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Aug 04, 2015



2. Kurt A. Mueffelmann , President & CEO, HiSoftware Dana Simberkoff , VP Business Development, HiSoftware Lawrence Liu , Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft 3.

  • How do Iexpand my market presencethrough the web?
  • How do Iavoid litigationsurrounding web accessibility
  • How do Iincrease visitors trustthrough brand consistency and messaging?
  • Is mywebsite Trustworthy ?
  • Is mywebsite functioningat peak efficiency or is there broken links, slow pages, dated information?
  • How do I IncreaseCorporate Responsibility?
  • How does this effectmy Intranet ?


  • Broaden Market Opportunities
    • New customers
    • Increase customer confidence & trust
      • Brand loyalty and reputation
    • Consistency
  • Lessen Risk Management Exposure
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Lawsuit avoidance
  • Increase Social Awareness and Corporate Responsibility


  • Founded 1998
  • 4,000 world-wide customers in 88 countries
  • Industry Leading Technical Accessibility Solutions Vendor
    • Single Platform Solution
    • Cynthia Says
      • Over 20m users
  • Microsoft Accessibility ISV
    • SharePoint
    • ATG
  • HP Web Governance Partner
  • Multi-tiered Distribution Channel
    • International Offices
      • USA / EU / Aus / Asia
    • Worldwide Resellers
    • Consulting Services Partners
  • Triple-digit growth in Revenue


  • Welcome& Introduction
  • What is Accessibility
  • Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (AKS)
    • AKS Overview
    • Deliverables
    • Community
    • Futures
  • End-to-end MOSS Compliance with HiSoftware
  • QA


  • Users may have:
    • Learning difficulties
    • Language fluency problems
    • Hearing impairment
    • Vision impairment
    • Dexterity restrictions
    • Work area restrictions
    • Mobile access, such as in an automobile
    • Disabilities that increase with age


  • Assistive technologies can translate information to the user, but only if the information is text-based. An automated screen reader, for example, is programmed to read text.
  • This means all Web elements must have text equivalents:
    • Images, multimedia, sounds
    • Tables, frames
    • Scripts, applets, objects
    • Color
    • Style sheets
    • Electronic forms

10. Sighted user see a beach, aquamarine sea and rocks in the foreground Image098.jpg on a travel website A blind or partially sighted user, using a screen reader which reads out image098. 11. Canada

  • Canada
  • Common Look & Feel Law
  • United States
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Section 225 of the Telecommunications Act
  • Sections 504 & 508 of the rehabilitation Act
  • Workforce Investment Act of 1998
  • Assistive Technology Act of 1998
  • United Kingdom
  • UK Disability Rights Commission recently invoked national law requiring all public website meet accessibility requirements
  • UK Disability Discrimination Act of 1995
  • Japan
  • E-policy for IT
  • Australia
  • Disability Discrimination Act

Emerging Markets Brazil and China - We are watching these new markets closely.

  • Europe
  • EU announces 2003 Year of Person with Disabilities and commits web accessibility policy for member states
  • European Union Public Policy for Web and E-Inclusion


  • NFB vs. Target (in-progress )
    • Judge ruling is that functions performed in-store that are also offered on-line, must be accessible.
  • NFB vs. California State University
  • and
    • NY State using ADA law, settled out of court.
  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
  • US Federal courts have held that inaccessible web sites can give rise to violations ADA ( Martin v. MARTA )
  • Web sites can be places of public accommodation (DOJ)
  • UK passes DDA, all web sites must be Accessible

13. Incidence of Difficulties and Likelihood to Benefit from the Use of Accessible Technology 14.

  • Educatesorganizations on Compliance issues
    • Developers, Content Providers, Business Owners etc.
  • Auditsthousands of Web Pages
    • Regulatory Requirements
    • Accessibility, Privacy and Security Exposure
    • Brand Risk and Potential Litigation
  • EnforcesSpecific Content Standards
    • How do you know which groups are meeting their requirements?
  • Measuresfor Site Quality Standards
    • How does you know if sites meet internal standards?
    • Are sites meeting customer experience requirements?


  • Build Compliance into Development Life-Cycle with Desktop Solution
    • Identify/resolve content compliance issues at the time of content creation,
    • Test both Transactional and Static Content
    • Integrate into Development Environment or Content Mgmt System
  • Audit Content & Quality Monitoring Server Solution
    • Ensure that Corporate and Regulatory Standards for Web Content are adhered to within the organization.
    • Provide a Global Audit of Web Content Compliance status on a scheduled basis and send reports to the proper stakeholders.
      • Offers Audit/Historic view for measuring progress
      • Repeatable Process


  • Introduction to Purpose of AKS
  • Using AKS
  • Future Required Enhancements
  • Commercial End-to-end Offerings
    • Content Authoring with Workflow
    • SharePoint Site Auditing


  • WCAG 1.0 AA / Section 508 accessibility and usability enhancements.
  • Components
    • Master pages
    • CSS
    • Templates
    • Web parts content by via control adapters .
  • Multi Phased
    • Phase I - Internet and Intranet publishing templates and Web sites.
    • Phase II -Collaboration (wiki/blogs) and team sites
  • Community Support
    • Creation, development, support and launch of AKS online community site for SharePoint customers and partners.


  • Style sheets enable quick implementation of relative sizing for sites that use the styles shipped with MOSS 2007.
  • Master pages implement the new styles and additional template related corrections that provide better usability overall.
  • One click implementation of the AKS Style sheets and other accessibility and usability enhancements.


  • C# Application developed to help facilitate the change of units for from Absolute to relative units
  • Provides a practical more automated solution
  • Open and documented conversion figures that are adjustable


  • AKS control adapters intercept rendered HTML source before it is output to a browser and selectively alter the output to improve accessibility.
  • A control adapter is programmable and extensible to perform a single function or multiple functions.
  • AKS control adapters are documented so that they can be implemented in multiple scenarios.