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1.  Introduction  Religions  Freedom Struggle  Freedom Fighters  Role of Women  Photo Gallery 2. FIRST THREE SATYAGRAHA MOVEMENTSFIRST THREE SATYAGRAHA…

Organic Farming in Herbal spices by Shivanand M.R
Technology Organic Farming in Herbal spices by Shivanand M.R

1.University of Horticultural Sciences, BagalkotKittur Rani Channamma College of Horticulture,ArabhaviCURRENT STATUS OF ORGANIC PRODUCTIONPRACTICES IN HERBAL SPICES2. What…

Natural vegetation and wildlife
Education Natural vegetation and wildlife

1. MADE BY – VEER SINGH 2.  The wildlife of India is a mix of species of number of different typesof organism. The regions rich and diverse wildlife is preserved in…

honey bees in India
Technology honey bees in India

1.  Apiculture 2. Simplified morphology and anatomy of honey bee 3. Honey bee feeding  compound eye antennatube through which nectar is drawnThe honeybee feeds on nectar…

Synopsis History 1
Documents Synopsis History 1

A HISTORY OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF WOMENâS MOVEMENT FOR THE FREEDOM OF INDIA (1857-1947) Introduction: The History of Indian Freedom Struggle (1857-1947) In primeval times,…

The Importance of Aryltetralin (Podophyllum)
Documents The Importance of Aryltetralin (Podophyllum)

The Importance of Aryltetralin (Podophyllum) Lignans and Their Distribution in The Plant Kingdom Ariltetralin Lignanların Önemli ve Bitkiler Alemindeki Dağılımı Belma…