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Operations reports   may 2014
Business Operations reports may 2014

1. TM Monthly Report April 2014 2. TM – General Direction Talent Management and Talent Capacity driving GIP and GCDP growth bringing impact to organization and members.…

Czech MC j ds 14.15
Business Czech MC j ds 14.15

1. MCP MC VP COMM MC VP ER MC VP F Marketing manager iGIP new sales manager MC VP Operations MC VP TM iGIP manager CR manager oGIP manager iGCDP manager oGCDP manager Positions…

Coaching framework Serbia
Education Coaching framework Serbia

1. AIESEC in Serbia 2. … what is coaching for you? … how do you coach your TLP/TMP? … how often do you coach your members? … how do your members develop through the…

MC Momentum - Updates #1
Documents MC Momentum - Updates #1

MC MOMENTUM UPDATES Hello AIESEC in Austria and Happy New Year! January marks not only the beginning of a new chapter, called 2015, but as well the milestone of 6 months…

NFA Presentation
Documents NFA Presentation

AIESEC TURKEY WIKI AIESEC in Turkey 12-13 Term National Focus Areas How to define a Focus Area? 1. SWOT Analysis 2. Defining advantages&disadvantages 3. Defining urgent/not…