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Multi media options 2014
Sports Multi media options 2014

NFL Sports Journalism & Communications Boot Camp 2014

Business Plan
Documents Business Plan

BUSINESS PLAN What is Business Plan A business plan is a summary of an entrepreneur’s proposed business venture. Components of a Business Plan  operational details …

Potd3 Looking At Paintings
Entertainment & Humor Potd3 Looking At Paintings

1.Painting of the Day #3 ' How To Look at Paintings’ --composition2. Some compositions are just plain unpleasant or jarring to look at.Landscape paintings are almost…

Education Photography

1. Basic Photography How to take good photos 2. Elements of good photography•  Varying the angle – taking photos from up high, down low, through something.•  Elements…

Visual Design Pecha Kucha
Technology Visual Design Pecha Kucha

1. “ Presentation” 2. Hmm…where to begin? 3. simplicity 5. drivepresentation forward 9. Size matters Colordoes too 10. balance … but remember thirds Rule of 12. Slides…

Film posters and their effectiveness
Education Film posters and their effectiveness

1. Film Posters and their effectiveness 2. Back to the Future The poster of ‘Back to the Future’ is effective due to the use of lots of colours. It draws the audience’s…

Q1 in what ways does your media product use
Education Q1 in what ways does your media product use

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? By Ed Dean 2. A shot that shows a link between lyrics and/or…