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1 NMMSS Orientation Brian Horn Nuclear Regulatory Commission Peter Dessaules Department of Energy

Jan 02, 2016



  • *NMMSS OrientationBrian HornNuclear Regulatory CommissionPeter DessaulesDepartment of Energy

  • *NMMSSNuclear MaterialsManagement andSafeguardsSystem

  • *NMMSS (continued)U.S. Governments database to track movements and inventories of nuclear materialsOwned by Department of Energy Operated by Protection Services Inc. (PSI) in Germantown, MarylandNuclear Regulatory Commission utilizes NMMSS through a contract with DOEInformation submitted using joint forms (DOE/NRC Form 741, 742, 742c, 740m)

  • *NMMSS (continued)Used to satisfyDomestic needs of the Department of EnergyDomestic needs of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission International needs U.S. Government

  • *How do facilities fit into NMMSS?Facility data is fed into NMMSS Facility data undergoes various NMMSS edit checks Once data is in NMMSS, it is a part of historyNMMSS Reports are based on licensee information submitted to, and processed by, NMMSS

  • *What types of nuclear material activities do facilities report to NMMSS?

    Imports and exports Domestic movements InventoryInventory adjustmentsDOE-owned Ownership changes

  • *NMMSS History1940s & 50s: data was hand written into ledgers1960s: Mainframe computer & punch cardsEarly 1990s: Personal Computer system, using DOS & FoxPro2009: PC Windows and SQL Server

  • *NMMSS abbreviations / termsRIS (Reporting Identification Symbol)D-2 (List of RIS codes for DOE sites)D-3 (List of RIS codes for licensee sites)D-15 (List of RIS codes for Foreign sites)

  • *NMMSS abbreviations / terms (continued)NMMSS generated guidance documentsD-23 (Personal Computer Data Input for Department of Energy Contractors)D-24 (Personal Computer Data Input for Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensees)

  • *NMMSS abbreviations / terms (continued)Forms on which electronic submittals to NMMSS are based:DOE/NRC Form-741 (Nuclear material Transaction Report)DOE/NRC Form-742 (Material Balance Report)DOE/NRC Form-742C (Physical Inventory Listing)DOE/NRC Form-740M (Concise Note)

  • *More Abbreviations / termsNRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)Licensee (Company/individual who has received a license from NRC or State Government to possess and use nuclear material)Source material (natural uranium, depleted uranium, thorium)Special Nuclear Material (plutonium, U-233, or uranium enriched in U-233 or U-235)

  • *More abbreviations / terms (continued)DOE (Department of Energy)HSS-1.22 (Office of Information Management)NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration)RW (Office of Radioactive Waste)EM (Office of Environmental Management)LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory)SRS (Savannah River National Laboratory)

  • *Data securityNMMSS protects your data Physical gaps between NMMSS database and outside worldOnly the NMMSS operator can directly access data from NMMSS databaseWe are very protective of your data submitted to NMMSS

  • *One system two sets of rulesDOE and NRC have slightly different needs and requirements of NMMSSDOE:NMMSS tracks 17 DOE-owned materials DOE requires each DOE sites to report inventories every Sept. 30thNRC:NMMSS tracks 8 materials located at licensee sitesNRC requires each licensee to report inventory at least once a year

  • *NRC inventory reporting requirementsCategory-1 fuel cycle sites March 31 and September 30Other Fuel cycle sites & reactorsYearly inventory takingLicensees with less than 350 grams of fissile material Between January 1 and March 31

  • *NRC requires licensees to report eight materials to NMMSS:

    Depleted uranium - Natural uraniumThorium - U-233U-235 in enriched uranium - Uranium in cascadePlutonium - Pu-238

  • *DOE requires seventeen DOE-owned materials to be report to NMMSS:

    - Depleted uranium- Natural uraniumThorium- U-233U-235 in enriched uranium- Uranium in cascadePlutonium- Pu-238Pu-242- Enriched LithiumAmericium-241- Americium-243Curium- CaliforniumNeptunium-237- DeuteriumTritium

  • *Reporting units to NMMSS:KilogramGramOther unitsDepleted uraniumU-233 Pu-238 (0.1 g)Natural uraniumUranium in cascade Tritium (0.01 g)ThoriumU-235 in enriched uranium Deuterium (0.1kg)Enriched LithiumPlutonium Cf (1 micro gram) Pu-242 Americium-241 Americium-243CuriumNeptunium-237

  • *Data flow into and out of NMMSSLicenseeFacility #2DOEDOE Site #1NRCLicensee Facility #1DOE Site #2LicenseFacilityDOESites



    Other Countries


    Edit DataChecks Entered Into Database

  • *NMMSS Reports for TreatiesTo the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):Imports/exports of nuclear materials -monthlyImports/exports of uranium ore concentrates-monthlyInventories, movements of nuclear materials for IAEA selected facilities-monthlyQuantity of civilian plutonium-yearly

  • *NMMSS Reports for Treaties, cont.Agreements for Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation:imports, exports, production and inventories of nuclear materials (obligation codes)DOE/Minatome HEU Transparency ProgramImports, exports and transfers of nuclear materials (WR obligation code)

  • *NMMSS Aids to Facilities Free!Safeguards Management Software (SAMS)NMMSS Reports (as requested)Telephone discussions with NMMSS staffNMMSS Users Annual Training MeetingNMMSS Newsletter NMMSS Training courses

  • *NMMSS Users and Training MeetingThe meeting is for your benefit!Ask questions Share your knowledge and thoughts (both in the meeting and in the hallways)Respect the views of others If you hear something that sounds wrong, seek clarification. Changes occur because of discussions and suggestions made at these annual meetings.