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9th Grade Scheduling Update - Chagrin Falls · PDF fileScheduling Update 2018-2019 * 1. Developing a Master Schedule Students and parents are ... 3.You can only have one “F” in

Jul 07, 2018




  • Scheduling Update




  • Developing a Master Schedule

    Students and parents are strongly encouraged NOT to plan a course load with the

    idea that it can be adjusted at a later time.



  • Schedule Change Policy

    1. Student schedule does not include the minimum number of required six classes each semester2. Adjustments due to the successful completion of summer coursework or summer school3. Error in a students schedule due to academic misplacement4. Error in a students schedule due clerical errors



  • Adding a Course

    Without dropping any scheduled courses, a student may add additional course(s) where

    enrollment permits and without any alteration to the original




  • Lowering a Level

    Students will be permitted to lower a level, for example, Honors English

    to CP English, with the recommendation of the teacher at

    the semester only.



  • Graduation Requirements 4 credits of English 4 credits of Math (including Algebra 2) 3 credits of Science 3 credits of Social Studies (World History, US History, & Government)

    1 credit of Fine Art 0.5 credit of Health & 0.5 credit of PE (2 semesters)

    = Minimum of 20 Credits

    AND Earn 18 points on End-of-Course Exams 4 ELA, 4 Math, and 6 across Science & Social Studies-OR- SAT EBRW=480 & M=530 ACT Reading=20, Eng=18, & Math=22



  • Diploma with Honors

    4 credits of English 4 credits of Math 4 credits of Science (including Physics) 4 credits of Social Studies 3 credits of World Language (or 2 of 2) 1 credit of Fine Arts 3.5 Unweighted GPA (posted on Naviance) 27 ACT or 1210 SAT

    Confirmation takes place second semester of senior year*


  • Typical Schedule

    6 classes (1 study period, 1 lunch


    7 classes (1 lunch period)



  • Athletic Eligibility

    ELIGIBILITY1. Based on the last nine weeks2. You must have passed 5 credits3. You can only have one F in the last grading period4. All athletes are monitored on a weekly basis

    a. If you receive 2 Fs in one week, you will be declared ineligible until at least one of the Fs is raised

    5. If your GPA is below 2.000, you will be placed on Conditional Eligibility and you will be monitored by all of your teachers



  • Course Selection Guide

    The 2018-2019 Course Selection Guide with Graduation Requirements, Diploma with Honors Requirements and an overview of all Academic Offerings is posted to the HS website.

    Students and parents can reference information at any time.


  • Scheduling Timeline

    FreshmenJan. 29th-Feb. 2ndStudents meet with Counselor one-on-one in English Class



  • Sophomore Offerings(Current Freshmen)

    English English 10 Honors English AP Seminar 10



  • Sophomore Offerings(Current Freshmen)

    Social Studies US History APUSH AP World History



  • Sophomore Offerings(Current Freshmen)

    MathGeometryHonors GeometryAlgebra 2Honors Algebra 2Pre-CalculusHonors Pre-CalculusProbability & Statistics/AP Statistics



  • Sophomore Offerings(Current Freshmen)

    ScienceBiologyChemistryHonors ChemistryAP Physics 1



  • Sophomore Offerings(Current Freshmen)

    World Language Not a graduation requirementAt least 2 years for college3 years for Diploma with Honors

    To advance to Spanish 3 a student must complete Regular Spanish 2.



  • Arabic In HS, in addition to Chinese, French and Spanish, Arabic is offered as an option for studying a World Language.

    Arabic is spoken in 22 countries in Africa and Asia by some 250 million people and it is one of the six official languages of the UN.

    It is the fastest-growing spoken language of study at U.S. colleges and universities.

    According to the International Trade Commission, theres a lot of exports and imports between the Middle East & North Africa and the U.S.

    Diplomatic relations with the Arab world are an important aspect of US foreign policy.

    Some 4,000 words in Spanish, mostly nouns, were borrowed from Arabic then passed into other languages like English.


  • Computer ScienceProgramming (Semester Course):

    Completion of Geometry with a B or higher Introduction to basic concepts of coding

    AP Computer Science Principles

    Completion of Algebra 2 with a B or higher Overview of computer science knowledge and capabilities

    AP Computer Science A

    Completion of Algebra II with a B or higher AND Programming with a B+ or higher

    Extensive programming is required daily in the classroom Lack of Programming background pre-req requires teacher



    Completion of AP Computer Science A with a B or higher


  • Sophomore Offerings (Current Freshmen)

    Physical Education/HealthPE 9/10G.Y.M.Personal Fitness TrainingHealthIPEP (not available for seniors)



  • Summer PE Summer PE through CF Community Ed. Open to all grade levels. Cost $205 June 18-29th 8:00-2:30 Daily attendance is mandatory to receive credit

    Registration online or by phone Feb 20th (seniors), Feb 21st (juniors), Feb 22nd

    (sophs) and Feb 23rd (frosh)


  • Educational Options

    College Credit PlusAttend CCP night Jan 25 @ 6:00Complete CCP Intent form and return by April 1stApply to CollegeTake English, Math placement examsBe acceptedRegister



  • Reminder1. Scheduling will begin January

    29th.2. Have your courses picked out. 3. Do not anticipate that you will

    be able to change courses at a later time.

    4. Discuss course selections with parents and obtain signature before scheduling begins.



  • Reminder

    Course Verification sheets will be sent home at conclusion of scheduling. Only return with a change in request.Schedule requests are final after Verification sheets are returned.

    (No changes over summer)