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2010 Gospel Entertainment Edition

Mar 10, 2016



In this Issue: Gospel Entertainment, featuring Smokey Norful, and other gospel artists with great articles.

  • Linda C. Tardy, PresidentChief Editor/Author/PublisherVision House PublishersVisions Christian [email protected]

    A Servitude Attitude

    Have you considered my servant Job? Many of you know the story of Job (Book of Job) The story of Job shows an example of Faith, regardless of circumstances. The words, My Servant Job, depicts an Attitude of Service, toward God. For example, in America and abroad there have been many crisis situations, some people have lost there jobs, homes and family members; that can be very devasting. Some people have committed suicide as a result of losing their jobs. You might ask, How did Job deal with this type of lost? In fact, during Jobs time period there were no doctors, and Job had become ill with skin sores, pain, day and night.The key here is Attitude. Throughout all of Jobs suffering and struggles, he refused to turn his back on God. Did he complain? Yes, he even made accusations, and appeals. But Job continued to face God, yet he never cursed God, as satan thought he would. You see, satan used the mouth of Jobs wife, and told Job to curse God, but he didnt. Job continued in faith, trusted in the Lord, and most of all remained a Servant of the Lord. God had chosen Job to be a leader, head of household, and owner of much cattle. The Bible says, (Luke 12:48)To much is given, much is required. God knew that Job would continue to serve him regardless. Job had a Servitude Attitude, toward God. Trouble and suffering are not always punishment for sin, for Gods people it serves as a trial, in test or discipline that will ultimately result in spiritual growth and spiritual gain. God restored everything Job had lost. Job ultimately passed the test, maintained an attitude of faith, and continued in spite of his circumstance to serve the Lord.Job knew something that others did not know, and that was Gods hidden purpose. God wants you too to know His hidden plan and purpose for your life; thats why he tells us in (Romans 8:28-30) And we know that all things work together to them who love God and are called according to His purpose. For those he foreknew he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the first-born among many brethren. Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and who he called, them he also justified: and who he justified, them he also glorified.Similarly, the story of Joseph (Genesis 47-50) shows faith, trusting in the Lord and a servants attitude toward God as well. Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers, made a slave to the Pharaoh of Egypt. One of the Pharaohs officials, Potiphar, an Egyptian and official to Pharaoh, had a wife who falsely accused Joseph of raping her. Joseph was thrown into prison. Joseph was told to serve the Pharaohs god while in prison, but Joseph refused to serve any other gods, and remained a true servant to the God of Abraham. Joseph trusted God no matter what the circumstance. He remained faithful, and God made Joseph leader/governor over all the land of Egypt. The Bible says, His master (GOD) replied, you have been faithful over a few things; I will

  • put you in charge of many things. Come and share your masters happiness! (NIV study Bible) God is searching high and low for someone whom he can showcase. Will it be you? Have you trusted God through your circumstance, trials and sufferings? Do you still believe that God will make provision for the plan and vision that he entrusted you with?

    If God has called you to be a leader, it is imperative that you understand what the prerequisite is before becoming a leader. You must learn to serve the Lord in all that you do, in your marriage, family, business, schools, and simply communicating with friends and strangers on the street. The key is knowing that you are Performing for an audience of ONE, and understanding that how you respond to your struggles and trials determines the release of your blessing. Maintaining a Servitude Attitude, and meditating on the word of God, day and night is the key to a successful and prosperous life.

    Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but in all of your waysAcknowledge Him and He will make your path straight (Proverbs 3:5-6)

    What is your

    purpose and assignment

    in this earth realm?

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  • Models for JesusBy Angela Breidenbach

    What does modeling bring to mind? For some, its a negative ideal that includes pretty pouts and under clad bodies intent on luring you into sin. But is that all there is? Surface charms? Could there be more under the surface?

    Several years ago I took my son to Seattle to explore his dream of acting. We were homeschooling and attended an acting convention complete with seminars and agent appointments. He was signed to a contract and actually had a few calls for auditions. A year later, that same agent called me and asked if Id ever done work as a spokesmodel. Who me? Uh uh, I shook my head to her request. She didnt have anyone to complete a project in my area, would I be interested in earning a little money? We went over the details, and at thirty-nine, I signed on to become a spokesmodel. Over the next few years, I worked promoting new products from Dove, Suave, Huggies, Vaseline, Sunsilk and Olay. I learned about the companies and products I represented and shared that information in my work. The money I earned helped our family finances and educated consumers on legitimate products. Ive worked in modeling, as do thousands, to provide information to others while providing an income for my household.

    Modeling has many different job distinctions. My specialty is in a niche called spokesperson or spokesmodeling. Its in my DNA to meet new people, engage in conversation and speak in public. As a spokesmodel, I have the added benefit of expressing my God given talents. He knit me together in my mothers womb into a person who loves adventure, people and someone who thrives on sharing what she knows to help others. Im an outgoing gal. You cant be shy in this niche because starting the conversation often falls on the spokesmodel. As my husband says, She cant stand in a line and not make a new friend. Like I said, its programmed in my DNA.

    Creativity is a gift from God. Artists, inventors and entrepreneurs use those gifts but so do we in decorating our homes, planning activities, writing business plans, and even cooking meals. There isnt anything we do in our life that isnt somehow creative. God has given us the desire and imagination to create. New ideas are everywhere. Marketing is the vehicle that allows those ideas to get out and get known. Models are a part of that industry as the canvas for those creative ideas whether they are showing clothes, coffee or shampoo. The point is to draw attention to the product and to take the back seat. Does it surprise you that a model is trained to take second fiddle? There are a lot of misconceptions in every profession.

    Do you buy something unseen? Rarely, maybe, most often we all want to know what it is before spending hard earned money. We need to see the items quality, understand the concept, or simply comprehend the dimensions. Models act as examples to tell the story and make it possible to share great dreams and creativity. Theres a lot of local work for models with hometown organizations needing to communicate their messages like hospitals, live promo events, and discount store posters. There are models for in-house training with

  • companies that need safety and training posters, videos and legal compliance. Take a look around your own office. Its easier to understand directions when you have a visual explanation. Ive done television spots for a local volunteer program to build community involvement and a bank that added more member benefits. Now my experience as a spokesmodel is turning in another direction. Im competing on stage as Mrs. Montana International for the title of Mrs. International.As a life coach, author and speaker, Im writing a series called Gems of Wisdom and developing material to teach interpersonal skills. My calling is to help people discover the unusual treasures hardship produces. I help people dig out unrefined attitudes that overrule our day-to-day emotions then cut and polish those relational dynamics into faceted, clear gems of immense value. Many people express helplessness, guilt, frustration, and a desire to change but may not know how. These are a few of the pirates attacking our relationships, attempting to steal our treasure.

    How do I get the message out that I want to help people claim their own treasure? I began searching for that vehicle and found the perfect opportunity in the Mrs. International Pageant. As a state representative, I am asked to support the American Heart Association, a charity of my own choosing and a platform issue I believe in. Ill work hard during this year of service to draw attention to both the American Heart Association and the Jadyn Fred Foundation missions as well as promote the gems of interpersonal skills. I hope to inspire healthier lifestyles, strengthen family relationships, and bring awareness to the Jadyn Fred Foundation and orphans in Kenya.

    Im able to use past experience to lay a foundation for future goals. Crucial in this adventure are the many skills involved. Walking across a stage and smiling sounds pretty simple, doesnt it? But it takes confidence and a comfortable stage presence earned from many years of performance art in singing, leading worship, and modeling. Many people hold giving a speech as one of their most fear-filled activities. Instead of fear, public speaking exhilarates me.

    We are all blessed with certain God ordained tal