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Conference presentation shapiro
Education Conference presentation shapiro

Technology Takeout Tools: A Presentation of Technology Tools to Support the Upper Elementary Classroom

NCSTA 2012
Education NCSTA 2012

NCSTA North Carolina Science Teachers Association November 8-9, 2012 Winston-Salem, NC Surfing the Essential Standards with Web 2.0 Tools - Explore exciting ways to integrate…

A Gazillion Ways To Use A Digital Camera
Art & Photos A Gazillion Ways To Use A Digital Camera

A Gazillion Ways to Use a Digital Camera in Your Classroom Motivational Set Get a partner Face each other One person faces the front of the room, the other person faces the…

DSSC Manual
Documents DSSC Manual

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using organic dyes to generate electricity from light Michael Cass, University of Bath (Image used with permission) Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Module…

Education Dol

1. Dimensions of Learning Authors : Robert J. Marzano and Debra J. Pickering withDaisy E. Arredondo, Guy J. Blackburn, Ronald S. Brandt, Cerylle A. Moffett, Diane E. Paynter,Jane…

Do in your school college
Business Do in your school college

1. Students’ Exnora in Schools & Colleges 2. SCHOOL CHILDREN ARE MOTIVATED 'So-SoWaM' SCHOOL By Mr.Srinivasan in partnership with Students partnership worldwide…

Strategies that grow dendrites
Documents Strategies that grow dendrites

1. Strategies That Grow Dendrites Matt Meckley I.E.S.S Northern Guilford Middle School 2. Why Grow Dendrites? • Studies prove that when students do meaningful work that…

Lesson plans CBI
Education Lesson plans CBI

1. Lesson Planning and Content Based Instruction Robert J. Dickey Keimyung, Korea past president, Korea TESOL 2. “ Prescriptive ” vs.“ Descriptive ” “ Theory-driven…

Content-based Instruction (CBI) in TESOL
Education Content-based Instruction (CBI) in TESOL

1. Considering Content for Language-learning Classrooms Robert J. Dickey Keimyung, Korea past president, Korea TESOL 2. “ Prescriptive ” vs. “ Descriptive ” “ Theory-driven…