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Development of Root um
Documents Development of Root um

DEVELOPMENT OF ROOT & PERIODONTIUM Oral Histology Dent 206 Root development Some time after enamel completion  Interaction between  Dental follicle  Epithelial…

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Republic of Yemen Faculty of dentistry Department of conserve Feb 2012 Cementum Cementum is a very thin , avascular and calcified layer of tissue that covers the surface…

2004 Ricucci & Bergenholtz Pa Lesions Endo Topics Copy
Documents 2004 Ricucci & Bergenholtz Pa Lesions Endo Topics Copy

Endodontic Topics 2004, 8, 68–87 All rights reserved Copyright r Blackwell Munksgaard ENDODONTIC TOPICS 2004 1601-1538 Histologic features of apical periodontitis in human…

Alveolar Distraction for Implants
Documents Alveolar Distraction for Implants

Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis for Dental Implant Preparation: An Update Luis G. Vega, DDSa,*, Arturo Bilbao, MD, PhDb,c KEYWORDS Alveolar distraction Alveolar reconstruction…

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DEFINATION The branch of Dentistry which deals with the surgical treatment of tooth and surrounding area or in other words the extraction of teeth is called exodontia. Exodontia…

Periodontal Flap
Documents Periodontal Flap

Rational and objectives Nikhil Dubey BDS Intern,GDC Raipur  Non surgical periodontal therapy.  Surgical periodontal therapy. *Why do we do periodontal surgery? *To…