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American Options with Monte Carlo
Economy & Finance American Options with Monte Carlo

Pricing American and Bermuda Options by means of the Least Squared Monte Carlo technique developed by Longstaff & Schwartz.

Time Value of Money
Documents Time Value of Money

TABLE OF CONTENTS Role of Time Value in Finance Financial managers and investors are always confronted with opportunities to earn positive rates of return on their funds,…

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Faculty of Actuaries Institute of Actuaries EXAMINATION 6 April 2005 (am) Subject CT1 Financial Mathematics Core Technical Time allowed: Three hours INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATE…

NOS for Accountancy and Finance Amended V2
Documents NOS for Accountancy and Finance Amended V2

National Occupational Standards for Accountancy and Finance January/February 2012 These National Occupational Standards (NOS) aim to define the competencies required to carry…

IBC Individual Health Plans 2010
Economy & Finance IBC Individual Health Plans 2010

New Individual Health Plans from Keystone & Personal Choice Effective 7-1-2010

Full Text
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Valuing Technology Richard A. H o w e y In order to make intelligent decisions about implementing and managing a technology, managers must be able to estimate the value of…

D Gimpelevich SERM Paper (JPIF)
Documents D Gimpelevich SERM Paper (JPIF)

The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at Simulation-based excess return Simulation-based excess return…