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Make Your Presentation Memorable
Marketing Make Your Presentation Memorable

Create an unforgettable presentation that makes your audience stand up and cheer, by using tips like these: Create content that is clear and unique. Share your message on…

Strengths Based Approaches
Health & Medicine Strengths Based Approaches

Presentation from Cassandra O'Neil on Strengths Based Approaches made on November 18, 2008 to the HNK Consultants Community and the Arizona Evaluation Network.

8 ways to create a successful TEDx
Self Improvement 8 ways to create a successful TEDx

Jim Stolze shares some of the learnings that TEDx-organizers all over the world have discovered in the last year of hundreds of TEDx-events. This presentation was given on…

we're screwed
Documents we're screwed

Presentation given at the Social Innovation @ Ivey Forum, March 24th, 2010