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Automotive Valuable Vintage Muscle Cars

Muscle car is what car buffs call a two door, high performance automobile, and sports coupes with powerful engine vehicles often designed for racing. Even if…

Automotive The Connected Car: Driving Towards the Future

Covering the state of the internet-connected automobile, with the experts at Strategy Analytics and IBM. We discuss: - The challenges of the connected car

Automotive Autoquiz finals

The Quiz Presentation for the final round of Auto Quiz event held at Thiagarajar college of engineering

Career Success is Broken

Success is Broken because our education system, and the old advice about how to build a career, and the collapse of the command and control management hierarchy...they're…

Career What I Learned in 17 Years at Interactive Agencies (EuroIA 2013)

My lightning talk at Euro IA 2013, about the lessons I learned in my career as a designer of interactive systems and design processes. The lessons include: - Break Bread…

Data & Analytics The Different Information systems

Transaction Processing System Office Automation System Knowledge Work System Decision Support System Executive Information System Group Decision Support System

Design How I Teach IA to Design Students

Lightning style talk given at the IA Summit Educational Round Table on March 27, 2014. #reframeIA

Design LeanUX - Presentation slides

Part of the materials for a Lean UX workshop.