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Inscriptions 6
Economy & Finance Inscriptions 6

House magazine for the associates of Gopast. This is the SIXTH quarterly issue. Inscriptions made on stone seldom fade, this is the core of the tag line of this magazine.…

Media Audience. Find The Gaps
Education Media Audience. Find The Gaps

Before launching your new mediaproject... You should know

TaxiForSure Culture Code
Leadership & Management TaxiForSure Culture Code

At TaxiForSure, we have been able to attract terrific talent since our inception. Our Culture is the core of our DNA. We believe that our Culture is what will give our company,…

the Chaos Asia 2013 the first 44 presenters
Entertainment & Humor the Chaos Asia 2013 the first 44 presenters

88 presenters 180 second soul pitch It is where you will become a witness innovators of the future. where you will create innovators altogether. where you will become innovators.…


In many aspects, the story of food waste is a story of success. Rich countries produce 3-4 times the food they actually need, which means feeding the world is a solvable…

Can Modi do a Barack Obama in General Election 2014 Courtesy Social Media
Government & Nonprofit Can Modi do a Barack Obama in General Election 2014 Courtesy Social Media

Social media in India is an evolving trend, and this general elections result might start a new discourse for elections to come. However, it will be interesting to wait and…

dci 2011
Documents dci 2011

NOAMI HADAS-LIDOR, PhD, OT, PENINA WEISS, MSc, OT, and ALEX KOZULIN, PhD 15 Dynamic Cognitive Intervention: Application in Occupational Therapy I n the first part of this…

Computer vs Real Friends
Internet Computer vs Real Friends

Nowadays computers keep us away from real life! They even replace real friends!

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ABSTRACT E- Banking refers to systems that enable bank customers to access accounts and general information on bank products and services through a personal computer or other…