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Responsive web design
Design Responsive web design

Here's the slides for a presentation I gave on responsive web design in November 2011. Responsive web design is a very powerful idea: it makes your website look great…

Multi screen HTML5
Technology Multi screen HTML5

1. MULTI-SCREEN HTML5 Ron Reiter 2. Who am I? •  Ron Reiter •  HTML5 Google Developer Expert •  HTML5-IL •  Consultant, Freelancer 3. HTML5 != WEB • …

Introduction To Web
Business Introduction To Web

1. Introduction to the WebNick DeNardisWayne State UniversityOffice of Marketing and Communications February, 26, 2008 mac.wayne.edu1 2. the web is square February, 26,…

Responsive Web Design in iMIS (NiUG Austin 2015)
Technology Responsive Web Design in iMIS (NiUG Austin 2015)

1. Responsive Design in iMIS Andrea Robertson UI/UX Developer ASI 2. Responsive web design is the practice of building a website suitable to work on every device and every…