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Valuable Vintage Muscle Cars
Automotive Valuable Vintage Muscle Cars

Muscle car is what car buffs call a two door, high performance automobile, and sports coupes with powerful engine vehicles often designed for racing. Even if…

A look at the future of electric mobility
Automotive A look at the future of electric mobility

The presentation explains the technological innovations that were realized by BASF in the concept car smart forvision: the centre of attention is the multifunctional lightweight…

Digital agility 1172014
Business Digital agility 1172014

For organisations that need to keep up with the velocity of change in their markets, customers and technology, Digital Agility is an end-to-end concept to market approach…

High Performance Concrete
Engineering High Performance Concrete

The project was undertaken to design M50 grade concrete using GGBS cement and POZZOLANA cement and comparing the fresh concrete and hard concrete properties with concrete…

Culling the Battlefield: Data Oriented Design in Practice
Entertainment & Humor Culling the Battlefield: Data Oriented Design in Practice

This talk will highlight the evolution of the object culling system used in the Frostbite engine over the years and why we decide to rewrite a system for BATTLEFIELD 3 that…

Ancon Channel & Bolt Fixings
Documents Ancon Channel & Bolt Fixings

CI/SfB (21.9) Xt6 August 2007 Channel and Bolt Fixings for the Construction Industry 2 Ancon designs and manufactures high integrity steel products for the construction industry.…

Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
Documents Intel Centrino Mobile Technology

Seminar Report ’03 Intel Centrino Mobile Technology 1. INTRODUCTION Intel is expanding its history of innovations with new notebook PC capabilities designed specifically…

The Netflix Culture
Recruiting & HR The Netflix Culture

Culture, Netflix, Silicon Valley, Het Nieuwe werken, employee benefits

2nd Scm Final
Documents 2nd Scm Final

1. SAINT GOBAIN 1.1 CONCEPTION & HISTORY Saint-Gobain is a French multinational corporation, founded in 1665 in Paris and headquartered on the outskirts of Paris at La…

Documents Budget

BUDGET OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Fiscal Year 1995 9 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ THE BUDGET DOCUMENTS Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal in the budget documents…