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About DEPO Computers

About DEPO Computers · 2019. 1. 17. · Designer Workstations DEPO Race D Modern high-performance workstations in a stylish and multi-functional enclosure, adapted to work with professional

Oct 06, 2020



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  • About DEPO Computers

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    DEPO Computers – IT developer, Manufacturer and System Integrator

    DEPO Computers - the Russian developer and manufacturer of

    world-class IT equipment with 20 years experience in the

    construction of complex IT systems and highly skilled personnel

    with deep expertise and competence in the field of system


    Large-scale industrial production of computer equipment in the own

    factory - 11 assembly lines, more than 25 thousand and 320 thousand

    of server computer systems per year

    In-house research and development center and a center of

    competence for the design and implementation of complex solutions

    Development of unique solutions for customer needs

    A network of 200 service centers throughout Russia

    Proven logistics with delivery anywhere in the country

    DEPO Computers operates in Russia, offering customers reliable

    and affordable domestic alternative to imported solutions.

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    DEPO IT equipment for Russian customers

    DEPO Computers develops design and technological

    documentation, based on which the equipment is manufactured.

    DEPO Computers certifies firmware for its own computing.

    Surface-mount manufacturing of system boards is performed in

    factories - contractors in Russia. The production of nodes and final

    assembly DEPO equipment are carried out at DEPO Computers


    DEPO equipment complies with the national criteria:

    DEPO Computers actively participates in the development of the

    program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”:

    DEPO experts are members of the working group of ANO "Digital

    economy of the Russian Federation" in the area of "Information


    DEPO Computers are part of the working group of the Ministry of

    industry and trade of Russia to support import substitution industry

    in Russia.

    Demonstration of Russian import substituted solutions in the

    framework of the largest forums and conferences:

    DEPO Computers – an active participant of the International specialized

    exhibition "Import Substitution“ in 2016-2018 years. DEPO solutions were highly appreciated by Prime

    Minister of Russian Federation.

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    DEPO Computers Advantages

    Individual work with a customer provides an accurate and

    completed task by creating and customizing products, solutions to

    meet all the needs of each realized project

    A wide range of equipment - from tablet PCs to high-performance

    servers and storage systems - with short term production to order

    Using proven technology from leading Russian and global IT


    The quality management system that meets the requirements of

    GOST R ISO 9001-2015 and GOST RV 15.002-2012

    Carrying out special checks and special research according to a

    customer’s requirements

    Project management. Personal project team creates and

    implements a solution that can best meet the customer's business


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    DEPO Computers share in the Russian IT market

    № 1 among Russian server manufacturers

    in H1 2018

    № 1 among Russian workstation

    manufacturers in H1 2018

    Based on the research of the analytical agency Context

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    DEPO Computers on the world’s IT market

    № 7 Server Manufacturer in EMEA

    (Europe, Middle East and Africa), H1 2018, Context

    № 3 Server Manufacturer in CEE

    (Central and Eastern Europe), H1 2018, Context

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    DEPO Computers —We Are Trusted:

    Ministry of Industry and Trade

    Ministry of Communications of the

    Russian Federation

    Supreme Court of the Russian


    IT department of Moscow

    Superannuation Fund of

    Russian Federation

    Rostech Corporation

    State Atomic Energy Corporation


    The Russian Federal Space Agency

    Inter RAO UES OJSC

    Rostelecom OJSC

    Federal Tax Service

    Ministry of Emergency

    Situations of Russia

    Social Insurance Fund

    Russian Federal Consumer Rights

    Protection and Human Health

    Control Service

    Russian Federal State Statistics


    Ministry of Education and Science

    of the Russian Federation

    FSUE Russian Post

    The First Channel

    IT department of

    Moscow region

    Joint Institute for Nuclear


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    Product Line

    Servers and Storage SystemsA wide range of servers and storage systems that are optimized

    for the deployment of cloud platforms, virtualization, and

    consolidation of IT infrastructure resources

    SwitchesDEPO Switches cover more than 90% of the market demands.

    Characterized by a modern interface, a wide choice of the number of

    ports, the maximum data rate and support for most popular

    technologies. Available as classic switches and advanced SDN /


    WorkstationsAn effective solution for designing and working with video and other

    demanding processes.

    Workstations, embedded solutions and peripheralsA wide range of ARM versions: personal computers, AIOs,

    workstations, thin clients, tablets. Embedded solutions for different

    operating conditions. Printers and other peripherals to workstations

    and customized solutions.

    Infrastructural elementsSolutions for the optimal placement of server and switching equipment

    in data centers and server rooms. Infrastructural elements to ensure

    uninterrupted power supply, fire protection, access control, remote

    monitoring and noise reduction.

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    ServersDEPO Storm Series based on Intel® Xeon® CPUs

    Entry-level Servers

    Uniprocessor systems of rack-mount or tower performance, positioned

    as "first server" or a server for small business. Low cost, high reliability

    and ease of execution for everyday

    High-performance servers

    A wide range of dual-processor servers, aimed to solution of a variety of

    tasks depending on the needs: high density storage, data security,

    plenty of expansion slots, etc.

    Platform-calculators and render farm

    Quad-processor platform, consolidating the largest possible number of

    processing threads and memory to solve complex analytical and

    mathematical problems, rendering, surveying, the tasks of oil and gas


    Modular platforms and twin-servers

    Servers without a single point of failure, consisting of two or more

    independent blade-calculators. Used for building fault-tolerant clusters

    or for making high-density compute nodes.

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    Storage Systems DEPO Storage Series

    Compact entry-level NAS-platform

    Network Storage in floor or rack-mountable, designed for

    installation of up to 12 drives. Designed for implementing file

    storage and archiving, and data backup.

    Disk JBOD shelves for large volumes

    Scalable and cascaded disk arrays capable of storing up to

    several terabytes of data. They have a very high storage density.

    Used for video surveillance systems, multimedia services, and

    storage of large files.

    Software-defined storage

    Storage systems built on the basis of the classic server platforms

    with specialized software that provides both file and block data


    SAN-tolerant system

    High classic storage system, oriented for maximum fault

    tolerance and continuous availability of data. Used to host

    mission-critical resources.

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    DEPO Switch Product Range

    The switch core

    Failover switches Top-of-Rack, run Ethernet to the fastest data

    processing in the framework of the continuous availability of all

    network resources. Speeds of up to 100 Gb/s are supported.

    SDN switches

    Bare-metal switches without a pre-installed OS, combining on the

    motherboard x86 processor and a traditional network chip. Thanks

    to the open architecture it is possible to install any OS supported

    by the switching chip.

    DEPO Stream network switches

    Specialized server devices focused on the use in the segment of

    information security and Telecom operators to implement the

    functionality of gateways, firewalls, traffic removers and other

    control and data accounting devices.

    NFV devices

    Hardware and software systems that implement the functionality of

    a network device within a specific server. Depending on the

    performance of the computing nodes, the PAC can act as a

    switch, router, SD-WAN-router or support network equipment.

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    Workstations DEPO Race Seriesbased on Intel® Core™ CPUs

    Multipurpose Workstations DEPO Race XGeneral workstations for different office tasks as well as graphic

    2D applications.

    Professional Graphic Stations DEPO Race GAdapted for professional work with 2D and 3D applications.

    Domains: CAD, modelling, visualization, video and graphics

    processing, multi-view solutions.

    Designer Workstations DEPO Race DModern high-performance workstations in a stylish and multi-

    functional enclosure, adapted to work with professional 2D and

    3D applications.

    Specialized Workstations DEPO Race SThey are used as the basis for video surveillance systems, data

    storage and processing, video walls.

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    Desktop PCsDEPO Neos Seriesbased on Intel® Core™ CPUs

    Compact SeriesSmall Form Factor entry-level office PCs with a wide range of

    configurations. The small volume of the case 1 dm3 allows to equip full-

    fledged workplaces of employees in non-standard working spaces.

    Desktop SeriesDesktop PCs in the cases of MiniTower and SFF are developed on the

    basis of advanced technologies for a wide range of tasks. Optimal

    performance and functionality options provide high speed when working

    with both standard and resource-intensive applications.

    Tower SeriesClassic PC in MidiTower cases for solving business problems of any

    level, designed to meet the requirements of the corporate market

    segment. Models of this series provide the maximum choice of

    components and allow you to create individual configurations for

    specialized tasks.

  • 14

    DEPO All-in-Onesbased on Intel® Core™ CPUs

    DEPO’s All-in-One is a top-end design PC assembled from

    high-quality components with a wide range of configuration


    Main features:

    available in white and black colors, with or without glass

    screen and without;

    quality materials;

    quiet and efficient cooling system;

    Intel® Core™ CPU;

    the ability to install a COM port;

    memory card reader on the side panel by default;

    installation of various combinations of disks - SSD and HDD;

    comfortable transformable stands;

    wall mount capability (VESA Mount);

    competitive price.

  • 15

    DEPO Mobile Devices

    DEPO VIP Notebooks

    Functional and energy-efficient enterprise-class

    notebook in a lightweight and durable aluminum case.

    The main features:matte screen 15.6 " with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels;

    Intel® Core™ i3 / i5;

    up to 16 GB of RAM standard DDR4;

    2.5” hard drive, 2 " SSD solid state drive;

    built-in SD card reader;

    Astra Linux SE, Alt Linux SPT, Alt workstation, Windows 10 Pro.

    DEPO Myst TabletsCorporate tablet PCs to create a mobile workplaces intended for

    employees, often working remotely from the office. Can be easily

    integrated into existing corporate infrastructure.

    IPS screen with 11.6” IPS-display;

    3G/4G and GPS support;

    USB keyboard case/stand;

    Windows 10;

    Dock (optional).

    Additional cover-stand (optional).

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    Reliable protection of the enterprise information system from

    existing and potential cyber threats.

    Security is provided by the division of the enterprise information

    system into two isolated circuits, in which information of different levels

    of access is processed.

    In the case of the AIO DEPO Neos Twin installed two physically

    isolated from each other personal computers that are connected to

    different circuits of the information system. Each PC is equipped with

    its own independent certified tools of information protection.

    The main advantages of the duable-circuit complex :

    One set "system unit + monitor + keyboard + mouse" instead of two

    Convenient organization of the user's workspace

    Supported installation of Russian certified OS: Astra Linux SE, Alt

    Linux, etc.

    It is possible to use in state information systems up to 1 class of

    security inclusive

    Double-circuit complex DEPO Neos TwinBased on Intel® Core™ CPU

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    Thin Clients DEPO Sky Series

    DEPO Sky 110 Ultra-compact fan less thin client in 0.4 dm3 case is designed to work in

    terminal session. Due to the absence of moving parts, the terminal is

    absolutely silent.


    Energy efficiency


    DEPO Sky A60Compact, energy efficient, and productive thin client with support for

    modern remote control technologies. It is built on the basis of the

    operating system DEPO ARM Linux, which supports modern

    technologies of remote control of the terminal pool, USB port

    forwarding, and other features.

    Features :



    DEPO Sky 260Thin client in a compact package with a volume of 2 dm3, optimized for

    VDI. Flexibility of configuration allows to use this model of thin client

    both for work in terminal session and as an office PC.

    Features :



  • 18

    The Russian company DEPO Computers was the first in Russia to

    receive the conclusion of the Ministry of industry and trade of

    Russia on the line of ARM "DEPO Peresvet" on confirmation of

    industrial production in the Russian Federation.

    Main features:

    Conclusion of the Ministry of industry and trade #37530/11 of June

    18, 2018 issued by DEPO Computers is the first Russian producer

    which received the conclusion on the type of the product "the

    Automated workplace»

    Line ARM "DEPO Peresvet" includes ultra-compact computers, the

    classic desktop and all-in-ones

    ARM "DEPO Peresvet" support the installation of domestic

    operating systems Astra Linux SE, Alt Linux and office suite


    Conclusion #37530/11 of the Ministry of industry and trade of

    Russia on the line of ARM "DEPO Peresvet" on confirmation of

    industrial production in the territory of the Russian Federation in

    accordance with the RF Government Decree #719 of July 17, 2015.

    DEPO PeresvetAutomated workplace of the Russian production

  • 19

    "DEPO Peresvet" – safe basic workstation of a state employee. Designed to equip

    workplaces of employees of state organizations, ministries and departments.


    Small Form Factor PC DEPO Neos based on Intel® Core™ CPU

    DEPO monitor, screen-23.6", resolution 1920x1080

    High-performance laser

    DEPO Printer – 40 pages per minute

    Russian OS Astra Linux Special Edition v1.6 (release Smolensk), certified by FSTEC RF

    Office Suite “My Office Standard", certified by FSTEC RF

    Software Name

    Internet Browser Sputnik

    Information Protection CryptoPro

    Messemger Signal

    IP-phone and video conference Skype

    VPN OpenVPN

    2D studio GIMP

    Object-oriented database PostgreSQL

    Accountant software 1C:Бухгалтерия

    Multimedia player VLC

    E-mail client Thunderbird

    DEPO PeresvetAutomated workplace of a state employee

  • 20

    DEPO Rack Infrastructure Components(server racks, open racks, UPS, switches, consoles, network equipment)

    Infrastructure components of DEPO Rack line support the technology of

    monitoring and management “DEPO Dozor”.

  • 21

    DEPO Computers modular infrastructure for SKALA-R convergent computing platform

    Integrated solution for virtual infrastructure


    Equipment and tech provided by global scale


    No sanction-related risks

    Adaptation to Russian legislation

    Guaranteed deployment within few hours

    Can be installed in unprepared areas

    Unified control and monitoring interface

    Common proactive support service operating

    24/7 across Russia

  • 22

    Area of application:

    The hardware and software virtualization complex, built

    on Russian technologies, is designed to implement the

    infrastructure of virtual desktops in information systems

    that process restricted access information to the level of

    "top secret" inclusive.

    Main features:

    All personal devices installs certified domestic OS

    Astra Linux SE and office suite "My Office”

    To protect the information used hardware and

    software modules trusted download "Maxim-M1" and

    hardware strict two-factor authentication.

    DEPO AtlantRussian secure virtualization platform

  • 23

    Area of application:

    Hardware and software complex for building scalable

    secure trusted cloud infrastructures, which includes the

    Russian virtualization platform "Horizon-VS", certified

    by FSTEC of Russia, and DEPO Computers


    Main Features:

    Trusted virtualization environment built on the use of

    certified modules for the identification and control of

    a trusted environment, TEI&TECM “Shina”

    Hardware and software complex meets the

    requirements of the order of FSTEC of Russia No.

    17 for GIS of any class and the order of FSTEC of

    Russia No. 21 for ISPD, on ensuring the maximum

    level, security of information and safety of personal


    DEPO HorizonRussian trusted virtualization platform

  • 24

    Safe City, DEPO ITV hardware and software suite

    Scalable modular platform based on DEPO Computers server equipment

    Multi-access data display media and automated workstations for control centers

    Solution implemented in 105 populated areas near Moscow

  • 25

    Computing SystemDEPO Cloud Systems

    Ready-to-use computing system

    Designed for cloud infrastructure

    Dual components

    Data rate — 10 Gb/s even in junior models

    Centralized control & management system

    Implementation Examples:

    Building a virtualization platform for Federal State

    Unitary Enterprise “Mechanical Engineering Research


    Virtualization farm based on DEPO Cloud Systems

    Mail servers and proprietary website launched inside the

    cloud infrastructure

    Project accomplished within 40 working hours

    Server virtualization for Tourist Hotel Complex


    Deep analysis of the customer’s requirements and

    searching for the most appropriate solution

    Delivery of the DEPO Cloud Systems solution with a

    private cloud infrastructure based on it

    Server infrastructure consolidation and server

    virtualization for “Trading Company „Levsha” LLC

    Enhanced resource consumption efficiency thanks to

    the visualization platform

    Business continuity

  • 26

    The project of modernization of the hardware platform of the

    state information system "Unified data storage and processing

    center" of Moscow within the concept of "Smart city".

    The solution is built on a modular basis in the form of specialized

    convergent platforms based on DEPO Computers equipment.

    The architecture of each module provides high fault tolerance and

    flexible scaling of city video surveillance system of Moscow.

    Converged platform station with a high density of nodes has

    reduced space in the data center and reduce electricity


    Solution inlcudes:

    DEPO ZEUS 700: video processing and storage module based on

    Intel® Xeon® CPUs

    DEPO BURAN 100: module to the internal network switching

    DEPO BURAN 400: external network switching module

    DEPO OCEAN 7240 and DEPO OCEAN 7036: the extension

    modules of the storage system for DEPO ZEUS 700

    DEPO DOZOR 700: infrastructure monitoring and management


    Main Features:

    Each module is a converged computing platform that combines the

    functions of data processing, storage and transmission

    Fault tolerance scheme N+1

    High density of computing nodes and storage

    Low power consumption

    Automatic power consumption control

    Convergent modular DEPO platform for city video surveillance system of Moscow

  • 27

    Seamless Video WallsDEPO ReVision/3D

    Enable HD Video streaming

    It allows to display the image in high resolution

    Optimized for control and situation room centers

    Wide scope of applications

    Consists of multiple high contrast LED backlit LCD displays

    Signal consolidation from various sources

    It supports connection of up to 32 panels in varying configurations

    Implementation Examples:

    System of public video surveillance for the

    monitoring center of The Administration of

    Primorsky Region Sea Ports

    Two multipurpose video walls for sea port objects


    Fault tolerant monitoring system

    Public video surveillance systems for control rooms

    of UNECO, JSC

    All control rooms of central station generating power

    plant in each district of Moscow are equipped with

    DEPO ReVision of 12 or 15 LCD displays

    Fault tolerant surveillance tool to control the state of

    substations and local cable networks with a

    continuous running capability

    Video wall for the Institute of Space and Informatics

    Technologies SFU

    Video wall for the regional center of Krasnoyarsk

    region space services

  • 28

    The joint solution is based on the integrated DEPO

    virtualization platform and “1C:Corporation”

    software package.

    The virtualization platform is based on the integrated

    hardware and software of the DEPO Computers

    Designed for rapid deployment of virtualized

    infrastructure with end-to-end management and

    high fault tolerance

    All infrastructure components are provided to users

    in the form of virtual resources – virtual machines,

    virtual storage systems and virtual network services

    The software package "1C:Corporation" contains the

    most popular solutions for corporate clients on a single

    technological platform "1C:Enterprise 8.3", as well as

    functional models describing the capabilities of the

    solutions included in the supply and their interaction.Functional models are developed in the application solution "1C:Application

    Design System" in accordance with the methodology IDEF0 (Integrated Definition

    Function modeling).

    A comprehensive solution to automate the management of companies "1C:Corporation" on the platform of the DEPO

  • 29

    Embedded Security SolutionsDEPO Security Systems

    Full cycle of design and implementation:

    Development of protected architecture of

    enterprise information system

    Integration of information security systems

    Production of DEPO Computers solutions

    with integrated data protection functions

    The use of means of information protection

    Preparation for certification and


    Implementation and maintenance

  • 30

    Solutions DEPO Computers for Education "Standard Class"

    Main features of the solution

    "Standard class":

    Interactive board


    ARM teacher

    APM student

    The tablet with the system

    knowledge control

    Document camera

    Sound distribution system

    LCD Screen


    Web camera on a movable stand

    Interactive table

    Educational Content / Software

    In addition to "specialized class":

    3D scanner

    3D projector

    Electronic laboratory

    3D printer

  • 31

    Complex Data Processing Centers DEPO DCI

    Ready-to-use solutions to provide IT infrastructures with engineering systems and to build

    compact and reliable DPCs

    Independent of the state of the facility

    All engineering systems (energy, air conditioning, fire safety, environment monitoring, etc.)

    are connected directly to server racks and not to the facility

    Best value and functionality for money

    Outstanding installation times and scalability

    Implementation examples:

    DPC for the Pushkin State Museum

    of Fine Arts

    Data transferred to a single high-availability platform

    Data security based on user right differentiation

    DPC for the Medical Information Analysis Center, Orel


    Unified information environment for all health facilities of the


    Basis for integration of healthcare service databases

    Scalable solution with expandable computing capacities

    Security firmware ensuring protection of confidential data

    Geographically distributed DPC for the State

    Fund of Television and Radio Programs

    Examination of the client’s information infrastructure

    DPC for digital remastering of huge amounts of video

    Scalable IT infrastructure

  • 32

    DEPO Ekzamenator (‘Examiner’) 5К for driving test logging

    Legal platform and objectives

    Decree of the Government of the

    Russian Federation of October 24, 2014

    No. 1097 ‘On the Admission to Drive


    Necessity to have technical means for

    driving test control

    Core features

    Real-time data recording with 5 cameras

    Route recording

    Meters & trip computer data logging

    Video record of driver-examiner


    Audio record of the examiner giving

    commands and tasks

    Solution structure

    3 cameras in the passenger

    compartment , 2 direction cameras

    Speed and smoothness sensors, GPS

    tracking system

    Camera videos and sensor data are

    streamed to central storage system

    Examiner’s tablet

  • 33

    DEPO Computers Service

    Solutions development and design according

    to customers’ requirements. Integrated

    solutions design.

    Installation and solution implementation

    throughout all Russia

    More than 200 service partners all across


    Unified extended service packages 24/7 on-


    Extensive logistics network: delivery all

    across Russia including remote areas

  • 34

    Looking forward

    to the cooperation!

    tel.: +7 (495) 969 22 00