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Functional data structures
Education Functional data structures

Some basics of functional data structures based on Haskell implementations for stacks, sets, and heaps

Large-Scale Machine Learning with Apache Spark
Engineering Large-Scale Machine Learning with Apache Spark

Spark is a new cluster computing engine that is rapidly gaining popularity — with over 150 contributors in the past year, it is one of the most active open source projects…

1 Introductionof VLSI
Documents 1 Introductionof VLSI ECE357: Introduction to VLSI CAD Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Northwestern University w w . w tu jn Prof. Hai Zhou or w . ld m o c 1…

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Jay Shree Ranjit Motion Estimation for Video Coding 1. Introduction Video Coding Techniques An analog video signal typically occupies a bandwidth of a few megahertz. However,…

Documents D.T.C.+TIME+TABLE

DEPOT : BDWS (Low Floor Buses) ROUTE NO. - 8 RUNNING TIME : 100 Minutes DEPARTURE TIME RL - 77 0500 0520 0540 0600 0620 0640 0650 0700 0710 0720 0730 0740 0800 0810 0820…

Lecture 3: Data-Intensive Computing for Text Analysis (Fall 2011)
Technology Lecture 3: Data-Intensive Computing for Text Analysis (Fall 2011)

Data-Intensive Computing for Text Analysis CS395T / INF385T / LIN386M University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2011 Lecture 3 September 8, 2011 Matt Lease School of Information…

Data Leakage Detection
Documents Data Leakage Detection

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, VOL., NO., 2010 1 Data Leakage Detection Panagiotis Papadimitriou, Member, IEEE, Hector Garcia-Molina, Member, IEEE Abstract—We…

Combining Speedup Technique
Documents Combining Speedup Technique

Combining speedup techniques based on landmarks and containers Firas M Abu Hassan 20911833 1 Outline  Introduction  Main Techniques  Related Work  Landmarks techniques…