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5017 Partial Fractions

Feb 22, 2016




5017 Partial Fractions. AP Calculus. Partial Fractions. Remember: Adding FractionsButterfly Method: Decomposition: GIVEN : SUM FIND: ADDENDS ( Like Factoring- given the product ( answer ) want to find the problem). Steps:. ** Check if proper fraction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Partial Fractions

5017 Partial FractionsAP Calculus

1Partial FractionsRemember: Adding FractionsButterfly Method:

Decomposition: GIVEN: SUM FIND: ADDENDS( Like Factoring- given the product (answer) want to find the problem)

2Steps:** Check if proper fraction Factor the denominator and write the addition problem.Write fraction addition problem using a numerator one degree less than the denominator; may have repeated factor. If

Linear factors, use

b. Quadratic factors, use

3. Add the new fraction; find LCD, etc.4. Set numerators equal.5. Solve

a. Convenient x-values.b. Equate the coefficients.3Examples: Linear factorsExample 1: Linear factors

4Examples:Linear factorsExample 2: Linear factors

5Logistic Growth

Examples:Repeated Linear factorsExample 3: Repeated Linear Factors

Must do all possibilities up to the given exponent.

7Examples:Repeated Linear factorsExample 4: Repeated Linear Factors

8Examples: Quadratic Factors

Example 5:

9Examples: Quadratic FactorsExample 6:

10Examples: Quadratic Factors

Example 7:

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