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Jul 30, 2015



1. MARKETING Advertising & JANUARY - JUNE 2015 2. ENFIELD PLAZA BUSINESSCENTRE NOW TAKING EXPRESSIONSOFINTEREST PROMOTEYOURBUSINESS GIVEA GIFT PEOPLEWILL VALUE! CLASSICCARDS1g, 2.5g & 5g Collector Cards Special Edition Cards SELFBRANDED CARDS AUTHORISED AUSTRALIAN RESELLER 3. Founded in 2011 Real Asset Solutions Australia is a wholesale property aggregator specialising in providing 100% fixed price and turn key real estate to individual investors, property groups and wealth creation companies. What makes us unique is our exclusive partnerships with some of Australia's largest proven developers. Each property is hand selected ad is matched against a strict criteria. All of our properties are in master planned communities or form part of urban infill in the metropolitan areas. Further, not one cent has been added to the price of any of our properties. You would pay exactly the same amount if you purchased directly from the developers. You can rest assured that you are purchasing a property at a realistic price at or below its current valuation price. Real Asset Solutions Australia prides itself on its reputation as a honest ethical Real Estate provider REAL ESTATE SERVICES A Subsidiary of Real Asset Solutions, Red Dog Advertising &Marketing provides specialist agency support to small businesses. Red Dog undertakesproject marketing specialising in online and e-commerce solutions. We provide accessto marketing toolsand advertising that allow small businesses compete with larger multinationalsat small businessprices Let Red Dog take the mystery and head ache away from marketing your business - Brochures- Flyers - Website Development - Mobile Apps For Small Business - Advertising Agency Management - Marketing Strategies - SEO Marketing - Brand Development - Social Wifi ADVERTISING & MARKETING 4. food GET A RETURN PROVIDING FREE SOCIAL WIFI FIND OUT MORE 0401 733 363 [email protected] 5. If you need help establishinga web presencefor your businessand don?t have the timeor experience todoit all yourself, we?re here tohelp. With our experience we understand theintricateprocessesthat gointodevelopinga quality websiteand we strive toprovide our customersthe best solution for all their web needs. Wefocuson developingcustomised, user-friendly websites. Understandingthe user?s point-of-view isessential in deliveringa websitethat will beglobally-embraced, so beforeweproceed with the design, we undertakethe critical step of identifyingthe target audience. In a nutshell, we develop websitesthat are easy tonavigateand user-friendly sothat your customerskeep comingback! i A WebsiteToShowcase What WeDo Red DogStrategiesisa Leadingonlinemarketingcompany Weoffer Search Engine Optimisation, Search EngineMarketingand Social Media Optimisation ServicestoAustralia and therest of the world. Wehelp you ? - Drivetargeted enquiries - Outperform your competition - Maximize your ROI - Up to1500%! Get PeopleToYour Site All of our responsive websites not only look great, but follow Google?s SEObest practices and come with loads of business-driving widgets. THE MORE YOU CATER TOYOUR SITE?SVISITORS, THE MORE CUSTOMERSYOU?LL HAVE inSiteadds thespark of intelligence to your website by creating ultra-personalized experiences. Anticipateyour visitors' needs and decide what sets off your inSite based on timeof day, number of previous visits, physical location and more. Select what you want your site to display. This could be a coupon, Click-to-Call button, video or anything elseyou think will catch their attention. GiveThemSomethingThat Excites 6. [email protected] MOBILE apps 0401 733 363 With help from Red Dog, developing your own business mobile app can: Build your brand as the only option for your product in your local area Connect more frequently with your customers at a time suitable to them Grow your database of regular customers in a non-intrusive manner Conveniently engage customers in two-way conversations Build local partnerships by showcasing other local businesses Reduce marketing costs by directing more advertising to your app Engage your customers with discussion or promotions on your ?wall? Act now and benefit from the communication revolution! Do You Need A Mobile App For Your Business? 7. Over thepast few years, smartphonesand tabletshaveseen enormousgrowth. Keep Up With theNew MarketingTrends! The smartphonerevolution isshiftingtheway that consumersare interactingwith a business. Mobileappsarebecomingthenew frontier in businesspromotion, advertisingand customer loyalty. Our mobileappsaredesigned todeliver genuinebusinessbenefits. The rangeof featuresand functionsnot only ensuresthat your mobileapp looksthebest, but alsodeliverstangibleresults, especially when it comestocustomer engagement and generating new business. Small BusinessMobileApps Buildingyour brandthroughaphoneappdoesn?t havetobe expensiveandcan helpyou: Reducemarketingcostsby advertisingon your appGrow your databaseof potential buyersandsellersfor faster sales Conveniently engagein two-way conversationswithout wasting toomuchof your precioustime Buildlocal partnershipsby allowingother local businessesto showcaseon your app Buildyour brandastheexpert in property in your local area Connect morefrequently withyour target audienceat atime suitabletothem Real EstateMobileApps Help driveyour marketingeffortswith someof these great features: Menusand food ordering Specialsand promotions Event listing GPS& QR coupons Loyalty programs Gallery Forum Social media feeds Best of all, content can belinked toyour websitesothere?snoextra work for you! Hospitality MobileApps 8. Diploma of Online Marketing Diploma of Social Media Diploma In Financial Trading Diploma In Entrepreneurship ACCREDITEDCPD INTERNATIONALLYRECOGNISED Di ploma Learn on-line marketing from an Internationally Accredited Education Academy - Accredited diplomasin on-linemarketing - Study on-linefrom thecomfort of your homeor office - Earn an accredited diploma upon completion Can't get your head around on-linemarketing? With all those analytics, filters, track goal flows and CPAs, it's no wonder. Luckily, & Red Dog g have negotiated Exclusive Discounted Pricing On A Number Of Sales, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Diploma Courses They've created a comprehensive on-line course that'ssuitable for all levels, from beginner toadvanced. You'll attend live on-line lessons from professional on line marketers who'll teach you the secrets of affiliate marketing, SEO, web development and more. You'll be shown practical methods that can benefit your business immediately and takepart in interactiveQ&A sessions ON-LINE TRAINER OF THE YEAR 2012, 2013 & 2014 DIPLOMA IN ONLINE MARKETING NORMALLY $725.00 OUR PRICE $49.00ALL INCLUSIVE* DIPLOMA IN SOCIAL MEDIA NORMALLY $1420.00 OUR PRICE $70.00ALL INCLUSIVE* ALL COURSESBETWEEN $49.00 - $70.00* ENROLLMENTS MULTIPLEPURCHASES WELCOME 9. ABUSINESSWITHOUT APLAN ISABUSINESS MANAGEDUNDERIMPROVISATION Mar k eti ng Pl ans & Str ategi es D eveloping a marketing strategy isvital for any business. Without one, your effortsto attract customersare likely to be haphazard and inefficient. T he focusof your strategy should be making sure that your productsand servicesmeet customer needsand developing long-term and profitable relationshipswith those customers. To achieve this, you will need to create a flexible strategy that can respond to changesin customer perceptionsand demand. It may also help you identify whole new marketsthat you can successfully target. T he purpose of your marketing strategy should be to identify and then communicate the benefitsof your businessoffering to your target market. Once you have created and implemented your strategy, monitor itseffectivenessand make any adjustmentsrequired to maintain itssuccess. What Will A MarketingPlan DoFor Your Business? Further Details 0401 733 363 [email protected] 10. What it isand why you need it. T here?sa lot of information swirling around about the cloud. But you haven?t the foggiest idea what it is. You?re not alone. Actually, 80% of small businessesaren?t utilizing cloud businesstoolsto the fullest extent, according to a recent survey conducted by Carbonite. T he benefitsof on-line backup are numerous: increased efficiency peace of mind, affordability ? just to name a few. SecureData Storage& Why It'sImportant Pro Plans for workstations For financial data, healthcare records or other crucial business files. A Plan For All Sizes& Budgets CarboniteSolutions Personal Plans For the files closest to home. H ow it works Cloud backup done right. Automatic & ContinuousCloud Backup Your filesare backed up automatically and continually, aslong asyou?re connected to the Internet. Just install and let usdo the rest! Unlimited Cloud Storage Carbonite Personal offersunlimited cloud storage aspart of your subscription. You can back up all your fileswithout worrying about running out of space. Secure Transit and Storage Encrypted copiesof your filesare transmitted to one of our state-of-the-art data centers, safe from computer glitches, hurricanesand everything in between. Free Appsto Sync, Share and Access M ake the most of your subscription by downloading our free Carbonite mobile apps, which allow you to sync, share, and accessyour filesfrom your mobile devices. With the cloud, your filesare available when you need them. Easy Restore Process If disaster (or spilled coffee) strikes, you can recover filesfrom the cloud, in just a few clicks. VIEW OUR PLANS FREE TRIAL NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED 11. EXPERIENCECOUNTS REAL ESTATE MARKETING & ADVERTISING SERVICES Established in 2011 Real Asset Solutions was founded to provide specialised Marketing & Advertising Solutions to the Real Estate Sector. With over 20 years practical experience in

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