi-competitively by keeping track of the VP's each of your half-squads earn separately and comparing your totals at theend of the mission. You can also use these same ideas to playthe game with three or more players. Experiment, because

    Ambush!is flexible enough to allow different types of play.

    Each Ambush! mission can be played only once,because after playing it you know its plot, characters, andmysteries. However, we have found that if you return to amission long after you played it the first time, it has somereplay value due to the frailty of human memory. Do not depend on this, however, since you might just rememberanyway. For these reasons, Ambush! missions should beplayed carefully and savored for their flavor and uniqueness. We hope you enjoyAmbush!and that it provides youwith many evenings of enjoyment.

    GAMES QUESTIONSIf you have questions about the rules, feel free to write

    to us. When you do, please word your questions so that wecan respond with a simple one-word answer when possible,and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. This will ensure a quick and precise answer to your questions. Mailthem to:

    Ambush! QuestionsVictory Games, Inc.43 West 33rd Street, Suite 603New York, NY 10001

    the map. Each letter appears on more than one card, but only appears on one card used per mission.

    Type.A word describing the German soldier's primary roleor characteristic, such as officer, sniper, or driver.

    Activation Victory Point Award. The number of VictoryPoints you receive when the German is activated, regardlessof what happens later with that German.

    Conditional Victory Point Award. The number of VictoryPoints you receive if something specific happens to the German. Most Germans have no Conditional VP award.

    Weapons.All the equipment the German is carrying. EachGerman uses his equipment as directed in the paragraphs.

    Characteristics. Each German is rated in four areas: Initiative, Perception, Weapon Skill, and Movement PointAllowance. Some Germans also have a Driving Skill rating.Some vehicles have a range of rat ings, depending on the current status of the vehicle and crew. See 2/10 for explanationsof each characteristic.

    Action Table. A matrix used to determine what actions aGerman soldier undertakes each time he gets a turn. Usually, the result of a die roll is cross-referenced with the currentMission Condition (a number from 1 to 6) to yield an ActionParagraph describing the German's maneuvers. Sometimes, however, a Special Reaction or Self-Preservation(both indicated by letters) may be in effect for a German, inwhich case the die result is cross-reference with the appropriate letter column instead.

    Notes. Many soldiers have instructions specifying whateach does when first activated or when other situations arise

    during play. Read these notes carefully.

  • 7/25/2019 Ambush! Rules



    2/2 View Sleeve and Mission CardsThe Mission Cards represent, in a scrambled form, all

    the paragraph references required to play each mission. Thesleeve enables you to find those paragraphs you needwithout letting you see what else the mission might have instore for you. Each mission is played using two or three Mission Cards read one at a time in the view sleeve. Each Mission Card is identified by Mission Number and Mission Condition Number. At the start of a mission, place the MissionCondition 1 card for that mission in the sleeve with the Condition 1 side facing the slots. Refer to the sleeve/ card eachtime a Paragraph Check is triggered by a US soldier entering a hex, each time you conduct an Event Check, and eachtime you must move a German.

    * When a US soldier enters a hex, look up the parag

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