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15 FACTS ABOUT CHINA THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND Joanne Chen Sept 2013 Source: Business Insider Feb 2010 http://

15 Facts about China that will blow your mind

Feb 09, 2017



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15 Facts about China that will blow Your mind

15 Facts about China that will blow Your mindJoanne ChenSept 2013

Source: Business Insider Feb 2010

By 2025, China will build Ten new York size cities.Source: Mckinsey, Preparing for Chinas urban billion 2009

By 2025, China will have 221 cities with one millionplus inhabitantscompared with 35 cities of this size in Europe todayand 23 cities with more than five million.

For companies in China and around the world, the scale of Chinas urbanization promises substantial new markets and investment opportunities. Chinas Unban Growth Video Link:

By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the entire U.S population.Source: Mckinsey, Preparing for Chinas urban billion Feb,2009

China already consumes twice as much steel as the US, Europe and japan combined in 2010.

If the Chinese, one day, use as much oil per person as Americans, then the world will need seven more Saudi arabias to meet their demand.

A pedestrian bridge The city of Lujiazui, (in the Pudong district of Shanghai) China

Shanghai Freeway

There are already more Christians in china than Italy. and China is on track to become the largest center of Christianity in the world.In 2010, There are an estimated 54 million Christians in China comprised of about 40 million Protestants and 14 million Catholics. (Italy has 60 million people in total, and has 47.4 million Christians, a full 12% less than China.)


Map from Global Mapping International, showing the distribution of Christians in China:

China are more likely to believe in evolution than AmericansSourceBritish Council (2009 Survey) Source:

Chinese internet users are five times as likely to have blogs as Americans.Source: Business insider, The Guardian

Shenzhen has highest Weibo (mini blogs) penetration rateLink to CNN Video: Chinas rebel blogger Han Han

Having Blogs

China has 150% more soldiers than America does.

plus a high tech kill weapon the U.s. cant deal with.Source: U.S. Naval Institute

China has about 3.4 million active military personnel compared to Americas 1.4 million.

After years of conjecture, details have begun to emerge of a "kill weapon" developed by the Chinese to target and destroy U.S. aircraft carriers.

China still hasnt rid itself of Europes medieval plague.

()Source: Xinhua / China Daily Reuters

China market may be breeding ground for deadly virusesThe concept of buying food once a week and putting it in your fridge doesn't really exist in China yet.It's produced today, bought today, and eaten later today.

The town was sealed off after Plague Deaths (2009)Ziketan is an ethnically Tibetan town in the east of Qinghai Province

40% of Chinese small businesses went bust or almost went bust during the world financial crisis (2008-09).Source: The Australian

China executes three times as many people as the rest of the world combined.

And use mobile execution vans for efficiency.Source: The Guardian USA Today

China averages 274 protests per day.Source: The Telegraph

When you buy Chinese stocks, you are basically financing the Chinese government.

Source: Wikipedia

Eight of Shanghai's top ten stocks are state-controlled arms of the government.

Shanghai stock exchange building

50% of counterfeit goods come from China.Source: European Commission Report

China was the main source country for [intellectual property rights] infringing articles with 54% of the total amount.

CD/DVD was the top category which accounted for 44%, followed by cigarettes (23%) and clothing and accessories (10%)."

The production of counterfeit goods in China has been a booming industry. Clothing DVD's and CD's Apple Products Watches Shoes Prescription & over the counter Drugs Auto Parts Children's Toys

The majority of Chinese drink polluted water.Source: Wikipedia World Bank

China has 20% of the worlds population but only 7% of global water resources.China has 20% of the worlds population but only 7% of global water resources.

This means that 700 million people drink contaminated water every day.

Chinese GDP could overtake the U.S. as soon as the early 2020s.

Source: Market Watch

Provincial GDP Figures 2011