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  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    Content1. OVERVIEW ...... 2

    2. A GLIMPSE OF ACTIVITIES IN 2008-2009..................4

    a. Akshrabyasam ....4

    b. Kishori Vidya Vikasam ....6

    c. Kishori Study Centres .8

    d. Secondary Education Study Centres .9

    e. School Library and Children Literature ....................11

    f. Raksha Bandhan .11

    g. Students and Parents Counselling ...............12

    h. School Development Committees ...........14

    i. Annual Day Functions ...15

    j. Examination Preparation Camp ..................16

    k. Vatsalyapurna ...19

    l. Other Programs ....20

    3. TEAM .....21

    a. State Committee ..21

    b. Executive Members .22

    c. Advisory Board ....23

    d. Academic Supporters ..24

    e. Cultural Wing ...24

    f. Student Wing ...... 24

    g. District Team ... 25

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09




    Vandemataram Foundation is a registered community development organisationworking for child rights through the schools for a better India. It was on the eve of

    the centenary year (2005) of the Vandemataram Movement that the foundationwas launched.

    Vandemataram Foundation has been at the forefront of child rights and schoolempowerment with grassroots level interaction and right to informationcampaigns. India Vision 2020 set the goal of achieving cent per cent literacy.However, with literacy rate of 61% national average and being ranked at thebottom of Human Development Index, is it possible to achieve that goal?

    "A developed India by 2020 is possible only through people's participation andchildren are the nucleus of this transformation" said Sri Abdul Kalam, the former

    president of India

    This is what motivated the foundation to fight for the child rights and contributeits mite to the India 2020 vision of Dr. Abdul Kalam. With 600 volunteers toilingday in and day out selflessly, the mission seems to achievable. However, we knowwe have a long way to go. That is why we appeal to all of you to join us

    The foundation inspired by Dr Kalam, the former president of India (July 2002 -July 2007), is working for the betterment of children and their education. A newfreedom struggle, this time against the poverty and illiteracy, is making thingsbetter in 120 schools in 10 interior mandals of Warangal and seven mandals of

    Mahabubnagar district. The dropout rate has fallen steeply and the attendance ofteachers is increasing, the performance of school as a unit is improving.


    A school is a place where each one of us have learnt to live and graduated into theworld to become what we are today and what we would be tomorrow. The simpleword my school sends most of us, if not all, down the memory lane with loads ofnostalgic images and childhood playfulness.

    Over 79% of the out-of-school children belong to the rural areas, SC/ST children

    account for nearly 11.5% of the total out-of-school children. The most commoncause for remaining out of school was household work, taking care of siblings andworking to improve the family income. The dropout rates in Mahabubnagar,Medak, Warangal, Nizamabad (above 50%) and Nalgonda (above 40%) are very highand need urgent attention. The dropout rate is between 19% to 36% dependingupon the class and poverty level of the childs family. (Source: Andhra Pradeshreport on Sarva Siksha Abhiyan)

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09




    The general level of infrastructure in the Govt. run schools is poor. The faculty attendance and teaching levels are not very satisfactory. There is a need for monitoring the performance of faculty by the

    foundations volunteers. It has been proved beyond doubt that the performance levels have beenimproving since the foundations intervention. The general dropout rate of the children (35 %-40%) has been at alarmingly

    high levels. Community participation only can make any project sustainable and the

    foundation is striving for it. Increased levels of community participation in 150 villages taken up by

    Vandemataram Foundation have yielded results both in terms ofinfrastructure, performance of teachers and students as well.

    There is a need for awareness and capacity building among the parents,teachers and the community at large.

    The children deserve better tomorrow and schools are the basic buildingblocks. We need to strengthen them. There is the need for volunteers to monitor and co-ordinate the community



    Poor Children who otherwise will end up as child labour. School going as well as dropouts and the never-to-school children will

    benefit as the foundation is trying to bring every child to school and everychild in the school to better performance.

    The teachers who will have a chance to upgrade themselves and performtheir duties better. The community as whole as the school is the corner stone of the society. As

    the foundation will be organising alumni meets and other such programmesthat would support the long run sustainability of the school infrastructure.


    To provide quality education to the rural children in Warangal &Mahabubnagar district.

    To inculcate moral values, nationalism in districts that are affected by anti-social and destructive tendencies.

    To provide academic support to the students at various levels bycounselling.

    To strengthen the cultural ethos through a set of extracurricular activities. To involve community by encouraging civil society organisations to adopt

    government schools. To achieve the ideals of Lead-India propounded by Dr Abdul Kalam. To instil the ideals and teachings of Swami Vivekananda among the children.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09




    a. Aksharabhyasam


    Dropout rate in government schools in villages is varying from 19% to 39%depending upon the class and the poverty level of the childs family (as per SarvaShiksha Abhiyan report).Badi Bata (enrolment in schools) programme by the government is yielding onlylimited results.

    Main Causes:

    Reluctance among parents in villages to send their children to schools.No participation/encouragement from the society towards child education

    Financial constraints of the childs family and lack of sensitiveness towards schooleducation


    Sensitising parents towards their childrens educationCommunity participation in the school activities, especially recruitmentprogramme


    Identified 503 schools in the districts of Warangal and Mahabubnagar.Campaigned door-to-door to bring the students back to school (new recruit anddropouts). As many as 600 volunteers worked for 30 days to visit every house inthe village and identify school age children.Organised the programme by bringing the slates which are blessed by BasaraSaraswati temple in Adilabad and Saraswathi Temple Ayyasagarakshetram,Mahabubnagar District.Elderly or well known people from the community helped children to write theirfirst letters on the slates.Making parents to recite a pledge in front of Saraswati statue committingthemselves to educate their children till X standard, come what may.

    It was memorable event with participation from all walks of life includingstudents, teachers, parents, community leaders, government servants.


    23,482 students were enrolled in 503 schoolsDropout rate reduced in all these schools due to increased commitment levelsfrom the parents, teachers and community

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09




    Approximately, it cost Rs. 15 per child, which includes incidental expenses oftransportation and function.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    b. Kishori Vidya Vikasam


    The percentage of girl students going for higher education after 10th class is only12% in villages.

    38% of female children who are joining in the primary education are dropping to26% by the time they reach the level of secondary education.

    Main Causes:

    Non-availability of junior colleges at village level. Due to this, students are forcedto travel to nearest mandal headquarters for higher studies, thus increasing thecost of education.Financial limitations of the families to support higher education of the students.Parents are not seeing any benefit of educating their daughter furtherOrthodox thinking of not allowing their daughters go out of village for education.

    Early marriages where parents tend to marry off their daughter at the age of 15 invillages.


    Educating parents on the advantages of higher educationSupporting the students financially to meet their expenditure towards education(bus pass, tuition fee, books and examination fee)Providing a sense of support and security for the girls to enable them go to thecollege which is far from home.


    Identified 667 students from various villages of Warangal and Mahabubnagar whoare willing to continue studies.Convinced their families to send their daughters for junior college.Obtained commitment from the parents not to marry off their daughters duringtheir college education.Supported the students by providing them with bus passes, textbooks, college andexamination feesFormed a group of students from each village to facilitate them in travelling ingroups to the college

    Conducted sessions on career guidance, personality development & counselling,and other workshops to motivate the students on a bi-monthly basisKeeping in touch with their colleges regarding their performance and care. Helpingthem in their subjects if needed.


    As many as 667 students received direct benefit from this programme in the formof financial and moral supportInspired by their example more girl students are opting for higher education

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09




    It cost Rs: 2,500 for each student to support them during the entire academicyear.

    Kishori Activity in Pictures:

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    c. Kishori Study Centres

    Back Ground:

    Drop rate in secondary school is higherBasic level of knowledge is lacking among the students reaching secondary school

    Main Causes:

    Since there is only one class for each grade, students at different levels are sittingin the same class, thus a few students are not able to catch the speed of theteacher.Teacher not able to spend time after school with studentsRecruits from drop-outs are not able to catch the pace of the class


    Providing support to the required students in the form of study centresHelping them with their studies after class


    Identified educationally weak students in the class, who need extra help to pickupthe studies.Kishori students who got benefited by the foundation to pursue their highereducation, came forward to volunteer for conducting study centresEvery day after completing their college, these girls conduct study centres in thevillage to help the students in their subjects

    To keep the students motivated, they also conduct games and other culturalactivities everyday for half-an-hour, after which they conduct the study centreKeeping in touch with teachers regarding the performance of the students andidentifying the needs of each student and helping them accordingly


    192 Kishori students out of667 conducted study centres for primary education intheir villages.A total of 8,400 students got benefited due to these study centres.Kishori students felt responsible for all these students and counselled them

    throughout the academic yearSociety got inspired by these Kishori students, who volunteered to do their bit.


    It was a voluntary effort and no money was spent on this activity directly.Money was spent for training the Kishori students in conducting study centres andthat was considered as part of the Kishori Budget.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    Study Centre Activity in Pictures

    d. Secondary Education Study Centres

    Back Ground:

    Pass Percentage in secondary education is low in the village schools.Teachers losing interest to teach as students are not completing the assignmentsgiven to them.

    Main Causes:

    Since there is only one class for each grade, students at different levels are sittingin the same class, thus a few students are not able to keep pace.Teacher not able to spend time after school with students.

    No parental guidance for the students at home to complete the home works andassignments.Distractions like television, drinking, non-availability of electricity, householdactivities, etc. hinder students in home study.


    Providing support to the required students in the form of study centres.Helping them with their studies after or before class.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09




    Volunteers were identified and assigned to the schools in need of study centres.Every day study centres are run on the school premises one hour ahead of schooland two hours after the school by these volunteers.Weak students in the higher classes are identified with the help of teachers and

    sent to these study centres.Speaking to the teachers regarding the performance of the students andidentifying the needs of each student and helping them accordingly.Conducting training camps to the volunteers on a regular basis to train them inrunning study centres.


    20 study centres were run by the volunteers in the year 2008-2009.A total of2,501 students got benefited due to these study centres.Increase in pass percentage in the respective schools was observed.

    Study centres were run for 6 months starting from September 2008 to February2009.


    Foundation paid an honorarium of Rs. 500 per month to each volunteer for runningthe study centre.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    e. School Library and Children Literature


    Lack of character and righteousness in the studentsLack of commitment towards society/nation

    Lack to vision to achieve something in life

    Main Causes:

    No guidance to the students from the parents/teachers/society.Non-availability of resources which can enhance their thinking process.


    Provide resources to the school, which can help the students in shaping themselvesas good citizen of society.

    Providing guidance to them in the form of counselling.


    Established library in 20 schools which has Books on our national heroesBooks on our traditional values and heritageBooks on scienceMoral stories booksAny good literature, which is useful to the studentDistributed labels, photos, calendars which contained national heroes to schools.


    Students accessed various books available in the library and got benefited with theinformation available


    Foundation spent Rs 3,000 per school to establish the library

    f. Raksha Bandhan


    Dropout rate in schools is high.

    Main Causes:

    Society doesnt feel responsible towards child education of the poor.Commitments and involvement levels are low from the society towardsgovernment school activities

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    Due to low cost of hiring a child labour, society is opting for hiring a child, thusaffecting his education. (Typically, Housemaids, etc.)


    Create commitment in the society towards child education and eradication of child

    labour.Community involvement in all the activities of the school.


    During Raksha Bandhan festival, students of the school tie Rakhi to all theresidents of the village.By tying Rakhi to the residents, students request them to commit themselves toeradicate child labour and send children to the school.This activity was performed in 450 villages in Warangal & Mahabubnagar.


    5 lakh citizens were contacted in the programme and were requested to eradicatechild labour.More than 36,000 students participated in this drive.


    Approximately Rs. 80,000 were spent in this project.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    g. Students and Parents Counselling


    There is a substantial gap between the thought process of the parents towardsschool and education

    Parents dont know the performance of their children and school in general

    Main Causes:

    No mechanism to bridge the gap between parents and school unlike private schoolsdoes exist.Parents not associating themselves with the school to know the status or progressof their children.


    Developing a mechanism to interact with parents on a regular basis and bridge thegap between parents, teachers and students.Increase parents participation in his child education process.


    Conducted parents-teachers counselling sessions to bridge the gap between schooland parents.Conducted the sessions every quarter to review the performance on their children.These sessions were conducted in 50 schools with 60% parents participation.


    Parents and teachers opened up in expressing their concerns and collectivelyunderstood their responsibilities and sharing expectations.Lot of action items came up for both parents and teachers and were addressed

    during the next couple of months.Increased the awareness levels in the parents, thus encouraging them to send theirchildren to school.


    No cost was involved in the project except for marginal transportation costs,which was incurred by the volunteers.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    Activity in Pictures:

    h. School Development Committees


    Operational performance of government schools is not effective.Non-Functional schools.

    Main Causes:

    Operational performance of government schools is not effective.Non-Functional schools.


    Too much dependence on the government to take up action against non-availability of basic amenities in school like drinking water, sanitation, groundcleaning, etc.Zero participation from community towards schools welfare.Zero participation from parents towards schools welfare.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09




    Making community accountable for the welfare of the schools.Community should take care of small functional issues of the school, not waitingfor government to address them.


    Established School Development Committees, involving parents, village heads,other village youth, alumni, Vandemataram volunteers and teachers.Assigned responsibilities to each individual towards the development of school.Committee will review the development of the school on a bi-monthly basis andtake actions items to improve school infrastructure/facilities.


    50 schools were covered under this program and these schools are performing

    better-operationally.Maintenance of the schools is taken care of by the society now.


    No cost was involved in the project except for marginal transportation costs,which was incurred by the volunteers.

    i. Annual Day Functions


    Identifying cultural talent in the students and training them in their respectiveinterests.Developing theme programme with patriotic themes, which includes lives ofnational heroes and performing skits.Celebrating annual day functions in the schools, wherein entire community willparticipate.Students contributed Rs. 1 each to whitewash their schools.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    In front of their parents and community, students performed skits and dancing andsinging shows.Parents felt very happy to see their children performing on the stage in front ofcommunity.Annual day was conducted in 50 schools across Warangal & Mahabubnagar districts.


    Children where highly motivated to come to school, wherein they not only learnsubjects but also learn cultural activities.Parents are highly motivated to send their children to school.Talent of government school students was demonstrated.


    Rs. 5,000 was spent to conduct annual day function at each school, taking thetotal cost to 2.5 lakhs.

    j. Examination preparation Camp:


    Benefits offered by corporate junior colleges are availed by students who canafford expensive education.Talented students from government schools are lagging behind due to lack ofsupport

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    Main Reason:

    Students studying in government schools are not scoring high marks to get intocorporate colleges free of costStudents dont have the awareness of the competition in the market


    Benefits offered by corporate colleges need to be utilised by the poor but talentedstudentsScores of students in government schools need to be increased to match that ofthe private schools.


    Conducting talent test in all the schools and identifying the best talent in theschool

    Conducted a 40-day training camps in Warangal and Mahaboobnagar districts with332 selected students at our camp ground, out of which 50% of them were girlstudents.Children where strictly guided under well-experienced faculty and also somerenowned teachers who are specialised in respective subjects.Counselling sessions were conducted by psychologists on how to face examinationsand best ways of tackling examination pressure.Camp provided good accommodation for all the students and nutritious food.Daily exams were conducted to check the level of students alertness and actionplan was developed for each student.


    High potential was observed in the students. They worked very hard from 4.30 amto 10.30 pm, to get good scores in SSC.546 was the highest mark scored by a camp attendee.81 students scored above 500 marks and created records in their mandals.155 students scored between 400499 marks.80 students got seats in IIIT, Basara.102 students got opportunity to have free accommodation and education incorporate colleges.Preparation camp was a boon to the students, wherein it increased their



    It cost Rs. 1,500 for each student for this camp totalling Rs. 2,73,000

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    Examination preparation Camp Pictures:

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    k. Vatsalyapurna

    On average, 5-6 orphans are studying in every government school, staying in their

    relatives house.

    Very few of them are getting financial and moral support from their caretakers.

    Vandemataram Foundation is identifying orphans or single parent children who

    need financial and morale support to study.

    Identifying a donor who can support the child with his education.

    Linking the donor and beneficiary. Foundation took care of the ground level


    For orphans who dont have caretakers, identifying orphan homes and sending

    them to orphan homes.


    400 orphans got benefited by the activity.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    l. Other Programs:

    Apart from the above programmes, foundation conducted the followingprogramme during the academic year.

    Bhagat Singh 101 Birth Celebration: Major function were held at Ravindrabharati,

    Hyderabad on the occasion on Bhagat Singh 101 Birth celebration. Governmentschool students learnt skits and dances with patriotic theme and performed infront of big congregations. Param Veer Chakra awardee Captain Sri Bhanasingh, SriChandramouli IAS, Commissioner, Panchaythiraj, AP Govt., Folk Singer Sri GoretiVenkanna, Singer Sri Gajal Srinivas, Yogarushi Swamy Suryadev, and eminentpersonalities, local leaders, teachers, social activists, etc. participated in theevent.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    Independence Day Parade: Government school students with assistance fromVandemataram Foundation participated in Republic Day parade in Mahabubnagardistrict event. People applauded the effective participation by Vandemataramstudents. In the entire parade, our performance was a highlight, for which theminister and the collector gave best performance award.

    Akshara Deepavali: For the first time, entire village in Warangal celebrated Deepavalifestival on a government school premises and illuminated the school by brining onediya (lamp) from their respective houses. This brought the association betweenschool and community to the fore. This event was conducted in 40 villages.

    Guru Pooja: Celebrated Teachers day by felicitating a retired teacher and showingour gratitude to the efforts the teaching community has put in for us.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    3. TEAM

    a. State CommitteeFound er: Ravinder T

    Ravinder, Founder trustee of Vandemataram Foundation, has dedicated his life tothe cause of nationalism and inculcating patriotism and culture among the youth invillages. Since 1990, he has been involved in various social organizations, workingtowards eradicating child labour and empowerment of villages. During this time,he realised the need of empowerment of government schools, due to which hestarted Vandemataram Foundation in 2005. Since then he has been workingrelentlessly towards strengthening government schools

    President: Dr. G. Bhanuprakas h

    Bhanuprakash, is a PhD in Biochemistry from Osmania University. He was a visitingfellow at the University of Michigan, USA in 2003, 2005 and 2007. His researchinterests are biochemical, molecular and nutritional aspects of diabeticcomplications (including cataract, retinal degenerations).

    Vice-President: Sripathi

    Sripathi, holds a bachelors degree in Engineering from Osmania University and isChairman of SPR Schools of Excellence. Sri Sripathi has created a research wing todevelop innovative teaching methodologies and e-education packages, to identify

    the level of an individual student. His dream is to utilise this software in all therural schools.

    secretary: Madhavareddy yadm a

    Madhav, B.SC, LLB from Osmania University is a businessman by profession. He isassociated with social activities for the last 15 years. He is the trustee & presidentof Bhagat Singh Seva Samithi. He is the trustee and treasurer for SISS. Sri Madhavdonated entire land needed for government junior college at Veldanda,Mahabubnagar district. The government decided to name the CollegeVandemataram Foundation Government Junior College.

    Treasurer: Ram Kuma r Chilukuri

    Ram Kumar Chilukuri, a Chartered Accountant by qualification and a businessmanby profession. He promoted two companies in his career spanning 15 years. He isalso an Independent director of an e-Learning company based in Chennai. He is

    associated with social activities for the past 15 years and spends considerable timefor Vandemataram Foundation activities.

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    b. Executive Members

    Raghuram , holds an MS degree from USA and is working as a director for an

    engineering company in Hyderabad. He is actively associated with VandemataramFoundation activities and is responsible for School cabinet conceptimplementation.

    Narsi Reddy,He is a retired engineer of Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board.

    He is involved in social service activities for the past 20 years. He developed atemple at Ayyasagaram, Mahabubnagar district. He is fulltime into school-basedand temple-based activities in Mahabubnagar district.

    Pradip Kumar, holds a PG degree in International marketing. Currently working as

    a Senior Area Manager in SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd., He has inspired thousands ofcorporate executives, salespeople, entrepreneurs as a motivational speaker. Rightfrom the childhood, he had an interest in social reform, motivating people for

    serving the society, and public speaking. His subjects of interest are patriotism,Indian art culture & way of life.

    Padmavathi was a pilot officer in Indian Air Force, currently working in TV9. A

    very dynamic personality and frontrunner in fighting for justice. She activelyparticipates in Vandemataram Foundation activities and takes responsibility of ourKishori Vidya Vikasam project.

    c. Advisory Board

    Sri Priyadars hi Das IAS

    Principal Secretary, Animal Husbandry, Government of Andhra Pradesh

    Sri Chandra Mouli IAS

    Commissioner, Panchayat Raj Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh

    Captain K.V. Reddy IPS

    Inspection General (Retd.)

    Sri Shiva Kumar Reddy

    Director, Gowtami Vidya Dhamam, Hyderabad

    Sri.Vijay Kuma r Mallam patiDirector,

    Captain Bhana Singh

    Paramveer Chakra Awardee

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09



    Sri. Srinivas Pa sula

    Asst. Editor - Telugu

    d. Academic Supporters:

    State level

    Sri Kasiredd i Venkat Reddy

    Professor (Retd.), Osmania University, Hyderabad

    Sri Rukmuddin

    Professor (Retd.), Osmania University, Hyderabad

    Sri Masna Chennappa

    Professor, Osmania University, Hyderabad


    Prof. Dr. Sanjeeva - Vice Principal, Arts & Science College, Hanumakonda

    Dr. Mukunda Rao - Retd. Deputy DEO, Warangal

    Dr. Shankar - Academic Monitoring Officer, SSA, Warangal

    Sri Adepu Ravinder - Teacher, WarangalSri Bandi Suryanarayana - Head Master, WarangalSri K Srinivasa Reddy - Heat Master, Warangal

    Sri Beti Samba yya - Teacher, Warangal

    M ahaboobnagar

    Sri Ananta Rama Rao - Retired Head Master

    Srima ti Nirmala - Head Master, ZPHS (Girls), Kalwakurthi

    Sri Sai Prasad - Teacher, Padakal

    Sri Raghum a Reddy - PD, Veldanda

    Sri Gopal - Teacher, MadgulSri Alwal - Teacher, Chukkapur

    Sri Janga Reddy - Teacher, Kalwakurthy

    e. Cultural Wing

    Sri Ram chander Vampu

    f. Student w ing

    Sri Bhara t (B.E)

    Sri Niranjan (BE)

  • 8/14/2019 VMF Activity Report 08-09


    g. District Team


    Dr. P. Vijay Chander Reddy

    Professor, Kakatiya Medical College & Chairman, State Medical Council, A.P.President, Vandemataram Foundation, Warangal District

    Sri T .V.N. Murthy


    Joint Secretary, Vandemataram Foundation, Warangal District

    Sri D. Sudheer Kum ar

    Principal, Care college of Pharmacy.General Secretary, Vandemataram Foundation, Warangal District

    Sri P. Venkataram Narsayya

    Retired Teacher.Vice President, Vandemataram Foundation, Warangal District

    Sri A Ravi

    Chartered Accountant.Treasurer, Vandemataram Foundation, Warangal District

    M ahboobnagar

    Sri Ranga Pasula

    Sri Shekar Kudum ula

    Sri Sridhar

    Sri Sujeevan Reddy

    Sri Naresh

    Sri Madhu

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