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  • Who is True Shi'a ?Ahlul Bayt about their Shia

  • Who is True Shi'a ?Ahlul Bayt about their Shia

  • Think AgainPerhaps... one may think that the Shia of Ahlul Bayt (a) is someone who is born in a Shi'i family,or someone who participates in the azadari of Imam Husain (a) someone who only claims to love Prophet (s) and His Ahlul Bayt (a)... but has nothing to do with obedience to the teachings of Islam

  • : ..Imam Ali (a): My Shias, by God are the forbearing, the knowledgeable of God and His religion, actively following Allah and His orders, guided by His love, They appear weak because of worship, They are seekers of seclusion for their piousness, They are of pale complexion due to their night prayers

  • ... ... Imam Ali (a) continues: their eyes are weak because of weeping, their lips are dry due to their remembrance of God, their stomachs are sunken because of eating in moderation, their faces reveal Godliness, and simplicity is apparent from their appearance,they are the guiding lights in every darkness

  • ... Imam Ali (a) continues: they are not recognized even when seen, they are not remembered when not present, these are my true Shi'as the superb, and my respected brothers.Ah ! with love I wish so much to meet them[al-Amali, Toosi, p. 1189, hadith # 576]

  • : Imam al-Baaqir (a): None is our shia except those who fear God and observe His obedience, and they are not recognized except by their humility, reverence, trustworthiness, and their abundance of remembrance of God. [Tuhaf al-Uqool, hadith # 295]

  • : ... Imam al-Saadiq (a) : Our Shi'as are those who are pious and men of solid opinion,they are loyal and trustworthy, they are men of piety and worship, they pray fifty one Rak'as prayers during day and night

  • Imam al-Saadiq (a) continues: they are usually the awake in the night,who observe the fast during the day, they purify their property (by paying poor-rate) they perform the Haj, they abstain from all that which is forbidden.[al-Bihar, v.68, p. 167, hadith # 23]

  • : Imam al-Baaqir (a): You should not be mislead by different views (in Islam)for by God nobody is our shia except those through obedience to God, the powerful and magnificent.

  • ... : Imam al-Kadhim (a) : the Shi'a of Ali (a) are those whose deeds testify their words.[al-Kafi, v.8, p. 228, hadith # 290]

  • : Imam Ali (a):Our Shi'a are those who are cognizant of Allah, they act according to the orders of God, they possess excellences, they speak the truth, their food is limited to gaining strength, their dress is simple.

  • ... Imam Ali (a) continues:...their behavior is humble, you think that they had lost their senses but its not like that, instead, the greatness of their Lord has made them oblivion and His power has overwhelmed their hearts and taken over their intellects

  • Imam Ali (a) continues: So when they strongly desire of God, they promptly strive to do pure deeds before Him, the most High; they are not happy with few good deeds, and they do not take their abundant good works to be sufficient.

  • - - : Imam al-Baaqir (a): (describing the attributes of Shi'as): They are like strong fortresses, their hearts are trustworthy, they are men of prudence and self-control, they are not extravagant, they are neither oppressors nor ostentatious, they are devoted worshippers in night and brave like a lion during the day. [Mishkat al-Anwar, p. 62]

  • : Imam al-Saadiq (a) : A person is not of our shi'a who lives in a population of several thousand people and someone else is more pious than him among them.

  • : Imam al-Saadiq (a): A person is not of our Shi'a who accepts us by only his tongue yet is against us in our deeds and our legacy. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.68, p. 164, hadith # 13]

  • : : Imam al-Saadiq (a) : Test our Shi'as on three occasions: At the time of prayers as to how they safeguard their prayers, andwhen they have a secret as to how they keep them from our enemies and by their wealth as to how they spend on their brethren.[al-Bihar, v.83, p. 22, hadith # 40]

  • : Imam al-Saadiq (a): Verily the Shia of Ali is the one who is purified of the influence of the stomach and sexual desires, and intense in his struggle...and his action is for his Creator, and his hope is for divine reward and he is afraid of his end So if you see someone like that, then that is the shi'a of Jafar (Imam Jafar al-Saadiq).[al-Kafi, v.2, p. 233, hadith # 9]

  • : : Imam al-Saadiq (a) : He is not from our Shi'as who denies four things: Mi'raaj (heavenly ascension of the Prophet (s), andThe questioning in the grave, and The creation of heaven and hell and The shafaah (the intercession). [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.69, p. 9, hadith # 11]

  • : : Imam al-Saadiq (a): Verily our Shias are known for the following attributes: By their generosity towards their brethren and by their praying of the fifty one Rak'as of prayers during night and day.[Tuhaf al-Uqool, hadith #303]

  • : Imam al-Kadhim (a) said : He is not from our shi'a whose heart is not afraid of God in his loneliness. [Basaer al-Darajat, p. 247, hadith # 10]

  • : Imam Ali (a) : Our Shi'asare devotedly in supporting our Wilaayah,they love each other for the sake of our love,they visit each other for the sake of keeping alive our teachings and affair

  • Imam Ali (a) continues: they do not oppress out of anger with someone and they do not become extravagant in their happiness, they are mercy for their neighbors, and a source of peace and security for those who live with them. [al-Kafi, v.2, p. 236, hadith # 24]

  • ThereforeSoit is not easy to claim for a Muslim to be a Shi'a of Ahlul Bayt (a)It demands a lot of continuous struggle and hardship in the way of God to become a true follower of Ahlul Bayt (a)... That is why the Prophet of God (s) has said

  • : ... ... Prophet of God (s): O Ali Gabriel has informed me that Allah has blessed your lovers and your Shi'as with seven attributes

  • ... Gods Promise to the true Shia of Ali: ease at the time of death and familiarity in the lonelinessand light in the darkness (of the grave) and peace in the fear (of the day of judgment) and justice when the deeds will be judged and crossing of the (bridge) sirat and entry in the paradise before other human beings. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v. 68, p. 4, hadith # 9]

  • : The Prophet of God (s): The Shi'a of Ali, they are the winners on the day of Judgment.[al-Amali, Toosi, p. 104, hadith # 72]

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