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1. - M.Deepa Music heals stress 2. STRESS Stress is aphysical, emotional, or chemical conditionthat occurs when a person is exposed to an unpleasant situation or a crisisThere…

Dementia Care Nurses Teaching Ppt
Health & Medicine Dementia Care Nurses Teaching Ppt

1. Presented by : Joy Mason BSN,RN 2. Increase Assessment Skill in dementia care Build communication skill Recognize pain superimposed on dementia Recognize delirium superimposed…

Final4 Disertation Word
Health & Medicine Final4 Disertation Word

1. Memory BoxP.R.NHow are You?Presented by : Joy Mason BSN,RN 2. Who Am I ? 3. How can I tell what stage of Alzheimer’s Dementia a person is in? 4. How can I talk to a…