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Insurance Telematics Study Overview
Automotive Insurance Telematics Study Overview

With 2 million customers worldwide, Usage-based Insurance has passed its tipping point, and is revolutionizing the insurance industry. The 405-page Insurance Telematics Study…

CC Composite Report
Documents CC Composite Report

CARBON-CARBON COMPOSITE MATERIALS Textile Composite Materials Report discusses about the Manufacturing & feature characteristics of Carbon-carbon composite materials.…

Google Earth overview
Devices & Hardware Google Earth overview

Speaking notes for a Google Earth tour and demonstration. I wanted to show my colleagues how GE can be helpful in civil, environmental, and related projects on a daily basis.

The Essential Kitchen Tools
Food The Essential Kitchen Tools

The ultimate essential kitchen tools guide. Make your kitchen equip to handle any dish you wish to create. From paring and butcher knives to cutting boards and can openers,…

Final Book
Documents Final Book

WEDU Network Re-Brand Nicole Gutzmann Professor Jill Taffet Ringling College of Art + Design The Department of Motion Design WEDU Network Re-brand Project Description Project…

Top Ten Anabolic Recipes
Self Improvement Top Ten Anabolic Recipes

The Most Complete Cookbook And Nutrition Guide For Bodybuilding & Fitness On The Market With Over 200 Muscle Building Recipes.