Why is the pdf presentation online used most commonly?

In the digital transition age, information storage is also more modernized than before. Instead of storing data on a user's paper or the user's electronic device, memory has gradually turned to the pdf presentation online.

Thanks to this archive, the amount of data is easily managed in a way that is not costly. With an online representation of users who can easily change content and share to many other audiences wherever it's still not changing the content.

To better understand the benefits and use of online presentations, follow the following article.

What is the pdf presentation online?

Pdf is a term that is no longer unfamiliar to life in the current digital age. Almost all types of information are presented in pdf formats such as newspapers, e-books, and applications for employment applications. But few people know that pdf is abbreviated from portable document format. It means that it is a document format or a text file of a cell. 

On a pdf file that can store raw text with fonts, images, sounds, and more effects. And can be shown on various platforms at any time that users access. Also, pdfs have featured extensions like embedding fonts, videos, creating,.. text hyperlinks. 

Some sites can store information in pdf format to easily control and review. The pdf file can be easily generated by another intermediate software. Whether it's open in which content is still represented in the same way.

The advantage of pdf representation:

  • Create a document with easy size to share, move data
  • Pdf file formats support most mobile devices
  • Users can freely share the format of the format
  • Content is very rich and secure
Downside: to edit need to have a website that supports reading pdf files. That's why Cupdf was born to help the user edit pdf documents quickly without needing to download files. When creating a pdf document on a Cupdf users can edit it any time, with many different features that are completely worthless.

Cupdf is a website that allows users to store important online data. The special website feature allows for the free use of free, providing a solution to managing safe data.

To create a pdf online presentation table

Similarly, to store normal data users only need to create content and store the device memory drive, or print it out. However, when creating the online pdf presentation data will be stored in the cloud this helps save memory and can easily be edited.

To create an online presence just a few simple operations:

  • Open the site or tool that allows for online data creation
  • Upload existing documents or start creating content directly
  • Save by the name of the folder to easily search
  • The special point is to share with many people who join the information that takes place at the same time.

The tools for supporting the pdf presentation online are present

Google Drive

Google Drive is no longer a stranger because it is widely used. Cloud computing allows users to create, store, and share completely free information. Especially when syncing to other tools that google provides.

Google drive benefits:

  • Using simple applications through the internet
  • Where information is stored safely
  • Can be shared easily
  • Review the edit history, comments

Downside: only free support for 15GB, if more information is stored then you are required to pay. 


Onedrive is a data storage cloud owned by Microsoft and will be implemented by default for devices belonging to windows os. Users can easily sync documents between smart devices.

OneDrive benefits:

  • Create and store content easily
  • Tag an image automatically
  • Send notifications when there's another engagement
  • Offline access
Downside: the same as google drive stored data on OneDrive will be free in the first 15GB range.


Box allows data storage to be used for both windows and ios operating systems. Users can easily back up and sync data. The speed of access to the site is fairly quick.

Box benefits:

  • Secure information archive
  • Control content easily
  • Can access from multiple apps when there is a link
  • Data is accessed online and offline
Downside: there's a limit on storage space. Only supports 10GB for free and user-paid users when they want to keep storing content on the box.


The special point of iCloud is that it is designed by Apple specifically for users of ios and macOS operating systems. So it's very protective.

Downside: is that free memory is limited to 5GB, much less than other applications.


Cupdf is a website designed to create, store, and share completely free information. Unlike other websites or storage tools that need to be registered or logged in when used. For Cupdf users may not need to be logged in. However, to speed up the upload and download Cupdf data that encourage users to log in to have the best experience. Especially users can use any operating system that itself is using, not limited to other website. 

Cupdf benefits:

  • Search for documents directly on the website with huge data warehouses
  • Upload a document and share it easily by link
  • Upload is not limited to the number and size under 20MB
  • Upload a document quickly without signing in or paying
  • Publish a document in public or custom-based
  • Easily follow and edit documents when necessary
  • Download complete documents except for the authors that don't allow
  • Statistics are available for the shared document
  • Received a comment from the viewer
  • Make a direct survey on the website

So the user has a better understanding of what the pdf presentation online is, how to use it, and some support tools to create an online pdf representation. Creating pdf presentations online has never been as easy as nowadays. There may be a lot of websites that can now support and present different data. Users can comfortably select a website that fits their own needs.

If you're still wondering which website to use to match, then Cupdf is a suggestion for you. Even if you don't have too much knowledge about the tools that can be used simply. Especially it does' t cost it.