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CIPR Social Media Best Practice Guidelines
Education CIPR Social Media Best Practice Guidelines

These guidelines are intended as an introductory guide to highlight core principles that must be considered when developing a communications strategy and campaigns including…


INTRODUCTION 1. Historical Background: a. LABOR + CAPITAL = WEALTH: All societies agree– communism (eliminates capital and emphasizes labor); capitalism (emphasizes capital);…

B.a.(Hons)Business Economics Syllabus
Documents B.a.(Hons)Business Economics Syllabus

UNIVERSITY OF DELHI Scheme of Admission, Scheme of Examination and Course Structure for B.A. (Honours) Business Economics Applicable to students seeking admission to the…

11-02-22 Consumer Diagnostic Study
Documents 11-02-22 Consumer Diagnostic Study

ConSumer ProteCtion DiAGnoStiC StuDY Kenya JAnuArY 2011 Ministry of Finance FSD Kenya Financial Sector Deepening This report was prepared by Mark Flaming, Alexander Owino,…

Consumer Protection Act
Documents Consumer Protection Act

TOPIC: Consumer Protection Act and Role of Voluntary Organization in the Protecting of Consumer’s Rights Submitted to: by: O.P. Maurya Sir Submitted Shashi Shekhar Singh…