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6DOF Arduino
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6DOF Arduino: Compass & Accelerometer This Arduino library is a mixed bag containing a number of functions to facilitate rapid sensor integration between a three axis…

Digital State of the Nation - Q1 2014
Education Digital State of the Nation - Q1 2014

Selected stats showing the use of Internet and Social in health for Q1 2014. If you market healthcare products on digital channels, you want to review this.

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All about CMAT workbook All about CMAT Workbook Inside this workbook All about CMAT Colleges accepting CMAT Tips for online exams CMAT temperature check Expect paper pattern…

Disruption, don't be a victim
Business Disruption, don't be a victim

1. "It is almost banal to say so,yet it needs to be stressedcontinually: all is creation, allis change, all is flux, all ismetamorphosis.”!Henry Miller - writer, revolutionary.…

Microfinance Focus May 2009
Business Microfinance Focus May 2009

1. ` May 2009 Microfinance & Environment Savings: Meeting this Essential Need Interview Padma Bhushan Ela Bhatt Advancement of technology Institution…

Creativity Secrets
Documents Creativity Secrets

© 2005, Stu McLaren ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Creativity Secrets: What Creative Thinking Can Do For You All work contained in this book is the copyright of Stu McLaren. No part…

Ppt chapter 10
Documents Ppt chapter 10

1. Antiviral AgentsChapter 10Copyright © 2013 Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2. Viruses That Respond to Antiviral Therapy• Influenza A and some…