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Documents Accounting Alchemy - Bank for International Settlements

Accounting AlchemyFor Presentation at the Eighth Bank for International Settlements Annual Conference 2009 (June 25-26, 2009, Basel, Switzerland) Robert E. Verrecchia The

Documents Adrian Orr - Bank for International Settlements

Adrian Orr - Some policy lessons from a year of Covid-19With special thanks to my Reserve Bank colleague Karsten Chipeniuk, and many others who provided wise copy and comment.

Documents MARK AXIS - Bank for International Settlements

The Dollar - Mark axis - BIS Working Papers No. 74 - August 1999Basel, Switzerland BIS Working Papers are written by members of the Monetary and Economic Department of the

Documents BIAIS Presentation - Bank for International Settlements

Who supplies liquidity, how and when?Who supplies liquidity, how and when? Presentation prepared for the 14th BIS Annual Conference Lucerne, June 2015 Bruno Biais, Fany Declerck,

Documents Operational Risk - Bank for International Settlements

Operational RiskConsultative Document Operational Risk Issued for comment by 31 May 2001 January 2001 Superseded document III. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS ...................................................................................................


BIS Quarterly Review: International Banking and Financial Market Developments - August 1997Requests for publications should be addressed to: Bank for International Settlements,

Documents Bank Failures in Mature Economies - Bank for International Settlements

Bank Failures in Mature Economies - April 2004Working Paper No. 13 April 2004 The Working Papers of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision contain analysis carried out

Documents Minimum Capital Requirements - Bank for International Settlements

Minimum Capital RequirementsI. Calculation of minimum capital requirements 40. Part 2 presents the calculation of the total minimum capital requirements for credit, market

Documents CROSS-BORDER SECURITIES SETTLEMENTS - Bank for International

13 - Cross-border securities settlements - Mar 1995CROSS-BORDER SECURITIES SETTLEMENTS Report prepared by the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems of the central banks

Documents Interest rate risk - Bank for International Settlements

Supervisory Review Process and Market DisciplinePart 3: The Second Pillar – Supervisory Review Process 719. This section discusses the key principles of supervisory