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Modul 7
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Prosedur Alat-alat Tangan dan Kelengkapan Alat-alat Tangan dan Kelengkapan Kunci Inggeris Kunci Inggeris adalah kunci yang digunakan secara umum, rahangnya dapat bergerak…

Open Badges in Moodle und Mahara
Education Open Badges in Moodle und Mahara

1. Open  Badges  in   Moodle  und  Mahara   Unlock  your  skills   Kristina  D.C.  Höppner,  Catalyst  IT   [email protected]  ‧  Präsentation:…

Forum Comunicazione Digitale 2011
Technology Forum Comunicazione Digitale 2011

1. IL BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA CHE COMUNICA SU CARTA, INTERAGISCE SU INTERNET, SI INCONTRA DI PERSONA. Comunicazione Italiana è il primo ed unico Business Social Media italiano…

Openbadges for e-Assessment
Technology Openbadges for e-Assessment

1. ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd Inspired assessment learning technology& 1 Open Badges for e- assessment introducing an example of how we are implementing Open Badges and…

Siksha iitk 22nd_july_
Business Siksha iitk 22nd_july_

1. Namaste Bhasha  2011   Team  Siksha,  Nokia  Bhasha  2011,  Bengaluru   2. Objective Encourage use of Indian Languages on Mobile Phone “Use of mobile phone as…

Blue Badge Improvement Service
Education Blue Badge Improvement Service

1. 29 June 2011 Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS) 2. Bill Brash Transport Scotland 3. Introductions Bill BrashTransport Scotland Sally Kendall Department for Transport…

Documents Safety

1. Safety measures in clinical laboratory M.Deepa SAFETY MEASURES INCLINICALLABORATORY -M.DEEPA 2. Introduction The safety and wellbeing of students, staffs and faculty come…

Il Tuo Successo è più vicino di quello che pensi
Documents Il Tuo Successo è più vicino di quello che pensi

1. Il tuo successo è più vicino di quello che pensi… Mobile, Social Network e Geolocalizzazione… Il proximity marketing Michele Dell’Edera 2. In che mondo viviamo…

YuktiPro Presentation
Technology YuktiPro Presentation

1. Add 50% to your productivity now! 
 Ilya Khanykov, [email protected] 
 Motivation Leadership
 Productivity 2. Contents click…

20131030 hkpasea presentation[1]
Technology 20131030 hkpasea presentation[1]

1. Creative and Interesting life with Web3.0 Mr. Alex Hung [email protected] Crossover International Co. Ltd Email: [email protected] 2. Who am I? • Web3.0 expert…