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Chris Atherton at TCUK09
Education Chris Atherton at TCUK09

Slides from a talk by Dr Chris Atherton from the University of Central Lancashire about the brain's limits of attention and cognitive load, and how we can work around…

Understanding the lingo
Business Understanding the lingo

Digital Marketing is surrounded by buzz words and industry Jargon. Do you know what a cache is or the 3 click rule? This presentation demystifies Digital lingo.

Case Study Agate Full Version
Documents Case Study Agate Full Version

Case Study: Agate’s Information System A1: AGATE Ltd Case Study: Introduction Requirements • To record details of Agate’s clients and advertising campaigns for those…

Documents Notes   The literal rule of statutory interpretation should be the first rule applied by judges. Under the literal rule, the…

Media A2 Coursework Evaluation Questions
Entertainment & Humor Media A2 Coursework Evaluation Questions

• Hand held Camera - creates a sense of realism and personalised point of view • Narrative Voice Over - usually directly addressing the audience to involve them as well…

Education Q4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Stephanie Molyneux Slideshare • Slideshare is an online website that…

Question 4
Documents Question 4

Technologies I used: Blogger Prezi Taggle Sony HD Video Camera Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe SoundBooth Nikon DSLR Still Camera Adobe Photoshop Audacity Microsoft Powerpoint/Slideshare…

Experian - data feast or famine
Business Experian - data feast or famine

Data feast or famine?and the importance of bringing data together for more effective marketingJustin A th E i Marketing Services, 3rd NJ ti Armsworth, Experian M k ti S i…

Final evaluation of Leave I Alone
Documents Final evaluation of Leave I Alone

We were required to create a documentary of our choice. We learnt the different types of documentaries such as Expository and Observational. We also watched previous documentaries…