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Test Case Point Analysis
Automotive Test Case Point Analysis

Approaches to estimating size and effort of software testing activities.

What is Big Data?
Technology What is Big Data?

This presentation, by big data guru Bernard Marr, outlines in simple terms what Big Data is and how it is used today. It covers the 5 V's of Big Data as well as a number…

plumbing for the next web
Economy & Finance plumbing for the next web

The next web will be about flow, this flow will be user generated pipelines through applications and services. Unlike before these Pipelines will be definable, non-proprietary…

Hooray Icon Fonts!
Devices & Hardware Hooray Icon Fonts!

Icon fonts are becoming an increasingly popular way to delivery iconography for websites. They reduce HTTP requests, provide a resolution-independent way to scale icons,…

Viva Ppt
Documents Viva Ppt

Mid-Term Presentation Rahul Kumar Forward & Reverse Channels Walsh Codes y Walsh codes are used to identify users on the forward link. y Hadamard Matrices are used to…