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By - Ekta Bende IT ‘A’ Overview              What is steganography ? Historical steganographic techniques Types of steganography…

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1. “steganography”BYSHAIK SHARAF PARVEZ 09081A0474Under the guidance of Miss. Geetha(Asst. Proff.) 2. STEGAN-O-GRAPHY 3.  “The goal of steganography is to hide messages…

Steganography Presented By Prajwal Shrestha
Education Steganography Presented By Prajwal Shrestha

1. STEGANOGRAPHY Presented by: Prajwal Shrestha 1NC10EC053 Under Guidance of: Mrs. Bhavya V, Mrs. Roopa G Dept. of ECE Dept of ECE, NCET 1 2. Contents What is STEGANOGRAPHY?…

Education Steganography

1. BY N.HIMASINDHU P.SHANKAR K.VAMSHI J.RAM BABU1 2. The term Steganography comes from the Greek words forcovered writing. Steganography is the art of covered or hidden writing.…